Tuesday 28 August 2018

Taking Pride In The Clothes We Wear | Outfit Of The Day


How are you?

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I thought that i would show you my Outfit Of The Day from my adventure in Leeds. (If you havent read it then do so.)

As I said, I had an amazing day hanging out with Michelle getting up to a few things such as, shopping, listening to great music. gossiping and doing quirky stuff such as getting filmed for ITV, getting a glass of Whiskey spilled on me, and, talking about inexplicit topics in the middle of a pub next to an old aged couple. Oops.

A person with light brown quiffed hair and round green and brown glasses wearing black leather jacket, blue shirt, black tshirt with a white skull on it, blue chinos and blue vans with little white snoopys all over it looking into the distance sat on multicoloured rainbow steps on a bright background.

We ended up walking back to the train station, and, noticed the rainbow steps that head down to Freedom Quarter. I remembered them from when I went to Leeds Pride a few weeks ago. As Michelle is a professional photographer and a photography student, she thought that it would be a great idea to get some unique and fun shots on the steps.

I love Pride and I love everything that the rainbow flag stands for. I know that Pride has become a bit commercial but. that's for an entirely different post. I thought that it would be great to get some shots in front of something that encompasses equality and the freedom to be yourself. I'm still trying to grasp my confidence and rock the world like the confident kween that I am. Yes, kween, but hey ho.

A lot of the stuff that i am wearing is from Primark, not because I've been sponsored, but mainly because as a student, I like to wander into Primark and then end up getting far too many items of clothes due to them being pretty cheap.

The Jacket that I am wearing is from Primark. It was priced at £16 and is made of a pleather sort of material. I wear it out and about mainly because I want a Leather Jacket, but, I don't want to sacrifice my ethics of being animal friendly. It also adds to the grunge inspired aesthetic that I want to submerge my life in.

The shirt that i am wearing is from Primark. I believe it's from Primark or Boohoo, I can't fully remember. It's a Blue checked thick short sleeve Flannel Shirt, that is slightly thick but as the weather has slightly gotten a bit nippy, so I thought that it would be a good idea to wear it.

Next on the outfit list is the tshirt. A black Misfits T-shirt that has a white skull embedded on the front, with Misfits in white on the back. I originally got this from Pulp a few year ago, but, I got it in the biggest size possible so I can wear it no matter what... Even if I put a couple of pounds on, or off. This also adds to the grunge inspired look.

I then wore light blue chinos. This is rare, as I normally stick to dark stretch skinny jeans, but as England has had a massive heatwave, I've been wearing slightly lighter fabrics. I love anything blue but chinos make everything look a little bit more smarter which I enjoyed. As I was meeting Michelle, I wanted to look nice!

To finish it off the outfit, I decided to wear electric Blue Snoopy Vans. Yes, I love Snoopy. Yes, I know that they're childish. No, I don't care if they look cringy or tacky. I love them! I also think that the blue slightly goes with the Blue Chinos. I also think that Vans are one of the comfiest trainer/sneaker brands ever. I just love them!

A close up of a guy staring outwards with round brown and green glasses with quiffed light brown hair, black leather jacket, blue shirt, black tshirt with a white skull on the front of it and bright blue chinos sat on rainbow coloured steps on a brigth background.

Do you like this outfit?

I hope that you have enjoyed this fashion post. I hope that you come back next time to read another post! 

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Jamie x 

Friday 24 August 2018

My Day Out WIth Michelle | As It Is, Shopping & Food


How are you?

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I went to Leeds last week with Michelle, and well, I thought that I would tell you all about it. I will also be tagging Michelle throughout this post, so, if you want to check her out then do so!

Michelle with a blonde ponytail with a beige fluffy jumper with a black backpack on with dark eye makeup and a nude lip with Jamie with a nude lip with quiffed hair wearing a black leather jacket, a blue flannel shirt and a black tshirt with a white skull

The day started off by me being up at 7am, getting ready and grabbing everything and running for the bus... Well by running, I mean fast walk. (I do not run unless very necessary, for example, after ice cream vans.) I headed to Bradford Interchange, walked past the photo of myself advertising the MCard (if you havent heard of the MCard then check it out,) I scanned my MCard and went to Leeds supping an energy drink. Yes, i know that they're not healthy but, a scolding hot cup of coffee on a moving bus, no thank you.

I arrived at Leeds City Centre and walked towards the Core Shopping Centre, where Michelle was waiting outside for me, waving with one hand and holding a cup of Coffee with the other hand. We sat down on a slightly cold bench and chatted about a lot of things, things that I can't probably ever go into without causing some form of trouble. We walked towards the HMV which is situated within The Core and purchased As It Is' new album 'The Great Depression'. We have both loved As It Is and their music for a long while. The fun thing about purchasing the album on the day that we were in, was that we were also able to go to a little gig of theirs in HMV later on in the day, and, get our albums signed by As It Is themselves. (If you have been reading Jamie Sowden for a while, then you will know that one of my first posts were about an As It Is gig.)

A picture OF Michelle with flowing blonde hair with dark eye makeup and a nude lip with a beige jumper on and a black backpack pouting on a bright background

A picture OF Michelle with flowing blonde hair with dark eye makeup and a nude lip with a beige jumper on and a black backpack smiling on a bright background

We made our way towards Lush. Honestly, when myself and Michelle first met, it was a mixture of As It Is, Lush and Disney that helped us to bond on a lovely but intense level. We entered the quiet but whimsical store. I showed Michelle the new Bath Art products, which she loved due to their being a Snow Fairy based product. She is the queen of Snow Fairy. We made our way around and found the new Magic Crystals Scrub and tried it out. (You can also read my post about that.) We chatted to the lovely staff members and then made our way onto Harvey Nichols. Yes, you heard me right.

Harvey Nichols is the epitome of high class shopping, and, Michelle felt unworthy so, I told her to act like Jeffree Star and to not be afraid of swatching products. We went to Fenty Beauty, and, I showed her some of the new products (if you want to find out what I thought about their new stuff then read the post here.) She loved some of the products and then we made our way to Victoria Quarter, and, checked out the Charlotte Tilbury stand. We chatted to the staff members and tried out the Lip Lustre in a lovely Nude colour. I was also told to try the Magic Cream, which I haven't yet. If there is anything from Charlotte Tilbury that I should try, comment below!

Next on our journey was Victoria Gate to check out T2, as Michelle loves her tea. We tried a wonderful Peach Iced Tea. After this, we wandered around John Lewis and checked out Bobbi Brown  and smelt a few fragrances including Viktor and Rolf's Spicebomb Intense and a fragrance from Jimmy Choo. Both were to die for!

Whilst making our way back from Victoria Leeds, I was stopped by the ITV to talk about air pollution within Leeds and how it affects the public. It was random but fun. I did it mainly because, Michelle didn't want to and, I felt like it was my duty as a Media student to participate.

Carrying on with our adventure, we made our way to Wetherspoons. Me, Michelle and Wetherspoons is never a non-entertaining or a quick thing. One of Michelle's most memorable moments is shouting about wine whilst being drunk. That was a fun night. We sat down, ordered our food and drink and chatted about well, everything. I decided to throw caution to the wind, and ordered a Whiskey which is rare. The only problem doing that was that the bartender brought too much over in one go, and well, spilt it all over me. I didn't mind smelling of Whiskey with notes of Coconut and Vanilla. We ate, chatted some more. ordered more drinks, chatted more and then made our way back to HMV.

We queued up. got into the store and made our way to the staging area to watch the intimate set. It was amazing, well, except for the two guys at the side of me and Michelle expressing their views that screamed toxic masculinity and didn't shut up about women throughout the set. We sang along, filmed and cheered the band on whilst they performed. After the set, we made our way to queue up to get our albums signed. We were thankful that we were away from the annoying guys. We got our albums signed, chatted to the guys, smiled.

A photo of myself smiling with quiffed brown hair, a black leather jacket, blue flannel shirt, a black top with a white skull embedded onto it with a nube lip and white skin and Michelle pouting with a nude lip and dark eye makeup with her blonde hair in a ponytail with a beige jumper and a black backpack in the photo on a bright background.

A photo of myself smiling with quiffed brown hair, a black leather jacket, blue flannel shirt, a black top with a white skull embedded onto it with a smiling nube lip and white skin and Michelle pouting with a nude lip and dark eye makeup with her blonde hair in a ponytail with a beige jumper and a black backpack in the photo on a bright background.

A bald man with circular black glasses, a black cap and a beard wearing a black shirt and black skinny jeans with a guitar looking down on a brown chair with a black and white checkered wall behind them on a brigth background

A zoomed out photo of a man wearing a black beanie with medium black hair  wearing a black top and black skinny jeans  with a guitar and a black microphone on a brown chair with a black and white checkered wall behind them on a brigth background

A photo of a man wearing a black beanie with medium black hair  wearing a black top and black skinny jeans  with a guitar and a black microphone on a brown chair with a black and white checkered wall behind them on a brigth background

After the gig, we made our way to Costa, I got a Lacto-free Coconut Mocha. They are to die for. Michelle got a pot of Earl Grey Tea. We chatted, sipped our drinks and decided that we would pop into Primark. Our wander into Primark consisted of looking at all of the new Friends clothing (I was tempted to get the We were on a break vest), and Disney clothing including Disney Pyjamas. We had a look at socks and I ended up getting some cute Mario socks, and a cute Japanese inspired Sonic The Hedgehog top.

A person with slicked back brown hair, green and brown circular glasses, a nude lip and lip piercing, wearing a bright white glittery coat, blue shirt and a black top with a white skull embedded onto it on a bright background.

Finally, we made our way to take a few photos at Freedom Quarter, which will be featured in my next post which is a OOTD post. We grabbed McDonalds and made our way to our trains.

A long shot of Michelle with a blonde ponytail wearing a beige jumper, light blue pants and sparkly silver Doc Martens spread out on a rainbow staircase

A mid shot of Michelle posing with a blonde ponytail wearing a beige jumper, light blue pants and sparkly silver Doc Martens spread out on a rainbow staircase

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this lifestyle post. I hope that you come back next time for another post.

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Jamie x

Tuesday 21 August 2018

Stirring Up Some Magic | Magic Crystals |The New Scrub From Lush

Hey everyone!

Welcome to a brand new blog post! Today, I'm talking to you about the new scrub that is available at all Lush stores. Double, double, boil and trouble. Keep reading to find out what I thought about the Magic Crystals Scrub.

Lush have been bringing out a plethora of products, via avenues such as the Lush Labs platform that they have created online, but within the past week, they have released both the Vanillary Body Spray (comment down below if you want me to talk about that in a separate post0 and the Magic Crystals Body Scrub. I'm going to guess that this product is based around spells and Harry Potter, like their Secret Arts Jelly Bath Bomb.

A photo of three big black cylindrical plastic posts saying Magic Crystals in bold white font on a wooden rectangular slab on a bright background.

Ingredients and Smell: 

I thought that I would start off via talking about the ingredients. I know that this sounds a bit weird, but, I want to ensure that when it comes to beauty products and reviews, that I'm as informative as I can be.

List of ingredients: 
Epsom Salts Fine Sea Salt Sodium Laureth Sulfate Sodium Cocoamphoacetate Perfume Fresh Mint Infusion Fresh Rosemary Infusion Fresh Sage Infusion Propylene Glycol Menthol Crystals Peppermint Oil Spearmint Oil Aniseed Oil Lactic Acid Titanium Dioxide Lauryl Betaine *Limonene Colour 17200 Colour 42090:2

Fine Sea Salt and Epsom Salts instantly help to scrub away any dead skin that is on your body. The Mint infusion helps to invigorate and help you feel awake during the day. The Aniseed Oil helps to stimulate the mind. The Rosemary and Sage infusions ensure to cleanse and tone the skin which means that you can put the scrub on, moisturise and then go on with your day.

When you instantly smell Magic Crystals, you get the Mint infusion, Spearmint Oil and Menthol Crystals. It reminds me straightaway of Intergalactic/Creme De Menthe Mouthwash. The Aniseed Oil adds a deeper scent to the Mint which makes it more pleasant, instead of wow too much mint in the morning. The Rosemary and Sage come through more when scrubbing it.

What It Does: 

The product is a sort of thick liquid cream texture therefore, you have to scoop it out, which can be messy if you just shove your hand in not knowing how much you actually need. When you scrub it on the skin, you can feel that it is a fine texture due to the Sea Salt. This means that, it gets into the nooks and crannies of your skin. Due to the Oils, after you have washed the product off, your skin feels really smooth. I have Dry Skin, which means that finding a good scrub is quite hard to do but this one worked well on my skin. I would recommend (and I will put this in bold for extra emphasis) like any Mint based product, please be careful if you use it on your private bits, as I can see this being ten times more extreme than a well known Mint Shower Gel.


This product comes in two sizes. It comes in at £10.95 for a 300g Black Tub, or, £19.95 for a 625g Black Tub. Yes, this is expensive and I do think that it could be made in a smaller tub or slightly less expensive, but you do have to remember that you're paying for all of the amazing fresh ingredients and oils that go into a product. If you do want to stick to Lush for scrubs but think that this is on the expensive side, then you can always look at their solid scrubs.

Overall Opinion and Rating: 

I think that for a scrub, it does it's job. I love the name of the product and I love the fact that it is a fine scrub, instead of the chunky ones that end up everywhere when you try to apply them. I personally love the Mint smell. I know that some won't, but, I love the Intergalactic Bath Ballistic, and I love the scent of this product! I do think that it's best to portion it up, mainly because, if you take the whole tub into the shower or bath, then I can see it getting messy. I do think that the price is a bit on the pricy side, but liquid scrubs do last a long time, so you'll definitely get your moneys worth!

Check out Lush for all of your fresh Skincare needs.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post and I hope that you come back next time for another great post!

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Jamie x 

Telling It Like It Is | Mental Health

Hey everyone!

Welcome to a brand new post! Today, I'll be talking to you all about how my mental health has been like recently, and, what it's like right now. If you don't want to read this post then that's completely fine. At Jamie Sowden, there's plenty of posts from food to beauty and everything in between, so, if you don't want to read this then please read one of my other great posts.

A picture of a mans legs in dark skinny jeans and their arms in a white shirt with a womans arms in a white jumper and legs in dark pants both with black shoes on a bright background.

Honestly. I think that it might be best for me to section out this post into sections otherwise I will probably end up merging five different topics into one paragraph.

TRIGGER WARNING: Mentions of mental health, self harm, suicide, depression, anxiety, dysphoria. 


I realise that starting off with this section might have not been the best way to start a post, but, ugh, loneliness has affected me so much and it slightly intertwines with university so i'm going to try and keep this bit to outside university and then put the rest in the uni section. Outside of university, I just get lonely every, well, week. I get that this instantly sounds attention seeking, but its the truth. It's just shit to realise that there is people around but you still feel like, well no one gives a fuck. Again, I get that it sounds attention grabbing. The quote from Gaga's Five Foot Two, where she talks about going from being surrounded by everyone to being on your own resonates with me so much. I just never really feel like I completely fit anywhere, and yes, some of this feeds into other sections but honestly, I've gone out just because I knew that I needed to. Loneliness can affect whenever and honestly, it makes my depression ten times worse. I just feel like I'm a massive burden quite a bit. It also feeds into friends. I have friends, trust me, I have a fair few, and I made tonnes more due to blogging, but I just never really feel like they're my friends? I just constantly feel like every time I try to talk to them, that there's a sense of pity in the atmosphere? I don't know. I consider Michelle, Abbey and a fair few others as close friends, but they all have their own things going on and, I dunno, I just don't want to bother them even more. I know that they won't feel like I'm bothering them but I know that they're going through a lot and to add my shit on top. Well, it just feels stupid to do so.

My Gender: 

Okay, so this is a weird one to get into. Let's start off with some basics. Sex and gender are not the same. They're not the same. They're definitely not the same. (Got that into your head? Right we can carry on.) Gender is a very weird thing for me. Not in a bad way. It's just that being well what I am (if we're labelling it then I prefer genderqueer), makes me feel more lonely sometimes? I feel like I don't fit into a community a lot. A lot of the LGBT+ community don't understand the concept of being genderqueer and they hate that they can't completely define it, therefore, they push out people on this basis, and well, I've probably not made it best for me within the trans community and that's my own fault. i just, I don't feel like I belong there sometimes? Not in a bad way again, it's just I honestly have no idea what the fuck is going on in my head and what I want to be, and here I am, surrounded by the most amazing group I could know, not feeling completely valid in my own skin because I don't know what I am. I don't know how I'm meant to be or feel. As I said, that's probably my own fault? I also hate feeling dysphoric. (Read my gender post if you want to know what that means), I just never fully feel like I'm in the right skin, whether I'm feeling masculine or feminine. I just, I feel abnormal and unconfident as. I constantly feel judged if I'm wanting to look at something but i'M portraying the opoosite sex than what I'm feeling. I always kind of feel like someone is going to come up to me, challenge me about, ramble on about 'if I can be what I want to be then they can be a shark' and then get punched. I guess it's the same when it comes to dating within the LGBT+ community. Yes marriage is a thing, but we don't have equality. The media still portray us as a community as a moral panic. Something to stay away and fear and therefore violent parties can justify their violent actions due to this. I just want to not feel like a piece of shit from wanting to be who I want to be, whether thats masc or fem depening on the situation. Both, neither, it's up to me, and I'm figuring it out but I just wish that it didn't involve other parites. I just dunno, i wish I could exude that fuck it confidence instead of feeling out of place within the world and wanting to not exist within this fucked up society.

The First Year Of University: 

Again, first things first, university isn't exactly what you think and, for any first year's going to Uni first, I'm really sorry to break that news to you. Moving into my own place was honestly, an experience of its own. It was mentally and physically draining. I know Leeds well but moving there and living there, that's new. I just didn't know anyone and anyone that I did know was working. It was hard, and honestly it made me cling to anyone that I could. Honestly I'm thankful to Nate, Craig and Abbey for being there and inviting me out. It put a massive strain on my depression. Coping in the darkness on my own was a completely new thing too. I have an eye condition and it screws my vision up in the dark. This means walking back from uni, which included walking over a bridge, ended up becoming random panic attacks a lot of the time. I just didn't know what I was doing. This also came into my loneliness. I just felt like I was in this weird singular bubble not knowing what was going on, even though I knew what I was doing at Uni. That's the thing about doing something you know and love. You actually feel safe to an extent. I spent most of my time shopping and if not then I'd be back at my flat before it got dark. Finding friends that understand your condition at University is harder than you would expect on both levels. Them understanding and me explaining, this honestly made me feel like I was just becoming a hermit more and more everyday. Going from having Christmas off to back to Uni screwed me up a bit mentally too, I just felt depressed, lonely and anxious so fucking often that it ended up in me relapsing. I don't really talk about self harming that much, but, I just, it felt like the right thing to do at the time and when I think about it, it was stupid. I hadn't done it in a long time and it just felt empty and stupid. (It's also awkward going on a date and them pointing it out within the first five minutes...) I think the blog helped to break the loneliness, because uni friends would ask about it, but again as soon as I walked away, I was back to being on my own and trying to do everything possible to overcome it and it became too much with juggling with essays and blogging. It's mainly why I disappeared quite a bit after Easter. This screwed up a few relationships with brands and honestly I regret it all, but, it felt necessary at the time and I couldn't do anything about it. Moving out was another thing that put a massive strain on my brain. I realised that I had to leave and go back to what I felt was reality at home, but, that had completely changed and it just made me feel more lonely when I did finally get everything home. (Note: do not try and take everything home on public transport, it won't go well!) I found it quite hard to separate because well, I had spent the year, trying to gain confidence and becoming a slightly better person when I was mentally stable to and I had to leave it all. I also didn't feel like I belonged at home when I got back. i still have things in bags. There isn't enough room for all of my possessions anymore and realising this just makes you feel like you're just renting another place out waiting until you can repeat the process of going back all over again.


Probably best to leave this as the last section. (I'm sorry if you read all of this post as it will be around 2,000 words.) Uni suggested that I should see their counsellor and i did. I liked the counsellor, but I have trust issues and honestly, I just felt anxious and awkward and by the end of it, I felt like I had talked about the same things over and over and realised things that i knew. I knew that I had depression, I knew that I rely on people too often. I knew that I had daddy issues. I just had zero idea on how to sort them and push through them. I decided that as it didn't work, to try and attempt the doctors and after several attempts I did. I got prescribed Propranolol. The main thing about this is that it calms your heart down when it comes to panic attacks. i've learnt to take these in moderation and with nothing else because you will feel like the devil is posessing you. I need to properly get through my depression stuff but the tablets have helped me realise a lot including how people can be shit including myself, and how I have weird triggers. The side effects can include dry eyes and other nasty things but honestly, if these tablets can help me not feel like an anxious shell of a person when doing things such as, going out and meeting new people then I'm down for trying them and hopefilly get a bit better. Who the hell gets triggered by a baby crying? I'm getting there and hopefully the second year of uni won't be as daunting with these aids and the few friends that I know that I can completely count on, even, if they're far far away. I've had a few other things going on but for many many reasons, I've decided to not to talk about it in this but hopefully i can get through them too.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post and I hope that it has been informative. I hope that you are having a wonderful day no matter when you are reading this. Comment down below with anything that you want. Whether you want to talk about your own experiences or you want to help someone feel better.

Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x 

Tuesday 14 August 2018

Feeling Fly And Rated R | Fenty Beauty First Impressions

Hey everyone!

Welcome back to a new post! I've been gone a bit of a while/I've only been posting one to two posts a week, mainly due to things such as, moving back home for the Summer, coping with everything mentally, and trying to enjoy some me time. Anywho, I thought that today, I would talk to you all about Fenty Beauty and all of their new products. I was going to talk about it a few weeks ago, but, read above.

Moroccan Spice

The packaging to this is super fashionable and compact. It honestly reminds me of hotel tiles, which I feel like ia what Fenty were going for when designing the product as it mimics the tiles in hotels within Marrakesh/Morocco? One main problem I had straightaway was the fact that the names were on the back, because, having slightly bad vision and a memory like a sieve will mean that I will have no idea what half the names are. The shades look super pigmented and rich within the pans therefore I could tell that the colours would be sharp before I even swatched them. i swatched and, oh my god, I loved them. First of all, I love how the palette has a mix of mattes and shimmers, because it means you can create a stunning day look and then amp it up later with a tad bit of shimmer to make that night out a bit more spicy.

A medium sized black and blue plastic case containing a rectangular glass mirror, and diamond shaped pans containing different metallic and matte eyeshadows including blues, greens and golds on a bright background. \

The ones I swatched include: Mo'Rockin Ice: Shisha Smoke: Quicksand and Evil Genie. The Shimmers which are Mo'Rockin Ice and Evil Genie were super shimmery, and, honestly would draw anyone to your eyes when the light hits your face, even, if you have quite blinding highlight on. Mo'Rockin Ice is a iridescent icy pink colour with bright pink shimmer which drew me instantly because bright Pink reminds me of early summers listening to P!nk and enjoying ice creams with pink balls of Bubblegum at the bottom of them. Evil Genie is a bright Turquoise pearl. Turquoise is a brigth Summery colour as it is, but, I have loved anything Turquoise for years, even to the point of dyeing my hair that exact colour, a fair few years ago. Shisha Smoke is a Matte Blue Grey, which, is a good enough colour on it's own for a day look especially if you put a tad bit of Mo'Rockin Ice in the corners of your eyes to make them pop, or, you could always layer Shisha Smoke and a darker colour in the palette to create a smoky look or, even add a layer of Evil Genie on top to make it into a glamorous look. Quicksand is a Satin Papaya shade, so it's a sort of golden orange colour which honest;y if you're a medium skin tone, it would look amazing as a transition colour. I think that maybe this on it's own for anyone thats pale like myself, it would be good enough on it's own for a subtle summery beach day look.

Flyliner Longwear Liquid Eyeliner

Okay, so, everyone knows what an eyeliner is, but as the cosmetics industry grows, so does the amount of makeup products. We now have pencil, liquid, gel and hybrid liners. This eyeliner is pretty fly for a reason. The tip is quite fine from what i remember but the liner is super pigmented, and is pretty longwear. It took me two days and three different cleansers to get it completely off the back of my hand. This liner is definitely one that people will keep talking about for months and months to come.

A thin gold cylindrical eyeliner with a black bottom and black tip inside a gold cylindrical lid on a bright bavkground.

Summer Nights Iridescent Lip Luminizer Trio

I saw these in store and instantly fell in love with them. These Lip Luminizers are literally the epitome of Summer Lips. They're shimmery but also sort of dark and mysterious due to the shifts in the shades. The texture of them reminds me of sort of liquid lip, just from the feel of it. You pay for all three shades in one, so I'll go through them one by one.

First of all, theres Snake Skin. This shade is a holographic Burgundy/Green Shift which is to die for. Honestly, I think that this might suit darker skin colours a bit more, but, when I swatched it, I honestly wanted to cover my hand in it because, it's that pretty. As I said, the texture is a sort of liquid to shimmer so I'd say either apply this on top of a sort of already burgundy colour, or, just apply it on its own. This and a smoky eye would be a stunning look.

The second shade is Mermaid Thighs, which is a holographic Blue/Purple Shift. Before we even get into the product itsefl, what a name! If I was wearing Mermaid Thights, I'd be telling everyone. To be honest with you, if I had 'Mermaid Thighs', i'd be shoving them in my friends faces, telling them to look at my beautiful Mermaid Thighs! I love anything that is Blue or Purple. I just love how it makes anything pop around it. If you were going for a full sort of blue look, then, it would go perfectly with a couple of shades mentioned in the Moroccan Spice section. The colour of this one looked beautiful and instantly reminded me of a dark water warrior when swatching.

Last on the lippies is, Vaycray. I could always go for a crazy vacation. This has a holographic Gold/Pink Shift to it. I think that this would go perfectly with Mo'Rockin Ice when teaming it up with something to make a completely realised look. I think that it would also make a sort of nice clean lip look to something dramatic on the eyes. I just love how the shift makes it go from luxurious and serious, to, luxurious and fun. These lip products also smell amazing and sweet too, which is a plus, because personally I'm not the biggest fan of products smelling chemically when they're being applied to my lips, as I'll end up smelling it for ages due to being under my nose.

Three clear glass cylindrical tubes with gold cylindrical lids. One containing green, one containing gold and one containing blue on a bright background.

Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter Duo

I hold my hands up! I only swatched one of the Killawatt's. I didn't have the entire day to swatch everything that I dream to have. I also needed food, and, I'm sorry but I'm sure Rihanna would agree with me, that food is very important. The Killawatt that I swatched was the foil based one because, well, my eyes were drawn to it instantly. The Killawatt is a cream-powder hybrid which I wasn't sure about, but, I quite liked the formula once it had all settled on my hand. (I'm really particular with hybrids due to my skin being dry as the humidity in Morocco.) The two shades that you get are 7DayWknd which is a Metallic Orchid and Poolside which is a Metallic Violet. Honestly, they're both amazing but i loved the deeper Violet a tad bit more.

A bright white ciruclar oan containing two semicircles. One silver shimmery semicircle and one purple demicircle on a bright background

Go and check out Fenty Beauty via Harvey Nichols.

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post all about my first impressions of the new Fenty Beauty items. If you've tried any of the above then let me know down below.

Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x

Wednesday 8 August 2018

Stuffing My Face Till The Bell Rings | Taco Bell UK Quesarito

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new post! I thought that today, I would talk to you all about the new Quesarito that is at Taco Bell within the UK at the moment. No, this post isn't sponsored, (Taco Bell, if you ever do want to collaborate on a sponsored post, hit me up) I just like Taco Bell a lot, and I thought that, it would be fun to talk about the new products that they are releasing.

Can’t decide between a Quesadilla or a Burrito? Well, now you don’t need to! You can have the best of both worlds with the Quesarito! Grilled Chicken, Mexican rice, sour cream and BBQ sauce inside a tortilla, wrapped inside another torilla of cheese and more BBQ sauce. Perfect for your BBQ needs, whatever the weather. (From Taco Bell's website.)

A close up of a cylindrical white tortilla wrap laid on its side cut open to reveal square pieces of brown chicken, white rice and a dark brown bbq sauce on a bright background.

You can actually choose between Grilled Chicken, or, Seasoned Beef. I decided to choose the Chicken. I got this as a meal, I also got a Crunchwrap Supreme along with it, because, well, I love a delicious Crunchwrap Supreme! If you're a student and you order a meal, you get 15% off if you order a meal.

The Quesarito came in about five different triangles, which, is a good amount for a general fast food meal. The first thing that you taste when you bite into it is definitely the BBQ sauce due to the fact that, there is a double amount of BBQ sauce in this product. The Chicken was moist, the rice was slightly spicy (sort of the same spice that you get on the fries at Taco Bell), and the Sour Cream gave the texture a bit of creaminess. I honestly think that this is an amazing Summer meal especially if you have it with one of Taco Bell's Freezers/Cocktail Freezers. (Yup, Taco Bell do cocktails!)

My only personal problem of the Quesarito is that I think that it could do with a tiny bit more Chicken. I don't really know if you can ask for it to be filled a bit more with it, as, I normally just ask for the straight up product. I got that you only get a tiny bit of the meat in a Burrito but, because of the double Tortilla going on, the Chicken felt very hidden? (If any of you know whether I can awkwardly ask for more meat maybe via an extra charge then let me know down below.)

Does the Quesarito encompass the entirety of both a Quesadilla and a Burrito? Definitely! The components definitely screams Burrito and Quesadilla via things such as the double Tortilla, the rice and the filling. Is it a Summer Meal? Hell yes! Get it with a Freeze like I mentioned above, and, it will honestly make your day especially in this heatwave that we've been having since May!

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Have you tried out the Quesarito? What do you like from Taco Bell? Let me know down below!

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