Tuesday 4 July 2023

Having Some F.U.N At The Bottom Of My Tub | Lush X SpongeBob Range

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post. I recently went to Lush to check out their new Lush X SpongeBob collaboration range and I thought that today I would talk to you all about it. 

‘In support of Paramount’s SpongeBob SquarePants: Operation Sea Change campaign, a global ocean conservation and sustainability initiative, which kicked off last year, Lush is thrilled to have been able to co-create a range of six new, fun and immersive products across bath, shower and skin care to ensure multiple steps of your body care routine are covered.’ - Lush UK. 

A wide set photo of a rectangular screen with a yellow background with wide white eyes a yellow sausage nose and toothy grin with bikini bottom fresh in blue cursive font with a selection of products underneath on a bright background

SpongeBob Bath Bomb 

Who lives in a Pineapple underneath the tub? SpongeBob does! 

This bath bomb is the epitome of cuteness via being designed around SpongeBob himself! This bath bomb contains Buchu,, Litsea Cubeba, Sweet Wild Orange, Pineapple Powder and Popping Candy. If you are a fan of Lush then you may recognise these ingredients as they make up the scent of Passion Fruit Delight Body Wash/Cyclops Bubble Bar. I love the smell of this bomb as honestly it makes me instantly think of drinks in the Summer when the nights are humid. I love anything Pineapple but I think as the Pineapple in this is via a powder it helps to add a backnote for the Passionfruit to jump off from more than anything and to create SpongeBob’s iconic colour in my opinion. I love this bath bomb in the water as the colour of the water just makes me smile. I also love that when I dropped this cute bomb into the water, SpongeBob started to crackle and pop. Once the popping had settled, I noticed that something was in the water… It was SpongeBob’s iconic pants! I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who loves fruity scents or for anyone like myself who loves SpongeBob! Priced at £4.50. 

A large rectangular light brown box with a row of yellow square pantless bath bombs with animated eyes and a sausage nose engraved with a smile into the bomb with lush engraved into the bottom next to a small rectangular yellow label card with soongebob bath bomb lush in black font on a bright background

SpongeBob Soap 

Who thought that in 2023, we’d be able to wash ourselves with SpongeBob. 

This soap contains Rapeseed Oil; Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Fresh Pineapple Juice, Buchu, Sweet Wild Orange and Litsea Cubeba Oils. 

This soap shares the same scent as the SpongeBob Bath Bomb so I would definitely grab both for either a gift for someone or so that you can truly enjoy a fruity SpongeBob inspired Bath. I love Lush’s soaps as they contain oils that nourish my dry skin and always pack a punch when it comes to scents. I also love this scent and do think that it would be perfect in a Body Spray! It does feel F.U,N. to take a little SpongeBob into the bath/shower to wash yourself with. 

As this range is focused around helping to cut down on plastic especially around Plastic-Free July, Lush recommend to pair this soap that can replace the use of a shower gel that usually comes in plastic packaging, Not Sleepy Shower Bomb, Home Sweet Pineapple Body Balm and Jumping Juniper Shempoo Bar for the ultimate plastic-free shower routine. I would personally add The Golden Cap Conditioner Bar for those who may have quite dry hair or who would be looking for a plastic free hair conditioner that would go well with this Soap.

I absolutely love this cute soap and I would definitely recommend this as a gift for those who love to have fun, children or for a special person who could do with a little SpongeBob in the bathroom to brighten up their day. Priced at £5.50. 

A square bright yellow soap with an engraved tie with lush engraved at the bottom with a yellow rectangular card with soongebob soap in black font on slight brown shelf on a bright background

Surprised Patrick Bath Bomb 

If you’ve been living under a rock then you definitely should grab this meme worthy bath bomb and drop him into the tub. This cute bath bomb contains Fir Balsam Resinoid, Vanilla Absolute, Coconut Milk Powder and Popping Candy. I quite adore the scent of this bomb as it mainly smells of Coconut with a sort of musky grassy note which I think is mainly coming from the Fir Balsam Resinoid that is in this product. I have had a fair few products in my time that are synthetically sweet Coconut orientated so I’m glad that Lush have released something that is more of a true Coconut scent to me. This bomb is amazing in the bath. Did it surprise me? Of course it did, I knew that there was Popping Candy in it but I wasn’t expecting it to be as softening as it was or for it to create such beautiful bath art in the tub. The softening feature of this bomb is mainly from the Coconut Milk Powder and like Toby’s Magic Cow that also contains this, it creates a really silky feeling to the bath. To me, this surprisingly superb bath bomb created a sort of peachy sunset vibe in the tub. Once I had finished my bath, just like SpongeBob, I noticed Patricks pants floating in the water that were in the middle of the bomb! I’ll definitely be getting this again before the range disappears. 

As this range is centralised around being plastic free. Lush have recommended pairing this bath bomb with Fresh Farmacy Cleaner, Full Off Grace Serum and King Of Skin. I would probably change Fresh Farmacy for Tea Totaler Solid Cleanser just as it works for my skin a little bit better than Fresh Farmacy. I would also personally use Coconut Rice Cake Shampoo Bar too as my hair loves it and its a great plastic-free Coconut scented Shampoo. 

I’d recommend this for anyone who loves Coconut or for someone who wants a bath bomb that will leave them shocked in multiple ways. This bomb also contains glitter! I’d definitely recommend pairing the two bombs together for maybe a treat for someone or for someone who’s about to go on holiday like my own Mother! Priced at £4.50. 

A pile of pink starfish shaped bath bomb with engraved eyes, shocked mouth and pants in a light brown box next to a yellow rectangular card that says surprused Patrick bath bomb lush in black font on a bright background

Squidward Bubble Bar 

A bath product made specifically for those who are a little impatient, cymbal and sarcastic? Sign me up! 

If you’ve ever related to Squidward which lets be honest is most of us especially in our adult years then you will definitely love this bubble bar. Not only does it look and smell amazing but you get to take out all of your anger out by crumbling good old Squidward into the tub. This bubble bar contains Persian Lime Oil, Seaweed Absolute, Violet Leaf Absolute and Blue Spirulina Extract. To me, this smells very similar to Ocean Salt from Lush and definitely reminds me of a cocktail on the beach. I guess if I had to say a specific cocktail then id say maybe a Caipirinha or a Margarita. To me, the Violet Leaf mainly is in this product to boost the scent of the Lime and Seaweed more than anything. When I read that this contained Violet I was expecting it to be Violet heavy but oh how I was wrong. The Spirulina is mainly there to provide colour to Squidward! When the crumbs of this product was mixing with the water in my bathtub, I could definitely smell it and oh did I love it. This bubble bar also contains glitter.

As this is a part of a Plastic-Free range, Lush recommends pairing it with Sea Vegetable Soap, Seanik Shempoo Bar and After Massage Bar. I think for me personally, I’ll be pairing this with Outback Mate Soap as I already have a chunk of it that I should use and maybe also Tingle Solid Body Conditioner especially if its still as warm as it has been in the UK lately when I use it. 

I’d definitely recommend this for people who are into fresh scents or for anyone who loves the seaside! I’d obviously recommend also buying it for yourself when one of those bad days happen or for anyone in your life that is similar to Squidward. I mean, let’s be honest, we all know a few… Priced at £5. 

A pile of large animated squid face bubble bars with engraved big eyes, a eggplant style shaped nose and a frown coated in silver glitter in a large rectangular light brown box next to a yellow rectangular label with Squidward bubble bar lush in black font on a bright background

Home Sweet Pineapple Body Balm 

Home is where the Pineapple is. Well, it is for SpongeBob! When I saw this product I knew that I had to have it. I mean, I love Pineapples, I love body care and I love products that will nourish my ever so dry skin!

This body balm contains Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Shea Butter, Apricot Kernel Oil, Mango Butter, Fresh Pineapple Juice, Davana Oil, Tonka Absolute and Fir Balsam Resinoid. The Pineapple Juice, Davana and Tonka are the main stars when it comes to scent for me. I think like the other products in this range, the Fir Balsam helps to create a sort of smoky/musky banknote more than anything. The Pineapple, Davana and Tonka create a sort of Pineapple Cake scent. When I smelt this, the way I described it to Luke was sort of a Raspberry and Coconut cake but replace the Raspberry with Pineapple. Is it similar to a Pina Colada? Kind of but more robust and I guess smoky in a way whereas Pina Coladas tend to be more creamy and sweet than anything else. Definitely a scent profile that I hope to see in other formats in the future at Lush. A body spray or a bath bomb would be amazing I think. The texture of this body balm is quite interesting. It’s creamy just like massage bars from Lush and help to make skin feel nourished and soft just like massage bars from Lush do but this fruit shaped body balm has a sort of lighter texture than a massage bar does. I’d say that this releases a sort of light serum where as massage bars release more of a thick oil in my opinion. I’d definitely recmonned this to anyone who loves Pineapples or is looking for something that will keep their body from being dry this Summer but doesn’t get on with a Massage Bar sometimes. If you can get into a store, id definitely recommend asking a Lush staff member to try it out on you! Priced at £9 for an 80g bar. 

A row of orange and yellow pineapple shaped body balm with circular window and arched door engraved into it in a rectangular light brown box next to a yellow rectangular label with home sweet pineapple body balm lush in black font on a bright background

Krabby Bathy Gift Set 

You better grab this Krabby Bathy before Plankton tries to get his hands on it! 

Not only does this gift set look amazing through the on theme packaging and shape of the products resembling a Krabby Patty Burger but also smell amazing. This gift set contains two bath bombs that contain Bergamot Oil, Lime Oil and Violet Leaf Absolute which creates a deep sort of Blackcurrant scent to me. The Patty Bubble Bar contains Bergamot, Buchu and Sicilian Lemon Oils and Glitter. If you have smelt anything under the Carrots scent range at Lush then this shares the same scent. If not then the best way to imagine it is a sort of sunny citrus blend with a grassy undertone to it. A great summer scent really. The lettuce and tomato soaps contain Irish moss Infusion, Rapeseed Oil; Coconut Oil, Fresh Tomato, Fresh Lettuce, Bergamot and Rose Oils. Bergamot and Rose Oils apparently make up the scent of Watermelons which I wasn’t expecting. I’m not the biggest fan of Watermelon scents just as they’re a bit of a marmite situation for myself but I know people such as my friend Michelle who loves anything Watermelon scented. This is definitely a cute gift set and I’d definitely recommend this for anyone who loves anything cute really. Priced at £14. 

A wide angled photo of a burger made up of two light brown semicircular burger buns, a circular dark brown burger patty bubble bar and a circular red tomato soap and a circular green lettuce soap on top of a bunch of square white square box with Krabby bathy in red font on a bright background

SpongeBob Character Face Cloths 

Who doesn’t want to wake up first thing in the morning and wash their face with a familiar character on the cloth? These face cloths are made from organic cotton muslin so they are super gentle on the face. I quite like that Lush have released cloths to go along with their face care. They’re quite soft and super cute. I do think personally I would prefer a sort of plastic free microfibre cloth but that’s just me. I do use reusable eco-pads when it comes to removing makeup and skincare so I will add them to the mix for when I’m feeling a bit bleh and want a cute character to help me first thing in the morning. Priced £12 for 3. 

A white hand holding a packet of folded up wash cloths. One yellow with SpongeBob’s face consisting of white eyes, sausage nose and toothy grin, one pink with Patrick’s face consisting of wide eyes and a toothy grin and Squidward a is blue with wide eyes, an eggplant shaped nose and a frown bundled together with a light brown card that says lush x SpongeBob in black font on a bright background

Who is your favourite character from SpongeBob? Will you be buying any of the products from the Lush X SpongeBob range? Let me know! 

Thanks for reading! 

Jamie x