Friday 29 April 2022

Lush Eid Range 2022 First Impressions

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post. I thought that today I would talk to you all about the Eid range from Lush. 

Sticky Dates Shower Gel

Who doesn’t love to get sticky? I love a good shower gel so I was excited to see what this gel was going to be like. This Gel contains Organic Date Syrup, Vanilla Pod Infusion, Fresh Orange Juice, Carob and Benzoin Resinoids and Sandalwood Oil. To me, this pretty much smells of a slightly sort of burnt caramel and sticky toffee pudding hybrid which I absolutely love. I’m a massive fan of anything sweet that has a slightly smoky/burnt/complex hint to it. This gel also boasts a low lather formula but to me it is more of a foam texture when lathered up more than anything else. Definitely worth going in and sniffing! Priced from £8. 

A white hand holding a clear cylindrical plastic bottle filled with dark brown liquid with a gold rectangular label with sticky dates shower gel lush in white font in front of an azure blue and gold bath with a white rectangular bath tub on a bright background

Light The Night Bath Bomb 

Let’s turn off the light tonight. This bath bomb contains Jasmine and Vanilla Absolutes, Labdanum and Olibanum Resinoids, Rose Syrup and Pomegranate Molasses. To me, it’s not the most amazing bath bomb. It’s very Jasmine heavy and if you love that then definitely get it but to me it smells of cheap Conditioner and I really wished that you could detect more of Rose and Pomegranate but sadly it’s just Jasmine, Jasmine and more Jasmine to me. Priced at £6.

A yellow lantern shaped bath bomb with three pink lines in the centre on a bright background

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Have you checked out the Eid range? 

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Monday 25 April 2022

Let's Get Down & Gritty! | Lush Face & Body Scrubs 2022

 Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I recently grabbed the three new scrubs from Lush and I thought that today I would talk to you all about it. 

Bright & Beautiful

Who doesn’t want their skin to look all things bright and beautiful? This scrub contains Vitamin C Powder, Grapefruit Oil, Clove Bud Oil, Rose Absolute, Champaca Absolute, Ylang Ylang Oil and Powdered Charcoal. This scrub can be used both without water for a grittier scrub, or with water for a softer feel. It’s entirely up to you. I went for the grittier feel and I really enjoyed the texture and scent of this scrub. This product contains 10% Vitamin C and Lush state that it may tingle but for me it didn’t. I really like this for when I want a good deep scrub but I want something to wake me up at the same time. Priced at £ 14.

A black cyldinrcal tub in the middle of a white photo with bright and beautiful vitamin c exfoliating facial scrub lush in white font with some orange and green leaves above it and two photos, one of black charcoal scrub and one of a purple scrub on a bright background

Co-Mingle Body Scrub 

You know it’s been a good night out when you’ve had a good co-mingle… This scrub contains Cypress Leaf Infusion, Bamboo Stem Extract, Tagus Nit Powder, Almond Oil, Vanilla Pod Infusion, Lavender Oil, Goji Berry Juice, Carrageenan Extract and Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter. I love the concept of this. A 3 in 1 product which I could use when my spoons are low. Sounds amazing! However the scent could do with being changed. I get the reasoning on making this scent  mellow but I would’ve loved it if it was in a citrus scent or something that isn’t Lavender centric. The scrub itself is amazing and does its job of scrubbing, cleansing and moisturising and will definitely be used when I want something quick and simple. My dry rough skin loved this. Priced at £18.

A long and large black cylindrical tub with co-mingle body scrub lush in white font in font of some purple long lavender plants on a bright background

Happy Skin Enzymic Face Exfoliator

Let’s scrub until we’re happy. This scrub contains Shea Butter, Sesame Seed, Vanilla and Tonka Absolutes, Fresh Pineapple and Jackfruit Juices, Bamboo Stem Extract and Tagua Nut Powder. To start off with, when me and Luke smelt this, we both agreed that it smells of Cherry Yoghurt. Sounds weird I know but trust me. I love the texture of this product as it’s a little bit more creamier than the others which I really like when it comes to cleansers and scrubs. I love Pineapple so when I saw that this contained Pineapple, I was excited as my skin seems to love Pineapple. Definitely one that I whack on in a morning and know that it’ll do good for my skin without worrying about leaving it on for a certain amount of time or scrubbing in so much. Just a good all rounder. Priced at £14. 

A black cylindrical short tub with happy skin enzymic face exfoliatior lush in white font with some wedges of light golden pineapple in the background on a bright background

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Have you tried any of the scrubs above? Let me know down below! 

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Jamie x

Products mentioned in this post were gifted for exchange of a post. No commission has been made from this post. All photos are from Lush PR. All views, opinions and ramblings are my own. 

Sunday 10 April 2022

Lush Easter 2022 First Impressions

 Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post. I recently went out to Lush as I saw that they had released their Easter range so I thought that today I’d tell you all what I thought about the range. 

A wide shot of a light brown table filled with bottles and light brown rectangular boxes filled with bath products on a bright background

Bath Bombs: 

Disco Duck 

Who doesn’t love a good disco? This bomb is a great way for anyone to celebrate Easter. Not only does this bath bomb look amazing but it also smells amazing! This bomb contains Juniperberry, Persian Lime and Rosemary Oils and Guarana Seed Powder which helps to wake you up due to its caffeine amount. The mixture of ingredients creates a sort of uplifting scent to me. This is furthered by the inclusion of popping candy and menthol crystals which help to wake you up/keep you energised through the sound of the popping candy and the invigorating properties of menthol. To me, it reminds me of a more fresh version of Vapor Rub. Yes I know that sounds weird but I urge you to sniff it and tell me different. This scent also shares it scent with an old product called Patty On which was a shower jelly designed to help you stay alive and alert for the all night party, to help you with the hangover the morning after or both! Even if it does smell like Vapor Rub, I really like this product. Priced at £4,

A selection of light yellow and green ducks with geometric cutouts on the side in a rectangular light brown box with a black card next to it saying Rico duck in white font on a bright background

The Flying Carrot 

Let’s go fly a kite! This is one of the most adorable bath bombs ever! Who doesn’t love a bunny flying across the world in a carrot? This bomb contains Sicilian Lemon, Lemon Myrtle and Rosewood Oils and Carrot Powder. There are many fun surprises with this product, from the popping candy hidden beneath the surface of this product to this product actually being two different bath bombs. That’s right! The little bunny in this product can be used as a separate bath bomb. This product also shares its scent with the old Refresher Shower Jelly which I adored when it was out in stores! If you’re looking to give someone a gift this Easter, I would really recommend this product! Priced at  £6.50.

A group of orange rocket shaped bath bombs with a white small bunny shaped bath bomb in the middle on a light brown rectangular box next to black card that says the flying carrot in white font on a bright background

Follow The White Rabbit 

Let’s follow the white rabbit and see what they’re up to! This bath bomb was out last year so I am going to keep this one short. This bomb contains Bergamot, Buchu and Sicilian Lemon Oil. This product also contains a plethora of colours and a pinch of Popping Candy. If you used to like the Snowman Shower Jelly/Bunch Of Carrots Bubble Bar then you’ll love this bomb as much as I do. Priced at £4. 

A range of white bunny shaped bath bombs with different colours splashed all over them in a rectangular light brown box with a black card saying follow the white rabbit in white font on a bright background

Flamingo Egg 

Let’s go-go-flamingo! I’ve talked about this product before too. This product contains Sicilian Lemon and Vetivert Oils and Labdanum Resinoid which to me creates a sort of sweet coconut scent. This bomb also contains Coarse Sea Salt to add a bit of fun to bath time. Priced at £5.

A group of big pink oval shaped egg shaped bath bombs with yellow pieces in the middle of it in a rectangular light brown box next to a black portrait card with flamingo egg in white font on a bright background

The Golden Egg 

I want my geese to lay gold eggs for Easter! 

 I have talked about this a lot on the blog. This bomb not only looks the part but smells the part too! This product contains Brazilian Orange and Bergamot Oils. I have loved this product for years but no more. Sadly this product has been reformed too much for my liking. It’s a lot smaller, muted in scent and doesn’t have the oil layer that made it one of the best bombs ever. I wish that Lush would change it back. If you do want a great oil based bath bomb from lush I would definitely recommend Turmeric Latte. Priced at £4.50.

A row of small egg shaped bath bombs coated in gold glitter in a rectangular light brown box next to a black portrait rectangular card that says golden egg bath bomb in white font on a bright background

Bubble Bars: 

The Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny had arrived and they are ready to hop into your bath! This bubble bar contains Grapefruit, Lime and Juniperberry Oils which creates a sort of spicy yet fruity scent to me. This shares the same scent as Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar that has been a Halloween exclusive in the past. To me, this scent is more spicy with a touch of spritz to me which is weird as you’d expect it to be the other way around due to the mixture of Lime and Grapefruit.  This one definitely is eye catching in store due to the amount of glitter that this beautiful bunny is encased in. Absolutely adorable. Priced at £6.

A selection of light bronze glitter covered flying posed bunnies in a light beer own rectangular box with a black card next to it saying the Easter bunny in white font resting on a light brown text resting on a light brown rectangular shelf on a bright background

Shower Gel: 

What’s Up Doc? Shower Gel 

I mean, is Easter truly Easter without a nod to the cartoon classic? This shower gel contains Fresh Carrot Infusion, Bergamot, Lime and Cold Pressed Carrot Oils, Violet Leaf Absolute and Carrot Juice. I wasn’t sure what to think when I saw this list of ingredients but this concoction creates a sort of slightly sort of zippy berry scent which I absolutely love as it’s deep but has a little bit of lightness to it which makes it the most superb shower gel to use in Spring. Definitely would recommend as a purchase before it disappears after Easter. Priced from £7 per 100g.

A row of cykdircal shower gel bottles filled with orange and slight hot pink liquid with a black cylindrical lid and a black rec5nwfilsr label with what’s up doc? Shower gel lush in white font with a bottle standing on a wooden light brown square with the rest on a light brown rectangular shelf on a bright background

Gummy Bear Shower Jelly 

I love sharing a shower with a good bear… Grr… Is it bad I instantly had Ginger Minj’s song about Gummy Bears in my head when I saw this product? This bear isn’t just divine to look at but also smells it too. This Shower Jelly contains Fresh Mango Juice, Buchu, Cardamom, Litsea Cubebba and Sweet Wild Orange Oils and Coconut Milk. The main scent that I Get from this is Mango but a sort of complex Mango. Not too sweet, not too tart with a slight herbal grassy note to it which just makes me love it even more. The addition of coconut milk means that I know that it is going to be severely nourishing which I love due to having severely dry skin. Priced at £5.50.


Flowering Carrot 

Flowering for Spring? Groundbreaking. I love Lush’s Soaps and well Spring is normally full of touching things so Lush releasing  a cute Spring/Easter soap just makes sense. This soap contains Bergamot, Buchu, Sicilian Lemon, Fair Trade Olive Oil, and Extra Virgin Coconut Oils and Carrot Powder. This mixture creates a lovely bright and uplifting soap. The Lemon and Bergamot make this soap super zesty. If you have used anything with the Carrots scent then you will love this. This also reminds me of the original Carrot Soap that contained a engraved white rabbit in each slice. Prices at £6.

A shot of a bunch of petal shaped orange coloured pieces of soap that look like a carrot slowly blooming out joined together in a circle to look like a flower with a whole in the middle in front of a light brown table on a bright background


Down The Rabbit Hole Scrub 

Who doesn’t want to go down the rabbit hole? I love a good scrub! This scrub contains ground rice which helps to scrub away all that dead skin, Cocoa, Shea and Illipe Butters to help keep skin super smooth. This scrub also contains  Bergamot, Buchu, Grapefruit, Sweet Wild Orange  and Cold Pressed Raspberry Seed Oils. To me, the Raspberry Seed comes out the most. The mixture of everything else creates a bubblegum sort of scent to me and mixes with the Raspberry to create a sort of Blue Raspberry scent. I can’t wait to use this when the weather gets warmer. Priced at £8.50.

A wide shot of a light brown rectangular box containing a group of white and slightly pink rabbit backside shaped body scrubs with red bits running through it with a black card saying down the rabbit hole body scrub in white font on a light brown table on a bright background


Funfetti Cake Lip Scrub 

Let them eat cake! Who doesn’t love a good lip scrub and well who doesn’t love cake? This scrub contains Caster Sugar, Extra Fine Sugar, Peach Kernel and Sicilian Lemon Oils and Vanilla Absolute. To me the Vanilla Absolute comes out a lot more than anything else and I wished that the Lemon came out more than the Vanilla. This is also a party exclusive at Lush so I’m still a bit confused on why they’ve released as to me it defeats the point of it being a party exclusive but that’s just me. Priced at £6.50.

A wide shot photo of a selection of cylindrical glass tubs containing white and pink product with a metallic pink silver label with funfetti cake in white font on a rectangular light brown shelf on a bright background

Carrot Lip Oil 

Who doesn’t want their lips to be juicy at Easter? I love a good lip oil so I was excited to see what Lush’s was going to be like when I saw the leaked spoilers for the Easter range. This contains Grapefruit, Sandalwood, Parsley Seed and Cold Pressed Carrot Seed OIls. To me this reminds me sort of a slightly spiced sort of Carrot Cake without all of the sweetness which I really adore. I hope that this comes back out next Easter. Priced at £5.

A photo of a standing light brown wooden box containing a row of cylindrical orange and black lipstick style containers containing orange solid oil with an orange label with carrot in white font on a bright background

Have you tried any of the product: mentioned in this post? Let me know down below! 

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Jamie x

Saturday 9 April 2022

Yo! Sushi Katsu Chicken Noodle Bowl From Iceland Review

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new post! I saw that Yo! sushi had released a range at Iceland so I thought that I would grab something from the range and tell you all my thoughts about it. 

The Yo! sushi range at Iceland includes Tempura Prawns, Gyozas, Bao Kits and much more such as Korean Fried Chicken and Ice Cream Mochi. 

A white handholding a cylindrical white and orange tub with yo sushi in white font with Katsu curry noodle soup in black font with a picture of a bowl of Katsu curry in the right hand corner in front of a rounded rectangular clear and metal freezer with yo sushi in white font on a orange background above it on a bright background

The Katsu Curry Noodle Soup is described as ‘Delicious  Chicken Dumplings, Noodles, and Asian Veg in our aromatic Katsu Broth.’ - Iceland Foods UK. 

The way to cook this confused me a bit. Some of the Asian noodle bowls/soups that I’ve cooked before have just required boiling water from a kettle to cook, whereas this product requires boiling water from the kettle but also the repetitive task of putting it in the microwave, taking it out, stirring and repeat. I guess this was to ensure that the Chicken was fully cooked but it just meant that it took a while and became quite hot to handle especially for someone who has a tendency to not have the best of dexterity skills in the world. 

The texture of this soup was everything that I’ve been wanting lately. I don’t know if it’s because of the rollercoaster weather that is going on in the UK at the moment but I’ve been craving a soup with every texture going on at the moment. The texture of the dumplings which were the first thing my spoon fell onto has not only an amazing chew to them but also had a a sublime soft and supple texture to them due to the meaty interior. This alone was the best of both worlds but was only the start of the texture train that happened within this bowl of soup. The noodles added a slight sort of bouncy texture to the dish which I really loved alongside the slight chew of the dumpling wrapper. These noodles weren’t like an udon noodle which I learned to love during my time living in Leeds during my undergraduate University degree nevertheless they were excellent to eat. The Asian Veg added a much need crunch which I really loved as it contrasted against the supple filling of the dumplings and all of the chew that was going on. Finally, the soup added a sort of creamy celebrity texture to the dish which made everything sort of combine together into a rich harmonious dish which I really enjoyed. 

The first thing that jumped into my mouth was the dumplings themselves. To some, dumpling wrappers may taste bland which I completely understand due to them being made from flour and water, but to me, they kind of give out a sort of comforting taste which I quite like especially when boiled/steamed. The chicken that laid inside of these delicious dumplings gave off a wonderful amount of umami which made them not only effortless to eat but also addictive and excellent . The noodles again added a sort of comforting slightly creaminess to the dish. The vegetables helped to cut through all of the umami and savouriness that the dumplings gave to my tastebuds and honestly ensured that this dish wasn’t bland. The curry itself gave off a creamy yet quite sweet taste which I was surprised at as the Japanese curries that I’ve had in the past have been more peppery than sweet whereas this one was more sweet than peppery and spicy. 

Would I buy it again? Yes, I would. I’m giving this an 8/10 as it definitely blew my expectiations of something frozen from Yo! Way out of the park. I love all the components and it’s actually decent for the price. I don’t think I would get this all the time but I would get it when I want a heart warm lunch or when I’m craving Japanese Curry.  I definitely advise that if you are thinking of trying the range then you should get this! 

Have you tried anything from YoB Sushi before? Let me know down below! 

Check out Iceland

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Jamie x

Saturday 2 April 2022

Drinking Above A Market | No. 28 Newcastle Review

 Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I thought that today I would talk to you all about one of my new favourite place to grab a drink from in Newcastle . 

No.28 is a little bar that is tucked away above the well known Grainger Market in Newcastle City Centre. It offers a range of drinks, tapas style food and offers to suit everyone’s needs and also offers an ambience that just makes you want to spend all night in there. 

I decided to check out the superb space with Alex. We decided to get a mixture of food and drinks. (If you want to know about the food then go on over to my Instagram). 

We decided to get a cocktail a piece and some shots. I have been enjoying the Honey Cazcabel Tequila recently and saw that they had a coffee version so it made sense to try it there and then. I also made Alex try both the Honey and Coffee varieties. They loved both and I quite liked the Coffee version but I still think that the Honey one is my favourite. 

We tried both the Burnt Crumble and the Banana and Walnut Espresso Martini which Alex mainly drank but I mean I had to try a little bit of it for content reasons. 

Burnt Crumble contained Goslings Black Seal Rum, dark crème de cacao, Teichenne Butterscotch Schnapps, Apple and Lemon Juices, caramel syrup and a spray of Laphroaig over the glass. I absolutely loved this drink. The mixture of both the schnapps and syrup gave this drink a sort of sweet yet baked caramel taste to the drink which was interesting as when I saw butterscotch and caramel I was expecting this drink to be sickly but it really wasn’t. The rum added a sort of deep smokiness to the drink which helped to further cut through the two elements just mentioned. I think the dark crème de cacao blended into the rum as it wasn’t that pronounced when I sipped this drink. Finally the apple and lemon added a touch of freshness to the drink which cut through the sweet and smoky to make this drink not only delectable but also one that I could not stop sipping. If you’re a fan of well desserts, apples, crumbles, anything with a slightly sweet kick to it then definitely get this drink as you will love it. 

A rounded coupe glass filled with light brown liquid with a circular piece of green apple on top on a light brown table on a dark background

The Banana and Walnut Espresso Martini contained Black Tears Spiced Rum, Crème Dr Banane, Noix de la st jean and Espresso. I’m not the biggest fan of Walnuts so this drink wasn’t fully for me but I could definitely respect it for what it is. I also think that the Espresso Martini came in general is quite saturated so it’s quite refreshing to see a new take on it. The Banana complimented the coffee notes in this drink beautifully as it gave a sort of creaminess in regards to the flavour of this drink which I really enjoyed. If you love Espresso Martinis I definitely say give this a try and see if you enjoy it! 

A zoomed in photo of a curved martini glass filled with dark brown alcohol with a white foam top with a dried yellow circular banana coin on a dark brown square table on a bright background

Overall, g the great drinks, amazing ambience and fantastic food made for a great experience for me. I’ll definitely be coming back to try some of their other amazing drinks. 

Check out No.28.

Thanks for reading! 

Jamie x