Tuesday 31 March 2015

Almost Famous Leeds With Drew (Review)

Meow, so a few weeks ago I won a competition on Twitter which included food and drinks so I thought that it would be good to write about it. I hope that you enjoy this post!

So, a few week ago, I was on Twitter and I retweeted a photo which was detailed with winning burgers and drinks for two so I clicked the button and hoped for the best. Later on in the week, I found out that I had won the competition...

Me and my friend Drew set off to find Almost Famous Leeds and wandered the streets of Leeds until we finally found the suburban restaurant. We entered and instantly saw a sign saying no bloggers... I instantly felt slightly awkward but still walked through... (They didn't say anything about smartphones...)

We awkwardly went up to the stand where the member of staff was. We told her that we had won a competition and was guided to our table... We were instantly given a menu which looked pretty spectacular and that was only the front cover. We opened the menu and looked at the drinks before deciding on soft drinks.

Drew chose Coca Cola which came in a mason jar with fresh slices of Lemon whereas I ordered a Cranberry juice which came in a more stereotypical British beer mug which was served with ice.

We then ordered our burgers which took some time as there were so many to choose! There were so many different ones such as one with a Mac and Cheese patty, one with Oreos within the burger and one loosely based on a brunch!  We kept it pretty simple and ordered two Triple Nom's. This burger consisted of the general delicious burger which are made with 100% fresh ground beef steak, BBQ rib meat, coleslaw and some other great things including more meat and their famous sauce!

Once we had ordered our burgers, the member of staff came back with a full roll of kitchen paper... This is when you realise that your burger is going to be messy! They brought the beast out and it was absolutely massive! It was also very succulent and moist due to the rib meat that was smothered in BBQ sauce! They knew that it was a good idea when they gave us the kitchen roll! The burger contrasted with the coleslaw that was buried within it as it created the hot and cold combination in your mouth!

We finished our burgers and drinks and exited the lovely building...

Lets get down to the reviewing part...
I'm going to give it a 9.8/10... If that controversial sign wasn't at the door of the building then it would be a full on 10 because their business and food were that good! The burgers were amazing especially in size and contents. It was succulent. I felt that the establishment felt a bit awkward for me as the restaurant felt very in with the trends at the moment but I understand the vibe and the niche that they are going for. If you're ever in Leeds then I urge you to go and try out their food and cocktails as they are so good... I haven't tried a cocktail but they all sound amazing!

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post and I hope to see you next time! Special thanks to Drew for coming along with me to this! Have you tried Almost Famous Leeds? If so then don't forget to comment with what you thought!

Almost Famous Leeds:
Twitter: http://bit.ly/1xvYb1x
Website: http://bit.ly/1bNrqDs

Jamie x

Thursday 26 March 2015

Beauty Matters Relaunch/Bloggers Event - Leeds

Meow so a week or so ago, I was invited to the Beauty Matters Relaunch Event thanks to the lovely Fran at Faith PR. I thought that it would be great if I did a blog post to tell all of you about it. I hope that you enjoy the blog post.. Don't forget to comment and tell me what you think of the blog post!

So a few weeks ago, I received an email from the lovely Fran at Faith PR inviting me to the Beauty Matters re-launch event within the outskirts of Leeds. I instantly thought why not as I love beauty and the fact that it was a re-launch event meant that it would be fun! I also asked if I could bring along Luke as it would be easier for me and they instantly emailed him.

Let's flash forward to the event to skip the awkward *2 weeks later* sort of vibe...

I met Luke up after being at college which was somewhat weird yet fun as I had created my own fundraising within a group... We walked up to the train station and got the train to Leeds which is always fun as Leeds Train Station is slightly like a maze... We then frantically figured out the train to the event and got there once we had nearly got lost and awkwardly asking a stranger where to go...

We arrived at the brightly lighted building and walked in. We were welcomed by some amazing staff including the owner of Beauty Matters and Fran. We were asked for our name on the guestlist which shows how funky the event is going to be. We were then handed a glass of champagne and then a goody bag which I shall talk about later. We then talked to Fran for a couple of minutes and was escorted upstairs to the various treatment rooms.

We were invited into a treatment room which had various chairs and equipment with a lovely member of staff who talked to us about the treatments that are on offer. We then went into the Environ room which had a machine which could detect how your skin is. It could detect how oily or dry your skin is. I tried out the machine which took a picture of your face and the went into more detail about the skin cells. I found out that my skin is normal except for the spots and scars that I get from having lactose intolerance. I was told by the dermatologist that if I used more products with Lactic Acid and Vitamin A then my skin would be okay. I thought that this was such a great thing and now I know what to do to make my skin perfect. I have slowly started using Vitamin A enriched products and I can already feel the difference... I haven't found any products with Lactic Acid in to see the effects of that yet... (Comment with recommendations of face beauty products with Lactic Acid in...)

The next room was slightly different... When we walked in, we were greeted by a lovely woman. Honestly, I wanted her hair which made her look like a mermaid.. That sounds slightly bad but ah well... I talked to her for a bit about the camera that Luke owns and honestly I just wanted her hair... Oops... I was told politely that the room that we had entered was Semi Permanent Makeup... That sounds slightly weird but its a thing... Its kind of like a tattoo but it fades so you have to get it touched up every so often... You can get your eyebrows done or your lips done so it does save time but I think its slightly a personal opinion on whether you would want it or not... The lovely lady then said that she was doing a demo on someone later if we wanted to see what it would be like...  We then said thanks and said bye to her and kinda wandered off...

The next room that we went into was the aromatherapy room... Aromatherapy? Yes, Beauty Matters has an aromatherapy room... This is where certain treatments happen. The room is very soothing and relaxing as the lights change. Solitude and calmness reign the room... This room is where the salon turns into a mini spa... Its such an adorable room... I would love to sit in there one day and let my thoughts drift away.

We then left the rooms and chatted with some staff.. We slowly went downstairs back into the main reception area where manicures were going on and food was set out. So much food! The email said canapes and canapes were there! They included chicken I think, sushi, and some other things. The best part of the food was the handmade chocolate pots. You could tell that the chocolate was handmade because they were naturally that good! You could tell the richness of chocolate just from the pots. The pots included sea salt to add that slight subtle hint and popping candy to make it that bit more luxurious.

We then heard some offers by the lovely owner of Beauty Matters which were a one night only deal then a member of the Macmillan Cancer charity. We heard a speech about what good the raffle that was happening that night would do for the charity. We then said bye to Fran and headed off.

So I'm going to leave it there but I hope that you've enjoyed this blog post. I can't thank Fran enough for inviting me as I learnt quite a bit.... Don't forget to check them out. I hope that you enjoyed this blog post and I hope to see you next time... Don't forget to leave comments! The video for this is going up after the blog post so don't forget to check my YouTube later where the video form of this shall be up!

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheJamesSowden/
Beauty Matters: http://beautymattersleeds.co.uk/

Jamie x

Sunday 15 March 2015

Mothers Day & Easter Collection at Lush Review

Meow, so I know that I haven't posted in a while... I have a few blog posts planned but they can't go up until the videos for them go up so you will have to wait for them... I went into Lush last week and I thought that I would do a little review thing of their new collections... (The Mothers Day stuff may not be available as it is Mothers Day today and you may not be able to get them tomorrow but I'm not sure so check with caution.)

On Monday, me and my brother Luke went into Leeds for a bloggers event (thats for another blog post) and on our adventure we went to Lush. We sensed the smell of Lush from a mile away within Trinity Leeds... Y'know the detectable scent of all the Lush products mixed together... Some love it, some hate it.

We were greeted by the lovely Holly who I had known from previous trips to the Lush Leeds store. I asked her if I was alright to take pictures... I don't like taking pictures or clips in places sometimes unless I know that I'm okay to as it just becomes an awkward mess... We were then asked if we had seen the new ranges before... I said that I had only seen them vaguely... We were then shown to the new ranges...

We were quickly shown Fluffy Egg... Now some people love it and some people hate it and I kinda hate it... Fluffy Egg smells of candy floss or Snow Fairy as some may know it as... I can only cope with the Snow Fairy scent in small doses so I give anything that someone gets me if its Snow Fairy scented to my friend Michelle who loves Snow Fairy... If you're like Michelle then it is a great Easter product for you! It is priced at £2.95.

The next bath product that I was shown was the Hoppity Poppity. Now, it is a little cute bath ballistic but it speaks louder than it actually is. It is new to Lush which is great as it shows that Lush are still creative with their products. This little bunny is packed with lime oil, violet leaf absolute and lavender absolute which give it a slightly floral yet citrus scent... It slightly reminded me of grass in the spring when its surrounded by growing flowers... When Holly dropped it into the infamous silver Lush bowl, it fizzed up for about 30 seconds and then started crackling. Lush put vegan popping c andy into a few of their products but this was different. It literally sounded like a fire... Yes, it was that loud and went on for a good 10-15 minutes... I feel that this would be great for a kid to enjoy/lure them into the bath... It's priced at £2.50

Hopping and popping into your bath!

The next thing that we were shown was Bunch Of Carrots... We weren't showned these in water but we were able to smell them... The Bunch Of Carrots are a long time favourite but for any readers that haven't heard of them then I shall explain! Bunch Of Carrots are a bubble bar. An Easter Version of the Magic Wand or Drummers Drummin' if you must. You can either run all three under the water at the same time or you can take one and just put it under running water. You essentially use the grassy stalk bir to swirl them under the water to create a bubbly bath. The carrots contain buchu oil, lemon and grapefruit oils which give it a citrus yet sweet scent. It's one of those scents that you have to go in store to understand mainly because of the buchu oil... They are priced at £5.95 but you get a lot of baths out of them so it is worth it!

These are bunchy adorable! (Is bunchy a word?)

The next thing that she showed us was a little bit different...Holly showed us her favourite Lush cocktail at the minute. She even showed me how to properly do one... She used a Big Blue bath ballistic which is filled with local seaweed. sea salt, lemon oil and lavender oil then she used a full Ultraviolet which is a Mothers Day limited edition bubble bar which includes Violet Leaf Absolute and other things... Yes, it would probably be pricey for one bath but the colours and scents of the bowl were amazing (pronounced AHMAYZING just to emphasise the amazingness of it...)

The beginning of a great colour love affair 
Whilst this was bubbling away... Well from when we came in really... We saw a Golden Egg in water... If you know me at all even if its just from reading my blog then you will realise that I have a high love for the toffee honey scent that Lush create... This is that very scent in a bath bomb... The egg is a bath bomb/melt hybrid and personally I love it! The exterior is golden covered whilst the inside is white and creamy. (*place innuendo here*.) The outside is a bath melt I think with the cocoa butter and then the inside explodes and fizzes around. It's j ust so good and it beats any chocolate egg any day! Priced at £3.75 which means you can have a luxurious bath at a moderate price!

People are laying golden eggs now?!

For the glitter phobes who still want to smell like honey and toffee...

The next bath bomb that was demonstrated before our very eyes was the Rose Bombshell! Now this bath ballistic does look very ordinary on the outside but when it is dropped into water, it froths away quite a bit and then rose petals explode out of the product. A great gift for a Mother from the Mothers Day collection! It does contain quite a bit of Rose Absolute so if your Mother or whoever you buy it for doesn't like Rose then you might not want to get it for them! The product also contains soy milk which will make your skin very soft! It's such a pretty bath bomb though! Priced at £3.50.
Ooh such a rose!

Bombshell in a bowl...
We then wandered and took a few pictures and then got a demonstration of the Immaculate Eggception. This bath ballistic is different as it is two bath bombs in one. It is kind of like Love Locket but the scent and design are different. You can get three baths out of it via cracking the shell in half (just tap the seams on a hard surface..) Inside the colourful egg, there is either a bunny or a chick... Lush do a pink and yellow version with either one of the bunny/chicks inside. The scent is citrus influenced but vanilla... The vanilla intensifies if you use the little one inside... Priced at £6.95 which may be expensive but it is worth it!

Let's crack it right open! 

We then went onto the soaps... Lush have released a few new soaps that are limited edition but we only looked at two in particular. Carrot soap and Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

Carrot Soap is kind of what it says on the tin. Its soap that is shaped like a carrot when it is in its full size even with the green stalked top. The soap contains Sicilian lemon oil, bergamot and buchu oils which make it zesty and uplifting yet slighty spicy. It has a palm free base and a leaping white bunny (the fighting animal testing logo on the front of lush bags) in the middle of each piece of soap. Priced at £3.95 per 100g.


The next soap is called Somewhere Over The Rainbow. As you've guessed, the soap is just a massive glittery rainbow... I love a good glittery rainbow... This rainbow contains rose absolute, Sicilian mandarin and neroli oils.. It also contains silver lustre! The amazing thing about this soap is that you will never get the same piece because of the amount of colours! Priced at £4.25

Somewhere over the rainbow where glitter rules... 
So I love most of the Mothers Day and Easter range... I am going to rate it a 9.8/10... It would be a 10 if they gave a more fruity version of Snow Fairy in the Fluffy Egg... What are your opinions on the Easter and Mothers Day ranges at Lush? Comment down below!

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post! I hope that you have a great week and I hope to see you next time! Don't forget to check me out on my social media outlets!

Jamie x

Barburrito Masterclass Bloggers Event - Leeds Boar Lane

Meow so the great people at Barburrito invited me to a masterclass. They also invited Luke. I just want to type about the amazing things that happened at the event. Please be aware that there will be quite a food pictures. I shall put the details to Barburrito (eg their website and stuff) at the bottom. I would also like to credit Abigail for the photography!

Let's flash back to a few weeks ago, I got an email from Barburrito... I wondered what it was as I normally get a tweet about an event and then slowly forget about it until the detailed email comes as I have other things to do. The email invited me to a Barburrito masterclass. This sounded pretty interesting. I had only had a burrito one time before the email. This was at Summer In The City. Let's just say it got messy... (*place innuendo here*) I read the email which talked about details and stuff and then talked to my friend Mike as he loves burritos so he may have more of a clue what the event could be about...

We got to the day of the event and ventured into Leeds. We wandered around into various places incuding Lush which I'm going to do a different post about.

We met up with my friend Abigail and headed to Barburrito which was a 2 minute walk from where we were which was great. We were a bit confused whether or not to go in as it wasn't 6 yet and we didn't know if it had started yet but as me and Abigail are both socially awkward we just walked in and hoped for the best. We were greeted by the lovely Stephanie from Barburrito. She was so lovely and friendly! We wandered on further and was introduced to some other bloggers.. I am going to put their links at the bottom of the page so if you want to check the lovely blogs then you can check them after reading the post.

We sat down and got a drink. We offered things from soda to tequila flavoured beer... We chose soda as it was just easier. Me and Luke don't drink often. We had tortilla chips on hand. Stephanie talked about Barburrito and the origins of it and I learnt quite a bit... Did you know Barburrito was originally founded in Manchester? Barburrito's first restaurant was in Manchester and now they have four in Manchester! Did you know that Barburrito was the first burrito bar in the UK?

Once we had learnt some information from the superb Stephanie, we were presented with a tray of ingredients in pots... Guess the ingredients. We got to taste every different component of a burrito at Barburrito. The options are endless! We then tried the pots again to detect any ingredients within the component. It was so much fun! We got to try the salsas from mild (pico de galo) to extra hot (Mule Driver.) I made Luke try a bit of Mule Driver just to see the reaction.. That may sound mean but it makes the event memorable! The guacamole was to die for! We also got to try the different fillings. The meats were flavoursome and succulent where as the vegetarian fillings exploded flavour!
Guess the ingredient

All gone

We then chatted and ate some more chips. She talked a little bit more about Barburrito and how they became to create Barburrito and the introduction of Derek The Donkey! It was all just amazing. I love finding out little quirks about restaurants.

The next part was the most adventurous. Creating our own burritos! Just to ensure that we could wrap a burrito, we were given a fix sheet and a practice burrito filled with rice. I started to do well but then I slowly started to struggle and failed by the end. I won't be getting a job at Barburrito anytime soon... Once we had attempted to wrap a burrito, it was time to create our own burrito!
Best Cheat sheet in the world!

Luke went first. Stephanie helped him out and created his with him. Then it was my turn. I washed my hands and put on gloves for Health and Safety reasons. I then got some foil and heated up a tortilla wrap. I then got to choose the rice that I was going to fill my burrito. You could choose brown rice or lime and coriander rice..

You can then choose your meat... Chargrilled Steak, Chargrilled Chicken, Slow cooked Pork, Spicy shredded Beef or flash fried vegetables (peppers, onions and mushrooms.) I chose Chargrilled Steak which was marinated for over 24 hours in Barburritos special mix.

Then we added the beans (theres two versions, spicy or a more mild baked bean one. Pinto or black bean.)
Then added extras such as soured cream, guacamole, grated cheese etc then we wrapped it up then in foil and ate it.

In mine, I got lime and coriander rice then I got chargrilled Steak, I then got the vhunkier beans which I think were the pinto beans. I then got the pico de galo salsa. I didn't want it too spicy as it would take over any of the other great tastes. I then got guacamole and soured cream. The freshest avocados are used in the guacamole which is prepared daily. I then got grated cheese on top which melted due to the residual heat of the other components in the burrito.We simply ate and then talked to everyone for a while and went home...
Wrapped up like a burrito, baby! 

So this is the end of the blog post. I can't thank Stephanie enough for inviting me. I would also like to thank Abigail for coming along and I would like to thank the staff at Barburrito for being so lovely. Have you ever been to Barburrito? Have you tried the Salsa Selfie task with the Extreme Salsa? If so then comment down below so I can know and reply back! I hope that you've enjoyed this blog post and I hope to see you next time! 


Barburrito Website: http://www.barburrito.co.uk/ 
Barburrito Twitter where you can upload your salsa selfies: https://twitter.com/barburtweeto

Abigail's Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/AbbyTheLion/

Joanna: https://lostinthenorth.weebly.com
Katy: https://whatkatydoes.weebly.com/

Jamie x

Sunday 8 March 2015

Mothers Day Gift Guide

sMeow! So I'm back yet again... As Mothers Day is slowly approaching, I thought that it would be best to be early on the present giving so you can get it all done with and not do a Homer Simpson and run out and get a present on the day... If you haven't got a present for your Mother then this may be the thing for you!

So, as like the last gift guide that I did a while ago, I am going to section the guide into fragrances, cosmetics, food and other things... So if you want to find something particular then you can scroll down to the category that its in and find it easily...

So the first category that I am going to talk about is cosmetics and yes the first thing that I am going to talk about is Lush. I thought that it might be best if I get it out of the way. Lush have released a Mothers Day range. This means that if you want to buy your Mum something from there and you don't know what she likes then theres a good chance that something from this range will suffice. If you know that your Mum likes bath bombs then Secret Garden may be the one for her. This fizzer contains Rose Oil and Wild Orange Oil. It also contains an array of petals therefore when you put the ballistic into the water it explodes and an array of petals shoot into the water. Priced at £2.95. The bubble bar of the Mothers Day range have developed and became cuter. For example, Bubblegrub. This is cute as it literally looks like an animated insect. It is a bubble bar and a bath melt therefore it is a bubbleroon. You could also buy some stuff from the Easter range as they are a bit more sweet and caring for women. This includes The Golden Egg. This is sweet as it smells of honey and toffee. It is a bath melt as it contains Cocoa Butter and then it is a bath bomb as it explodes glitter and other things. This is very luxurious which may be great for working women. Priced at £3.75, it will be a soothing luxurious bath which is great for most Mums.

You could also get them some of their favourite make up such as maybe a YSL product or a Dior product or you could get them a cream that suits their skin from such ranges like Clarins or Nivea. If they use a cosmetic product every day then buy them it so they know that you care.

The first ragrance that I am going to talk about is Gucci: Guilty Diamonds. This is a limited edition fragrance but Gucci do Guilty as well which is an all round fragrance. The fragrance is meant to interpret the scent of a woman who likes to express her uniqueness and sexiness. The base notes include amber and patchouli. The heart notes contain peach, lilac and geranium which give the fragrance a sweet yet refreshing scent. The top notes contain mandarin and pink pepper which gives a spicy element which counterbalances with the sweetness of the fragrance. It's priced at £52.50 for 50ml which is steep but you also get a free gift at the minute so it's worth it for that special lady.

The second fragrance that I am going to talk about is J'adore by Dior. You've probably seen the infamous adverts which now include Charlize Theron. I am going to tell you why gold is cold and diamonds are dead. Dior is pretty floral so if you don't like flowers in your perfume then you might want to warm up that gold. It has a base note of bergamot. Heart notes include roses and top notes including jasmine therefore there is quite a few flowers in it. This does make the perfume seductive and sensual though. . The glass bottle with a gold finish makes it become the definition of indulgent. At £68.50, it is quite expensive but it is cheaper than gold or diamonds. It does come with a free gift which may sweeten the deal.

The last one that I am going to talk about is Marc Jacobs: Daisy Sorbet. This is a cute fragrance aesthetically for women as it has little pink daisies on the top of the bottle. Now the base note Violet Wood and cedar wood. The heart notes are include jasmine petals so it makes the fragrance sweet. The top notes are Pink Grapefruit which gives a bit of acidity, pear which adds a mellow hit and Passion Fruit which gives the fragrance a exotic summery feel. It just looks so cute and smells so good. The fragrance is limited edition though so grab whilst you can. There is the original Daisy fragrance if you can't get your hands on this. The price of Daisy Sorbet is £51.50 for 50ml but you get a free gift yet again.

If your Mum has a particular favourite fragrance then purchase them that...

So if you're still a bit stuck on what to buy them for Mothers Day then food may be your answer! Everyone loves food!

So, I'm going to start with savoury things. You could create a little antipasti box and fill it full of Italian meats, breads and olives. You could also create a bento box for them and fill it with four different Japanese dishes for some creative flair.You could even make them a meal if you wanted to go all out. If they are a savoury person then you could also make them a big batch of soup as its easily stored for a long while or buy them some of their favourite seafood for them to have when they want a real treat for themselves.

Now onto the sweet things... You could remind her of her childhood and create an old favourite dessert. You could buy some good quality chocolates. Make some lemon/passion fruit curd. Make something including pastry to show how much dedication you have put in... This could include a tarte tatin or a chocolate tart. You could make her some salted caramel and put it in a cute jar... You could also do this with the curd. You could ask her what her favourite sweet combination is and concoct something via that or buy her some of her favourite childhood sweets.

Other Things:
You could get her a day experience ticket such as a spa day which would give her some ultimate me time. You could jazz up your usual last minute petrol station flowers and get her some of her favourite flowers in her favourite colour if possible. You could just spend the day watching TV or going somewhere with her. You could get her a gift card if they are very picky.

I know that this has been a bit of a lengthy blog post but I hope it has helped you if you haven't got anything for Mothers Day yet. It is also International Womens Day so I hope you have spent today with the fabulous women in your life! I hope you have enjoyed this post. Don't forget to comment what you think of this blog post! I hope you have a wonderful week and I hope to see you next time!

Jamie x

Saturday 7 March 2015

My First Time In Lush White Rose

Meow. so within the last few weeks, I am going to mainly talk about the new store... It's not new but still... Lush White Rose. As it is quite a travel away from me, this meant that this was the first time that I went. I took quite a lot of pictures therefore this is going to be a quite photogenic post... I hope that you enjoy it and I shall put the links etc to their website if you want to buy any of the products that are shown within this post.

So we went to White Rose and I had heard before that there was a new lush store and as I was in the complex I instantly thought I have to go there right now! 

I went into the store with Luke and was greeted by a lovely member called Rowan. She talked for me for a few minutes and then let me get on with the pictures. She even chose out a few of the Bubblegrub to make sure they were the best for my blog which is very amazing in my eyes... The store was very busy so I did get some weird looks...

So, the first section that we went round to was the bath bombs as they were the closest to the door entrance. As with most Lush stores, they were sectioned out with labels above them in the general black background and white text...  I also had an obstacle of little teenage girls (13-15 year olds) oohing and ahhing as an obstacle which was fun when trying to take pictures and not shouting excuse me or move, you little s**t's... I get angry and anxious when places are overcrowded...

You're my sex bomb!
Avobath. Filled with Avocado goodness

Under The Sea...

Blackberry Bath Bomb... Guess what's in it?

Vanilla Buttery Goodness 

The Valentines Day range.. Farewell till next year!

Mother Superior! Mothers Day range.

The next section that I took pictures of was the soaps. Every soap that I have tried have been amazing and creamy. They have slowly became a staple of my everyday routine. I am even smelling one right now whilst I type... That makes me seem crazy... Ah well... These were at the side of the bath bombs on shelves which made it look compact I suppose but as they were on shelves it made it a little bit tricky especially as people were walking past... (I imagined that the whole I can't get past you because you have a big bottom scenario may happen...) It seemed very cute with the shelves and the soaps./though.
Filled with lemon myrtle oil... So citrusy

So soothing!
We then moved along to the bubble bars and the bubbleroons. The bubble bars at Lush are amazing. I've had a few in my time and they create so many bubbles and smell amazing. They are great for when you just want a soothing bubbly bath as sometimes bath ballistics are filled with amazing things but they create a show and sometimes it can be a bit too much or a bit time consuming for them to dissolve. A great favourite is The Comforter which is filled with blackberry goodness. The difference in a bubble bar and bubbleroon isn't much. A bubbleroon contains 2 halves of a bubble bar with a creamy layer of bath melt sandwiched in between so you get great bubbles whilst having a bath which nourishes your skin. This section was a little bit less hectic so the lovely Rowan got a few of them out for aesthetic reasons which I thought was pretty amazing of her!

A cute bubblegrub!

This comforts anyone!
We then went along to the hair care section which was in a corner. A few lush staff members were around as Lush have brought out some new shampoo bars. The point of a shampoo bar is that there is less packaging therefore better for the environment therefore they arent a part of your liquids when travelling. Thats a win for everyone. The staff members were really nice and I could hear them explaining to people that different bars suit different hair types. It showed that the store were still so friendly even when the store was packed! 

Bright pink and great for the hair!

We then went round to the toners and well skin care. Luke wanted a toner but he hadn't smelt any of the range from Lush and neither had I, The only toner that I had any expeience with was one from a different cosmetics shop so we were excited to smell them. Luckily, there were little TRY ME! bottles so we tried them. There is three in the toner range at Lush. Tea Tree Water, Eau Roma Water and Breath Of Fresh Air. We tried them and they all smell different. The Tea Tree Water smells slightlty lavender-y, the Eau Roma Water reminded me of rose from what I remember and the Breath Of Fresh Air smelt clean with backnotes of sweetness... I think Luke chose Breath of Fresh Air,,, We then checked out the Ocean Salt as Luke likes fresh scents and sea salt and I wanted to check out if it smelt remotely of vodka as the description scripted 'limes steeped in vodka' on the black tub... If you bring five empty black tubs back to a Lush store then you get a free fresh face mask!

Tea tree!

We all need a breath of fresh air sometimes...

Limes steeped in vodka?!

I wandered off whilst Luke was deciding on which toner to get. I noticed that the Charity Pot's were in a little section on their own. They are a body and hand conditioner but the best part about the pots is that the money that you spend on one of them goes straight to a charity which I think is amazing (they only keep the VAT.) You can get a little one for a £1 or a bigger pot for a higher price. You can feel good whilst helping a cause which is great. I get them as often as possible as they do amazing things for your skin.

Lets help a cause and feel good at the same time!
I then went round to find Let The Good Times Roll. I automatically blast out Fall Out Boy in the middle of the store whilst the lush staff members grin. Its a cleanser which when added to water and created into a paste, it makes an amazing toffee scented cleanser that does amazing things. Its quite thick in the pot but one sniff of it and you are in love. Mmmm... I also found a little statement from Lush with fresh fruit in which I thought was pretty great. I love how quirky Lush shops are including Lush White Rose. 

C'mon... Smell it and sing that well known song!

The tropical world within White Rose.
So this is the last paragraph about products then the sort of in-depth review shall happen. The last section that we checked out was the massage bars. I have loved the massage bars for a while but I just haven't had the guts to buy one mainly as the best way to use them is with a partner or as a couple and I am the closest thing to being a crazy cat man so... Also the price of one is the same price as a face mask and I have to think if I would use one enough to make it it financially viable. I had been told to try out the Shades Of Earl Grey by Music & Eyeliner and as Luke is a big fan of tea I thought that it would be good for him to smell it and he didn't mind it and got the earl grey scent. I also smelt and tested a bit of Strawberry Feels Forever which reminded me of marshmallows and Dirty which smelt like mint chocolate... So good! 

Let's get dirty!
So to say that it was a packed store, I had an amazing time. I would give this store a 9.8 out of 10. If it was a little bit bigger and not as packed then it would definitely get a 10! The staff were amazing and so friendly even when it was very packed. They were also so helpful which is great when you need questions answered for blog posts. I couldn't find it straight away but as soon as I detected the smell of a Lush store, I knew exactly whete to go. It's an amazing store for a retail complex such as White Rose... 

I hope you've enjoyed the pictures and my ramblings. I hope to see you next time. Comment down below if you've tried the new Easter range or the last time you were in a Lush store as I love to read your comments! I hope that you have an amazing week!

Jamie x