Thursday 29 June 2017

Hunting For That Storage | Business Storage Tips


Welcome to another post! I thought that today I would talk to you guys about business storage tips as I know that some people nowadays have their own business and need to make the most out of their office space.


Pallet Rackings

I know that this sounds like a big word but all pallet rackings are basically a device that helps to free up space and helps to ensure that the office space can be used in the best way possible and consists of a massive rack and many big pallets/trays. The best way to think about is the storage set up at supermarkets/warehouses. For pallet racking in Derbyshire and other local areas you can check from Warehouse Storage Solutions. 

Self Storage Units

This might sound weird and a bit dodgy/unprofessional but self storage units are great for when you need to take things that are cluttering up office space and sort them out another day/give them back to whoever they belong to if they're not yours etc. I think that it's a great thing and the unit's are normally quite cheap.

Creating Stationery Pots

Stationery pots are a great way to free up space and to keep the office desks organised at these professional yet classy pots can ensure that stationery such as pens are rolling around on the table with their lids nowhere to be found and they also add a touch of elegance to the office.

Do you work in an office? Whats your tips on creating space? Let me know down below!

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This post was in collaboration with Warehouse Storage Solutions Limited. All views, opinions and ramblings are my own. 

Monday 26 June 2017

Five Essentials That You Need In Your Summer Wardrobe | Bad Rhino Competition Entry


Welcome to another blog post! I entered Bad Rhino's Male Blogger Competition a few weeks ago on a whim as I honestly didn't think that I would get very far with it due to the vast amount of amazing male bloggers that there is within the UK but I've somehow been shortlisted for the next stage which is to write a blog post about what I think are the five essentials that everyone should have in your summer wardrobe.

Floral Shirt

A good floral shirt is the epitome of Summer Fashion in my opinion. I know that some people are normally put off by them having bright designs and patterns printed all over the garment but I absolutely love it as you're literally wearing a bright summery beach. There are so many floral shirts out there

H&M Short Sleeved Floral Shirt

Nice Pair Of Shoes

A nice pair of shoes can turn any simmer outfit from casual into smart. I also think that a good pair of shoes can help an outfit go from day to night as it just ties the outfit together quite nicely. For example, the Sand Suede Desert Boots from Bad Rhino can turn any sort of casual outfit that maybe worn whilst adventuring or shopping into a great outfit for drinks or maybe wearing a suit for the office with Lace Up Oxford Shoes can help the suit become a great night outfit via maybe removing the suit jacket and removing the tie.

Bad Rhino Sand Desert Boots 

Bad Rhino Black Oxford Shoes 


I know that jackets and Summer Fashion might sound a tad odd but if you live within England then you will know that Summer doesn't always mean warm weather. A jacket will ensure that you're warm no matter what the weather. I love a good denim jacket which might sound a bit outdated and more 90's retro but I think as long as the outfit as a whole doesn't look likr a tribute to the matching denim outfits that Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake wore.

Bad Rhino Denim Jacket 

Boohoo Man Borg Collar Denim Jacket 


Whether you're on holiday or whether you're in your back garden with the sun slightly shining, its always good to be prepared via having a pair of sunglasses. At the moment, I love a good pair of aviators as I believe that they go with most outfits but the best thing about sunglasses is that a certain type of sunglasses fits a particular face shape amazing so I believe that it's best to find different styles and try them on or you can always find apps/websites to put them onto a picture of yourself.

Oakley Sunglasses

French Connection Aviators

Long Sleeve Shirt

I know that I've already stated that a floral shirt is an amazing piece of clothing for a Summer wardrobe but mist Floral clothing items are short sleeved so I think that it's best to also have a long sleeved shirt for those chillier nights. I love a Long Sleeved Checked Shirt just as its a fabulous mixture of smart with the cuffs and casual with the print. If it gets warm then you can always roll the sleeves well.

What's in your Summer Wardrobe? Let me know down below! 

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Metamorphosis - Changing From One To The Other | Lush York Revamp Event


Welcome to anoWether post! Lush York invited me a couple of weeks ago to the pre-launch to their revamped store so I thought that today I would talk to you guys about what went on during the night of the event.

Metamorphosis Bath Bomb 

On the day of the event, I had an exam before finding Luke at the bus stop (finding because he's normally never at the same place due to wherever the bus decides to stop) therefore I had to run down the hill and find him as soon as my exam was over. We then got the train to Leeds then the first train possible to York. The train was absolutely packed which meant I found the first two seats and sat myself and Luke down on them for the duration of the train journey.

We arrived and weirdly I didn't struggle to get out of the station like I have done many times before. We then made our way to Lush which again, I actually knew where I was going which was oretty amazing as I haven't visited York in about 12 months before this event. We arrived a tad bit too early so we decided to wander on to Starbucks to kill some time so I mainly ended up charing my phone up to ensure that I could do some social media exposure of the event.

We wondered over to the store which was about a minute away from Starbucks and introduced ourselves to a couple of other bloggers who were very friendly. We were greeted by a member of staff and offered a glass of sparkling juice and to help ourselves with nibbles.

We then roamed around and had a little look at the general layout of the store. We were then brought to silence via the staff that were looking after us and was told that we would be shown demos and would have talks about some of the products that were new to Lush.

We were then shown a demonstration of the new bath ballistic at Lush which is called Yellow Submarine which is obviously a homage to the band The Beatles but also it has been available (I think) via the Hard Days Night Spa Treatment which is again based on The Beatles and is only available at the Liverpool Spa store (I think) but this ballistic is shaped like a little Yellow Submarine with a pink tail which whizzes through your bath. This contains Brazillian Orange, Coriander Seed and Lemongrass Oils which sounds like a weird mix but due to the Brazillian Orange and Lemongrass Oils it creates a tropical scent which reminds me of Pina Colada's somehow. £3.95.

After this we had a little look at the bath bombs as a whole and the hair section as Luke has wanted to get into the hair products that Lush have to offer as he hasn't really been encapsulated within it due to the solid concept od shampoos, conditioners and hot oil treatments that Lush sell.

Once we had a quick glance, we were then called over to have a demonstration of another bath ballistic which has just arrived to all Lush stores. This is called Metamorphosis. This is a grey ball with a quirky design on the top of it. When you drop it into the water, it turns the water a sort of black/grey colour but this bomb doesn't disappoint as the bath product has different colours within therefore making the water different bright colours such as yellow and pink... (I think that Lush are loving the Yellow and Pink combo at the moment.) This product has Black Pepper and Cinnamon Leaf Oils and Myrrh Resinoid which creates a Spicy scent but all of these three actually help to calm sore muscles. £4.25

We also had a demo of the new Gourmet Soaps which are different to the other Lush soaps for many reasons but the main two are the texture and the ingredients. The texture is more squidgy compared to say Honey I Washed The Kids Soap or Karma Soap and thats because of the Oil quantity within the product and the oil being from the Slush Fund which ensures the connection between the communties that provide the Fair Trade ingredients that go into the products at Lush, Ro's Argan Soap contains Slush Fund which cintains Moroccan Slush Funded Argan Oil, Lemon, Rose and Egyptian Geranium Oils, Rose Absolute, Red and Yellow Rose Petals. These soaps cut like butter. The other Gourmet Soap is Olive Tree which contains SLush Funded Olive Oil from Palestine. Green Olives, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Cypress, Pettigrain and Rose Oils. £9/120g.

Myself and Luke looked at the new Gorilla Perfume Wall which reminds me of a massive bookcase and I absolutely love it! It means that every different scent has a perfect little section such as Sun having its own section and Karma etc. My only problem is if more Gorllla Perfume Volumes come out with more scents then where will they go? I sprayed a bit of Sun and I remembered instantly why I love this citrus based scent., I also found Kerbside Violet for Luke but I'm sure Luke can tell you why he likes that particular scent.

We then had a demonstration of Scrubee which was a part of the Mothers Day 2017 collection which is a scrub on one side and a moisturiser on the other side but sadly it contains Honey so Vegans can't use it but honestly I'm not sure if Vegans would want to use something that looks like an animal as it slowly dies from you using it... This product contains Ground Almonds and Coconut Shells to exfoliate and Shea and Cocoa Butter to nourish the skin. £6.95.

After this demo, a staff member asked if I needed any help and as I use a lot of beauty products I wanted to ensure I was using the correct things for my skin so she talked to me about my skin and brought over a cleanser and a toner to try out, The cleanser is called Angels On Bare Skin and this cleanser is the best thing for all skin types and was one of the first beauty products that Lush released (I think.) This product contains Ground Almonds and Lavender Oil. The almonds help to exfoliate and Lavender Oil is known for balancing out the sebum oils within the skin which a lack of or an excess of can produce spots and can define whether you have dry, oily, normal or combination skin. It also contains lots of other goodies to help the skin out and Eau Roma Toner Water which helps the pores and contains Rose Water to calm down and soothe skin therefore this is perfect for post shaving or for sensitive skin.

The Lush staff then called us over to try out Sleepy Body Lotion which was a massive sell out at Christmas 2016. This shares the same scent as Twilight which contains Lavender and Tonka whcih helps you to drift off into a natural sleep. I like this due to the fact that it helps you drift off but I cant use this all the time as the scent is quite strong in my opinion.

Once the demonstrations were done with, we roamed around and decided to get a few little goodies. Luke browsed and decided on a couple of Violet based products and if you want to find out what those are then you can find out on his post. I browsed the store and decided to pick up an Intergalactic bath ballistic as I love the colours of the water with this product but at the same time I love the strong scent of Mint.

We also received a goody bag which contained a Metamorphosis and a Yellow Submarine to try, a sample of Sleepy Body Lotion to use and a bottle Pan Galactic Garge Blaster Solid Mouthwash Tabs

We said bye to the staff and made our way back up to the train station and headed home.

Check out all these products and more via checking out Lush's website here.

What's your favourite Lush product? Let me know down below! 

Thank you to the amazing staff at Lush York and the PR staff at Lush HQ for inviting me to the event and for putting on an amazing night and being stars throughout the night. I hope that you have enjoyed this post and that you come back for another blog post.

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Wednesday 21 June 2017

What I'd Have In My Perfect Man Cave


Welcome to another blog post! I thought that today I would talk to about my ultimate man cave. I know that this sounds like a weird thing to talk about but do you ever wish for a little place that you can escape from the hectic world that we live in for five minutes just so you can relax and actually breathe for a second?

Photo is via 


Is a man cave really a man cave if it doesn't include some sort of drink whether this is a soft drink or an alcoholic drink like Badger Ale. Drinks always add a refreshing twist to your night within the man cave and gives the gang a talking point and helps them create fond memories especially if they're drunk. If you want your drinks to be more refreshing which I might do then I would also add a mini fridge to the cave.


Technology is a massive part of my ultimate man cave. From speakers to ensure that the highest quality sound surrounds the room to the amazing games consoles that will ensure hours of entertainment that can be enjoyed with a vast amount of friends. It also includes a large charger section for portable electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and so on. I'd also ensure that the games consoles or the TV has Netflix integrated onto it so I can watch what I want whenever I want.


I know that furniture is a must in any room but as the man cave is all about relaxation I think that the furniture has to be excellent when it comes to this particular room. I think that the ultimate furniture would be either chairs that are padded with a back massaging cushion, recliner chairs or massive sofas. I would love to have one of the chairs that Joey gets gifted within Friends that have speakers built into them but sadly I don't think that will be a thing within society for a while...


Candles would have to be a must have no matter what within my ultimate relaxation room. I love how a scent can engulf the entire room and make it remind you of a certain memory within your life. I also candles such as Woodwick that have a wick that crackles which makes you feel like youre at the side of a luxurious crackling fire. Any candle has the power to enhance a man cave.


I love a good snack whether thaword t is a healthy or a fattening snack. It just helps relaxing and it normally keeps your hands busy. I love a good tortilla chip with some guacamole or some chocolate. It also means that you don;t have to run back and forth to get plates and cutlery and just keeps entertaining yourself and others. I just love a good snack especially whilst watching Netflix.

What would you have in your ultimate man cave? Let me know down below! 

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post and that you come back next time for another post.

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Jamie x 

This post is in collaboration with Badger Ale. All opinions, views and ramblings are my own.

Tuesday 13 June 2017

Five Ways On Displaying Your Photo Collection


Welcome to another blog post! I thought that today I would talk to you guys about weird and wonderful ways to display your photo collection.

Gone are the days where printing a photo meant handing in a disposal camera at the chemist and going back for your prints a couple of days later – praying that everything turned out ok and you didn’t have your finger over the lens for your entire holiday. Nowadays, photo printing is so easy, with most major supermarkets having photo centres where you can print photos of all different shapes and sizes, from your phone’s picture library, in a matter of seconds as well as photo printers available to buy for your home. In an Instagram and Facebook obsessed society, having instant access to photo prints is a necessity. Although it is nice to have a regular photo print in a nice frame, if you fancied a change there are literally endless ways you can display your photo’s thanks to a vast range of printing options that are now available. From T-shirts and mugs to canvasses and collages, you can have some fun with some of your most treasured memories. Here’s my pick of the best:

Wood Printed Photos
There are a few services online that offer to print your photos on blocks of wood. This is a great, unique gift idea or even a perfect treat for yourself. The wood will look great in any home that has a rustic feel and will also mean your photo can either be mounted on the wall or stand alone. Most sites will offer just one photo or a montage of many, depending on the look you are going for and the amount of photos you would like printed! These are definitely a great alternative to regular photos and will ensure your prints last a while as well!

T-shirt Printing
If you ever wanted someone’s face (or even your own) on a t-shirt then now is your chance. Personalised t-shirts have taken the hen and stag do world by storm but can be used for all kinds of different occasions. There are many companies that will print photos onto t-shirts for you, so your best bet is having a shop around to find the best value for money. It depends on whether you want a good quality t-shirt as a keepsake or whether you are just ordering in bulk as a joke for a weekend away! Don’t want a t-shirt? Why not enjoy a brew out of a mug with one of your favourite photos on, or how about having a collage of pictures printed on the back of a phone case? Printing onto objects is becoming a fast growing trend that isn’t set to slow any time soon.

Food Prints
The printing industry will stop at nothing when it comes to photos and you can now even buy food with your loved one’s face on it. From M&M’s to regular chocolate and even marshmallows, the dream of eating your own face (or someone else’s) can quickly become a reality. These are great as a gift but are also great for parties and other events. In some major supermarkets you can also purchase personalised birthday cakes. Usually a regular birthday cake sponge smothered in white icing, you can then have a photo of your choice printed onto the top. Genius.

Perhaps a little more conventional, but a great idea all the same, there are companies that will make your photos into books which are a really nice keepsake either for yourself or as a present for someone else. A great way of keeping memories such as weddings or birthday parties together, because you can’t hang up every single photo! The photobooks can be easily created online by simply selecting the photos that you would like to be included in the book. The company will create the book and send it to you in the post- you will usually get pick of colour schemes and borders around the photos as well as sizing options.

Birthday Cards
This has become a huge business with the likes of Moonpig and Funky Pigeon and it is a great way of avoiding the generic birthday cards you can find in shops. You can print a single photo onto the card and adds your own caption or you can use on of their ready-made cards, simply putting your chosen photos into the available spaces. Definitely a popular choice when it comes to photo printing.

How would you display your photo collection? Let me know down below. 

I hope that you've enjoyed this blog post. I hope that you've learnt something and that you come back next time for another blog post. 

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Jamie x 
This post was in collaboration with a business/company. All views and opinions are my own. 

Monday 12 June 2017

Making Sure He Isn't Dirty! | Fathers Day Gift Guide 2017


Welcome to another blog post! Father's Day is coming up and I know that this means chaos and running about so I thought that today I would show you my Fathers Day gift guide for anyone who needs a little inspiration this year.


I know that clothing might be the most generic thing to give as a gift on Fathers Day but some might need a new pair of socks, or a new shirt so I thought that I'd give you a few ideas for you to get some inspiration from. If your Father has a favourite clothes store then shop there but I love Size Base Clothing as they stock clothing for the big and tall fathers of the world. I love this Blue Checked Shirt and I think that it would make a great gift for a Father as they can wear it smartly or wear it open with a tee. I also think that they might like a jacket for those days when it gets cold therefore I think that this stone jacket would definitely do the job well.

I know that some men have trouble finding good shirts for when its time to go on holiday so I thought that I would also include a few resort shirts from Debenhams in case your Father is struggling to find a good holiday shirt for Sumner 2017. Th



Does your Father/Father figure complain when their razor blade needs changing when shaving or when their razor breaks? If so, then Cornerstone would make for an amazing gift for them this Fathers Day! Cornerstone is a shaving subscription service where you can order things like razor blades, post shave balm and much more to ensure that the Father figure in your life never goes a miss with shaving again!


I always think that Fathers/Father figures are put off by Lush due to stereotype of Lush being predominantly bath bombs that are smothered in glitter but that's not the entire case. Only a couple of bath bombs are smothered in glitter and a good few of them are seasonal. Lush do a Superdad bath bomb which is within their Fathers Day collection so if you want to introduce him to bath bombs then this might great for them. It's full of Sandalwood and Oilbanium Oil so it's woody. I'd also suggest Avobath which is full of Fresh Avocado and Lemongrass Oil so its very citrusy.

Lush also do a fresh smelling range via Dirty which contains things like Spearmint Oil in case they like that. This includes Dirty Springwash Shower Gel, Dirty Styling Wax, Dirty Fragrance and a plethora of other Dirty scented products. There's also things such as BB Seaweed which contains Mille Flakes and Ground Almonds to scrub skin to get rid of dead skin and Fresh Seaweed to soothe and soften the skin.

The Body Shop

Just like Lush, I think that The Body Shop is stereotypically known for having a specific demographic so I think again that Fathers/Father figures get put off by them. I think that the Pink Grapefruit range from The Body Shop is a great range to gift to anyone as its fruity but not too fruity. The range includes things like Shower Gel and a Body Sorbet for those warm Summer days. I also think that the Vitamin C range is also great for men as it does great things for the face and has a great awakening scent.

In case you want to give your father something to help their skin when it comes to aging then Lab Series do an amazing product to help aging called Lab Series: Age Rescue Face Lotion which contains ingredients like Ginseng which helps to energise skin which helps the skin look energised.

Personalised Presents:

I think that personalised gifts make them one of a kind due to them being well personalised so if you want to give something this Fathers Day which is personal and bespoke then I've got a couple of suggestions for you.

The first one is from The Card Gallery. They create amazing bespoke canvases that can be put into fabulous frames so you can make sure that your Father hang it up out and proud above their mantle. Tbis man cave print is a great present for Fathers Day for anyone who loves to be in a cave via the house on the weekends.

Tiger Pens also create personalised pens for those Fathers who take pride in their pens that are at the office. I know that personally that everyone needs more pens and stationery so if your Father is in need then this might be for them.


Elizabeth Shaw]

Elizabeth Shaw are very well known within the UK for their Mint and Orange Crisps which are a great gift already for those that love chocolate but Elizabeth Shaw do a plethora of different chocolates such as Raspberry Bites which contain freeze dried Raspberries and a box full of boozy truffles for those love a good bit of alcohol with their chocolates.


You could also create a Cheeseboard within a hamper for those who love their Cheese viagettingsome luxurious crackers, decadent chutney and some lovely local cheeses and wrapping them up in a basket with some ribbon.


Salted Caramel Vodka

Salted Caramel Vodka may sound like a disgusting thing to some but Caramel and Vodka works well. If your father likes sweet things or Vodka then this might be the gift for him. This product comes in many different sizes at Hotel Chocolat so it's available for different budgets, It's also great for cocktails and for drinks where a mixer is added to it.

Jack Daniels Cide

I know that a lot of people like the taste of Jack Daniels and Apple Cider as beverages to drink when on a night out or anything like that so if your Father does then I have some good news for you! Jack Daniels have released a Jack Daniels Cider within the UK which combines the taste of Jack Daniels Bourbon with the taste of crisp Apple Cider.

Brothers Cider

Even though I've technically included Cider above, I thought that it would be best to include some more cider as flavours are a particular thing depending on the person. Brothers sell flavours such as Rhubarb & Custard, Toffee Apple and Coconut and Lime so theres a flavour to suit everyone. You could even pair a few flavours up and put them into a nice little hamper.

I hope that this gift guide has helped you in your quest for a Fathers Day gift. I hooe that you;ve enjoyed this blog post and let me know down below what you get anyone for Fathers Day.

Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x