Thursday 31 May 2018

Chin Chin \ Trinity Kitchen Vendor Tasting

Hey everyone!

Welcome to a brand new post. I haven't posted on here for a while, due to finishing a massive bunch of deadlines, all in a few days, therefore I needed to rest and put my wellbeing first. I thought that today, I would talk to you all about the vendors that are at Trinity Kitchen at the moment.

A bunch of blue, orange and yellow fairy lights hung up on a wall on a black background.

DISCLAIMER: The vendors at Trinity Kitchen have changed. If so, then still please, go and check out the vendors via Social Media.

Trinity Kitchen is a open plan food court in the heart of Leeds city centre, that offers a plethora of food from different cuisines and countries, such as Vietnam, America, Mexico, and many more Trinity Kitchen also offers the citizens of Leeds, brand new food vendors on an eight week rota, which ensures that they get to enjoy a selection of different food vendors throughout the year.

Eat Like A Greek 

Back by popular demand, Eat Like A Greek is here again serving up their locally sourced free range Pork, Lamb, Chicken and Beef Souvlaki wraps along with some other Greek favorites! All their seasoning and olive oil comes directly from their Samos farm or the surrounding Aegean area- beautiful! I love Greek food. I remember the first time I tried Greek food, as it was whilst I was on holiday in Crete where I tried lots of different Greek food, therefore, whenever I have it, it transports me right back to that first holiday. Eat Like A Greek keep authentic to Greek food whilst applyling slight tweaks to the dishes to make them be that bit more delicious. I had some of the Beef that Eat Like A Greek served and I wanted just a massive bowl of it on the go! If you've never had Greek food then I urge you try it within Trinity Kitchen! 

A selection of bright white cubes of cheese and dark brown cubes of meat on a rectangular wooden serving board on a dark background.

Jah Jyot Punjabi Street Food

Combing the flavours and authenticity of North India and fresh local produce from Sussex, Jah Jyot is the perfect Indian street food experience. Enjoy tikka wraps, crispy samosa's and the most authentic Indian curries.I'm not the biggest fan of curries, but, I did quite like the food that this vendor was serving as it wasn't what I've had before when it comes to Indian food. It was warming, but, not spicy. I tried their flatbreads and they tasted like pieces of heaven. I would love these on the colder days when I'm out in Leeds City Centre. 

A selection of round light brown flatbreads with a thick white sauce drizzled all over on a large rectangular chopping board on a dark background.

Chimney Chicks

Inspired by a trip to Budapest, this family own business is perfect calling for all with a sweet tooth! Kürtőskalács is made from sweet, yeast dough filled with delicious toppings including brownies. chocolate sauce and whipped cream to name a few. I would describe a Chimney Cake, sort of as a, portable churro vehicle for a smorgasbord of goodies. Myself and Abbey decided to go for a Chimney Cake filled with Ice Cream, Nutella and Strawberry Puree/ There are others including a Unicorn one, but, when I see Nutella, I have to get it! These were one of the best things I have ever wrapped my lips around. I would definitely drag someone else to Trinity Leeds, just so they can try them, and so I can get five more. Definitely go and try these! 

A large golden brown churro like cone containing white vanilla ice cream, dark brown Nutella and bright red strawbrry coulis on a bright background.

Gondola Raclette 

All cheese errything! Inspired by the cold slopes in the Alps, Raclette has arrived in Trinity Kitchen! Think British potatoes, cured meats and silverskin onions doused in the creamiest cheese straight from the raclette! I tried this, even though I knew that it would kill my insides due to intolerance, mainly because I was intrigued on seeing if the Raclette lived up to the hype that it has received. It did and it was delicious. The guys behind Gondola were amazing to talk to. You can get the self melting Cheese with potatoes and other goodies, or in a hotdog. Me and Abbey went for the potato version and honestly, I think that this dish would be the perfect thing for a post hangover dish. It was gorgeous! 

A white tray containing chunky potatoes, green veggies and molten golden cheese on a bright background.


Bangwok are back with a bang! Thai street food at its finest, make sure you try the sri-racha rice and grilled meats- not to be missed! Me and Abbey tried the Chicken Fried Rice, and honestly, I loved it. It was everything that you would need when you want something a bit comforting. I loved the tectures and flavours that were bursting including the tenderness of the Chicken against the fluffiness of the rice. Definitely something to try as you can tell the love that has gone in when you take a bite of the food. 

A heaping mound of brown fried rice with pieces of white egg with strips of white Chicken meat with a wedge of bright green lime on a red tray on a bright background.

Vincenzo the Prosecco van

Fizz on tap- literally! Flash cooled, chilled Frizzante 1754 straight up or add a little flavour with elderflower, blackberry, blueberry and lemon. Okay, so I'm not the biggest fan of Prosecco. I know thats probably not the norm, but, honestly Prosecco burns my throat and chest when I drink it. Well, that was until I tried Vincenzo.. It's rare to find a Prosecco that doesn't burn so I was amazed when I drank this Prosecco. I tried a Strawberry one and I absolutely loved it. 

A zoomed in glass of bubbly Prosecco on a bright background.

A short dark haired woman holding a tall glass of Prosecco before drinking it on a bright background.

What's your favourite food from this? Have you tried the latest vendors at Trinity Kitchen? What do you think? Let me know!
Check out Trinity's latest vendors here.

I hope that you come back next time for another amazing post.
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Jamie x

Oh, What An Occasion! | What To Wear For Special Occasions

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post. I hope that you're having a great day! I thought that today, I would talk to you all, about fashion that I think would look great for a special occasion. I have tried to make it as inclusive as possible via trying to find items that come in a mass range of sizes. Sadly, some stores create items that are available in different sizes for a different price, but I'll talk about that another time, but anywho, onto the blog post. Oh, and if you want you wear any of the items that I include and you're not the desired gender that the item is targeting to, then purchase it and wear it. At the end of the day, the only opinion that matters is yourself.

The first item is from Simply Be, The Elise Ryan Chiffon Dress With Asymettric Frill And Lace Inserts, is a beautiful item to wear for any special occasion, as the chiffon gives it some class, but the lace inserts give it a little bit of a modern twist. The lace also adds a little bit of cover for those, who might, be a little insecure about their arms, or for thoise times, where its hot in the afternoon, and a bit cooler, in the evening. I would definitely team this up with heel/flat shoe (whichever you feel most comfortable in), and, maybe some silver accessories just to give a slight bit of shine to the outfit.

A petite woman with black hair in a black asymmetrical dress with lace sleeves on a white background.

The next outfit that I think would be a great choice for a special occasion at this time of year is, Stefflon Don Frill Hem Jumpsuit from Boohoo. I love this jumpsuit, because it's easy to put an outfit together with, you can dress it down or up for different occasions, and it comes in sizes 6-22. I know that not everyone goes for a wide leg jumpsuit, but, I honestly think if you paired it with a red shoe, and, nude accessories, then it would make for an amazing outfit. This shows that jumpsuits are for special occasions, as well as, casual occasions. 

A tall woman with brown flowing locks wearing a tall bright red flared jumpsuit on a white background.

I normally don't go for things that are on sale when it comes to posts, mainly, because sale means that it won't be around for long, but I had to include this item when I saw it. This one is the 'Bethany' Blue Guitars Swing Dress from Lindy Bop. First of all, I've looked through Lindy Bop's website, and, I want all of it as my femme aesthetic. Every item looks amazing. I love this dress, simply, just because of the colour of it, but also because it screams a grand occasion, and it's whimsy via having little guitars printed all over it so if you were going to a symphony or a show of some sort then it would be a great match. I would pair this with, maybe, a slightly lighter blue shade of shoe, nude accessories and a red ribbon in your hair, if possible, to tie it all together. 

A smiling giri with red hair wearing a light sea blue dress with brown guitars printed all over with a red ribbon tied at the waist on a white background.

Up next on the occassion outfits, is a Dobell Oxford Blue Tailored Fit Suit, from Dobell. If you love a classic Blue suit for a special occassion then I think that this one would be a good fit. I would probably match it with matching brogues, and a bright light blue Pocket Square, and matching coloured braces if you want. 

A tall man standing in a blue tuxedo jacket, white shirt, blue medium length tie, blue suit trousers and dark blue shoes on a white background.

Carrying on, the next outfit is from Boohoo MAN, via, Skinny Fit Stretch Suit Jacket and Trousers. I love these matching pieces, as they give a give a more slight outdoorsy look via being grey instead of black, come in stetch material, and go with everything possible. I would probably match with black, or, grey Brogue Boots/Chelsea Boots, as, I think that this suit can take it a bit more, maybe with a bright tie to add a pop of colour, and a good watch.

A sharp light grey tuxedo jacket with pockets and a grey lape with a black interior on a white background.

Last but not least, Triomphe Skinny Fit Jacket with Baroque Floral Flocking with the matching waistcoat, and Skinny Fit Trousers from Noose & Monkey. I adore this outfit, not just because of the deep colour, but because the flocking on the outside of the garments, instantly, show everyone that you have style and personality and because you will stand out from the rest. I also loe it because I would keep it dark as the garments speak for itself so if you don't want to go extra, then you don't have to. I'm forever dreaming that someday, I'll be able to get something from Noose and Monkey, as their clothing is amazing, and so, is their branding. They bring it everytime a new collection comes out. 

A man in a dark purple-black suit with black floral setail all over with a bright white shirt on a white background.

I hope that you have enjoyed this fashion post. Comment down below, with, what you love to wear for special occasions. 

Come back next time for another amazing post. 
Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x 

Monday 21 May 2018

Taking The Dynasty Just Like Fallon Carrington | My Friend Does My Makeup

Hey everyone!

Welcome to a brand new post. A while ago, after the Trinity Leeds event, I thought that I would let Abbey paint my face, so I thought that I would tell you all how we achieved this look which is shown below.

A person wearing gold eyeshadow, a dark lip, great brown contour, black mascara, a black snapback and black leather jacket

Before I get into the details of the look, I wanted to say that, if you've read my Gender post then, you will know about how I feel as a person and with my look, therefore, I'm slowly wanting to get into more of the femme side of my aesthetic. I'm slowly experimenting a bit with both my mas and femme aesthetics, and honestly, I'm slowly loving getting to grips with makeup and realising that it can portray whatever you want. This look is inspired by Fallon Carrington (Elizabeth Gilllies) in the CW Dynasty, mainly, because I relate to Fallon's character in many ways including, storming into a room and shooting a room up because she's annoyed.

Products used for this look include:

Cleanser: Lush Dark Angels

Toner: Simple Kind to Skin Facial Toner Soothing

Moisturiser: The Body Shop Vitamin E Gel Moisture Cream

Primer: Benefit Porefessional

Foundation: NYX Stay Matte but Not Flat (Alabaster) & Lightening Fluid: NYX Pro Foundation Mixer (White) (Primark beauty sponge)

Setting Powder: Rimmel London Clear Complexion/Teint Radieux (Transparent) (Powder Brush)

Eyebrows: George, Asda. The Tamer (Brunette) (Morphe Brush MB29)

Contour: Rimmel London, Kate Moss Collection (Coral Glow) (sculpting brush)

Blush: Rimmel London (Pink Rose) (blush brush)

Highlight: Jeffree Star (Ice Cold) (Morphe Brush B8)

Eyelook: Morphe 24G Grand Glam Palette.including Creamer, Baked and Crystal

Eyeliner: NYX Matt Liquid Liner (Black)

Mascara: L’ORÉAL Paris Lash Paradise (Black)

Lips: Jeffree Star Lip Scrub Spearmint
 Jeffree Star Liquid Lip (Unicorn Blood)

Setting Spray: e.l.f Mist & Set

How To Get The Look

Step 1: Prep the face via using your usual cleanser, toner, and, moisturiser. Makeup will go on and stay on longer on a prepped face.

2: Apply a generous amount of primer. The best way to do this is via your hands just because you can get into the crooks of your skin easier than some brushes. Applying a primer with your fingers makesit easier to ensure that it goes to the pores, as, some primers just kind of sit on the skin.

A long white rectangular box with Benefit in small cursive black font with Pore Fessional in massive bubble white font on a bright background

 3: Apply foundation to the primed face. We used a whitening drops product with the foundation, just because, I'm quite pale and applying whitening drops to a foundation shade makes it easier to get a perfect match and eliminates a bit of the yellow tone. I used a Matte based foundation, just because, I know that Matte looks better when it comes to pictures, but experiment and figure out which formula works for you.

A thick wide black triangular clear bottle with a yellow-white liquid inside with NYX on the outside in big bold font with stay matte not flat on the front in smaller font next to a thin tall black plastic triangluar bottle with a circular black lid that says NYX in large white font with Foundation Mixer in smaller font on a bright background.

4: Set the foundation in with translucent powder via using a powder brush of your choice and letting the powder bake on the face for five to ten minutes. (If you don't know what baking means then it's a term that has been used by many in the beauty industry and drag community, to describe, that the warmth of your face bakes the powder, which then, helps to set the base makeup on your face.

A circular pot filled with a beige clear translucent powder with a clear plastic lid which says Rimmel Clear Compexion on the top on a bright background.

5: Brush the eyebrow hairs in the same direction as each other and then fill in with the product and then blend with your natural brow hairs.

A large rectangular box with a bright lid that has streaks of different shades of brown on it with Tamer in bold thick white font with eyebrow kit in smaller white font underneath on a bright background.

6: Contour where you need to define. For me, its my forehead, chin and cheeks, but for you, it might be different. A sculpting brush will be your best friend when it comes to contouring.

A rectangular palette filled with a light brown contour in one small rectangle, a darker brown in another rectangle and a bright highlight in another in a clear lid with kate moss written in pink cursive font with rimmel in bold font above it in the same size on a bright background.

7: Blush time. Apply this with a blush brush. We used a light Rose  colour with Peachy undertones as it works best with the shade of my skin. The best way to apply brush, in my opinion, is to smile, find the apples of your cheeks and apply and blend.

A square pot filled with a bright pink blush with a clear plastic lid with Rimmel on the front of it on a bright background.

8: Time to shine for the gods. Now obviously, highlight isn't just for blinding, its also to enhance a soft look, but I'm gay as hell, and I wanted to be seen from outerspace so we packed it on. We used Skin Frost, which has been made infamous, via it's creator, Jeffree Star. I was hesitant about using it but I loved it, not only because it shined bright, but also because it had a creamy formula to it as I've found some highlighters to be really drying on my already dry skin.

9: Eyeshadow time! Now, me and Abbey spent ages deciding on what look to go for... As I wanted to give a little nod to Fallon and her luxurious lifestyle, I wanted to go for light look with a metallic statement to it We started off with a transition shade (Creamer), then blended Baked in with a Morphe brush. Side note: Morphe brushes are the best brushes. No, that's not an ad. I've never really understood why they get the love they do, but now, I definitely do. After blending, we applied Crystal on top with a finger due to it being a different texture to the other two.

A black rectangular box with MORPHE in capitals in bold white font in the upper left corner with a picture of a gold eagle with 24G in bold gold font below it on a bright background.

A black rectangular box containing circles of different colours on a bright background

Three circles, one white, one silver and one brown on a black rectangfula box on a bright background.

10: Carrying on with the eyes, it was time for liquid eyeliner... Yup, you heard me right, and yes, I did gulp when I saw the liquid liner. My eyes were being a little watery, so we thought it would be best to stick to just the top lashes but I absolutely love the colour of the NYX Liquid Liner.

A black elongated cylindrical tube with NYX in bright white bold font with  eyeliner and black in bold smaller font on a bright background

11: Same goes for mascara, we tried to coat the bottom a bit without screwing up the whole look. The top ones were coated easily. Weirdly, I have quite long eyelashes already so one coat was enough.

A long elongated cylindrical gold tube with Paradise engraved into the tube on a bright background

12: Painting the lips! Now, I tried out Jeffree Star Lip Scrub and a Liquid Lip (which I loved the colour of by the way), but I had an allergic reaction to my lips the day after. I'm not sure whether it was the scrub or liquid lip, or my piercing not agreeing to one of them, but it was a massive shame because I loved this colour, to the point where I'd be fine with it being on my lips till the end of time. We then overdrew the lips a bit, because well I want to have equal sized lips instead of a thin as hell top lip and a plump and pierced bottom lip.

A cylindrical glass bottle containing a dark red liquid with a pink handle next to a pink rectangle box with jeffree star in silver font on a bright background.

13: FInal step. If you're reading or trying this look out, then, give yourself a round of applause. We applied setting spray, got a beauty blender and tapped down the water marks and well, took pictures and gossiped before Abbey went home.

A large rectangular black bottle with elf in bold big white font with liquid inside on a bright background.

Thanks for reading this beauty post. Let me know down below if I should do more makeup posts. Go and play with makeup, and, go and watch Dynasty via Netflix.

Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x

Saturday 5 May 2018

Creating Memories Before Your Eyes | Trinity Leeds 5th Birthday

Hey everyone!

Welcome to a brand new blog post! Trinity Leeds invited me a while ago, to celebrate their 5th Birthday and I thought that I would talk to you all about it. I thought that, in today's post, I would take a different spin on it and, talk about the memories that I have of Trinity Leeds.

A tall three tier dark brown chocolate with white cream cheese icing covered in pink fondant icing with lack detailing on a bright background.

Trinity Leeds invited me to see the release of the massive cake that would be honouring the birthday, a day before the general public coukd. The Cake was literally bigger, and, more beautiful than I could ever be. Pink in colour and decorated with things that scream Leeds such as Northern Ballet and much more,. The Cake itself was a Red Velvet, which I love but I rarely have due to it being lactose on lactose with an amazing colour. It was an amazing cake and I loved talking to everyone including some amazing Leeds bloggers such as Lizi, Lucy and Lucinda,. Don't forget to check them out!

I remember when Trinity Leeds first opened, everyone knew that Trintiy Leeds was here and that it was going to impact the shopping experience of West Yorkshire, by a long shot. I remember how most of my friends were interested in the dynamic One Direction merchandise based store that was a part of the centre at the time. I remember the buzz of the first week, with oohs and ahh's from members of public, when they looked up at the grand roof of this magnificent shopping centre.

One of the other times that stand out to me, is, when I went to my first Student Lock In. I dragged a group of friends and we ended up exploring the crevices of the shops that lie within the centre. The glorious thing about Student Lock In, is that there are discounts and goodies every corner that you turn. I think a few of the main reasons that this resonates as an amazing memory for me is, that, I got to see a student community awaiting to have a good time within somewhere that isn't completely alcohol fuelled, which is rare, and, because this was the night that myself and Michelle became lifelong friends, Myself and my friends have all matured in different ways but I will always hold this memory and the group of friends close to my heart.

I've also met well known bands including, Neck Deep, due to the amazing store that used to be in Trinity Leeds, which is known as Pulp. Pulp was and stil is, the epitome of what I like my aesthetic when it comes to fashion to be like sometimes. I remember meeting my friends, making my way towards the store and queuing in line to talk to the guys that made up the band. I had to rush afterwards as I was meeting Michelle, and, a few other friends for a night at Wetherspoons which I remember quite well.

I have other memories of Trinity Leeds including the amazing food that I have tried at the shopping centre, and, the fashion finds that are still within my wardrobe, and, I hope to enjoy more food, find more amazing clothes and have more great memories in Trinity Leeds very soon.

Have you had any good memories at Trinity Leeds? Let me know down below and if you've had any good cake then let me know!

I hope that you've enjoyed this slightly food based blog post and I hope that you come back soon to read the next post!

Thanks for reading!
Jamie x

Wednesday 2 May 2018

Putting The Shrimp On Leeds Barbie | Walkabout Leeds

Hey everyone!

Welcome to a brand new blog post! Myself and Luke went to Walkabout Leeds, a few weeks ago, to check out the new restaurant and see what their summer in Australia vibe was all about.

A tall milkshake style clear glass that is rimmed at the top with dark brown Nutella, light brown chocolate flake and colourful smarties in different colours,  filled with a scoop of dark brown chocolate ice cream blended with white vanilla milkshake to give a light brown colour, topped with a wedge of dark brown chocolate fudge cake, light brown chocolate chip cookie, white squirty cream, light pink candy floss all on a white circular plate with squiggles of dark brown chocolate sauce on a wooden table on a light background.

Come in and experience the awesome spirit of Australia. From the best seats on the high street for sport to the ultimate party venue, a chilled out place for mates to meet up or get stuck into our famous party nights.At Walkabout you can live like there's no tomorrow, laugh like never before and dance like no one is watching. You can always rely on us to look after you and give you a great time, day or night. Great with food and drink, great with people, always the life and soul of the party. This is the Aussie way.

We sat down in a tropical inspired booth, that screamed Australia, via, surfboard inspired benches and tropical print seats. We uhmmed and ahhed over the men, and, after a few minutes, we finally decided on what we wanted.

We decided to choose a plate of Sweetcorn Fritters with Maple Bacon, and, some Crispy Chicken Wings that came with a Chipotle BBQ dip, to start the afternoon of delicious things off. The Sweetcorn Fritters came in a sort of Bhaji-ball style, which is different for me and probably most people, as when you think of Sweetcorn Fritter, you normally think of the little patties that are served at buffets. The Fritters were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside which made you want more of them. The Sweetcorn added a slight sweetness and freshness to the fritters. The Maple Bacon added another texture to the dish, due to the crispiness of the bacon and the stickiness of the Maple Syrup. It also added another dimension of sweetness. Due to the Bacon having a meaty flavour, it didn't make the dish too sweet or sickly. The Wings were crispy but completely drenched and cooked in the BBQ sauce, making them sticky but delicious. The meat was tender and honestly I kept going back for more and more because they were that good.

A triangular yet oval white china plate containing medium brown spherical balls containing yellow pieces of sweetcorn inside, with rectangular dark brown pieces of bacon glistening with a light brown maple glaze with thin strips of light green spring onion and bright red chilli on a light brown wooden table on a light background.

Whilst we were eating these delicious starters, we both ordered a refreshing cocktail to wash all the fabulous food down with. I chose a Pina Colada... Sadly there were no getting caught in the rain, as it was shining brightly through Leeds City Centre. The drink contains a mix of Malibu Coconut Rum shaken with the juices of Costa Rican Pineapples and Coconut & Cream. It also came garnished with half a Passion Fruit which made it that bit more exotic. The creaminess against the smokiness of the BBQ Crispy Chicken Wings was a cool combination. Luke chose a Cherry Pop, which I had a little sip of. This drink contains,  Apple and Cherry Sourz, Grenadine, Apple Juice and Passion Fruit puree, topped off with a Cherry. I have to be in the right mood for Cherry flavoured things, but, I think that the Apple cut through some of it or me which made it even more refreshing and the colour of it looked divine.

A tall clear high ball glass filled with a bright white liquid with clear square cubes of ice in the glass topped with a circular halve of a purple Passion Fruit with a yellow and black interior with a long black straw on a light brown wooden table on a light floral print background.

 a large light brown painted room with dark black three legged bar stools with a cream coloured rectangular cushion on top, next to a rectangular dark legged bar table with a cream coloured surface, in front of, a elongated dark brown rectangular wooden bar with several rectangular white lights to make one big rectangle above with several different lights dotted on the ceiling on a light background

Next on the Australian inspired food train was mains, Luke decided to opt for a Great White Fish 'N' Chips. This consists of a Cod Fillet, fries, Mushy Peas and Tartare Sauce. Luke decided to go for Sweet Potato Fries. I only tried a bit of the Fish which was crispy on the outside, and, flaky and delicious on the inside. I chose the Surf and Turf, which consists of, a 10oz Rump Steak and Breaded Prawns, served with, Chips Grilled Corn On The Cob, Beer Battered Onion Rings and Beetroot Slaw. I loved the Steak, it cut like butter. I loved the freshness of the Prawns against the charring of the Steak. I loved the Sweetness of the Corn against the freshness of the Slaw as well as it gave off many different contrasts. I didn't love the Prawns being on the skewers sadly as it meant that you spent ten minutes, slowly trying to get some Prawns off a stick.

 a large light brown painted room with dark black three legged bar stools with a cream coloured rectangular cushion on top, next to a rectangular dark legged bar table with a cream coloured surface, in front of, a elongated dark brown rectangular wooden bar with several rectangular white lights to make one big rectangle above with several different lights dotted on the ceiling on a light background

We then ordered another drink. I decided to choose a good old refreshing, and, magnificent Mojito. If you've never had a Mojito before then it consists of, Bacardi Carta Blanca, mixed Lime, Mint and Soda. It was everything that you want in a drink in nice weather. Bright and zingy, fresh, and a little bit sweet. Luke opted for a Long Island Iced Tea.. This drink consists of, Smirnoff Red Vodka, Cointreau, Gordon's Gin, Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila and Bacardi Carta Blanca mixed with lime and topped with Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. I only had a little sip, but I always love Long Island Iced Tea's and this was no exception.

a white rectangular plate containing a long light brown battered Cod fillet with a circular wedge of yellow Lemon on top of it, a stack of long rectangular chunky Sweet Potato Fries and a pile of bright vivid green Mushy Peas next to it, with a small oval white bowl next to it containing a white Tartare Sauce on a light brown wooden rectangular table on a bright background

A white rectangular china based plate with a cylindrical matching pot containing dark orange sweet potato fries, a yellow cylindrical corn on the cob, circular light brown onion rings, a dark brown rump steak with black grill marks on the top with tjree dark brown crispy c shaped prawns on a wooden stick on top of it, next to, a pile or red and green chooped vegetables on a light brown rectangular table on a bright background.

To top off the wonderful time that we had, we decided to order a Freakshake a piece. Yes, a lactose intolerant person thought that it would be a great idea to order a Freakshake. I mean, it was, but my stomach didn't think so later on... The Freakshake at Walkabout consists of, Vanilla flavour ice cream and chocolate fudge milkshake poured into a glass, smothered in Nutella hazelnut spread and Smarties. Topped with a wedge of chocolate fudge cake, a double-chocolate cookie, candy-floss, squirty cream, mini marshmallows, chocolate flavoured sauce and icing sugar

A tall milkshake style clear glass that is rimmed at the top with dark brown Nutella, light brown chocolate flake and colourful smarties in different colours,  filled with a scoop of dark brown chocolate ice cream blended with white vanilla milkshake to give a light brown colour, topped with a wedge of dark brown chocolate fudge cake, light brown chocolate chip cookie, white squirty cream, light pink candy floss all on a white circular plate with squiggles of dark brown chocolate sauce on a wooden table on a light background.

I loved the mixture of the Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Fudge Milkshake as it made a mouth achingly cold yet delicious drink. I love Chocolate Fudge Cake and Cookies no matter what, but I thought the addition of Candy Floss gave the drink some texture. I love Nutella in any form,,, All in all, this drink was everything, and I'd go back to Walkabout for this alone. 

If you're a student, then you can flash your ID at the bar for discounts on food and drink no matter when at Walkabout. If you're not a student, and, you still want to get in on the action, then, ask for a card at the bar. 

Check out your local Walkabout and comment down below if you've been/like the sound of any of the dishes, or, drinks mentioned above. ]

I hope that you have liked this food based post and I hope that you come back to read the next post. 

Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x