Thursday 16 November 2023

We Stick Together In This Community! | Sticky Dates Body Spray from Lush X Community Fragrance Range

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post! The wonderful people at the Lush Community Team including Finley sent me one of the new fragrances from the upcoming Lush X Community Range and I thought that today I would talk to you all about it.  

And why did an uncle photo of a big black spray bottle with a white dorm, engraved into the front of the bottle with sticky dates body, spraying white big font with Lush, in small white font, with an oval around it on a background of a geometric multi placard on a large, rectangular,, black shelf on a bright background

What is the Lush X Community range? The range is a selection of fragrances that will be produced im a small batch for the public that are in popular scents that have been requested by the Lush Community via platforms such as Discord. In this range, there are a selection of both Body Sprays and Perfumes. The Body Sprays that will be available to purchase are Golden Pear, Sticky Dates & Tramp. The fragrances that will be on offer are Creamy Candy, Super Milk (that some of you may know due to the product becoming quite viral on TikTok), Tender Is The Night and  the ooky spooky Toil & Trouble. If you like the sound of any of the scents listed above and you want to get your hands on them then you won’t have to wait long. The Lush X Community range is available to purchase on the 21st November on the Lush App and are available to purchase from the Lush Website from 23rd November. 

Sticky Dates Body Spray

The wonderful people at Lush gifted me the Sticky Dates Body Spray from the Lush X Community Range. 

Sticky Dates Body Spray contains Carob Resinoid, Benzoin Resinoid & Sandalwood Oil to create a truly delectable scent.  

When I initially sprayed the Body Spray, I was hit with an intoxicating yet comforting Sticky Toffee scent that is to die for. The sweet Toffee scent was the first sort of note to come to my nose which is mainly from the Carob Resinoid. After a while, the other two notes blend together to create a beautiful scent that is just like the Shower Gel. The best way to explain this scent from when I sprayed until well the next day is to imagine the scent of a sticky toffee pudding that had just been freshly baked. Crisp and charred on the top and gooey and sweet on the inside. The fact that they’ve made a scent that’s so delicious and edible in a fragrance format is truly wonderful! 

I did notice that after a fair few hours (around the 6-7 hour mark), a distinct smoky yet still toffee pudding scent was happening on my skin which I adored. I guess in regards of comparing this to other Lush scents, imagine The Experimenter mixed with Sticky Dates.  

A wide angled photo of a clear cylindrical large bottle filled with golden brown shower gel with a gold rectangular label that says sticky dates shower gel lush in white font next to a big black spray bottle filled with body spray that has a dome etched in white on it with sticky dates body spray in white font with lush in smaller font with an oval around it with a geometric multicoloured placard behind it on a black rectangular shelf on a bright background

The lasting power of this Body Spray is truly amazing! I sprayed it at 9 in the morning and I could smell it by midnight. I had ran about, caught trains, used other scents on my body and done a plethora of other things and I could still smell it quite clearly and strongly on my body. I did also spray it on the top of my T-shirt that I wore whilst I was away at the beginning of the week (which is when I decided to review Sticky  Dates Body Spray). I haven’t fully sorted my bag out but every time I open it I get a massive whiff of the Body Spray which I truly adore. 

Now I know what all you Lushies are thinking! Is it similar to any other scents? Honesty not really. The nearest is say is Yog Nog but even then there is a definitive difference between the two. Yog Nog is more creamy whereas Sticky Dates is rich and comes across slightly spiced. Turmeric Latte could be a good one to layer it with but even then there’s a definitive difference again. Turmeric Latte is comforting yet soft with a sort of Oat Milk note behind it whereas Sticky Dates has an element of comfort but is definitely spiced and ready to party. It also has that sort of toffee cooked for hours note which Turmeric Latte definitely doesn’t have. I do love both of them though. I guess the easiest way to describe it is via the analogy that I’ve made previously in the post. 

Would I recommend you buying it? Oh my god definitely. It’s Winter in a Body Spray bottle. It’s Gourmand. It’s a pudding that you can wear. It’s a scent that strangers will  compliment you on. Trust me, it happened to me. If you like the Sticky Dates scent at all then buy it as soon as it drops on the app or online. I can totally see why it has been released into the Lushiverse! 

(I haven’t been told the prices of these fragrances so you’ll have to wait until Tuesday to find out!) 

Again, thanks to Finley and the Community Team for sending me this Body Spray! Will you be picking up any of the Lush X Community Fragrances? Let me know down below!

Thanks for reading! 

Jamie x 

The product in this post was sent to me via PR. All views and opinions are my own.