Friday 29 June 2018

Jumping To The Beat Of West Yorkshire | MCard

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Welcome to a brand new blog post! I thought that today, I would talk to you all about travelling to some of my favourite places within West Yorkshire, via the MCard.

Leeds has a plethora of amazing places, so it was hard to choose just one sort of place to focus on. Honestly, I could do a full week worth of blog posts on travelling across and through Leeds. Leeds has some amazing places such as the Hyde Park Picturehouse, Kirkstall Abbey, and, Royal Armouries, Tropical World, and, Carneige Stadium, just to name a few. I decided to travel to the centre of Leeds which contains amazing places such as Trinity Leeds which contains stores for all people and prices. Trinity Leeds is very well known for their stores including NYX Professional Makeup, Apple, Bubbleology, Charles Tyrwhitt and many more. It is also known for its amazing Trinity Kitchen which contains a plethora of different street food vendors in a open area. Trinity looks amazing and is noticeable straight away rom the Train Station, so it's easy to get to. Talking about stores, Leeds also has the amazing Victoria Leeds Shopping Centre's which include stores such as Harvey Nichols, which stocks high beauty brands including, Fenty Beauty and NARS. It also includes John Lewis and many well known designers for when you're wanting to shop for that someone special (which can always include yourself!)

There's even First Direct Arena for those who love to go to concerts and then for a meal after with friends, for those special occasions! For studying, there is Leeds Beckett University and University Of Leeds within moments of walking from the City Centre!

A long shot of a beautiful blue sky covered with white roof line above a strip of tall stone and white coloured stores with people walkjng on a bright background.

A strip of dark brown coloured square shops with a black marble fountain in the middle with two white tall cylindrical columns on a bright background.

A shot of a dark brown oval table with triangular white chandeliers above with a large rectangular white store on a bright background.

A shot of dark rectangular buildings with a grid roof with a white floor on a bright background.

A long shot of a beautiful blue sky covered with white roof line above a strip of tall stone and white coloured stores with people walkjng on a bright background.

A bright blue billboard with the ivy in bold white font with Victoria Quarter and coming soon in smaller white font on a bright background
A restaurant within Victoria Quarter that I cant wait to try out and hopefully review when it comes to Leeds. 

Halifax is known for many things, but as I was travelling through, I thought that it would be best to stick to where I know, which is mainly the city centre, and, the train station. Halifax is known for having sort of vintage yet grand buildings. Halifax also has Victoria Theatre which is known for hosting great shows. This year, its even hosting Florence and The Machine for an intimate show.

Halifax has the old Halifax building as well. It also has Piece Hall, which is beautiful to look at. It's also beautiful to spend time and hang out with friends there. You can also grab some food and eat it outside whilst its nice. There are also a plethora of cute and niche stores within The Piece Hall for you to have a browse through. Whilst I was in Halifax, I decided to wander through the Yorkshire Soap Company, as they sell everything that is pampering and pleasing to the eye!

A birds eye shot of a grand rectangular stone coloured buiding overlooking a light stone covered area with metal chairs and tables

A long and narrow shot of light golden stone columns and light golden swuare shops with glass windows on a bright background.

A circular dark grey building with windows and a stone coloured door with a red banner with Victoria Theatre in gold bold font on a bright background.

Bradford is on the up and rising, with places like Broadway and The Light Cinema popping up. Bradford also has some amazing places such as, City Hall, and, City Park to name a few. Bradford also haas a plethora of amazing restaurants and bars on North Parade. It also has an amazing Alhambra Theatre which is a stone throws away from other bars.

Bradford City Centre also has great educational establishments, such as Bradford College with their modern David Hockney Building, and, ties with the film industry, and University Of Bradford, which is known for being one of the best, when it comes to sciences within West Yorkshire.

A tall grey stone building with a white clock face on a stone area with a blue sky behind it on a bright background.

I travelled to all three locations via Bus and Trains, but because it was all under one roof, I didnt have to worry about several tickets, remembering which ticket to pull out or to wait in those long queues at the train station for one ticket!

Do you travel a lot within West Yorkshire? Do you want to save yourself some money, and help the environment via not having so many bus/train tickets in your wallet? Then seriously consider the MCard as it will save you so much time, and, money!

Click here to find out more about the MCard.

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This is a collaborative post with MCard. All views, opinions and ramblings are my own. 

Thursday 28 June 2018

All The Toppings In The World | ,MOD Pizza Leeds City Centre

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Welcome to a brand new post. A while ago, I got to go along and check out the fairly new MOD Pizza branch in Leeds City Centre, therefore, I thought that today, I would talk to you all about what I got up to and what the pizzas were like. Mmm, Pizza.

Just like other posts, if reading about Pizza isn't your thing, then please go and read a different post. There are nearly 400 posts, so there should be something for everyone on Jamie Sowden.

A red upside rounded triangle with MOD in bold white font on a white background.

We (myself and Luke), walked into the spacious establishment which had a sort of, rustic yet Instagrammable boho diner feel to it with wooden chairs, terrific tables and eclectic wallpaper mixed with the stainless steel feel of the counters, mixed with the rustic feel of the Pizza Ovens.

The way that MOD works is that you can order one of their amazing but pre-created topping combination on your pizza, or, you can build your own. From Lactose-free Cheese, to, Gluten Free Bread, to a pizza with Cauliflower, Asparagus, or, Pineapple, to a Pizza with all meat on. The limit does not exist when it comes to Pizza toppings at MOD.. MOD actually stands for Made On Demand. If you're more of a Salad person, then, that can be made to demand too. Want a Milkshake? Well that can be made to your personal order. Chocolate with Salted Caramel? Done! MOD's soft drink selection is a Freestyle based machine, which means that, you can custom your drink to your own liking. Love Cherries? Get a drink with all Cherry in! MOD Pizza's are £7.87 which I think is great for an eat in/takeaway pizza!

I went up to the stand and ordered everything that myself and Luke were about to eat, (okay, I went a bit over the top, but I was excited to eat Pizza), then I received a buzzer to put on our table. This meant that the order comes straight to the table!

Let's talk about drinks first, Luke got a Strawberry Milkshake, because well, he loves Strawberries and Milkshakes. I decided to go for a Chocolate Milkshake with Oreo pieces crushed up into the drink. I loved the dark contrast between the sort of rich chocolate taste with the Vanilla creaminess of the crushed up pieces of Vanilla from the Oreos. The milkshake was thick and cold, which is, everything that you want from an amazing milkshake! I also decided to get a Freestyle drink, mainly because, I have quite a dry mouth so I end up drinking like a fish. I enjoyed checking out what flavour combinations I could have, but when I found Vanilla Pepsi, I knew that I had to have it mixed with a bit of Cherry!

Onto the main star of the show, the Pizza's! Luke decided to go for the Mad Dog, as he wasn't really feeling the Create Your Own. This Pizza consists of, MOD Red Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese, Pepperoni, Mild Sausage, and, Ground Beef. I decided to go for a Pizza that consisted of BBQ Sauce, Mozzarella, (I was tempted to go for Lacto free due to me and Lactose not being the best of friends, but, I thought screw it), all of the meats, Red Onions, Sweetcorn and, Peppers, with a Blsamic Fig glaze drizzled on top. The base was crispy, the Cheese was gooey, the Meats tasted amazing and the crisp Vegetables went well against the cooked Meats. Y'know what the best part was? That Balsamic Fig Glaze! It was tangy, but sweet, and it just made the whole Pizza pop with taste!

A round golden brown pizza with white cheese, brown BBQ sauce, and a lot of different shades of brown meat with green peppers and dark red onions with a purple glazed swirled on top on a bright background.

A golden brown piza with a red sauce with brown pepperoni, ground beef and green peppers on a bright background.

Carrying on with all this food talk, we then got Cinnamon Strips. Yeah, you heard me right. Cinnamon. Strips. These were the best thing in the world. You can choose between Chocolate, Strawberry or Cinnamon Glaze to be embedded in the actual strips. I went for Chocolate but mizing the gooey in the middle, crisp on the outside strips, with, the sweet sugary Cinnamon dip was the best thing in the world. Honestly, I'm tempted to drag friends along just for those strips on their own. Mmm, I want some more right now!

Have you ever been to MOD before? If so then let me know what your favourite Pizza is? If not, then tell me what your favourite combo would be!

Check out MOD here.

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Flashing For The World To See | Jessops Leeds

Hey everyone!

Welcome to a brand new blog post! Today, I'm talking to you all about an event that I was invited to a while ago. I've been busy for a plethora of reasons, but, still I thought that I'd tell you all about it.

Like every other post, if this post isn't what you're interested in, then please don't read it. There is nearly over 400 posts on Jamie Sowden, therefore, there is probably something that you will enjoy reading, even if you don't enjoy reading this post.

A picture of a group of staff members in black uniform outside a black-blue store with jessops in white font on a bright background

Jessops are a photography brand that specify in all things cameras and technology. They also have courses to help with things such as photography and technology.

I made my way down to the store (which is located on the Headrow which also contains stores like TK Maxx, Homesense, and, Argos), I instantly was shown around the amazing new store which mixed cool metals with bright colours. Everything was in sections which made it easy to locate what you needed. Lenses? Over there! Cameras? Over there! Drones? Over there!

When you walk in to the Leeds branch, you're met with screens which mean that you can sort out the photos that you want to print off. The amazing store staff even showed how simple it was to upload and print off photos. All you had to realy do was put in either an SD card or connect the bluettooth from your phone to the screen, select your photos, choose what sizze and in moments they would be able to be printed for you to keep forever.

A collection of photos and light wooden frames of different sizes on a light wood wall on a bright background.

I then got to have a go with an Instax Mini, which I had never tried before. I love the concept of a sort of smaller, on the go, Polaroid, that means that you can take pictures of memories that you will want to cherish forever and have physical copies to put into scrapbooks or whatnot, right there and then. I honestly thought that I would get an awful shot, as, I'm more used to a viewfinder on the back of my bulky Canon DSLR, or, the screen of my iPhone, but, I got quite an alright shot.

After this, I got to experiment with Jessops' new digital masterpiece, the Shuffle Print, you connect your phone to the printer via bluetooth, or, enter your SD card, select 13 photos and the machine puts them into a random order and then you can adjust them however you want. As it was my first time using it, I might have made a picture of myself from a photoshoot, have no head... Oops.. You also get to choose what colour frame it goes with to suit the room that you will be putting it in's, aesthetics.

Following on from this, I had one more good look at the store, printed off some photos, and, said my goodbyes.

Check out Jessops here.

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Wednesday 20 June 2018

Gimme More Cake! | Yorkshire Soap Company Haul

Hey everyone!

Welcome to a brand new blog post. I talked to you all about the Yorkshire Soap Company's Harrogate store last week, so, I thought that, this week I would talk to you all about the things that I got from the event.

Just before I get into the post, the internet is a free and wide open space, I know that certain blogs and blog posts can be for certain people, so, if you don't like the content that I am putting out in this post or my blog, then, simply click off and read something else.

A two tiered round glass table with cylindrical tubs on the top tier with different coloured labels on the top all saying Shower Butter with square plastic tubs with black plastic circular lids on the bottom tier with different coloured labels saying Fizz Pop on a bright background.

As I said within the intro, the amazing people at Yorkshire Soap Company invited myself and Luke to check out their amazing new store within Harrogate, and, at the event, myself and Luke decided to get some goodies whilst we were there. Luke got more than myself, but, I thought that I would talk to you all about what I got.

Sadly, due to splitting my time between living within Leeds, and, Bradford, I decided to not get too much. My mind instantly went to, 'if you need anything in the future, you can always travel back, or, go and visit the amazing Leeds branch'.

The first item that I got was, the, Blackcurrant Shower Cream, that is from Bomb Cosmetics but is stocked in Yorkshire Soap Company stores. This little blackcurrant beauty contains Shea Butter, which helps ton moisturise any type of skin for quite a long time, Blackcurrants, Blueberries, Strawberries and other goodies. The Strawberries and Blueberries add to the fruitiness of the Blackcurrants in my opinion. The Blackcurrant scent comes through the most, so, if you love anything Blackcurrant scented or want a product that reminds you of Ribena, then, you need this in your life. I have quite dry skin due to many things, and this even moisturises my skin for a while. It comes in many different scents but I was going off a first scent basis. If I went back to get another then I would probably get the Mint Choc Chip or Pina Colada scents. The tub of this product is quite big, and, a little seriously goes a long way!

A birds eye view of a cylindrical white tub with a circular lid showing to the camera with a purple label with Blackcurrant Shower Butter in bold white font on a dark background.

Up next is, Yorkshire Soap Company's Strawberry Fizz Pop. This is one of the most amazing bath products I have ever used and I'm not joking or exaggerating. The concept of this perfect product is, that, you scoop a preferred amount of the product into running water, and then once you turn the tap off you can hear it fizz, crackle and pop! This product on it's own gives off such a powerful scent and I absolutely love it! YSC sell other scents of Fizz Pop, including, Lychee, Watermelon and Banana. I urge you to get one of these too. I might use mine tonight with some other Strawberry Products to ensure that everyone in a five mile radius can smell it.

A clear square plastic tub with white powder in with a bright red label on the front with Fizz Popm on it in bold black font with a circular black lid on a bright background.

Coming up next on the haul train is, bath bombs. I didn't get manty, due, to only having a bath in Bradford which means I end up hauling bath bombs and such and then end up using them non stop when I can. I nearly bought Peppermint Cream (an absolute favourite of mine along with Invigorate) but I didn't, I will probably end up in the Leeds branch by the time this is up though, so, that might have changed. I did get a couple of the Bomb Cosmetic ones mainly for the aesthetic than anything else. I got a Sparkle and Shine, which is covered in glitter and smells like Vanilla Cupcakes. I also got It's Not Easy Being Green (a bath bomb based on Kermit the Frog) which smells like Cucumber mixed with Grass a bit to me, a Meow bath bomb (I can't find the proper name) which smells of Oranges, and a bath bomb which smells like Blackcurrant (goes great with the Shower Butter) and comes with a toy Dolphin.

A spherical bath bomb covered in silver and gold lustre in front of clusters of spherical bath bombs in dome upturned shaped glass bowls on a bright background.

A spherical light green bath bomb with a bright green little frog on the top on a bright background.

Carrying on, soaps are the next big batch. The first soap that I got was for Michelle. Myself and Luke smelt this, and, it instantly reminded us of Michelle and the perfume that she wears on a daily basis, so I knew that she had to have it. This soap is called Summer Fruit Blossom. The next one that I got for myself was, Caramelised Orange, and, yes it smells as divine as it sounds. Sweet but bright and zingy. Great for this time of year. I also got two soaps given to me in a goodie bag, Humbug which smells of clean and refreshing Mint, and another which is not with me and I can't remember the name of so I will change this when I get to it. The soaps from Yorkshire Soap Company are amazing. The Glycerine based ones are great for shaving with!

A stack of rectangular golden soap next to a black bottle on a white rectangular table on a bright background.

A black cylindrical black bottle with a silver label with Summer Fruit Blossom in black font on a white rectangular table on a bright background.

Furthermore, the goodie bag contained more amazing items from Yorkshire Soap including a superb slice of Cake shaped Soap in the Yorkshire Lass range which smells light and florally and a Bath Truffle in the same scent. When I first found out about YSC a few years ago, I wasn't sure about this scent, but I now love it! I love the Bath Truffles as the moisturise the skin. I know, mousturising baths make the tub slippy but its worth it for smooth hydrated skin all day. I think that they also do a Strawberry Milkshake and Cola scent Bath Truffles which smell absolutely divine.

A bowl full of small spherical silver lustre covered bath truffles on a white background.

Have you ever been to Yorkshire Soap Company before? Let me know down below!

I hope that you have enjoyed this bath based blog post. I hope that you come back next time for another blog post.

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Tuesday 19 June 2018

Hopping On In Life | MCard

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new post. How are you? Doing fine? Relaxing? A bit stressed? (lLet me know down below). I thought that today, I would talk to you all about a brand new way to travel within West Yorkshire, via, the MCard.

A rectangular pink MCard with white detailing and a White box containing a Pink M and Card in white font on a white background.

MCard is the smart way to get about in West Yorkshire, getting you on the buses and trains you need.

The MCard is a smartcard that makes travelling on buses and trains across West Yorkshire really simple and great value too!. The Smartcard fits in your wallet.

All you need to do is load your MCard with the travel ticket that best suits your needs. That could be a bus only ticket, or perhaps a bus and rail ticket. Wherever you need to be, there'll be a travel product for you.

If you use buses and trains in West Yorkshire, a lot, within a week then it might be best for you to save more and invest in a MCard as it will help save you time at the train station/getting on buses and gives you. This ensures that you get one card that ensures that you pay the price for all in one go.

There are many different MCards, including the Under 16, 16-18, and, 19-25 Photocards. There is even an MCard for those who just use buses way more than trains. The Pink MCard is fully transferable too, so if you're staying in but your partner's heading out there's no need to buy more travel!

If you live and travel a lot within West Yorkshire then I think that the MCard would be perfect for you. If you do have one then why don't you tell me down below by including some photos of your favourite place within West Yorkshire?

Checl out the MCard here.

I hope that you ahve enjoyed this travel based post, and, I hope that you come back next time for another post!

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Friday 15 June 2018

Dropping It Down & Low Into The Internet | Post Office Digital Drop In

Hey everyone!

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I thought that today, I would talk to you all about being digitially confident, as we are living in a world that is becoming more and more dependent on being digital.

A white rectangular box with Post Office Broadband Digital Drop In in bold font with a wifi logo at the side of it with with Google Digital Garage below in soft raimbow coloured font on a white background.

As with all blog posts, if you're not interested on reading this post as it doesn't appeal to you from the title/intro above, then please do not read on, but instead read something on the blog that appeals to you, as, this blog contains content from food, to, beauty, to, lifestyle, and everything in between.

Post Office Broadband conducted a survey amongst 4,000 UK citizens, and found out that, 20% of the UK don't feel digitally confident whether this is people of an older age who don't know how to tackle technology, parents of those who have children who are surrounded by technology even in the school, or, those of us who just feel like we're lacking when it comes to being tech savvy. In Leeds, more than half struggle to use newer devices including smart music devices

73% of people who took part in the survey, said that, they would like digital support to boost their confidence to ensure that they're on top form when it comes to anything digital.

After hearing the results of the survey, Post Office Broadband have teamed up with Google Digital Garage to help out the public/any of you reading that sometimes has trouble with being digital confidence, via, having digital drop in sessions to ensure that you learn everything that you need. The drop in sessions will cover help with thins such as emails and the internet, all the way, to protecting yourself online. They'll even help you with problems concerning your devices if you bring them in with you.

Digital drop in sessions will be in locations including, Leeds, Southamption, Plymouth, Cardiff, Norwich and Belfast. If the listed locations are nowhere near you then you can still suggest a location for the digital drop in sessions to visit.

The first session will be at Leeds Central Library on the 22nd July between 10am and 1pm. I'd definitely go if you have any queries that are digitally based, as, the best of the best will be able to help you. I'd also go in case you need to top up on anything such as how to keep up with your children when it comes to being online, or, bring any of your older members of family so they can get to grips with things that they feel insecure about when it comes to the digital world.

If you want to find out more about the sessions then click here.

How are you with technology? Lets open up the discussion, by, commenting down below!

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post and that you come back next time for another blog post.

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This post is in collaboration with Post Office/Post Office Broadband. All views, opinions and ramblings are my own.  

Thursday 7 June 2018

Let Them Smell Cake | Yorlshire Soap Company Harrogate Store Launch

Hey everyone!

Welcome to a brand new post! I hope that if you're reading this, then, you're doing well! The wonderful guys over at Yorkshire Soap Company, invited myself and Luke, to their new Harrogate store opening, and, I thought that it was high time that I tell you all about the amazing store, and, the excellent event.

Just before I get into the post, the internet is a free and wide open space, I know that certain blogs and blog posts can be for certain people, so, if you don't like the content that I am putting out in this post or my blog, then, simply click off and read something else. Please also check out Yorkshire Soap Company and Luke, via, clicking on their names throughout this post. Also, due to the new GDPR laws, this post isn't completely sponsored, but myself and Luke did get some goodies, but this does not mean that my opinion has been manipulated or swayed.

A bird eye shot of black cylindrical pots containing oils of scents with stacks of bright yellow rectangular soap next to it on a bright background.

Yorkshire Soap Company, was founded by two wonderful friends, Marcus, and. Warren. In 2004, whilst they were sat at their kitchen table, the duo decided to create soaps as gifts to family and friends.  Using Marcus’ experience as a chef, they mixed and muddled ingredients to perfect a recipe. Unable to afford expensive soap moulds, the duo used what they had, which was, cake moulds and baking cases and created a world of scrumptious scemed soaps.Inspired by everything from artisan sweet shops to the travelling circus, Yorkshire Soap Company always wanted to construct a truly magical retail experience and create an irresistible and inviting space that everyone can enjoy and allow their imaginations to roam free. Yorkshire Soap Company is definitely the Wonka Factory of the Cosmetics world. They have a plethora of stores, including, Beverley, Halifax, Hebden Bridge, Knaresborough, Leeds, York, and their fresh out of the oven, new store, Harrogate. 

Myself and Luke, turned up at the gloriously bright doors of the store, we were greeted with smiles and joy, which honestly is a great thing to see after a long day of work. We started our night off by meeting the amazing founders of Yorkshire Soap Company, who were absolutely amazing! It's great to meet the faces behind a brand, and talk to them, about your favourite products that they've created. I then enjoyed an amazing Rose Cocktail, which, I think was inspired by the Yorkshire Lass range, that, Yorkshire Soap Company are well known for. This contained Cava, wonderful Rose syrup, Vodka and much more.

A tall Champagne Flute filled with sparkling liquid and a faded pink Rose flower with a tall thin white and red striped paper straw on a bright background.

We walked around to the superb soap bar which is located in the middle of the grand store. This soap bar is filled with bright rectangular blocked of soap abstractly stacked on top of each other, with a black pot at the side of each stack so you could smell what the soap smells like before you buy it. Some of the soaps that I picked up and ooh and ahhed at, include, Chocolate Orange, Burnt Orange, Tropical, and, Summer Fruit Blossom. Spring/Summer always screams floral and citrus so all of these scents were fresh, bright and to die for!

A stubby black cylindrical bottle filled with oil with a bright silver label saying Summer Fruit Blossom in bold black font on a bright background.

After this, myself and Luke, enjoyed some delicious canapes, both sweet and savoury. My favourite canape had to be the little Macarons. I love a good Macaron, not matter what flavour or size, and these were no different. They fitted YSC aesthetic especially as they also sell Soap in the shape of a Cake Slice.

A large oval metal silver plate containing lots of little pink Macarons filled with pink buttercream on a bright background.

Next up in in the beauty browsing queue, is Bath Bombs and Bodycare section of the store. I love a good bath bomb, but, more importantly, I love a good body care product that keeps my dry as skin hydrated. Myself and Luke sniffed about every bath bomb that was at the new Harrogate store. The fun thing about the bath bombs at YSC, is that, they stock both their own (which are the most powerful bath bombs when it comes to scent that I've ever tried, and Bomb Cosmetics, who create kitschy inspired Bath Bombs. My favourite YSC bath bombs include, Peppermint Cream, Invigorate (which is zingy and just amazing for when you need a perk up), and Night Night Sweetheart (which has a deep sort of fruity scent to it.) I loved a few of the Bomb Cosmetic bath bombs such as, Sparkle and Shine which is smothered in glitter and lustre which instantly caught my eye, and, It's Not Easy Being Green, which instantly made me think about the sitcom 'Friends' and Kermit the Frog. If you love the grassy sort of scents then you will love this one! The founders of Yorkshire Soap Company, did tell me that, they are working on bath bombs that will look aesthetically out of this world whilst still delivering on the strong scent that is synonymous with their bath bombs. I also had a good play about with a couple of the body lotions, including, the Invigorate (which I absolutely adore), and Night Night Sweetheart (which is a bit more muted compared to the bomb which makes it perfect to put on before bed.)

A bright green spherical bath bomb held in a pale pink hand with a green miniature rubber frog on the top on a bright background

After picking up every bath bomb possible, we made our way over to look at two new ranges. The first range, which I absolutely love the idea of, is the Fizzpop from Yorkshire Soap Company. Fizzpop is a range of Popping Candy Bath Salts which you put into your bath and they crackle when running water is applied to it. There are several scents including Watermelon, Banana, Strawberry and many more. They produce such a strong scent and quite a long crackle, that I have used on its own in the bath and absolutely loved it.

A big square plastic tub filled with white and light pink powder with a black circular lid, the tub has a square pink label which has Fizzpops in bright light pink Pop Art inspired font on a bright background.

The second range that is new to Yorkshire Soap Company, is, the Shower Butters by Bomb Cosmetics. This amazing product can be used as an in shower moisturiser to save you time once you've finished having your shower. They are packed with Shea Butter to ensure that the skin is thorougly moisturised. This product comes in a plethora of scents, including, Mandarin, Pina Colada, Blackcurrant, Mint Choc Chip and many more. I wipe a wet flannel over the tub of butter, and, honestly, its more than enough to cover my body so a little goes a long way!

A wide cylindrical white tub with a white lid with a light orange lable on top saying Mandrain Shower Butter in white Pop Art inspired font on a bright background.

A tall elegan three tiered round glass table filled with square tubs which say Fizzpop in bright pink Pop Art inspired font and white wide cylindrical tubs with different coloured labels with Shower Butter in thick white font on a bright background.

Last but not least, Bath Oils. Okay, so I know that some think that Bath Oils are a bit gimmicky. Who wants to basically nearly slip in the bath whilst being sat down? But honestly, for someone with dry as skin for the hustle and bustle of life (and lactose intolerance but lets not get into that), Bath Oils are an amazing concept. Bath Truffles (as they are known at YSC), come in a plethora of scents but ensure that your skin is moisturised for a long time once one has been used. I love smelling the Cola Cube one as it smelt like a dark sort of sweet and spicy Cola scent, and the Yorkshire Lass one, as it had a floral but sweet scent which meant that it wasn't too strong for those who aren't the biggest fans of Rose. I love it at this time of year, but I know that everyone is different when it comes to scents.

Spherical glittery bath oils in a clear glass bowl oon a bright background

We received goodie bags, and, bought quite a few goodies, which I will put in another post by Monday if I can sort everything I need to this week out.

Have you ever been to Yorkshire Soap Company? Whats your favourte product? Let me know down below!

I hope that you've enjoyed this post and that you're having a great week. I hope that you come back next time for another post.

Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x

We were invited to this event, and, received goods or services for attending. All views, opinions and ramblings are my own. 

Joining Forces With Shoes & Superheroes | Marvel X Vans Collection First Impressions

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I hope that you're doing well! Today, I thought that I would talk to you all about the new Marvel X Vans Collection that is about to drop on June 8th. I thought that it would be fun to create this post, as, I love Vans, and own a lot of Vans including glitter ones, colourful ones, and ones from collections such as the Disney and Peanut collections.

Just before I get into the post, the internet is a free and wide open space, I know that certain blogs and blog posts can be for certain people, so, if you don't like the content that I am putting out in this post or my blog, then, simply click off and read something else.

Two wide white rectangles next to each other with a thin red border, with one saying marvel in bold white font with a red outline, with Vans in a bold black font on a white background.

A group birds eye shot of two pairs of slip on Vans (one in a bright red with white detailing and another in a checkerboard design with a green foot bursting out of it) and a light blue and silver pair of laced Vans on a white background.

A group birds eye view of two pairs of Hi-Sk8 Vans (one (one in a red with black detailing to match Deadpools suit and a pair of Black to match Black Panther) and a pair of white slip-ons with small animated pictures of Avengers printed all over them on a white background.

Sharing a rich heritage rooted in creative expression and empowerment (which can be shown via other collections such as Vans x Disney & Vans X Peanuts), Vans and Marvel join forces once again to launch their largest collaboration to date. Celebrating the “Off The Wall” Super Heroes of the Marvel Universe, Vans introduces an extensive range of co-branded footwear, apparel and accessories featuring an all-star roster of iconic personas including The Avengers, Black Panther, Deadpool, Iron Man, Hulk and more! The Vans x Marvel collection is an epic collaboration for the ages, assembling a massive line-up of 70-plus styles for fans of all ages.

The Vans x Marvel collection kicks off with a selection of footwear inspired by The Avengers. Representing the Super Hero squad, a custom Old Skool has been outfitted with a unique colour story to symbolise key members; a vivid blue toe-box and shield graphic heel counter are a nod to Captain America while the shoe tongue has been reimagined to mimic a piece of Iron Man’s high-tech suit of armor. Finishing details include a silver leather wing Sidestripe that takes styling cues from the all-mighty Thor and a brightly coloured outsole that don Hulk’s signature green and purple tones. The Authentic presents a subtler aesthetic, showcasing additional Marvel Super Heroes such as Black Panther, Black Widow and Spider-Man in an allover print that also matches back to a selection of men’s t-shirts, hat, sandal and sock options as well as a special checkered apparel pack just for women.

I think that the first two are amazing for those who can't make their minds up and want a little bit of everything, I love the mixture of Marvel characters within both, but, as Vans instantly show there is something for everyone even just from the above two. One for the bold, and, one for the subtle, as personally, I think the smaller printer is a bit more subtle.

Black Panther, Hulk and Spider-Man are seen once again in the collection with their own dedicated capsules. Stylized with heavy-duty ripstop, claw-like hardware and embossed embellishments, the Black Panther Sk8-Hi references King T’Challa’s vibranium suit. Black Panther makes another appearance on the Vans x Marvel short sleeve tee and Torrey jacket, combining classic comic book artwork with vintage Vans graphics. The Classic Slip-On showcases Hulk’s amazing strength as his feet burst through the checkerboard pattern of Vans’ cherished lace-free sneaker. Hulk fans can rejoice in building an incredible head-to-toe look, as he has his own hat, t-shirt and sock styles while She Hulk makes her debut on the Vans x Marvel Pull Over Hoodie and short sleeve tee. Spider-Man’s superhuman abilities are on full display across the Classic Slip-On sneaker and Slide-On sandal while his spider web motifs and core colours influence the design of additional men’s, women’s and kid’s apparel and accessory pieces. Like a true arch nemesis, Venom counters Spider-Man’s vivid colors with a small-yet-sinister apparel offering that features the symbiotic Super Villain’s menacing grin. Deadpool makes a surprise cameo in the Vans x Marvel collection with a special colorway of the Sk8-Hi. Detailed in durable red and black leather, Vans’ coveted high-top is inspired by Deadpool’s suit, with weapons such as the katana and ninja stars embedded in its build for added protection against foes.

Let's give it up for She-Hulk, I think that if you want a shoe that is versatile but still screams Marvel then Black Panther is your best bet. If you love Spidey in any form/actor (especially the latest Homecoming/Tom Holland era) then the Spiderman ones are for you. I think that the Red and Black accents draw towards the foot but not too much to the point where anything else bright would clash. If you love a good pair of Vans then you will love the Hulk ones, you could always pair the Hulk Vans with She-Hulk hoodie for a smashing Marvel based outfit. I always love a good Vans hat, so Marvel Vans Hats excite me a lot.

A birds eye group shot of a red and black hi-sk8 shoes, a red, black and checkered backpack, a white top with a red, white and blue circles with a silver star in the middle, a pair of regular laced vans with several colours including red blue and silver, and a black trucker hat with a logo consisting of red, white and blue circles with a silver star on a white background.

The women of Marvel present their own ensembles within the Vans x Marvel collection, showcasing upgraded materials, rare patterns and signature colors across the assortment of women’s apparel, accessories and footwear. The Classic Slip-On pays homage to Black Widow with sleek nylon uppers and a beveled outsole in an all-black colorway like her bodysuit. A rubberised Black Widow logo is outlined in red for a subtle contrast and ballistic canvas quarter panels put the finishing touches on this stealthy style. Captain Marvel’s heroic hues empower the Sk8-Hi with red suede and blue canvas uppers while gold covers the Sidestripe and accents the back-heel counter with a cut-out eight-point star, Captain Marvel’s cherished emblem. Captain Marvel makes her apparel debut on a pullover, ringer tee and crew tee in her own “Off The Wall” logo pose; her suit’s colors and iconography inspire brand new backpack and crew sock accessories. The women of Marvel team up for a special, graphic-focused capsule that includes the Authentic, Slide-On sandal and an assortment of women’s apparel and accessories. The action-packed allover print features memorable heroines such as Medusa, Scarlet Witch, Storm and more!

Again, if you want a great Marvel black pair of Vans that will go with everything that you wear, then, the Black Widow ones will be great for you. The slight hint of red makes the black somehow look more powerful and stylish. I love the Captain Marvel ones, I think that if you love Captain Marvel or want to show off that you love the MCU then these are definitely for you (and you can pair it with the Captain Marvel apparel). I love the Women of Marvel Slide-Ons as they give a strong edge to a casual Slide-On.

A birds eye group shot of several pairs of Vans including classic red and white Vans, red and black vans, red vans with small white detailing, silver and light blue Vans and white slip-ons with animated detailing of Avengers on a white background.

Kids and toddlers can get in on the action with their own apparel and footwear styles from the Vans x Marvel collection. Highlights from the assortment includes kids-only footwear styles including the Sk8-Hi Zip featuring Spider-Man, Authentic featuring the women of Marvel pattern in full colour and the Classic Slip-On showcasing Baby Groot across Vans’ iconic checkerboard motif.

First of all, can I buy the Baby Groot ones just to look at, or, would that be super weird? I love how Vans are ensuring that the kids and adults can both get fully submerged into the MCU in all ways (shoes, clothing and accessories) no matter what.

The Vans x Marvel collection will be available to shop at Vans retail stores, such as Schuh, and select locations globally beginning June 8. Sign up now and get early access online and in store.

All photos were supplied via the PR for Vans.

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