Tuesday 20 January 2015

Dairy Milk Chips Ahoy Review

Meow, so this post is going to be about the Dairy Milk Chips Ahoy bar. It was on offer at my local store. I've never tried Chips Ahoy! so I wasn't sure what I was thinking of the chocolate bar. I haven't done a food review in a long while. If you have tried any of the Dairy Milk/Mondelez UK range (eg Dairy Milk Oreo/Daim etc) then comment down below telling me what you think of them!

So the Cadbury's range has been going for years. It was originally a British brand but was bought out a few years ago by Mondelez/Kraft. This means that they can collaborate with other brands such as Oreo, Daim, Chips Ahoy etc. This also means that they could bring back things such as Eclairs and create new things such as the Marvellous Creations/Mix Up franchise.
The packaging of the bar!

The texture of it is creamy and rich. I know that sounds so obvious but with cheap chocolate bars, it can sometimes feel a bit rough and bitty. It's smooth from the 'glass and a half' milk. Within each square though, it has a knobbly texture from the cookies within each square.

The taste of it is slightly weird. Now imagine your general milky sort of Dairy Milk taste then multiply it by 2 and you'll get the taste of the general bar but then add it the interior of a square with has a chocolate cookie with a hint of nutmeg and mix it all together. It's a good taste but its slightly interesting the first time round then you get used to it by the end of the bar. If you've had Maryland cookies then imagine them mixed into a Dairy Milk bar! 
The actual bar!
From: http://eveningtreats.blogspot.com/

Me and lactose don't get along so I may be in pain after this but it is somewhat worth it just for a blog post.. Yay for lactose intolerance!

So, I'd rate this a 8/10. It's nice but it's not orgasmic. It's chocolate and me so I can never give it a 10 unless it has no lactose in the product. The cookies give it a nice texture and taste. I'd prefer the Oreo one but this one is nice.

So, I hope you've liked this blog post!
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