Friday 1 May 2015

Welcome to Meowing In May!


So this is going to be a short post but I hope that you enjoy reading this and everything else that is coming up this month.

So, a while back, I thought of a great idea. I thought that it would be great to do a blog post and a video everyday throughout May as some great stuff is happening within May and it is my 18th at the end of May therefore it means that I will have challenged myself for once...

Meowing In May is going to consist of many different posts. Things from beauty reviews, announcements, food reviews, beauty advice, gig reviews, hauls, personal posts which may explain quite a few things about me and many other posts... I am going to be doing a video version of the blog posts on my YouTube channel also so don't forget to check out my YouTube channel everyday throughout May!

As today is the first of May, I thought todays post would be a short little introduction to what is coming up within the next month. I hope that you enjoy reading my posts and watching the videos everyday in May!


Jamie x

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