Wednesday 31 May 2017

Beating The Close Shave | Cornerstone


Welcome to another blog post! The wonderful guys over at Cornerstone HQ sent me a wonderful box of goodies to try out so I thought that today I would tell you my opinions of them.

Cornerstone is a company that is based around a male grooming subscription box that is all about the face. Cornerstone specify in shaving and other products such as face scrubs. You can select a combination of products such as the face scrub and shaving gel and a delivery schedule to match your personal shaving routine as Cornerstone recognise that everyone's personal routine is different. .Cornerstone ensure that your plan has free delivery attached to it so you don't have to pay extra to ensure that its there for your personal routine and if you want to pause or stop the delivery routine then thats easy to do as well as Cornerstone and myself know that sometimes taking a break from anything can be messy. 

Cornerstone kindly sent me a box filled with goodies and I thought that it would be best to talk to you about the components of the box individually.

Face Scrub

This scrub is blended with Cedarwood to give a very deep yet slightly sweet scent. The face scrub also contains Volcanic Sand Exfoliating Grains which exfoliate the skin which helps lift dead skin cells, unblock pores and reduce shaving spots. I love this scrub as it gets into every nook and cranny and its a great mild scent to use when it comes morning and evening shaves as it's not too potent that it invigorates you or tries to knock you out when using it.

Shaving Gel

Shaving gels can just be well shaving gels but this one is specially created to ensure that sensitive skin doesn't get harmed from razor burn. It also contains Eucalyptus and Ginger extracts but honestly I think that this product smells of Tea weirdly but I love it.

Post Shave Balm

This balm helps to soothe, refresh and moisturise the skin after shaving. It also helps to reduce irritation as sometimes your skin can feel irritated once shaving has finished. This has Mint and Honey within it so it helps to soothe via the Mint and helps to nourish the skin via Honey. I love this post shave balm but the Mint does make the skin tingle so I'd be a bit careful when first using this product but otherwise I think that it is a great product.

When you order a razor via Cornerstone, you can get your initials engraved inro it so for me I got JS engraved. I think that its an amazing idea. I also love the metal of the razor as it just feels and looks like a professional grooming tool.

Razor Blades

Cornerstone has brought out a new razor which has five sharp but fine blades,which reduces clogging. They've also brought out a new precision trimmer blade for those hard to reach areas which honestly anyone who shaves needs. Each blade is made from Japanese chromium steel to reduce micro-corrosion of its cutting edge and is coated in a layer of Titanium and Diamond grade Carbon to ensure the cutting edge stays sharper for longer.

If you want to find out more about Cornerstone or purchase anything from them then click here.

What's your favourite grooming product? Let me know down below!

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post and I hope that you come back next time for another entertaining post. I hope that you've had fun reading this!

Thank you to the guys at Cornerstone for sending me these amazing products. They have helped change my shaving game completely and I don't think that I'll be going back to the disposable razors that break on you within the second use.

Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x 

Wednesday 24 May 2017

Finding The Perfect Quirky Gift For Fathers Day


Welcome to another blog post! Today I'm talking about some quirky gifts that you can get your Father's or male people within your life for Fathers Day that you can get from Qwerkity,


The first gift that I think is quirky but great for anyone who is into sports then I think that this rugby influenced glass is the perfect thing for them. They can use this first thing in the morning or last thing at night, They could also definitely use this to drink out of when it comes to rugby matches being on TV. (Search rugby glass via Qwerkity to find this glass.)

Chocolate Tea Pot

Okay, I know that this sounds completely whacky but if you know someone who loves chocolate then they might like this gift. The teapot is made out of chocolate which is pretty quirky on its own but when you put water into the teapot it creates a creamy hot chocolate from the inside therefore you get something great to munch on and something delicious to drink. £23.99


Do you know anyone that is into Whisky? If so then this is the gift for them! This gift set contains 5 30ml bottles of Whisky and a tasting card which means you can be a connoisseur within your own home which I think is absolutely fabulous! £69.99

Grill Sergeant BBQ

With the current weather, this would be the perfect gift for anyone who loves to cook or to barbecue when the weathers right. I think that this Army Sargent BBQ is definitely for anyone who is into anything to do with the Army. Barbecues are a great lasting gift! £26.99

Messenger Bag: 

Does the big man within your life love to travel? If you nodded to this question, then I suggest that you get them the National Trust Messenger Bag. Great for travelling as it's big enough for everything that you would possibly need. It's also big enough for things such as laptops and tablets so you can stay on top of things whilst on the go. £22.99.

What quirky gifts have you received? Let me know down below! 

Don't forget to check out Qwerkity and Qwerkity Fathers Day Gifts here.

I hope that you've enjoyed this post and that it has encouraged you to purchase some quirky gifts for Fathers Day. I hope that you've enjoyed this post and that you come back for another post next time.

Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x

This post was in collaboration with Qwerkity. Their photos are theirs and not mine. All views and opinions within this post are my own. 

Tuesday 23 May 2017

Feeling Very Ready For Veri Peri


Welcome to another blog post! The wonderful guys at Veri Peri invited myself and Luke to come along to their Bradford branch and try out some of their fabulous food from their marvellous menu.

The photos within this blog post were shot via my phone so apologies in advance if they're aren't great. I had my DSLR on me but the glare from the warm weather was making me unhappy with the photos via the DSLR. 

We entered Veri Peri and was greeted by a wonderful member of staff. They took us to a table, gave us two menus and asked us to take our time and choose whatever we wanted. Myself and Luke decided to peruse the menu for a few minutes and then decided on what drinks we wanted. The waitress came to our table. We both ordered a Sunshine Mocktail which consisted of Orange, Pineapple and Mango. It was refreshing and a drink that you definitely need in a morning.

We had another look at the menu, ordered our food and took some photos of the restaurant.

The first dish that we had was Hummus which was garnished with Pitted Olives and Pitta Bread. I love Hummus no matter what but sadly neither myself or Luke like Olives so we just ate around them. The Hummus was lovely and creamy with a slight acidic kick. I loved the warm pitta bread against the hummus as it was a mixture of textures. I think that this would be great to share with others with some more pitta bread and drinks.

We also ordered a Value Platter which consists of Chicken Picatta, a Whole Chicken, 2 sides and 2 drinks.

The Chicken Picatta consisted of sliced Chic\\\\ken Breast coated with Egg Yolk and pan fried in Olive Oil. The Chicken Breast was tender in the middle but crispy on the outside which I loved. There was also herbs on top of the Breast which made it flavoursome and I think that this would be great on it's own with fries and coleslaw or something of that sort.

The Whole Chicken was marinated and covered in Lime and Coriander. Lime and Coriander is one of the many sauces/rubs that you can get on your food at Veri Peri. The other flavours include Garlic, Lemon & Herb, Hot, Extra Hot and more. I loved the crispiness of the Chicken but I did wish that they included some boneless meat just because taking out bones does get messy. I loved the flavour. The lime cut through the sweetness of the Chicken and the Coriander added a bit of depth to the Chicken.

You also get unlimited drinks with the platter which I think is needed just to refresh the palate from time to time.

Myself and Luke then ordered a burger each. Luke will let you know what he ordered on his blog post when it's up but I ordered a Beef Burger which consists of a Freshly Minced mixture of premium Beef which is marinated in a special dry rub. The pattie is then grilled and sandwiched with Veri Peri signature sauce, Tomatoes, American lettuce and Cheddar cheese. I loved the beef patty as it was moist but also slightly peppery which I loved. The Lettuce which gave the whole dish a refreshing hit of flavour.

This came with Mozzarella Sticks and Fries. I love Mozzarella Sticks no matter what. Crispy on the outside and gooey on the middle. I wouldn't normally put them with Burgers as a side but they were amazing. The fries were crispy but fluffy on the inside and when paired with Garlic sauce they were so great! I will have to put Garlic Sauce with my fries more often!

I then ordered a Sizzling Brownie with Ice Cream. Luke was hesitant about ordering dessert but honestly I will never turn down dessert and I love Brownies so this was perfect for me. Luke shared it with me due to us both being quite full. The whole point of this Sizzling Brownie is when the waitress pours the sauce over the dish it sizzles which it did. I thought this was brilliant! The brownie was gooey on the inside and crisp on the outside. The perfect Brownie! And with the hit of that fresh Vanilla Ice Cream just hit the spot. Perfect for the end of a date. .

All in all, I loved Veri Peri, I do think that the tables could be slightly spaced out just in case theres a group of people using the refill drinks station. I do love the fact that they boxed up food for us and that you can order from Veri Peri via Deliveroo depending on the location of where you live.

If you're in the Bradford area then I urge you to try out Veri Peri.

What's your favourite Chicken dish below? Let me know down below!

Thanks to the staff and PR over at Veri Peri for inviting us and looking after us during the day!

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post and I hope that you come back for the next post!

Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x

This post was in collaboration with Veri Peri. This post was in exchange of food. All views and opinions are my own. 

Monday 22 May 2017

20 Things i Want To Do In My Twenties


Welcome to another blog post! I turn twenty at the end of this week so I thought that I would do something different for this post and list twenty things that I want to do whilst I'm 20.

A stock imge of balloons via 

Visit Italy.

 I know that this sounds pretentious as hell as I'd love to just go travelling to Italy and find myself via thinking about everything by the side of the Almafi Coast but in actual fact I'd love to just travel around Italy and try all the different cultural activities and food. I'd love to take pictures of the surroundings.

Get Back Into B\aking. 

Okay I know that this isn't really a stereotypical thing to do in your twenties but I used to love baking. I loved creating something out of nothing and having fun with it. I loved the smell of baking and waiting to see if it went well... I stopped though due to thinking that I was the dogs balls at this and decided to do a course in this which I realised wasn't for me due to the atmosphere of it all and having constant panic attacks in toilet cubicles over it all so I'd love to calmly get back into baking. *side note: If I ever have to make bread at a mass commercial level again I may scream.*

Go To A Drag Show 

Seeing as I watch Drag Race a lot, I'd love to go to a drag show but honestly I think that I'd love to go to a local drag show more than anything as you get a great show and you'd be supporting great but local talent. I mean I honestly have never been into a gay bar of any sorts but I think that's another story for another time.

Do Fashion Week 

I know that some things go on behind closed doors when it comes to Fashion Weeks but I think that I would love to at least go to one to ensure that I have been up close when it comes to seeing the new designs. I know that the parties are a big part of the week but I think that I would go there mainly for the fashion aspect of the event. 

Go To The Alchemist 
Hi, I'm Jamie and I've never been to The Alchemist. I know that this comes as a surprise but honestly I just haven't had the time to go and as the cocktails seem fabulous I'd want a full day to experience a good few of them. I honestly also haven't had the money to experience The Alchemist at its best especially as it has an Alice In Wonderland Tea sharing Cocktail. I know that it's the ultimate bar for bloggers so I know that I definitely need to go whilst I'm in my 20's.

Pub Crawl 

I feel like I definitely need to do this in my twenties. It's a surprise that I haven't gone on one yet as I live in a radius of about 6 pubs. I love a good pub so I can see myself doing this within my 20's.

Go To London Again 

The last time I went to London was for Summer In The City and honestly I didn't get to do everything that I wanted to do so I want to go back down for that. I also want to go down for the infamous Lush Oxford Street as I had fun exploring the three floored establishment last time. I would also like to go down as most blogger things go on there and I miss out on them due to living up in good old Yorkshire.

Go Back To Paris 

Again, I just miss Paris as a whole. I obviously did all of the touristy stuff last time but I would love to go back to explore more of the non touristy bits of Paris. I'd also love to go back to try more of the authentic food that they have to offer within Paris.

Get A Degree 

Yes, this sounds obvious as I am hopefully going to university later on this year but honestly I want to get a degree as I know that university will be an absolute rollercoaster and I can already see myself having many panic attacks and other things so to achieve a degree would be a massive achievement to myself.

Get A Job 

Again, this sounds obvious but due to economy that we live in today it's hard to get a job and I know that blogging is a job but I never think that I'll get to the point where I can see myself making a constant wage from it so I'd love to get a job where I have a constant wage coming in each month.

See a West End Performance 

Honestly, I've never seen a West End performance and as I like a good musical or play from time to time I'd love to watch a performance within the West End.

Go To A Michelin Restaurant 

This one is for the foodie within me. I love food and I know that Michelin star restaurants put so much thought and effort into every little thing that they produce therefore I'd love to go and just appreciate everything in the building. Weird, I know but ah well.

Meet Nigella Lawson 

Okay, I get it. This sounds a tad bordeline stalker but I have loved everything that Nigella has done for a while so I would love to just meet her and have a honest chat with her, I love how she researches a dish to a point where a food researcher themselves would be shocked so I'd also love to talk to her about that too. 

Learn To Play The Guitar 

This sounds like something a hipster would say again but honestly I've been wanting to learn to play the guitar for years and for some reason I've just never done it so I think that if I get my life into some sort of order then I deserve to attempt to learn the guitar. 

Fundrause Fir Mental Health/LGBT+ Charities

We all know how close both of these topics are to my heart so I'd definitelty love to fundraise for both of these, I'd also love to fundraise for Guide Dogs UK at some point in the future. 

Go To A Whiskey Distillery Tour 

I love whiskey so I would love to go to a distillery and see it up close. I have heard that Jamesson's tour is amazing so I'd love to do that someday!
Get More Into Makeup. 

Yes I know that this sounds like a weird one but I have been getting into makeup via various means and I would love to properly get into it via brands and understanding how to make full use of the face. I love cosplay makeup and makeup that stars such as Miss Fame create so hopefully I might be able to further that curiosity within my 20's.

Wear More Vests

I know that this is a weird one but I rarely wear vests on their own due to them normally showing off my arms and sometimes my torso which I'm a bit iffy about so I'd love to get used to wearing them and rocking them without caring about what other people think about what I look like. 

Hold A Bloggers Event Or Event Of Some Sort 

I'd love to host a bloggers event or an event for the public. I think that it would be amazing to put on an event and make sure that it runs smoothly. I know that it won't happen but I can always dream!

Make My Blog Better
I know that my content and my layout isn't that great so I hope that within the next few years I improve with my blog on the whole and hope to create amazing content and to just keep it going really. 

Have you got any goals that you'd like to achieve? Let me know down below. 

I hope that you've enjoyed this blog post. I hope that you've learnt a few things about myself and I hope that you come back for another blog post. 

Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x

Saturday 13 May 2017

An Open Letter To Piers Morgan | Mental Health Awareness Week 2017


Dear Piers Morgan, 

A stock image via 

I saw that you tweeted about mental health/mentioning that the citizens of England need to 'man up'. I also saw via social media you had some very strong words to say about celebrities and their battles with mental and being gender neutral and I thought that I respond to your views with my own. I know that I might be bias due to being a young Millennial white male citizen who suffers from mental health problems and I know you won't care but let's be honest here someone needs to call you on your bullshit.

First of all, thanks for arguing that 34 Million people did not suffer from a form of mental illness. I'm sure that the Mental Health Foundation loved you ripping up the data that they had created for Mental Health Awareness Week into shreds on social media as you believed that it was fake. I'm sure that they loved you mocking the time and energy they spent to gather data to reflect the society that we live in today and the comments that you made about the data show that it might be more than 34 Million due to the stigma that's still attached within the media because some feel like they can't talk openly about the things that they suffer with because they may put down just like you did via the click of a button. Well done for that.

Second of all. I want to talk to you about this whole James Bond reference that you made which was absolute bullshit. James Bond isn't the best role model for men except for maybe the exception of the portrayal of James Bond via Daniel Craig within Skyfall. Why does any respectable male citizen want to look up to a character that is sexist, misogynistic and a plethora of other shitty traits that uses alcohol as an aid within their life. He talks about nothing and gets the mission done via all sorts of illegitimate means. James Bond is a character that the general public might look up to in the 50's but to say that citizens should still be sticking to these traditional 50's stereotypes is fucked up and wrong in so many ways. It just shows the ideologies that you have Piers and to be frank with you I think that you should keep those to yourself.

I also believe that the whole 'man up' comment that you made ties in with the above as back then no one talked about their feelings and they got on with their stuff. Guess what, Piers?! We're not living within the 1950's so sadly for you and your ideologies things have changed dramatically and just like your little tangerine sodden friend Donald Trump you need to think about the future and how things will change instead of trying to stick into the hay day/ I know that people like Trump helped you have a career in writing bullshit via articles but by this time you should have learnt to respect others at least a little bit or am I just being stupid there, Piers?!

Why should we man up? What does manning up even mean? If manning up means keeping our feelings to ourselves and portraying the hegemonic views of masculinity that the media portrays then I think that it would be better if it was called something like being stupid. Talking about our feelings and things such as insecurities and our vulnerability isn't a bad thing nor is it decreasing our level of masculinity. Not being James Bond or someone like John Wayne doesn't make us less of a man because masculinity is something that we measure ourselves and not something that the media should be drilling into our minds via middle class white men with right wing ideologies like yourself Piers so if you want to do that on your own where you're far away from the rest of society then that's fine by me.

I believe that everyone should talk about their mental health because if we don;t talk about mental health then the stigma will never end and ideas like yours Piers will end up being engraved in people's minds for years to come.

Finally, I want to mention this whole tweet thread that you dedicated to celebrities using mental health for a platform for them to further their career and brand as a whole therefore you're saying that mental health is used as a marketing campaign and I doubt that for the celebrities that you have mentioned in your tweet that they wouldn't do that. I hope that one of the celebrities take what you'vd said further because I think that it's needed. Mental health is a serious thing and you've turned celebrities who have tried to remove the stigma via the mass audience that they have into a large marketing campaign which is morally wrong on many levels. I think that before saying this you needed to actually research what these celebrities have done for mental health as making allegations is wrong on every aspect which every journalist that's working for a mainstream media outlet should know including yourself.

All in all, I think that you need to do way more research into mental health including things such as talking to people about it. I think that you need to try and have an unbiased view on things instead of being a stubborn old privileged man. I think that you just need to actually think before you say or type many of the things that you come out with but most of all as a young man with mental health problems I think that you shouldn't be saying the things that you've said until you've either done the above so you have an understanding of how it feels or better if you have no experience of mental health problems then you shouldn't be saying anything on the matter.

You took data that was gathered to remove stigma and you turned them into a story of silken spun shit which is unacceptable.

If you suffer from any type of mental health problems then please make sure that you know that there are people that you can talk to. Please talk to your GP if that's possible at all.

I hope that you have found this post/open letter interesting. I doubt that Piers Morgan will read this but I felt like this post was necessary. I hope that you check out the rest of the blog for other amazing yet interesting posts.

Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x

Friday 12 May 2017

The Website That Does Everything For You | Bidvine


Welcome to another blog post! Today, I'm talking you about a great website that will save you a lot of time. I thought that some of you might like this due to having a busy life and whatnot.

Bidvine is a quick and free way to get quotes for local services from nearby professionals with no hassle (services include things like as wellness, tutoring, events, photography and much more.) It's free to use and it does all the work for you! It's super easy to use as all you have to do is just answering a few simple questions. The best way to think of Bidvine is imagine it as your P.A for finding local service providers and getting things done the quick and easy way! 

I tested Bidvine out via searching for a photographer for some blog photos that I might need sorting out as I'm not that great when it comes to attempting my own outfit shots so I filled in a short form which took about 10 minutes and it put together a quote for a photographer along with my postcode and budget that I would be pleased with and within 2-3 days I received 5 quotes back via email ranging from a various amount of prices.

You can start to see how this would save you time because if you have things which need doing around the house such as painting, cleaning or anything like that therefore instead of searching online for hours you can put in a request and the quotes will come back to you within the budget you requested. It beats some online services that might do the same thing as they might charge double or triple the price that you're wanting to pay whereas Bidvine keeps within your budget so you don't feel like someone is ripping out your wallet/purse/bank card for one single service.

I think that it's an amazing service for anyone who might be disabled as it means that someone can do it for you therefore you don't strain yourself over the said service or for someone who is a student and might not have the time to do things that they need to get done.

Don't forget to check out Bidvine here in case you want to have a look at it yourself.

I hope that you have enjoyed this little rambly post about Bidvine and I hope that you come back next time for another post!

Thanks for reading!
jamie x

This post was in collaboration with Bidvine. All views, opinions and ramblings are my own.

Saturday 6 May 2017

You're Totally Awesome! | The Body Shop Briggate Mothers Day Showcase


A while ago, I was invited to The Body Shop's Mothers Day event and I thought that I would tell you guys about it. I know that it's past Mothers Day now but I hope that you still enjoy this post nevertheless.

Myself and Luke were already in Leeds due to coming in to review the wonderful Bar Soba but like per usual we came in a bit early and decided to do some shopping. We wandered around a few shops and then headed to Costa to have a breather for a few minutes because honestly Luke gets tired quickly from swishing his cane and I get tired quickly from guiding him. After a while, we decided that we would wander on over to The Body Shop for a quick look as I wanted to check out a few of their masks and the new Liquid Peels.

We wandered in and found the face masks quite easily. After a minute or so, a staff member came up to us and remembered that we were bloggers from a previous event and asked if we were coming to the event that was going on later on in the day. We sadly said no. The staff assistant was confused and grabbed the clipboard. After doing this, she asked if we wanted to come and of course we said yes!

Fast forward to later on in the day. 

As soon as we arrived back at the beautiful building, we were greeted by a wonderful staff member of staff. After about thirty seconds, someone came up to us and offered us something to drink. We both got a glass of Prosecco to begin with but I normally only drink one glass due to the fact that I get a burning sensation in my chest after drinking it so I drank some lovely refreshing fruit juice for the rest of the night after that one glass.  We perused some of the products such as the Fuji Green Tea range until a few other bloggers entered.

Ten minutes or so passed by then we were all gathered around to have a masterclass about fragrances which included an interesting talk about babies and their relationship/attachment with scents and how certain smells can make a memory come to life. The lovely woman then came around with testers of scents such as White Musk (which contains synthetic musk to ensure that animals aren't harmed to extract it for the product) and other scents from The Body Shop.

Perfume bottles had been spritzed and now it was time to let us roam but as soon as we did roam, a lovely woman came up to us and asked if we wanted any delicious canapes (both savoury and sweet) which I obviously said yes to. The ones that I definitely loved were the Brownie mainly because I love a good Brownie and the mini meringue that had a raspberry in the middle which made it look like a pretty flower which seems fitting for the Spring season.

Myself and Luke then went to the personalised body butter station where we could personalise a body butter for our loved ones (eg Mothers) or if you're me then you can personalise it for yourself. When it comes to the personalised body butters (which are only available in certain stores) you pick what you want on the front, the text eg Jamie, Mum etc and then it goes onto your body butter. As the Almond Milk & Honey range was brand new to the public, we were given a personalised tub of this. I love this scent as it's clean but sweet. It reminds me of summer nights and sun tan lotion which sounds weird I know but if you smell it you'll get what I mean.

There was also a massage station but honestly myself and Luke just wanted to go home so we said our goodbyes to everyone including the lovely Lucinda and Lucy (who we spent the night chatting to) and made our way out of the store and headed for home.

We received a goodie bag to share which we shared which included a bottle of the White Musk EDT, a mini British Rose Body Butter, a mini pot of Vitamin E Moisture Cream, a mini Green Tea Shower Gel, a mini Moringa Body Scrub and a mini Shea Hand Cream. The goodie bag also included the Contour Palette and The Poppy Red Lip Palette.

Have you been to The Body Shop lately? Let me know down below! 

Thanks to the staff at The Body Shop Leeds Briggate and the PR staff at The Body Shop for putting on a great night and for inviting us!

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post and I hope that you come back for the next post.

Thanks for reading!
Jamie x 

Tuesday 2 May 2017

Checking Time Ten Times | Travelling With Anxiety


Welcome to another blog post! I thought that today I would talk to you guys about travelling whilst having anxiety. If you've read my blog for a good amount of time then you will know that I think that it's necessary to talk about mental health. My mental health hasn't been that great recently which is one of the reasons why I'm writing this post.

Anxiety can make the easiest things become difficult and complex. It can make going out of the house a struggle. It can make day to day activities difficult but most of all it can make meeting friends or going to different places very challenging.

A stock image of a rectangular long white train with a black rimmed window on black train tracks with grey gravel. All within a train station with a dome of glass with black beams going across it on a bright background.  

Making Plans: 

Before you even try to travel can be an absolute nightmare. Making plans can be troublesome and frankly very anxious. You have to ensure that it's somewhere you've been before so that you know where it is otherwise there's a good chance you might have an attack if you're like me who gets anxious if they don't know exactly where they are. There's also the fact that the meet up place might be packed which might trigger your sensory overload. Once you've sorted a place out then there is the whole thing of timing. You end up agreeing with whoever you're meeting which then you question if you're still meeting at that time ten times after confirming. If you're going to somewhere with a fixed time then you end up setting several alarms beforehand to ensure that you're up and ready way before that time.. The same normally goes for meeting someone.


I end up setting off an hour beforehand getting transport to travel because a billion things go through my mind like what if the bus is late? What if the train comes in early? What if there's really bad traffic? If I'm getting a train I double check that I'm on the right train and stop everything that I'm doing until the man has spoken via the tannoy to ensure that I know that I'm on the right train. I also sometimes count how many stops and when I'm meant to get in for. If I'm meeting someone at the station then I have an app on my phone to ensure that I know what train they're getting and when it's meant to come in so I know I don't have too long to awkwardly wait where we said that we would meet.

I know that all of this sounds stupid but it's just second knowledge for me to do this otherwise I know that at some point I'd probably have an attack and I'd feel embarrassed. I've had anxiety attacks in train stations before and it feels disastrous when train staff members have to try and calm me down.

I hope that this little rambly post has given you some insight on what goes down when I travel to places for things such as blogging events and meeting friends.

I hope that you have learnt something and hopefully enjoyed this blog post. I hope that you come back next time for another post!

Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x

Monday 1 May 2017

Finding The Birth Of Alcohol In The Yorkshire Dales | Copper King Distillery


Welcome to another blog post. Today I'm talking about Cooper King Distillery. The guys behind the distillery have asked me to talk about them and their new Founders Club to you before they launch so that's what I'm doing today.

A black diamond logo with white text saying Cooper King Distillery with a gold logo above it on a white background. 

Located just ten miles from the historic city of York, Cooper King Distillery will sit nestled between the handsome Howardian Hills  and the rugged Yorkshire Dales.  The distillery will have major attractions such as York Minster and Whitby nearby to keep it company. The business will produce small batch, whisky, gin and other adventurous yet superb spirits.

Cooper King Distillery is inviting whisky and gin enthusiasts to become part of their whisky distillery via its Founders’ Club which will launch this month hopefully.

Once an architect and a scientist, Chris & Abbie’s love for craft spirit distillation grew after deciding to embark on a life-changing trip to Australia in 2014. After visiting all eight operational whisky distilleries in Tasmania, they were inspired by these small producers who were carving a path for hand-crafted premium whisky. Taught by Bill Lark, the godfather of Tasmanian whisky, and armed with a wealth of knowledge gathered from across Tasmania’s now acclaimed New World whisky distilleries and beyond, the pair have brought their ethos back home to the UK to influence this independent craft distillery.

A small cylindrical glass filled with clear gin with a herbal green garnish floating at the top of the liquid on a wooden background. 

A small cylindrical glass filled with clear gin with a herbal green garnish x at the bottom of the liquid and in front of the glass on a wooden background.

The couple will be hands on at every stage of production. They will mash, ferment, distill, age and bottle the single malt whisky all under one roof, making them one of only a few English distilleries to do so.

Cooper King Distillery are now launching their Founders' Club to the public this month (May 2017) hopefully. Members/anyone that joins will be rewarded with first release products, rare bottlings, merchandise and lifetime membership.

Cooper King Distillery will be offering numerous Founders’ Club reward tiers ranging from £30 upwards, which will make great gifts for whisky and gin lovers. The Founders’ Club launches on 25th May. Memberships are limited and are on a first-come, first-served basis, so those who want a piece of the action are encouraged to act quickly.

If you want to find out more about Cooper Kind Distillery then click here.

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