Friday 29 August 2014

The Student Lock-In Shopping Guide

Autumn Fashion

So the time has come... Its now time to step out of shorts and vest tops and wear things more suitable (such as thick knitted cardigans and jackets) for the upcoming season which is Autumn which highlights longer, colder nights, leaves falling and the start of the educational year.

The Biker Jacket: 

This jacket can make anything look uber chic. It's great for Autumn as a coat may feel like too much as the nights are drawing in. They also make any outfit look very edgy. The items below that I have chosen can be mixed and matched with one of the biker jackets to create a rock influenced look. 
Floral Tee - Topman - £20

Biker Jacket - H&M - |£30

Choker Necklace - River Island - £3
Biker Jacket - H&M - £12
Spray On Skinny Jeans - Topman - £30
Black Floral Dress - H&M - £17
Silver Flats - Dorothy Perkins - £20
Silver Heels - Dorothy Perkins - £32


Monochrome is normally classed as a mixture of clothes in a shade of black or white mixed together. It comes from when pictures could only be developed in black and white. Below this little description will be a mixture of clothing which can be mixed and matched to create a monochrome look.
Dress - Dorothy Perkins - £25

Baseball Tee - Topman - £5
Dress - H&M - £20
Casual Trainers -
Converse at Topman - £45
Clutch Bag - Dorothy Perkins - £20
Black Heels -H&M - £25
Black Jeans - River Island - £40
Watch - Fossil - £135
Black Jeans - Burton - £30
Formal Jacket - H&M -£49
Jumper - Dorothy Perkins - £15

Orange Is The New Black:
  So when the Summer season finishes and the Autumn season starts, we all still want to feel like we are within the hot blazing days of Summer. Within Summer, we wear bright colours so the best way to do this is to wear bright colours that are more suited to be layered and teamed with other things. Orange is a great colour to wear this Autumn as it does all of the above but is more suitable for Autumn as it reminds people of the decomposing leaves which sum up this chilly season... Add any of the below to an outfit to make a statement. (No intention on the pun relating to the show.)                               
Polo Shirt - £15 - Mango
Scrunchie - £4 - Topshop
Stretch Trousers - £50 - Charles Tyrwhitt

Dress - £36 - Topshop
Waterproof Jacket - £90 - Topman
Watch - £30 - Topshop

Heels - £58 - Topshop
Jumper - £18 - Mango
Sunglasses - £12 - Topman
Smart Clothes For Education                                                                 So the final array of clothing is for when you need something smart for University, College or Sixth Form. Most Educational establishments like to have a reputation of making sure their students wear smart clothes so they are prepared for the real life working lifestyle. The clothing below can also be used for when you need something formal or for work. Mix and match items below to create a quirky yet smart outfit.                                                                                                                                                                                  
2 Piece Suit - Burton - £99
Smart Trousers - Burton - £20
Black Jumpsuit -
New Look - £30
Mary Jane Heels -
Next - £36

Blouse - Coast - £55
Flats - Next - £28
White Shirt - £35 -
Charles Tyrwhitt
Loafers - BHS - £28

Wednesday 27 August 2014

Fixing Broken Bitter Me (AS IT IS Vlog/Review)

Meow so this post is going to be about when I went to go see As It Is (Patty Walters band.) at Leeds Cockpit.

To celebrate finishing college which was one year of hell.. I went to go see As It Is as they were on tour and were coming to a venue within Leeds which is called The Cockpit.

Once I had came home from college, I decided to get everything prepared (including myself) and decided to head to Leeds for the gig that I had waited ages for..

As soon as I got off the train to Leeds, I headed towards the venue and found my friends Amy, Aaron, Natalie, Megan and a few others who were awaiting my presence at the back entrance of the building. I greeted every one of my friends with a friendly hug and then we chatted about things as I had not seen them in a long while.. A few minutes, Patty tried to surprise us by being silent as we were talking then we were going to turn around and be surprised as he was there but it kinda failed. After a while, I went to go hand CV's out.. Once I had done this errand for myself, I went to go get something to eat.. As I had vouchers for McDonald's, I ordered food from the well known franchise as it was cheap for me.. After forcing myself to eat the meal, I found some more friends and met up with the other friends that I was talking to earlier, We wandered around the shopping complex which was a few minutes by walk, chatted about anything and everything, went to a few shops then eventually went back to the venue to queue up and watch several acts perform..

We all entered the venue (I struggled a bit because my eyes and darkness and steps) then I presented my ticket and then waited for the other people that I was with to present their ticket so we could all go and watch together.. I stumbled up some metal grunge inspired stairs and stood with my friends and slowly waited for the anticipation to build up for the gig to start.

The first four acts were all local bands (I knew one was from the college that I studied at). The bands were a mixture of sort of slow soft metal mixed with a bit of folk/indie and the rest were full on metal/rock.. They all played their songs and got the crowd and me riled up for As It Is especially when one band screamed at the crowd for not creating a mosh pit as it was a small room and we were pretty cramped..

As It Is started.. It was fabulous.. Down at the front was the full on mosh pits and in the middle/back was the more spaced out swayers/occasional jumpers.. They played every song perfectly.. The drums were in perfect timing for the song and even though I had heard them before I felt like they were a new fresh band that were awesome live as thats how raw the live performance was. It felt like one of those one in a lifetime performances mixed with a bit of a coyote ugly/open mic moments.. Y'know where its a intimate gig but with a nice decent crowd? They played a range of songs from their latest EP and the lyrics were amazing.. They were kinda deep but in a good way.. They also seemed relevant to me at that moment in time in more than one way. It was all just so amazing in that moment of time. They also meant a lot to me as one of the members is straight edge and the band was influenced on such bands such as New Found Glory which are also straight edge and I am straight edge to a certain extent and it made me feel really proud to see a straight edge influenced band/community to some extent within my own eyes  (*shouts AHMAYZING*)

I met Patty after and I kinda wanted to talk to the band about how great they played and how much they enjoy music as I love music and how it fascinates me but as my eyes were bad and the lighting wasn't great. I just thought that it was just a lot better to get the picture, get something from the merch stand and go without causing a scene or breaking a piece of equipment or something like that.

I said bye to my friends and headed towards the train station and went home and uploaded my clips of that night.. It was so fricking rad!

Sorry, I know this is a bit shit but I hope that you like it.. I will put links to all of their stuff below and I hope that you check them out! They are also going on tour in the next few weeks. I can't go because reasons but I hope that you can go and support them! Thank you for reading this post! <3

Merchandise & Show Listing:

Tuesday 26 August 2014

Info About Trinity Leeds Blog Post

Meow, so within the next week or so, I will be uploading a very special blog post and I want to tell you all about it now so you all know when I publish the actual post contain such things which shall be mentioned below within it. 

So, a few weeks ago, I saw a tweet from Trinity Leeds asking for fashion bloggers based in Leeds.. Now I thought this said vlogger not blogger therefore I emailed them and then realised and thats why I've started publishing.. Anyway, I was asked to do a blog post about them and thats what I shall be doing.. I will also be vlogging at the event which goes along side the blog post.

The event itself is called The Trinity Leeds Student Lock-In and it is happening on the 29th of September.. This event will see Trinity Leeds transformed into an array of stalls and an absolute masterpiece so it can hold such an event. The main point of the event is to bring students (college and university students) together so they can get to know more people and to have a great night really. There will be entertainment in many forms including a big van with speakers which sounds weird but fun... There will also be giveaways throughout the night and special discounts at stores within Trinity Leeds (for example 20% off at Burton or 15% off at Pulp..) To know more details on the event or getting a free ticket to the event then click the link at the side. 

After I sent the email, I got a reply (it was a week later and I had spent that week sitting by my phone waiting for it to come through..) I shall try to put a picture of the actual email but basically I have to create a blog post which consists of clothing which is on trend for Autumn really and that is available to buy from within stores at Trinity Leeds. I then have to label said outfit/group of clothing with the price, brand and style.. It shall be hopefully going into a shopping guide which (I think) will be handed out at the event. Once mine has been created then its over to you guys.. It shall be put on Facebook and the one with the most views wins.. Its as simple as that really.. 

I hope that you join me on this adventurous project and help me succeed in something. Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a great week!

Friday 22 August 2014

My First Haul

Meow, so a long while ago I made my first video and it ended up being a little haul.
Today, I am going to go through it if you want to be extra nosey...

So, in December, I decided to go to Leeds with my stepsister. On the day, we decided to find an alternative clothing store and I couldn't find it so we went to other places which include beauty shops and clothes shops.. Most of the places within the video were within the Trinity Leeds complex.

So the first place that I went in was Superdrug, I got some normal deodorant and then bought some Berry Burst Shower Gel from Radox.. It was on offer at that time for a pound. I was inspired to get it because of Cherry's vlog at the time where she talked about it. The bottle is bright red with big bold font therefore it catches the consumers/your eyes.. They also do different flavours such as CherrIy, Coconut and I think Mango but I'm not sure.. The formula/texture of the product is creamy and very thick as it is a shower cream and not a shower 'gel'. The smell is very powerful and it inspires to invigorate and persuade you to do activities once you've used this product. As I said, the price is normally around £1-2 and it is definitely worth buying for the price that it costs.
Click on the link below to buy the product.

The next product that I talk about is the Aussie Frizz Miracle Shampoo. The bottle has a clean look with white dominating the bottle where as the bold black font takes a step back on the bottle. The main purpose of this shampoo is to keep frizz at bay, keep hair as straight as possible and to keep flyaways and other hair problems that occur with frizz at bay as well. It boasts on the front of the label that it uses natural Australian Blue Gum Leaf Extract to soothe hair and help get rid of flyaways. The smell is powerful and bold as the blue gum literally makes this cosmetic product smell like bubblegum or bubblegum flavoured things which brings back nostalgia to many. I would buy this even though it is priced around the £4 mark normally as it is worth every penny.
Click on the link below to buy this product

I go on to talk about the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Conditioner within my video. The 3MMRDC is in the same modern white bottle that all of the other products that Aussie sell to the general public. This product is for people that have dry/damaged hair which I have as I thought that it would be a great idea to bleach my full head by my friends to get the blue colour that I wanted at the time on my hair. This product boasts that it uses Australian Balm Mint within this product which gives the conditioner a very cool mint smell with a sort of floral hint at the same time. You put this product on like any other conditioner (you know the whole lather onto wet hair, rinse and repeat method) but once you have massaged the creamy cosmetic product into your hair, you leave it for 3 minutes at least or overnight depending on how damaged your hair is. It costs around £3-4 or is normally on some sort of offer depending on which beauty shop you go to. The after effects of this product are great. It does what it says on the bottle. It states that it helps to restore your hair and gives shine and boy it does that and more. It makes your hair feel so fluffy like it hasn't been damaged in any way possible and I recommend buying this 100%.
Click on the link below to buy this product

The next beauty product that I talk about is Aussie Dual Personality Anti Frizz & Conditioning Milk. Now this product is more of a finishing touch product rather than an actual conditioner. The best time to use it is after straightening hair as it keeps everything in place and keeps it from kinking or creating flyaways. It comes out in a pump and has the traditional Aussie labelling. This product has a creamy texture to it and smells exactly like the sea so you feel like you're on a beach but that might be as it has Sea Kelp extract in the product. This product is around the same price as the other Aussie products within this post and they are normally all on offer for 3 for £10 as they are a bit of a luxury high street cosmetic product. 
Click below to purchase this product. .

So, we now go into the lush section of the video so I will do this within one paragraph. The first bath bomb that I bought was Dragon's Egg. This bath ballistic turns your bath water from the natural boring clear colour into a nice gold colour whilst at the same time the bath bomb crackles and fizzes to create the noise of a nice grand open fire which echoes the essence of Autumn in my opinion. ( .) The next bath bomb was the Twilighr ballistic. This is the one bath bomb that you should use before going to bed. It has lavender within the bomb which has been associated with sleep for many years. This bomb creates a relaxing atmosphere ( .) Next on the bath ballistic agenda is the Space Girl bath bomb. It has a great invigorating scent of grapefruit. Grapefruit reminds most people of breakfast or a nice exotic island so it wakes consumers up. This particular bath bomb has popping candy within its crevices which are released when in contact with water. ( .) The penultimate product within the Lush category of this video is the Dorothy Bubble Bar.. Now, I mainly got this as it catched my eye with its rainbow. It echos Judy Garland and is a very modern take on a product that has been majorly influenced by Wizard Of Oz. The scent of this cosmetic product reminds me of lillies which gives a very fresh clean smell when getting in the bath. This bar also does what it says and creates a lot of bubbles. ( .) The final product from the very well known animal friendly cosmetic business is Ultrablast Toothy Tabs. Now these were a completely new concept to me but the basis of these little gems are that you can have toothpaste without the packaging of the tube which make these pearls of wisdom very travel friendly and save on the ecosystem. These particular tabs have wasabi powder in which help get rid of bad breath and help oral health quite a lot. ( .)

The next bit on the video is named bits and bobs. This last chapter of the video begins with the ARTPOP album by renown international singer Lady Gaga, This album sports a mixture of pop, dance, electro and other genres. I also bought BriBry's EP at the time which is available on his bigcartel. It has a total of 4 songs which include a mixture of uptempo and slow melodies with a very big theme of the genre of pop running all the way through the CD. I also bought 2 tops which are both band merch and available from on the offer of 2 for £30. I also got a shirt from Burton which was on offer but you'll be able to find a good flannel top from a good fashion establishment.

I'm going to end this blog here,, I hope that you have liked this blog post.. I will leave the link to the accompanying video to this blog post.
Have a great day!
*meows and disappears*