Thursday 29 January 2015

How To Be The Perfect Blogger (Gossip Girl)

Hey, so this is going to be a weird sort of blog post. This isn't a post to take seriously. I just feel like Gossip Girl needs to be talked about with regards to bloggers. Do you think Gossip Girl is the original blogger that TV actually cared about before the likes of Perez Hilton and such? Comment down below!

So, at the minute, I am binge watching Gossip Girl on Netflix. If you don't know what Gossip Girl is then I shall explain. Gossip Girl is a US teen drama show that is set within New York  The set is basically about the social elite of The Big Apple whilst a well known yet secret blogger called 'Gossip Girl' narrates their life whilst she posts the latter onto her blog where the characters can read it... It was released in 2007 and ran until 2012 showing that it was a great show. At the finale of the show, Gossip Girl finally got revealed to everyone. I am still on the second series but so far it has been amazing!

So back to the point of this post, Gossip Girl basically tells it how it is and keeps everyone in suspense, She gets tip offs and releases information that might not be known to the public. She also keeps a somewhat secrecy about her but at the same time shows cockiness and confidence like she has no secrets. Her audience is the show and its audience/ Did this spur on the success of Perez Hilton? Did amateur bloggers take on the influence of Gossip Girl and embed it into their own blogs?

Perez Hilton basically did the same. He is now in Celebrity Big Brother but his name isn't his actual name which screams Gossip Girl... His whole blog ethos is to find secrets about celebrities and unleash them to the world which has led onto many celebrities hating him... Who knows if this is true?

How to become the perfect blogger via Gossip Girl includes having a secret name... I mean my name is not secretive but people like A Blokes Eyeview or Music & Eyeliner like to keep away from personal things with their alias names.

It also includes ripping everyone apart and unleashing it to the world. Websites including Glamour and other magazines that are online already do this.. Does this show that they are the perfect blog site?

It also includes being a bit over the top. This doesn't work with individual sites but for mass industrialised sites which are magazines with their own blogs are slightly over the top.

The last tip is ending with a sort of exit. Gossip Girl has done this with 'You know you love me.' 'Xoxo Gossip Girl. Does this give a more personal feel to you readers? I am slowly trying this out so let me know.

So, I'm sorry if this has been a bit of a weird post but I hope you have liked this. I hope to see you next time!

Jamie x

What's In Fashion? (Trends) Men

Meow, so this post is carrying on from the last post which was mainly about women's trends. This time, I am going to talk about what fashion trends are in this spring for men. This post may apply to men wanting to find out or women finding out for their partners. I hope that you like reading this post!


So, pink may be a woman's colour but men are rocking it this season! Ditch the stereotypes and brave it. If you don't think that bright hot pink is the best way to wear pink then go for a darker shade until you're comfortable. Pink shirts and suits are making their way on their runway this season! From Champagne to Steel Pink, everyone will be rocking it this year!


Denim is in this season! From one layer to triple denim! Denim is back in this season and it is all over the runways. Designers such as Gucci have been making sure to include denim in their new season clothing as they know that it is going to be wild! To avoid looking stereotypical cowboy and to look totally attractive cowman, just wear the denim in different shades or different colours to ensure that it doesn't all look the same.

Oversized Clothing: 

So, screw tight fitted clothing and wear oversized clothing! Oversized clothing has always been something of a good thing so it's great that it's becoming a trend. Whether it's coats or tops, everyone are slowly wearing them and making them look so awesome! Will you sport this trend?


So, prints may not be something of a weird trend. Men never want to wear them as they may become a bit of a fashion faux pas but they are all the rage this Spring! Whether it's floral to scream that Spring is on its way or microdots to a give a twist to smart fashion then prints will win all round! A great way to rock this trend is to wear one printed thing and keep everything else simple.

Statement Clothing: 

So, like the prints, keep it simple and then make one thing stand out. At the minute, statement blazers/coats are in this season. Wearing a white blazer with a black outfit screams fashion all the way. It may seem a bit weird but it works. Put a dark coat with a light outfit or a patterned coat with a simple outfit. It's just perfect!

So, I hope you have liked this little guide of the trends for men in Spring 2015. I hope to see you next time and have a great week! If you liked my little fashion blogs then comment below telling me so I can do them more often.

Jamie x

Monday 26 January 2015

January Joy 6 - Luke Sam Sowden

Meow, so this post is going to be a slight bit personal. It is going to be about my brother. This January Joy is going to be about my brother and his blog. Yeah, two bloggers in one family. If you want to check out his blog then go to

So, this paragraph is normally where I describe how I know the blogger but Luke is my brother so I know him quite well. He is partially blind We vlog together quite a lot and is 25. He is male and I have known him for a very long time. His sight comes with shenanigans but we get around them some way or another.

His blog is mainly a mixture of everything. He has a series within his site which is called Blind Guy Adventures where he talks about the shenanigans that he gets up to in his spare time. He also does Shine The Spotlight which he promotes someone within the blogging community. He also does reviews of many beauty products and sometimes also does reviews about food products. His photography is normally provided via me which is somewhat good yet amateur. Even though, his sigt knocks him back, he is very optimistic and makes something out of it.

If you want to get to know a little bit more about him then check out his blog where he also embeds his YouTube channel. I hope you've enjoyed this short yet sweet January Joy and I hope to see you next time!

What's In Fashion? (Opinions On Trends) Female

Meow, so this post is going to be a spectacular one! If you love fashion then you will love this post! It isn't even the end of the first month and so far we have been enticed and surprised vastly within the fashion world. I mean, we've had Paris Fashion Week and other events. We have had a lot of fashion trends released recently for women therefore I thought it would be great if I told you about what trends are in for women this year.


Do I really need to explain what a shirtdress is? This year, designers have reinvented the classic fashion staple and added drama and velocity. This years shirtdresses now include double-high slits, drop waists and a lot more. You are going to be seeing these everywhere!


So, last year, the fashion statement was Orange Is The New Black... (Not the Netflix show) but this year it may have changed to Yellow Is The New Black? Now I know that wearing yellow sounds slightly tacky and brash but it isn't just bright yellow that is in season... No, no, Audno. It is all shades of yellow that are in from amber to marigold. (In simple terms from dark to bright.) There is a yellow that suits everyone. The trick to finding out which yellow suits you is simple. Figure out your skins undertone and find the hue which compliments it the best to find the best yellow to put some sunshine in your typical British weather day!


Remember the old school days where gingham was all the rage of the playground? Well, it's back and its playing for the big boys now. In Autumn, we saw checks come rocking back but this Spring its the turn of Gingham. It's back this year with a sexy twist that even Judy Garland might be a bit scared of.


Wearing all white has been a trend for a while but it is a skill to try and make sure you don't look like you're trying to steal a Monica Geller-esque bride's thunder. This year, women are wearing all white and killing the runways by mixing textures and shades to make sure the old faux pas doesn't happen. Will you rock it?

One Shoulder Cuts:

Do you have a dress that has a one shoulder cut but you haven't worn it in years? Well, its time to start wearing it as one shoulder cuts are back in. Shoulders are slowly becoming a sexy and wonderful part of a woman's body and they need to be shown off. Show them off in a casual/punk style one shoulder top or dress it up in that one shoulder dress for date night.

So, I hope that you rock some of these trends and I hope that you have a wonderful year with your fashion and everything else. Don't forget to read next time where I will talk about what trends men should be following within fashion for 2015. I hope to see you next time!

Jamie x

January Joy 5 - A Bloke's Eyeview

Meow, so last week of January Joy's and I know I haven't done a lot of these but I shall be doing a few this week to finish them up. The whole point of this section of my blog is mainly to celebrate and appreciate bloggers that deserve the love and affection of more readers. Today's blog post is going to be about A Blokes Eyeview or more well known as Carl. Don't forget to check out Carl's blog at

So, Carl is a male blogger. There isn't that many male bloggers that I have mentioned via  January Joy but I thought I would start with Carl. He followed me and my brother Luke (I shall mention him in another blog post because it will be a lot easier that way) and referred to us as 'The Blog Brothers.' I haven't known him for long but I hope to get to know him a bit better within the future. He has also tagged me into doing 'The British Tag' in a blog post so expect that soonish.

His blog is an eclectic mixture of sports, beauty, games, music, food and other things. It's basically everything seen from the males point of view. Carl reviews products and talks about his daily life including his son which he adores and bonds with via games and rugby which shows that bloggers aren't all single lonely people typing so they hope someone will notice them. It shows that parents also can be bloggers which I think is very inspirational. His name sums up his blog. A Bloke's Eyeview. I mean it's everything from the perspective of a male which Carl is. I think it is an amazing blog with amazing yet quirky posts.

So, if you want to find out more about Carl or his content then check his blog out on  He deserves all of your appreciation as his blog is pretty great. I hope you have enjoyed this post and I hope to see you next time. Don't forget to check out my YouTube/Twitter!

Thursday 22 January 2015

Offers For Students In Leeds! (Leeds Trinity)

Meow so this post is going to be all about offers. Yes, offers! I know that now and again, us students need some discount to help us get along within life. Now, the amazing guys at Trinity Leeds have created an app called Love Trinity. I am going to talk about the offers and how to get in on them in a while and the offers you can get with an NUS card in Leeds and Trinity Leeds as well but when in Leeds, we always need a little help on the penny pinching nowadays... .,
So Trinity Leeds have helped me within the past, they helped me create my fashion guide and they have also invited me to the Cabana VIP Event which was amazing. I can't thank them enough. Trinity have cared about the students of Leeds and other people and decided to create a discount/loyalty card. This has been on the cards for ages and makes sense as there is so many great stores within Trinity Leeds which makes it easy to spend a lot of money and not realising.

The concept of the card is within three steps. You start on Bronze level then you have to scan the card 10 times with a purchase of £25 every time to upgrade to Silver and 10 more times to Gold. Now I know this sounds like a lot of spending but with each level you get different levels of offers. You start on Bronze when you register so you already get some offers which will help you out when you're out and about in Leeds. You can either download the app and scan it on your phone or you can get a card from the Customer Service Lounge in Trinity. I am now going to go on about the offers that you can get with the card and then I will mention the offers you can get with a NUS card within trinity as every penny counts!

Love Trinity:
  • 10% Discount at Cabana
  • £5 off at Burton
  • 25% off Food at Chicago Rib Shack
  • 15% Discount at Pulp
  • 10% Discount at Coast
  • 10% Discount at ROX
  • Free Bag of Chips at Chip + Fish
  • 20% Off Any T-Shirt at Jack & Jones
  • 10% Discount at Open
  • 10% Discount at PizzaLuxe
  • Free Gift Wrapping at A|X Armani Exchange
  • 5% Off at A|X Armani Exchange
  • Free Frothy Cappuccino at 360 Champagne & Cocktails
  • 5% Discount at Hotel Chocolat Roast & Conch
  • 5% Discount at Hotel Chocolat
  • 10% Discount at Joe Delucci's
  • Free Green Tea/Soup at Yo Sushi
  • Free Starter at Nando's
  • 15% Discount at Crepeaffaire
  • Free Morning/Evening Muffin at Muffin Break
  • Two Burgers for £10 at Handmade Burger Company
  • 10% Discount at Warehouse
  • 10% Discount at boutique. Goldsmiths
  • Free Eye Examination at Vision Express
  • Free Eye Examination at Vision Optics
  • Free Engraving at The Pen Shop
  • Free Goodie Bag at The Entertainer
  • 10% Discount at Blott
  • 10% Off Car Parking
  • Two Free Cocktails at MEATLiquor Leeds
  • 15% Discount at ROX
  • Free Lens Upgrade at Vision Express
  • Free Plate at Yo! Sushi
  • 10% Discount at A|X Armani Exchange
  • Free Alterations on Denim at A|X Armani Exchange
  • Free T Shirt at Jack and Jones
  • Free T Shirt at OPEN
  • 15% Discount at Coast
  • 15% Discount at Warehouse
  • Diamond Cleaning at Phillip Stoner
  • Half Price Second Scoop at Joe Delucci's
  • £1 Burger or Salad at Handmade Burger Co
  • Free Glass of Prosecco at 360 Champagne & Cocktails
  • Free Money Box at Chicago Rib Shack
  • 20% Discount at PizzaLuxe
  • BOGOF at PizzaLuxe
  • Free Tea/Coffee at Crepeaffaire
  • 20% off Parking
  • 50% Off Your Bill at MEATLiquor Leeds
  • Entry to VIP Events at ROX
  • 20% off Sunglasses at Vision Express
  • 20% Discount at Yo!Sushi
  • £20 Gift Card at Coast
  • 15% Discount at A|X Armani Exchange
  • Free Ink Refills at The Pen Shop
  • 20% Discount at ROX
  • 20% Discount at Warehouse
  • 10% Discount at Phillip Stoner
  • Free Bottle Of Wine at PizzaLuxe
  • Free Burger or Salad at Handmade Burger Co
  • Free Crepe at Crepeaffaire
  • Free Membership at Everyman
  • Stylish Session at OPEN
  • £10 Voucher at Chicago Rib Shack
  • Free Cocktail at 360 Champagne & Cocktails
  • Second Scoop Free at Joe Delucci's

  • Zizzi in Leeds - 25% off your bill
  • 20% off at Warehouse and Coast
  • 10|% off at Accessorize
  • Up to 15% off Mac & 4% on iPad plus special pricing on AppleCare Protection Plan - Apple Store
  • 10% off Aldo in Leeds
  • 10% off at Oasis
  • 20% off at Giraffe
  • 10% off at La Senza
  • 10% off at Office
  • 15% off at Claires
  • Free Hamburger, Cheeseburger or McFlurry when you purchase a Extra Value Meal at McDonalds
If you want to get any of these offers then get a NUS card for £12 a year from 

So, I know this has been a bit different but I hope you have liked this blog post! If you use any of these offers then don't forget to let me know by tweeting me on Twitter! I hope you have an amazing week and I hope to see you next time!


Wednesday 21 January 2015

As It Is Are Coming To Leeds!

Meow, so today's post is going to be a sort of weird one. The post is going to be about a band that are close to my heart. As It Is. They have a lot going for them at the minute which I will talk about below. They are doing a lot of things and they need to be mentioned and acknowledged a lot more so that is going to be the point of the blog post! I hope you like the post and don't forget to check them out. They are going on tour in Leeds very soon. I will put the links at the bottom of the post.

So, As It Is are a Transatlantic Pop Punk band from Brighton. The band consists of 5 members. Patrick Foley, Andy Westfield, Ben Bissington and Alistair Testo. They formed within 2012 and slowly became bigger and bigger thanks to certain events such as their first UK tour which was promoted by the band doing a cover of Sum 41's 'Fat Lip.' They then supported Roam on their tour and got more bigger. After this, they went to America to create their debut album whilst along the way signed up with Fearless Records and that brings us up today where they have just released their single with Fearless.

You may know the lead singer from YouTube. Patty Walters has collected fame and quite a bit of audience from his vast amount of subscribers via YouTube. He did this by uploading weekly Pop Punk covers of well known songs including Disney songs and well known songs that were in the chart at the moment therefore he basically recreated a well known song into a alternative song in a different genre than before. He also created a song with Luke Cutforth (another well known YouTuber) which mocked 5 Seconds Of Summer's well known song 'She Looks So Perfect.'

As I said before, the band have just released a new song called Dial Tones under Fearless Records which will be on their upcoming album 'Never Happy Ever After.' The track is all about being away from everyone that you love when you have things to do eg work which is explainable as they were away from their family and friends when in America writing their new album. The album will be out soon and the song is on iTunes so don't forget to download it from here.

Don't forget to check out their YouTube channel for some rad music. If you go to the tour then I hope you have an amazing time. I hope you have a great week and I hope to see you next time!


Tuesday 20 January 2015

January Joy 4 - Robowecop

Meow, so I haven't done one of these for a long while but I felt like I would come back and do a blog post on one of my very great blogger friends Rhianna or as she is more well known as robowecop. 

Rhianna is such a lovely woman. She's 21 and currently a student. She hails from Leeds. She loves music and tea which I get as my brother is very enthusiastic about tea. We bonded over the well known US show Suits as we both binge watch it! 

Her blog ( is a mixture of things including hair, make up and other things which classes her as a lifestyle blogger but she does a lot more on her beautiful feminine site. 

One of her latest blog posts talks about coping with anxiety without medication which I think is a great post as many people including myself cope from anxiety so you should all go read it!

So you should check Rhianna out on social media especially her Instagram as it is all lovely! Just type in robowecop and you can normally find her! Don't forget to check her blog! 

I hope you have an amazing day and I hope to see you next time for another blog post! 

Dairy Milk Chips Ahoy Review

Meow, so this post is going to be about the Dairy Milk Chips Ahoy bar. It was on offer at my local store. I've never tried Chips Ahoy! so I wasn't sure what I was thinking of the chocolate bar. I haven't done a food review in a long while. If you have tried any of the Dairy Milk/Mondelez UK range (eg Dairy Milk Oreo/Daim etc) then comment down below telling me what you think of them!

So the Cadbury's range has been going for years. It was originally a British brand but was bought out a few years ago by Mondelez/Kraft. This means that they can collaborate with other brands such as Oreo, Daim, Chips Ahoy etc. This also means that they could bring back things such as Eclairs and create new things such as the Marvellous Creations/Mix Up franchise.
The packaging of the bar!

The texture of it is creamy and rich. I know that sounds so obvious but with cheap chocolate bars, it can sometimes feel a bit rough and bitty. It's smooth from the 'glass and a half' milk. Within each square though, it has a knobbly texture from the cookies within each square.

The taste of it is slightly weird. Now imagine your general milky sort of Dairy Milk taste then multiply it by 2 and you'll get the taste of the general bar but then add it the interior of a square with has a chocolate cookie with a hint of nutmeg and mix it all together. It's a good taste but its slightly interesting the first time round then you get used to it by the end of the bar. If you've had Maryland cookies then imagine them mixed into a Dairy Milk bar! 
The actual bar!

Me and lactose don't get along so I may be in pain after this but it is somewhat worth it just for a blog post.. Yay for lactose intolerance!

So, I'd rate this a 8/10. It's nice but it's not orgasmic. It's chocolate and me so I can never give it a 10 unless it has no lactose in the product. The cookies give it a nice texture and taste. I'd prefer the Oreo one but this one is nice.

So, I hope you've liked this blog post!
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I hope to see you next time!

Thursday 15 January 2015

Garnier Ultimate Blends Review

Meow, so todays blog post is going to be about some beauty products. Well hair products. Me and Luke went in to Leeds for a little bit of shopping. We went into several places but this post focuses on Superdrug. Just to ensure that you all know, this isn't a promoted post. I bought these out of my own money but I urge you to try them out. They're on offer at Superdrug for around £2.

Garnier Ultimate Blends are a line of products that Garnier UK created for when Britain can be tough on your hair but Garnier know that everyone has different hair types so they created 6 different products to cover as many people as possible. Garnier have spent 7 years creating this amazing range with over 25,000 British women therefore they have tried and tested this product to get it to perfection! These products are made with an exquisite blend of naturally sourced ingredients.. The Ultimate Blends range are tailor-made to tackle the hair problems Britain throws your way. All of the range are Paraben free.

Weeknights and late nights out, school runs and all-nighters, downpours and rave-ups, hot days and cool parties. Britain can be tough on your hair.

The First Product:

The first product is called Garnier Ultimate Blends: The Colour Illuminator Shampoo. The whole concept of the shampoo is that the Argan Oil from Morocco and North American Cranberry extracts help lock in colour and leave hair looking sparkling so if your hair is coloured then you will love The Colour Illuminator range. I used to have coloured hair so I bought this to try and mainly test it.
Now you can already tell that this is a shampoo. This shampoo contains Argan Oil and Cranberries. Now Argan Oil is from Morocco which means that is slightly exotic. Argan Oil is great for the hair and skin as it can help anti-ageing and keeps the hair moisturised.

The smell of the product is absolutely amazing. It's slightly fruity from the cranberries but also it smells slightly decadent from the rich Argan Oil. Its so good. It kind of reminds me of a Raspberry Muffin which doesn't really exist without White Chocolate but it smells of Raspberries but also kind of has a rich clean scent with it as well.

The texture of the shampoo is kind of light but luxurious. It's light when applied to the hair but on the first application it lathers up really well. When you lather it up, the smell of the product wafts up throughout the air and scents the bathroom very well. It gets most of the dirt out of the hair when massaged into the scalp. It doesn't weigh down the hair and it feels amazing thanks to the Argan Oil.

Mmm/// Cranberries - £2.79


The Second Product:

The second product is called Garnier Ultimate Blends: The Marvellous Transformer Conditioner. This conditioner contain Moroccan Argan Oil and Japanese Camellia Oil leaves dry locks feeling supple and soft with a gleaming shine. There is another to completely restore your hair (The Nourishing Restorer.) They didn't have this one so I got The Marvellous Transformer. Camellia Oil is great for hair, skin and nails.

The scent of the conditioner is rich but clean at the same time which sounds really weird. The Moroccan Argan Oil makes the scent really rich. It kind of reminds me of gold/chocolate but the Camellia Oil comes through and it smells slightly florally and makes the scent slightly clean compared to the rich decadent Argan Oil.

The texture of it is a little bit thicker than the Shampoo that I mentioned above. This is slightly obvious as conditioners are thicker than shampoos/ The texture is slightly heavier but it still doesn't weigh your hair down. The conditioner is pure white which makes it rich. Its luxurious thanks to the oils but it didn't leave your hair oily. This one scents the room beautifully as well. It is a great product.
Mmm... Bright Packaging! £2.79

Reviewing/Rating Time:

So, the shampoo was lovely and luxurious. The oils made it lovely and scented the hair beautifully. I am going to give it a 8.5. I wasn't expecting it to be as great as it was. It didn't make my hair oily and it was such a great product from a mid ranged/priced brand. I would also say the same for the conditioner and it is a great alternative to the Aussie conditioner that I use so if you want to mix it up then this one is a great choice! You can tell that Garnier have put a lot of effort into this range and it's so lovely and amazing! I wouldn't get it at the normal |£5 price but when on offer I will get this. They kind of sum up Britain and their quintessential values within weather and hair. I would recommend this to people/friends!

So, I hope you have liked this blog post. If you have tried any of these then don't forget to comment! Subscribe to me on Bloglovin. to get my blog posts directly sent to you! Don't forget to check out my YouTube and I hope to see you next time!

Friday 9 January 2015

Lonely Lush Valentines Day Product Release!

Meow, so this is a weird yet interesting post! So, my friends at Lush are releasing some new products for Valentines Day. So, I thought as they are getting released on the 9th which may be when this is released... As I am destined to be a lonely gay spinster from the age of 17, I thought I would show you what new things will be at Lush! Ooh, exciting... I know, right?!

The first category that I am going to talk about is soaps.. I genuinely think these are crack cocaine to me.. They are so good! I genuinely keep one of them in my bag at all times just to make sure that I always look like a good crazy soap induced guy.

The soap is called Cupid's Love. The description of this says, 'Get struck by cupid's arrow with this deliciously fruity soap filled with fresh figs and passion fruit.' Personally, I love figs and I love passion fruit. I ate about 4 punnets of figs in a week the last time that they were in season so I love them and I love passion fruit and passion fruit flavoured things so this instantly sounds like a good soap to me! The soap is heart shaped to ensure you that you are rubbing such lovely goodness onto yourself... I think its the only heart I'll ever get close to... The soap also contains bergamot which gives a great citrusy but earthy kick and contains soy yoghurt which nourishes your skin which is great for fellow lactose intolerant/vegan people! The soy yoghurt makes me think of Yog Nog so I think it's Yog Nog's flirtatious sister. Priced at £4.25 per 100g.
Cupid's Love Soap - £4.25 p 100g
Bubble Bars:

So the first one is going to be very love orientated. This one is called Heart Throb Bubbleroon.
The description is 'All the romance of French patisseries in a passionate red Shea Butter sandwich!'
So as I said red = love so it's expected! This one contains shea butter and other essential oils but it's biggest point is that it turns your bath red.. Now, bare with, but if you've watched AHS: Freakshow, you will know that Dandy bathes in blood.. Are Lush trying to influence from somewhere? If you like Lush's African Paradise Body Conditioner then you will love this as it shares the same price. Just crumble under running water and enjoy the bath that oozes romance! Priced at £3.65
From Heart Throb Bubbleroon - £3.65
 The second one is Lonely Heart bubble bar.
The description says 'Let your heart beat a little faster with this sexy, citrusy bubble bar in a flirtatious shade of red.' Red is associated with passion and apparently makes your heart beat faster so this bar also makes your bath turn red. Shimmering red though. Ooh! This one has lemongrass oils and ylang ylang to name a few which gives it a citrusy kick but makes it soothing at the same time! Golden lustre makes it shimmering which is great but it also has cornflour which will make your bath extra soft! It's inspired by a 2006 song! Priced at £3.50
Lonely Heart Bubble Bar - £3.50
The last bubble bar! *drum roll* UNICORN HORN!
I am so excited with this one.. You have no idea.
So it is literally called Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar.
The description says 'Shimmering pastel coloured bubbles filled with lavender and neroli oils.'
So this one literally looks like a unicorn horn. It looks so pretty with all of the different colours running through. It was released in Japan first to see if there was any demographic for it and everyone went crazy! It has purples, pinks and yellows running through it! It has candy stars and lustre within which make you feel more like a kid when you use this bubble bar! Priced at £3.25.
Unicorn Horn - £3.25
Bath Bombs:
There is 2 but they will be amazing!

The first one is called Floating Flower.
The description says, 'A sensual jasmine bath filled with beautiful colours.'
So the shape of the bomb is stacked on flowers and it looks so intricate but pretty. Imagine a floral version of Golden Wonder and you'll get what I mean. It's multi layered which means different colours will explode out of this cute bomb that are scented of jasmine and ylang ylang. Priced at £3.50.
Blossoming into season
Floating Flower - £3.50
The second one is the recognisable one!
It's Love Locket!
The description says 'Unlock pure luxury and crack it open to reveal hidden hearts.'
So this one is two bath bombs in one. You have to crack open the first one to reveal the second one. The scent of this bomb is neroli, jasmine and vanilla absolute which will give a clean but subtle scent. It has agar hearts in which makes it a lot more cuter to enjoy. It's priced higher than others but it's worth it. Priced at £6.95.
Love Locket - £6.95
Lip Products:

So there are two lip products. We all love our lips and lips are great for kissing and well eating so I shall crack on with these. (No pun intended)

The first product is a lip scrub! Caster sugared beauties!
This one is called The Kiss
The description says 'Buff your lips to pouting perfection this Valentines Day with this bubblegum pink caster sugar scrub.'
So if you like The Kiss lip gloss then you will love this. It has a bubblegum influenced flavour but is red. It also contains red hearts and hundreds and thousands. Scrub on lips and then lick the excess... Mmm...
Priced at £5.50. It lasts a long time!

The second thing that goes along with it is the lip gloss!
The Kiss Lip Gloss is a pinky colour which contains shea butter. It also contains mandarin oils which will give it a citrus kick and almond oils which will give it some sweetness! Priced at £5.95.
Mmm.. Give me lot's of kisses
So the last thing liquid wise is going to the Prince Charming Shower Gel.
The description says 'A shower gel made for princesses and for anyone who needs a Prince Charming in their life.'
So this sweet shower gel contains marshmallow root and vanilla pod which gives a soothing experience but it also contains pomegranate juice and almond oil which gives it some sweetness and sourness... This year Prince Charming has a new scent consisting of sandalwood, geranium oil and grapefruit oils to leave you feeling soft and fruity.
You can be your own Prince Charming, of course! Ranging from £4.95.
Prince Charming in all of his glory
So the last thing is versatile, fun and quirky...
What is it?
It's the Love Birds of Africa Knot-Wrap.
The description says, 'Birds of a feather'
This is Lush's recyclable packaging which you can use to wrap someones gift or even use as a scarf. This one is seasonal as literal Love Birds. It contains 3 breeds of bird. Grey-headed, Fischers and Peach-faced. Only at £4.25
Look at them love birds getting it on!
So, Lush have also done some gift boxes but you may get your loved ones them as surprises and they may read this to tell you what to get them so if you check Lush's website when this has all been released then


Thursday 8 January 2015

Shoot For The Stars Review

Meow, so this is a blog post about a Lush product that I got for Christmas. January Joy's will resume tomorrow... So, my brother got me some products from Lush for Christmas. I wanted to try one today. I picked a random one from the bag and it was Shoot For The Stars so here's a review on it.

Shoot For The Stars is a Christmas seasonal product from Lush. It was a very big bath bomb. The scent is recognisable and it made you feel very cosy!

So, I shall talk first about the scent. Oh my god, the scent! It is literally Honey, I Washed The Kids soap multiplied by 10 and shoved into a bath bomb. As soon as you smell it, you instantly recognise the honey-toffee scent. Some people love it and some hate it (I think?) I love it! I have showed numerous people the scent and they loved it and they told them that its that good that they would eat it. I could live off this bath bomb for a long while...

The bath bomb itself is amazing. The colour of it is such a good colour. It's a mixture of blue and other colours but there is gold and silver running through it. The blue is the sky and the gold and silver is the stars. It's a pretty big bath bomb and the colour and design of it slightly reminds me of Northern Lights to some extent. 

The bomb itself!

When you drop it into the bath, it fizzes away slowly... It did for me anyways. I loved that but I just felt like I had to wait a few minutes for it to kick in until I wanted to get in the tub.. I like getting in whilst it's still fizzing. (*place innuendos here*) The colour instantly oozed out into the clear water and the gorgeous scent started to waft through the air. Once the bluey-purple colour has splattered into the water, the foam starts to appear and then the lustre twinkles through and it's just so lovely. It makes me feel really cosy and I would love it on a night where I'm being a perfect lonely spinster with maybe some chocolate and nice cup of tea or a drink that I love so I can just sit and soak in the loveliness of the bath. 
Swirling skies and glittering stars

Glittering river of a galaxy influenced sky

I have one criticism. Limited edition. Why? I love it that much and I feel a bit saddened when its gone. I get the fact that we have HIWTK and Honeybee but this one creates so much cosiness. It kind of reminds me of Honeybee crossed with Twilight. Does that make sense? I just love it but I do see why I wouldn't use it as my staple Lush bath bomb favourite as it is very sweet but comforting and sometimes you want invigoration etcetera.

So, I love this product even if it is seasonal and I would give it a 9/10. If I had the option of buying it when I want instead of just cramming it as much as possible during festive times then it would be a 9.8. Unless it has everything crammed into one then it will never reach a full 10. 
Glistening in a jug

So, I saw this at the Bloggers Event and I was loving it and I was waiting to review it but did you have a different experience? What's your opinion on this bath bomb? Comment your responses and don't forget to subscribe to get more posts like this!
I hope to see you next time!

January Joy 3: Big Fashionista

Meow, so welcome back to January Joy.. Todays post is going to be about a very local blogger. She's an amazing person. Big Fashionista aka Kellie is an amazing woman with a great blog... You can tell the obvious by her blog name. If you want to read her blog then I shall put a link below this sentence.

So, Kellie is an amazing person! She's an amazing person on twitter and her blog. She's just gotten engaged. In the words of Miranda, 'such fun!' 

So from the name of her blog, you can kind of tell that she loves fashion which is amazing but she also likes to talk about general things with a touch of sarcasm... *cue Jamie Oliver saying a touch when putting in quite a bit.*

Her latest post well when I was typing this anyways is tell a person that they are awesome day which I think is pretty darn great. It shows compassion and how lovely and awesome she is! 

If you love fashion and comedy and just loveliness then you should check her out. 
I hope you're having a great January and I hope to see you next time! 

Wednesday 7 January 2015

January Joy 2 - Music & Eyel

Meow, so I am doing another January Joy post. This is going to be about a very amazing blogger called Music & Eyeliner on her website/blog. I hope you check her out as she's an amazing person which such a great blog! Music & Eyeliner is also known as Faith Castle. Don't forget to check out Faith as I shall discuss why below.

So, Faith is an amazing person. She loves her pink hair to start off with. Every shade from bubblegum pink to deep pink. She's a woman of a very amazing age and she loves everything as you will realise on the blog.

The blog is mainly music and makeup... (Duh, well the name of the blog is music and eyeliner.. What do you expect. sunshine and rainbows?) Faith also talks about clothing and beauty... For example, her latest post is about a winter coat which shows that its not all punk music and thick eyeliner... (I'm trying to be funny...)

The first time, I met Faith was technically at Lush as we said hey to each other whilst her bright pink hair glistened in the lighting but as me and Aaron were taking pictures at Cabana, we heard a woman and a few other people gathering around a table then a woman saying, "Can we move these two tables together and someone get some cocktails..." I then later went on to find out that this was Faith.

If you want to read a fun loving, quirky and great blog then go check Faiths out!

I know this has been short but I hope you've liked it... After this series is done with, I will be sticking to a schedule so that should be fine.
I hope to see you next time and I hope you're having a great week!

Tuesday 6 January 2015

January Joy 1 - Isabelle Collins

Meow, so welcome to a little series that I am doing throughout January. This is going to be called January Joy. This will consider of promoting other blogs out of politeness and showing you what blogs you should follow for the year. The first blog that I am going to talk about is or Isabelle Collins.

Isabelle is an amazing girl. She is also a YouTuber which means she can describe things in more details on her blog. The background of the blog is very professional yet simplistic and classy. Tainted Blues titles at the top then her posts are straight below.

Her blog is a mixture of everything really. Ranging from poetry and writing to lifestyle and beauty and everything in between. Isabelle's blog shows herself within the website which gives the readers a insight to what to expect. Her writing can be random yet interesting as she scribbles down her mind within the space of the page expecting the viewers to relate. This shows what a true and honest girl she is.

Her latest post consists mainly of home décor. Cute pictures of ornaments and candles showing cuteness but darkness at the same time. Darkness in a good way. Not murder but seductiveness darkness. The darkness that you don't know of. Candles show how much she loves the scents and concept of being able to burn away her troubles in a beautiful smelling room.

Her blog is amazing yet interesting and I love her as a friend. That sounds cheesy but she puts all of her effort into her blog and YouTube and it would mean a lot if you checked her out. If you love any of the things that I have mentioned above or wanting to check out her writing then you should check her out as it is amazing.

Isabelle's blog/website is
I want this month to be filled of amazing things and amazing bloggers so I shall try to do as many as these as I want mentioning amazing people.

I hope you like this post and I hope to see you soon!

Saturday 3 January 2015

Luxurious Lush Haul

Meow so this is basically the second part to what I got for Christmas... (Check the last blog post out) but I got quite a lot of Lush products so I thought that it would be a lot better and easier to do another blog post on all of the Lush stuff that I got... I do not have a problem or an addiction.. I just love Lush. So let's begin..

NB: Most of the stuff is from the Christmas Range so you might not be able to buy these products and these are in no particular order.

I have to say that I got quite a lot of things from my brother and the rest I got from a Lush gift card that I got given so...

So the first thing, I am going to talk about is the Baked Alaska Snowball Soap. It's known as Baked Alaska but on the label it says Baked Alaska Snowball so.... It's the first thing that I got out of my massive Lush bag... Not an euphemism... I have three lush bags so there is quite a lot of things. The soap contains grapefruit oil and lemon myrtle oil which gives the soap a very fresh, invigorating scent where as the coconut oil and rapeseed oil give the soap nourishing properties for the skin. The reason why it has Snowball in the name is because the soap in it's full glory is shaped in a massive ball which has different colours running through it when you cut into it. This soap was priced at around £3.50 per 100g

Baked Alaska Soap in it's full glory
Following on with the citrus scent, the next product that I have picked out of my bag is Star Light Star Bright. This is sort of a hybrid product. This is a bath melt with a layer of a bath ballistic. The product is mainly a bath melt as it has extra-virgin Coconut Oil and Shea Butter in which when it goes into bath water, it skims to the top of the bath therefore as soon as your skin hits the water, it starts to nourish it. It is also a bath ballistic though as it has shimmer/silver lustre which gives your bath a shimmering effect within the bath. The way you use it is that you crumble it under running water like a bubble bar. The best way is probably to Tchop it up cold as it has butters in which start to melt at body temperature. The scent of it is mainly lime which is so citrusy but so refreshing whilst the ginger gives it a warming back note for Christmas. I can't remember the price but its around £3.50 from what I remember...
One Single Twinkling Star

Twinkle, twinkle, little stars...
The next product that I have drawn out of my big bag is Father Christmas... This is a bath ballistic. The bomb has a design of the traditional Santa's face which is slightly cute but slightly creepy... I mean if you get a thrill out of drowning Santa then you'll love it... The scent is very familiar. If you love Snow Fairy then you will love this product as this is the scent of the product... I'm trying not to say bomb too much as I may sound like a cosmetic terrorist. This one also has Cream Of Tartar in which will create ultra soft bubbles! The label on mine has been wiped off so I'm not that sure how much this one costs but it should be around £3-4. Sorry, I'm being really vague with prices.
Ho Ho Ho...
The next one that I have picked out of my bag is Candy Mountain... Now this is a different product compared to the other products. Bubble bars create bubbles. Instead of dropping a bath bomb into water, you crumble a bit of said bubble bar under running water to create bubbles. The more you crumble, the more bubbles you get. The scent of this bar is very recognisable as it carries the scent of Snow Fairy! It is very pink therefore it makes pink bubbles when applied to water. Snow Fairy mainly reminds me of pear drops/candy floss. I got this as present including the ones above so I don't know the price of it.  
Candy Mountain, Charlie!

The next product is Shoot For The Stars... This one is so good. So the first time, I saw this was at the Bloggers Event and it looked so pretty! The scent of this bath bomb is very recognisable as it is within the Honey, I Washed The Kids soap. I shall talk about that later... This bomb makes the bath go a very midnight blue with a shimmer on the top which makes it look like twinkling stars and it just looks so good! I haven't tried it yet but I can't wait to use it!
Prettiness in a jug!

Shoot For The Stars!
The next one that I have picked is the Dashing Santa. Now, basically according to a member of staff that I talked to at the Bloggers Event said that the reason it is called Dashing Santa is because people at the factory are always running about at Christmas so it would be fun to nickname them that and thus the Dashing Santa was evolved.. This bomb literally runs around your bath. His golden boots which have the scent of satsumas is a fast releasing bomb which means that the feet set off and dissolves quicker than the rest of the body. The bomb also has snowflake lustre which makes it all sparkle. If you love citrus scents then you will love this one!
Ho Ho Ho... Dashing around the tub! T

The next bath bomb which is the last of the Christmas Bath Ballistics is the Cinders Bath Ballistic... Now Cinders is somewhat because of fire even though I instantly thought it was to do with Cinderella as they do So White at Christmas... Just me? Anyways, this little yet cute bath bomb has Vegan Popping Candy on top of the bomb so when you put the bomb into the bath the water reacts with the candy to give a crackling sound which makes the bath a lot more cosy and great for when its cold. The product has Cinnamon Leaf Oil, Almond Oil and other things in which nourish the skin and give the scent a spicy flavour which makes it feel even more cosy. The scent is mainly a spicy cherry scent which I love. It's small but it's worth it.
Snuggle up next to the fire...

So, that's the end of the first bag... Okay, that's already a lot of lush products so the next two are just a few things because I felt like I needed them. I got the following with a Lush Gift Card from a family member.

The first thing I am going to talk about is the Mint Julips. Now this is a new thing to me. As I had got my lip pierced, I thought thatr it would be good to keep my lips in care. I had heard about the Santas Lip Scrub which had the scent of cherry cola but it had sold out by the time I went into Lush. Now I smelt the Popcorn lip scrub which was really salty, the Bubblegum one was really sweet but the Mint Julip was just perfect. I sound like Goldilocks but I don't care... Mmm... I love mint choc chip flavoured things but me and lactose don't get along so it was great to find out that I could have mint choc chip on my lips without the lactose. The lip scrub consists of caster sugar and basically does what it says. Scrubs away the dead skin on lips. It's £5.50 per tub.
Scrub, scrub, scrub on my lips

The next thing that I am going to talk about is Hot Toddy. Now, my Mums house doesn't have a shower but my dads does so I instantly oohed in my head at the fact that I could smell divine of Lush without the time of a bath. Now, I got given this as a gift and bought more4 in the sale. Now, this shower gel is festive as it has cloves, cinnamon and orange in which are three essential Christmas scents. This as most Lush festive favourites contain glitter... Yeah... Shower gel with glitter can make you seem a bit Edward Cullen-ish but I LOVE IT! It was £7.50 for 500ml in the sale. It's just so nice and cosy...
Enough to last me for a while

Mmm... Hot ToddyT
 Second to last product... I know its been a lot but we are nearly there! I may have bought more Honey, I Washed The Kids Soap. This has the most incredible smell ever! Its a mixture of honey and toffee. Lush use vegan friendly honey alternatives so they don't harm bees. I have shown this product to others and they haven't known what Lush was but thought the soap smelt wonderful and nearly wanted to eat it.. It is so good!
Mmm.. So good, it could be eaten!

Last product! I know, such saddening times but you will love this one and like the last couple of items you can buy this one! Dragon's Egg. So incredibly good. I have mentioned this one before but it was the first item from Lush that I used and I loved it so if you haven't used it then I urge you to! It contains confetti, popping candy and turns your fire red. I think this is a product that makes you feel cosy anytime of the year. It contains lemon, jasmine and gardenia so its bright and fruity but floral at the same time.. It's just fabulous. It is literally LUSH!
Roaring Dragon's Egg - £3.35
So that is literallyeverything that I got for Christmas and if all of that doesn't last me until at least March then that's when I need help. So, if you got any Lush products for Christmas or love any that I have mentioned then don't forget to comment! Please go into your nearest Lush or Lush Leeds or Lush White Rose. They are all amazing especially the atmosphere and their staff.

I hope that you have liked this blog post. Don't forget to check out my YouTube and I hope to see you next time!

Friday 2 January 2015

What I Got For Christmas

Meow, so I've been trying to film the video to this for the past two days but it keeps being corrupt so I thought that I would do the blog post before the video goes up after I slowly break down if it doesn't work with the camera when I film it again... So this is basically going to be a little post on what I got for christmas... I did a get a lot of Lush products so they shall be saved for another video/post. So, I shall begin!

So the first thing that I am going to talk about is piercings. Now, yes I am a teenager and the whole rebellious thing springs to your mind but my parents don't mind any choice that I make so its not really a rebellious thing, it's more of a thing that I've wanted for a few years and finally mustered up the courage to get them... I may do another blog post on explaining about them but I'm not that sure yet. I have an ear lobe piercing and a lip piercing which are both healing this very minute.

So the next thing I am going to talk about is clothing.

The first item of clothing that I am going to talk about is an Asking Alexandria band top from Pulp... I wondered into Pulp as I think it as a alternative shrine. The staff are lovely, the store is organised and its just such a great store. I normally look at their band merch first but they have a sale on at the moment so I looked at the sale rails.. They still have a sale on at the minute so go and look at their website or go into the nearest Pulp store and pick up some great things! I then went to the band merch section and found a Blink top that I loved but as I already have a Blink 182 top so I opted for a nice yet different Asking Alexandria top. It has the obvious logo of their band on it with a little slogan and design which I thought was nice and cute so I bought it. It was £15 or 2 for £25.
Asking Alexandria top - £15 - Pulp

The next piece of clothing that I am going to talk about is the shirt that I got from Burton. Now, I got this from the sales rack, Its a formal sort of shirt with a monochrome microdot detail. You can wear this to an event and make it a showstopper within a smart outfit or you can throw it on top of a tshirt and create a great layering look for a casual look or an outfit for a cold day. I love the fact that it has a unique microdot pattern to it. I love black clothing so when I saw this. I instantly knew that I must have it. The fact that it is £12 on sale made it an instant buy. I love these sort of shirts.
Black Microdot Shirt - £12 - Burton

The final piece of clothing that I bought was a long sleeve raglan inspired top. Now I don't have a picture as Primark are a bit weird so unless i take a picture then you won't see it... (Check my social media within the next week and there shall be a picture of it on there by then...) This top is black again which i love but has floral long sleeves. Now, I love floral clothing so I instantly wanted it. The top also has a little logo on it which makes it sort of pop punky which I absolutely love! I shall wear this piece when I feel a bit insecure about my arms or when its nippy. Nippy? Cold basically... Nippy is a weird word. It's priced at £8. You'll find it somewhere in the men's section after all of the post-Christmas jumpers.

So the next thing is Lush... Just a little quick mention. 

So, basically, I got given quite a few Christmas products from Lush as presents. I also got given a Lush gift card which I spent whilst shopping so I shall mention all of the products that I got in another blog post as it shall be very long! Look out for that! 

The last sort of category is accessories or miscellaneous

So this is probably the actual bit of what I got from other people for Christmas except for money. So, I shall start with a little gift set. Yay for gift sets!

So this gift set was given by my grandparents. This is a the Ultimate Collection giftset from Marks & Spencer's. This consists of three little deodorant cans which I shall use when travelling. Mainly for when I need a touch up. The second gift set that I was given was a Lynx gift set. I can't remember the scent name but its one that you can get for men and women. The mens scent is a general musky leather scent. 

The other gifts that I got include a mug... That sounds so weird... Shall I explain? 

On Christmas Day, at the dinner table, my grandparents gave me two gifts. One of them was the gift set from M&S. (Look above.) and the other was a glass mug... This mug was wrapped in cellophane and tied safely with ribbon. Within the mug, there was a pile of chocolates which was pretty great. This was a great sort of personalised present. The mug had E=MC2 on the side which is sort of funny as I am in College at the minute trying to be smart and great and whatnot where as I am the typical student trying not to break down from the amount of work that I get. I have no clue where this is from so look online for personalised mugs. 

The last thing that I am going to talk about is one of my favourites. It is the What I Call Tour DVD by Miranda Hart.

It is such a great DVD! If you know me at all then you will know that I love Miranda Hart's comedy. Her shenanigans remind me of my adventures. Most of her comedy is very relatable! The DVD basically films her London tour date at The O2. The tour has a slumber party element to it with her buffet cart, party food gun, songs and matchmaking. It is mainly funny anecdotes. This is all that I can say without ruining it for you as it is such fun! It is around £10-15 from good all shops. I got it as a present as my family know I love Miranda! (I can't believe her sitcom has finished but thats another story!)
What I Call such a good DVD as it is such fun! 
So, this is the end of this blog post. I hope that you have liked what I got for Christmas/within the sales. If you got anything or if you didn't venture into the sales then comment and tell me. I have no life so I would love to read your comments! I shall be uploading the video to this asap and I shall be writing the Lush post asap as well... Don't forget to check out my YouTube and such. I hope you have a great week and I hope to see you next time!
*meows, shouts such fun and disappears*

Thursday 1 January 2015

Love Aroma Review - Trinity Leeds

Meow, so welcome to another blog post.. I hope that you have had a great Christmas and Happy New Year! So the first post of the year is going to be about a new store within Trinity Leeds. So me and Luke went into Leeds to do a bit of shopping as the sales were happening. Check the last blog post for more info on that.) We went into the new Love Aroma shop within our adventure as it is new, I thought it would be good to do a blog post about the store. I would also like to thank Donna, Bonnie and Bryony who helped me within the store. They deserve recognition especially as they let me take pictures.

So, as we were doing some shopping, we went down the escalators from Trinity Kitchen and found a bright white gleaming store with the words Love Aroma above them so I instantly went, "I've found it!|" We rushed down and instantly oohed at the fact we could instantly see candles from the outside.. I instantly then told Luke not to go over the top purchase wise in the store as I know that he loves Yankee Candles.

We enter the bright clear crystal store then I guide Luke around carefully to the rail on the steps so he can easily go down them without crashing into any products. A staff member instantly came up and asked if I needed any help. I didn't really as Luke knew which ones he was looking for but I asked her if I was allowed to take pictures for this exact blog post as I don't like taking random pictures without telling them. She asked her manager and told me that it was perfectly fine... The staff members at Love Aroma are very friendly and nice which make me have more courage to talk to them which is the same for Lush staff...

So the first candle I am going to talk about is Candy Cane Lane. Now, at the minute, Love Aroma have this candle on for 25% off. This means that instead of being £20 for a large one, it is £15 for it which is pretty good to be honest. The scent of this candle is literally candy canes in a candle. When you open the lid, you get a powerful and pungent kick of peppermint but once that has mellowed, you get a subtle hint of vanilla which slightly reminds me of the Vanilla Lime but Mint and a bit more powerful and festive instead of reminding me of public toilets after they have been cleaned.
Candy Cane Lane in all of it's glory

The next candle I am going to talk about is Red Apple Wreath. This was also 25% off. This candle reminds me of the very well known Glade Spiced Apple candles... The mixture of apple and cinnamon remind me of that but this one is a lot more pungent when you open the lid. I think they are back notes of other spices but that might just be me. It is a great candle to burn on a cold night.
Red Apple Wreath on a shelf
The next candle that I am going to talk about is Black Cherry. Now I have tried this in a little tart version and to be honest it didn't really fill the room with the scent. You literally had to put your nose up to it to smell it which is very saddening. I love the smell of it from the large jar but I don't know if I would purchase it because of the experience with the tart. I love the sharpness of the scent though which you don't get often with cheap candles. I don't think this one was on offer but if you love cherry flavoured things then try a big jar and if you love it then great, if not and you've burnt it once then recycle it to other family members...
You can't twist this one into a knot with your tongue...
The next candle on my list is the last Christmas one which is *drum roll happens* Christmas Eve. The scent of this one is kind of a sweet spicy mulled wine scent. You know when you have mulled wine on the go in a pan simmering and mince pies freshly out of the oven. Mix them two scents and you have Christmas Eve. Thats what I think anyway. If you love spicy scents then you will love this one. This one is 25% off but once the Christmas ones are gone then they are gone!
Christmas Evae.. It's been and gone but the candle is still here!
This is the last candle that I am going to talk about is Fireside Treats. I have heard so many good reviews on this one... Some YouTubers and friends have raved about it so I had high expectations! The scent was really sweet which I kind of loved... It reminded me of Shoot For The Stars from Lush with the toffee scent but it had a back note of vanilla that came through which made it more lovely. I loved it!
The sound of crackling fires whilst the Fireside Treats crack on
So, this is where I'm going to tie up everything. I am going to rate Love Aroma an 8.5/10 as they have amazing staff and a lot of candles but I think they could do with a bigger store and some publicity including this blog post and then would get a 10. Luke got the Red Apple Wreath and Candy Cane Lane which I chose for him as he didn't really like Fireside Treats.

So, I hope that you have liked this blog post. If you go into Leeds then go into Trinity Leeds and find Love Aroma... It's on the Bottom Floor/Lower Ground Floor. Me and Luke shall be going to this store more and more within the future. Comment if you have got any of these candles or your views on them. I hope you have liked this and I hope to see you next time!

Don't forget to check out Love Aroma in store or at and check out all the shops at Trinity Leeds at