Tuesday 19 May 2015

MIM: Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Penne & Lush May Day Review

Meow, so today's post is going to be a review sort of post, Chocolate pasta may sound weird but I hope that it interests you enough to keep reading on... I hope that you enjoy this blog post!

I went to Leeds the other day and got some pasta as you could tell from my vlog post and I thought that I would taste it so I could review it so you guys would be able to know if it's good or not.

I went into roast + conch and saw that the store was filled with amazing decadent delights. I wandered around and found things such as dipping sets, Mojito truffles, things with nuts in and many more. I found out that they give out samples. I tried out a chocolate brownie within a chocolate piece that was on offer in the store. I wandered around after trying it and decided to buy a packet of chocolate pasta and then I went on my way. 
The chocolate pasta came in a packet which contained a recipe which I thought was very cute. It took ten minutes to cook but you could smell the strong rich chocolate when it was cooking. When eating it the smell calmed down but you got a hint of nuttiness which made it great for sweet/savoury dishes. I would give this a 8.5 mainly because of the price and the fact most of the flavour went into the cooking water.

I also went to Lush which is a normal thing for me. I went in and was served by the lovely Holly. I wandered around and smelt the wonderful brightside and then decided on whether or not to buy the sex bomb or the May Day and then I decided to buy the May Day Bomb.
The May Day design was the same as last years which was a badger. I felt that this was really cute but a bit weird as it would feel slightly like you're dissolving a cute badger. The smell of the May Day ballistic is sweet yet musky. When you drop it into water it doesn't do colours or anything but fizzes up which amplifies the scent and then a slip of paper comes out which makes it all worthwhile. I would give this product a 9.5 as there's always room for improvement especially with what it does but it's a lovely bath product with the profits going to charity. 

I hope that you've enjoyed this little review and I hope to see you tomorrow for another MIM post! 
Jamie x

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