Wednesday 8 August 2018

Stuffing My Face Till The Bell Rings | Taco Bell UK Quesarito

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new post! I thought that today, I would talk to you all about the new Quesarito that is at Taco Bell within the UK at the moment. No, this post isn't sponsored, (Taco Bell, if you ever do want to collaborate on a sponsored post, hit me up) I just like Taco Bell a lot, and I thought that, it would be fun to talk about the new products that they are releasing.

Can’t decide between a Quesadilla or a Burrito? Well, now you don’t need to! You can have the best of both worlds with the Quesarito! Grilled Chicken, Mexican rice, sour cream and BBQ sauce inside a tortilla, wrapped inside another torilla of cheese and more BBQ sauce. Perfect for your BBQ needs, whatever the weather. (From Taco Bell's website.)

A close up of a cylindrical white tortilla wrap laid on its side cut open to reveal square pieces of brown chicken, white rice and a dark brown bbq sauce on a bright background.

You can actually choose between Grilled Chicken, or, Seasoned Beef. I decided to choose the Chicken. I got this as a meal, I also got a Crunchwrap Supreme along with it, because, well, I love a delicious Crunchwrap Supreme! If you're a student and you order a meal, you get 15% off if you order a meal.

The Quesarito came in about five different triangles, which, is a good amount for a general fast food meal. The first thing that you taste when you bite into it is definitely the BBQ sauce due to the fact that, there is a double amount of BBQ sauce in this product. The Chicken was moist, the rice was slightly spicy (sort of the same spice that you get on the fries at Taco Bell), and the Sour Cream gave the texture a bit of creaminess. I honestly think that this is an amazing Summer meal especially if you have it with one of Taco Bell's Freezers/Cocktail Freezers. (Yup, Taco Bell do cocktails!)

My only personal problem of the Quesarito is that I think that it could do with a tiny bit more Chicken. I don't really know if you can ask for it to be filled a bit more with it, as, I normally just ask for the straight up product. I got that you only get a tiny bit of the meat in a Burrito but, because of the double Tortilla going on, the Chicken felt very hidden? (If any of you know whether I can awkwardly ask for more meat maybe via an extra charge then let me know down below.)

Does the Quesarito encompass the entirety of both a Quesadilla and a Burrito? Definitely! The components definitely screams Burrito and Quesadilla via things such as the double Tortilla, the rice and the filling. Is it a Summer Meal? Hell yes! Get it with a Freeze like I mentioned above, and, it will honestly make your day especially in this heatwave that we've been having since May!

Check out Taco Bell. 

Have you tried out the Quesarito? What do you like from Taco Bell? Let me know down below!

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