Tuesday 31 March 2015

Almost Famous Leeds With Drew (Review)

Meow, so a few weeks ago I won a competition on Twitter which included food and drinks so I thought that it would be good to write about it. I hope that you enjoy this post!

So, a few week ago, I was on Twitter and I retweeted a photo which was detailed with winning burgers and drinks for two so I clicked the button and hoped for the best. Later on in the week, I found out that I had won the competition...

Me and my friend Drew set off to find Almost Famous Leeds and wandered the streets of Leeds until we finally found the suburban restaurant. We entered and instantly saw a sign saying no bloggers... I instantly felt slightly awkward but still walked through... (They didn't say anything about smartphones...)

We awkwardly went up to the stand where the member of staff was. We told her that we had won a competition and was guided to our table... We were instantly given a menu which looked pretty spectacular and that was only the front cover. We opened the menu and looked at the drinks before deciding on soft drinks.

Drew chose Coca Cola which came in a mason jar with fresh slices of Lemon whereas I ordered a Cranberry juice which came in a more stereotypical British beer mug which was served with ice.

We then ordered our burgers which took some time as there were so many to choose! There were so many different ones such as one with a Mac and Cheese patty, one with Oreos within the burger and one loosely based on a brunch!  We kept it pretty simple and ordered two Triple Nom's. This burger consisted of the general delicious burger which are made with 100% fresh ground beef steak, BBQ rib meat, coleslaw and some other great things including more meat and their famous sauce!

Once we had ordered our burgers, the member of staff came back with a full roll of kitchen paper... This is when you realise that your burger is going to be messy! They brought the beast out and it was absolutely massive! It was also very succulent and moist due to the rib meat that was smothered in BBQ sauce! They knew that it was a good idea when they gave us the kitchen roll! The burger contrasted with the coleslaw that was buried within it as it created the hot and cold combination in your mouth!

We finished our burgers and drinks and exited the lovely building...

Lets get down to the reviewing part...
I'm going to give it a 9.8/10... If that controversial sign wasn't at the door of the building then it would be a full on 10 because their business and food were that good! The burgers were amazing especially in size and contents. It was succulent. I felt that the establishment felt a bit awkward for me as the restaurant felt very in with the trends at the moment but I understand the vibe and the niche that they are going for. If you're ever in Leeds then I urge you to go and try out their food and cocktails as they are so good... I haven't tried a cocktail but they all sound amazing!

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post and I hope to see you next time! Special thanks to Drew for coming along with me to this! Have you tried Almost Famous Leeds? If so then don't forget to comment with what you thought!

Almost Famous Leeds:
Twitter: http://bit.ly/1xvYb1x
Website: http://bit.ly/1bNrqDs

Jamie x

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