Monday 29 August 2022

Having A Fiesta In My Nouth | McDonalds UK Taste Of Spain & Cyprus Menu Review | The Spicy Spanish Stack & The Chicken Fiesta

 Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I recently tried the burgers from the limited edition Tastes Of Spain & Cyprus Range from McDonalds UK and I thought that today I’d talk to you all about them. 

The Spicy Spanish Stack 

‘Delicious layers of two 100% beef patties, chilli cheddar, red onion, spicy tomato sauce and lettuce served up in a warm paprika flavoured bun.’ - McDonalds UK. 

A white square box with the spicy Spanish stack in red font on a bright background

The texture of this wasn’t the best. The Meat was a bit dry which wasn’t too bad but I’m picky with textures and prefer my burgers to not be dry but I do get that it can happen on a busy day at McDonalds. This was contrasted with soft texture of the Paprika Bun and the crisp crunch that came from the Lettuce and Red Onion. 

A photo of a burger consisting of dark brown circular patties green lettuce white cheese and purple red onions in a slightly stained red golden brown circular bun on a bright background

The first element of this burger that jumped onto my tongue was the meat of the patty. Slightly seasoned and savoury. After this, the spicy tomato sauce danced on my tongue. Alongside this, the Red Onion jumped onto my tongue and provided an extra element of sharpness and spice. The final sort of flavour that tantalised my taste buds was the slightly creamy cheese which was instantly contrasted with the slightly spicy Paprika Bun which left a very subtle stain on the inside of my mouth. To me, I think that this burger could’ve packed a lot more flavour. I know taste is subject but I think that the spiciest could have stood out a little bit more but I guess with McDonalds catering to a UK audience who are known for keeping things mild then it made sense to do so with this burger. 6.5/10.

The Chicken Fiesta 

‘A delicious crispy chicken fillet topped with chorizo, chilli cheddar, spicy tomato sauce, red onion and lettuce served up in a warm toasted chilli and paprika topped bun.’ - McDonalds UK. 

A square white box with the chicken fiesta in green font on a bright background

The texture of this burger was amazing. The crunchy chicken contrasted with the crunchy batter and red onions. The sauce added a smoothness to the Burger whilst the cheese added some creaminess which went against the slightly floury burger bun amazingly. 

A photo of a golden brown circular chicken burger with green lettuce, red sauce, white cheese with a slightly more stained red golden brown circular floured burger bun on a bright background

The taste of this burger was phenomenal in my opinion. The Chicken was succulent and had a very savoury taste to it. This contrasted with the slightly spicy Chorizo. These two were both contrasted with the refreshing Lettuce and Red Onion which added a bit of freshness. The Cheese cut through a bit of the savoury and spice even if it was meant to be Chilli Cheese…The Bun rounded everything out and have a lasting impression through its use of Chilli and Paprika. It’s obvious that the flavouring that I was missing in the firs burger was hiding in this second burger. 9/10.

Am I glad that I tried these burgers? Definitely. Would I want them to return to the menu at a later date? Probably the Chicken Fiesta as I loved the flavours of the burger. 

Have you tried these burgers? Let me know down below!

Check out McDonalds UK. 

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Jamie x

Monday 22 August 2022

Garnier Body Superfood Cocoa & Ceramide Body Cream Review

 Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I recently saw that Garnier had a new product out and that it was on offer at Boots so I went down to my local Boots and grabbed some. I thought that today I’d talk to you all about my thoughts on it. 

A long shot of an open white and blue cylindrical tub with garner skin food cocoa and ceramics in white with an circular lid of the same colours next to it on a bright background

‘Garnier Body Superfood Cocoa & Ceramide contains ingredients of 97% natural origin. This fast absorbing butter hydrates up to 10 layers deep and provides an up to 48h repairing effect. For very dry skin types. 

Garnier Body Superfood Cocoa & Ceramide is formulated for normal skin and enriched with two powerful key ingredients! Cocoa is known for its extra nourishing properties & Ceramide is a powerful skin supplement known for its repairing properties.

This powerful body butter leaves the skin feeling instantly hydrated, up to 10 layers deep*, for results you can feel and provides up to 48 hour hydrating repair. With ingredients of 97% Natural Origin - this product is a vegan formula. All Garnier products globally are officially approved by Cruelty Free International under the Leaping Bunny Programme, the leading organisation working to end animal testing worldwide, and the recognised Cruelty Free Gold Standard.’ - Garnier UK. 

List of ingredients: 


The scent of this product is quite clean and creamy. As the product states, this product consists of mainly Cocoa Butter and Ceramides. Due to this, the scent is pretty much just Cocoa Butter which I adore. Cocoa Butter to me always reminds me of cold Winter days and baking. I'm not sure why but it just does so the scent of this cream to me is very nostalgic and soothing which if I am applying this product at nighttime then I am more than fine with that. In the morning, this scent is a great creamy base for me to jump from in regards to the perfume that I want to wear that particular day. 

The texture of this product is quite an unusual one to me. When I scooped it out of the tub, it was quite thick which I expected due to it being for very dry skin which is definitely my skin type. (I am pretty sure I was a lizard in a past life with the dry skin that I have). When I massaged it into my skin, it stayed the same texture and took a while to sink in which again I expected due to the creams and oils and how my skin is. However, when it sank into my skin, I realised that it had set into a slightly matte finish which I wasn't expecting but I really liked it as it meant that I didn't have to be worried about the cream sticking to clothes or anything like that which I have definitely had before with other body creams. 

When I have left it on during the night, I have noticed a severe amount of difference in my skin! I think with how much you get in the tub as well, you can use this on a regular basis to ensure that your skin stays hydrated. I mean that is definitely what I have been doing and I have been loving it as I can tell how great my skin feels. I think that one of the reasons that my skin has felt so good when I have used this product is due to the addition of Ceramides as these help the skin massively and have done whether it be body or face when I have used a product that contains Ceramides. 

Will I buy this again? Oh definitely! A massive tub of creamy goodness that makes my skin feel gorgeous? Who would decide to skip on that? I am intrigued to try one of the other versions of this product once I am done with the Cocoa and Ceramides one just to see what they are like These are definitely worth a try to anyone who is a bit unsure on purchasing one. I even got mine on offer in Boots whilst I was just in to have a look at some other products. 9/10. 

Have you tried this product? Let me know down below. 

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Jamie x 

Photos provided by Garnier UK. All views are my own. 

Thursday 11 August 2022

Kin Thai - The Broadway Bradford Review

Hey everyone! 

I was recently invited to go check out Kin Thai at my hometown shopping centre The Broadway Bradford and I thought that today I would talk to you all about it. 

'With our solid background in restaurants , we are now creating a new healthy concept around Thai food in a mall kiosk. Modern Thai food to grab and go!' - The Broadway Bradford. 

Due to the heatwave that is going on at the minute I decided to stick to the bubble teas that Kin Thai have to offer.

Myself and Luke had decided to make a trip into Bradford City Centre. As it was a couple of days after Luke’s Birthday, we decided to grab a slice of Cake and Ice Cream from the wonderful Cake Ole that is located in the heart of Bradford City Centre. After this, we had a quick jaunt around the superb shopping centre itself. After this, we decided that it was time to go and check out the wonderful people over at Kin Thai. 

I got to see how the staff at Kin Thai create their wonderful Bubble Teas and you can instantly see the passion that they have for creating their products. After a brief conversation, I decided to try out their traditional Thai Milk Tea. Luke prefers the fruitier sort of Bubble Teas so the staff suggested that he tried their Miss Kin tea. 

Twi cylindrical clear cups, one filled with white liquid with some brown specks and black spherical balls and one filled with orange liquid and red orange spherical balls on a bright background with kin in black writing on the cups.

After shaking the Bubble Tea up, I punched my straw through the lid and took a sip. If anyone knows me then they will know that I am notoriously bad at punching Boba straws through the lid of a Bubble Tea so I was surprised when I didn’t make a mess of doing it for once. I took a sip of the Thai Milk Tea and oh god it was gorgeous. Milky but not cloyingly sweet. The Tea flavour itself still had room to shine which I really liked as it cut through some of the sweetness of the Milk. Dwfinitely a drink worth getting again. The Pearls themselves were slightly chewy and bouncy but not too chewy which is my perfect pearl consistency personally. The Pearls themselves seemed to add a slight nutty taste to the drink which again helped to cut through the milk. I love anything nutty so I really liked this flavour combination. I can definitely see myself getting again and again! 

Like most Bubble Tea vendors, you can choose the amount of sugar and ice that you want in your drink which I really like as I have sweet tooth and normally don't like too much ice in my drinks. The price for the Thai Milk Tea for a regular is £4 and a large is £5. 

Luke got the Miss Kin Tea. This tea consists of Jasmine Tea,Passionfruit & Strawberry and what I believe is Passionfruit Popping Boba if I remember correctly. (I could be completely wrong and my memory could be deceiving me but I am pretty sure that it was Passionfruit Popping Boba. I loved this drink. It was so refreshing! The Strawberry added a bit of sweetness whereas the Passionfruit added a bit of tang which created an amazing flavour combination. The Jasmine added a slight light floral note which didn't overwhelm the flavours of the drink at all. The Popping Boba added a textural aspect which was to die for. I always love how the balls just pop in your mouth! (I know that Popping Boba are a love or loathe type of food, let me know your opinion in the comments below). The price of this drink started at £4.50 for a regular and costs £5 for a large. 

I loved both of them and before I give them a severely high high rating, I need to go and try some of the other flavours such as the Ube and Mango flavours. It's been hard to find Luke a good Bubble Tea when I grab so Many of them and well Luke adored Kin Thai so that should scream how good their Bubble Teas are. I think once I have tried the other flavours and some of their food then I can give them a accurate rating but for now its a 9.5/10. 

Check out Kin Thai on Instagram. 

Have you tried Kin Thai? Let me know down below. 

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Jamie x

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This post was in return of a product or service. All views are my own. 

Lush Biomic Body Cream First Impressions

 Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I popped into Lush recently and saw that there was a new product so I knew that I had to tell you guys all about it. 

A white hand holding a cylindrical black tub with a black circular lid with bionic body cream lush in white font on a bright background


Meadowsweet Infusion, Glycerine, Organic Almond Oil, Propylene Glycol, Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Fresh Rose Petal Infusion, Organic Jojoba Oil, Stearic Acid, Tiger Lily Extract, Organic Avocado Oil, Sacha Inchi Oil, Organic Cold Pressed Evening Primrose Oil, Cetearyl Alcohol, Orange Blossom Honey, Triethanolamine, Lemongrass Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil, Jasmine Absolute, Beeswax, Benzyl Salicylate, *Citral, *Limonene, *Linalool, Perfume

If you are a fan of Lush then you may remember this product being out years ago under the name ‘Lovely Jubblies’. 

The texture of this product is a fun one to me. It’s thick to the point of if you tip the tub upside down nothing comes out but as soon as you scoop some out of the product it’s slightly more of a creamy consistency rather than thicker than egg whites whipped to thick peaks. When massaging this product into the skin it stays that sort of same slightly thick but not too thick cream and takes a while to sink into the skin due to well being a thick consistency and full of oils, butters and infusions. If you apply it straight after a shower or bath then obviously this cream loosens up a bit due to mixing with the residue of water left on the skin from said shower or bath so if you like body products that are little bit thinner then apply then. I’ve been mainly applying it both ways and honestly it depends on my mood and time of day on which way I’m applying it. When it is applied to the skin, I did notice that it does leave the skin with a slightly firming and sort of taut feeling to it which I quite liked but I have only been trying this for a week so I want to try this out for a little bit longer before I claim that this product does ‘firm’ the skin like I do with most beauty products when I’m reviewing them. (Just to reiterate the sinking in note, I applied a tiny bit before typing this paragraph around fifteen minutes ago and I’m still waiting for it to sink in). 

The scent of Biomic is a slightly peculiar one. I did try to compare the scent of this product with its former version but I don't fully remember what Lovely Jibblies smells like due to it being a fair amount of time since LJ was discontinued from Lush. When I first apply this to my skin, the main scent that comes through is a peppery floral sent. I believe that this is from the mixture of Meadowsweet, Tiger Lily and Rose Petals. Once the product has sinked into the skin, Biomic turns into a slightly light citrus scent. I think that this is mainly from the Lemongrass and Orange Blossom that is in the product. The two mix together to create a very peppery floral scent with a slight hint of citrus. I wish that there was a little bit more citrus in this product as depending when you smell it you can't really smell any of the citrus. 

Once I have finished this sample, I might buy the product in its full size pot. As a little goes a long way I know that it would take me a while to get through it. However, I think that this is an amazing product with some good firming properties so if I did buy I would be using it as much as possible. Prices start from £11 for Biomic. 

Check out Lush

Have you tried Biomic? Let me know down below. 

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