Thursday 31 May 2018

Oh, What An Occasion! | What To Wear For Special Occasions

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post. I hope that you're having a great day! I thought that today, I would talk to you all, about fashion that I think would look great for a special occasion. I have tried to make it as inclusive as possible via trying to find items that come in a mass range of sizes. Sadly, some stores create items that are available in different sizes for a different price, but I'll talk about that another time, but anywho, onto the blog post. Oh, and if you want you wear any of the items that I include and you're not the desired gender that the item is targeting to, then purchase it and wear it. At the end of the day, the only opinion that matters is yourself.

The first item is from Simply Be, The Elise Ryan Chiffon Dress With Asymettric Frill And Lace Inserts, is a beautiful item to wear for any special occasion, as the chiffon gives it some class, but the lace inserts give it a little bit of a modern twist. The lace also adds a little bit of cover for those, who might, be a little insecure about their arms, or for thoise times, where its hot in the afternoon, and a bit cooler, in the evening. I would definitely team this up with heel/flat shoe (whichever you feel most comfortable in), and, maybe some silver accessories just to give a slight bit of shine to the outfit.

A petite woman with black hair in a black asymmetrical dress with lace sleeves on a white background.

The next outfit that I think would be a great choice for a special occasion at this time of year is, Stefflon Don Frill Hem Jumpsuit from Boohoo. I love this jumpsuit, because it's easy to put an outfit together with, you can dress it down or up for different occasions, and it comes in sizes 6-22. I know that not everyone goes for a wide leg jumpsuit, but, I honestly think if you paired it with a red shoe, and, nude accessories, then it would make for an amazing outfit. This shows that jumpsuits are for special occasions, as well as, casual occasions. 

A tall woman with brown flowing locks wearing a tall bright red flared jumpsuit on a white background.

I normally don't go for things that are on sale when it comes to posts, mainly, because sale means that it won't be around for long, but I had to include this item when I saw it. This one is the 'Bethany' Blue Guitars Swing Dress from Lindy Bop. First of all, I've looked through Lindy Bop's website, and, I want all of it as my femme aesthetic. Every item looks amazing. I love this dress, simply, just because of the colour of it, but also because it screams a grand occasion, and it's whimsy via having little guitars printed all over it so if you were going to a symphony or a show of some sort then it would be a great match. I would pair this with, maybe, a slightly lighter blue shade of shoe, nude accessories and a red ribbon in your hair, if possible, to tie it all together. 

A smiling giri with red hair wearing a light sea blue dress with brown guitars printed all over with a red ribbon tied at the waist on a white background.

Up next on the occassion outfits, is a Dobell Oxford Blue Tailored Fit Suit, from Dobell. If you love a classic Blue suit for a special occassion then I think that this one would be a good fit. I would probably match it with matching brogues, and a bright light blue Pocket Square, and matching coloured braces if you want. 

A tall man standing in a blue tuxedo jacket, white shirt, blue medium length tie, blue suit trousers and dark blue shoes on a white background.

Carrying on, the next outfit is from Boohoo MAN, via, Skinny Fit Stretch Suit Jacket and Trousers. I love these matching pieces, as they give a give a more slight outdoorsy look via being grey instead of black, come in stetch material, and go with everything possible. I would probably match with black, or, grey Brogue Boots/Chelsea Boots, as, I think that this suit can take it a bit more, maybe with a bright tie to add a pop of colour, and a good watch.

A sharp light grey tuxedo jacket with pockets and a grey lape with a black interior on a white background.

Last but not least, Triomphe Skinny Fit Jacket with Baroque Floral Flocking with the matching waistcoat, and Skinny Fit Trousers from Noose & Monkey. I adore this outfit, not just because of the deep colour, but because the flocking on the outside of the garments, instantly, show everyone that you have style and personality and because you will stand out from the rest. I also loe it because I would keep it dark as the garments speak for itself so if you don't want to go extra, then you don't have to. I'm forever dreaming that someday, I'll be able to get something from Noose and Monkey, as their clothing is amazing, and so, is their branding. They bring it everytime a new collection comes out. 

A man in a dark purple-black suit with black floral setail all over with a bright white shirt on a white background.

I hope that you have enjoyed this fashion post. Comment down below, with, what you love to wear for special occasions. 

Come back next time for another amazing post. 
Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x 

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