Tuesday 25 June 2024

Taking A Skinny Dip In The Tub And Having Sweet American Day Dreams | Lush X Community Shower Gels (American Cream & Skinny Dip)

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post. The lovely people at Lush sent me some of their upcoming Lush X Community Shower Gels and I thought that today I would talk to you all about them. 

If you are unaware of the Lush X Community concept then let me explain! Lush know that the Lush Community is not only filled with great people but also full of great ideas and to show this they have started Lush X Community. A range of products for people who love Lush chosen by people who love Lush. The way that these ranges work are by Lush allowing people in the Lush Community to choose a number of familiar and well loved scents to go into a category of products (such as fragrances, bubble bars, shower gels) and the most requested win! Lush asked the community to choose what beloved scents should be turned into shower gels and Lush have listened. The six shower gels that have been chosen and will be listed later on in the blog post will be released on the Lush App on the 26th June 2024 and then will go into select stores (Lush Liverpool Spa, Lush Oxford Street and Lush Glasgow) and then will go on the Lush Website. 

A photo of a light brown square box containing white eco pops with a black rectangular card behind it that says shower to the people push x community in white font with two cylindrical plastic bottles in front. One containing light pink sparkly shower gel with a black rectangular label with American cream shower gel lush in white font with a black cylindrical lid next to one that contains pale yellow shower gel that looks creamy with a black rectangular label that says skinny dip shower gel lush in white font on a bright background

American Cream 

This creamy shower gel is definitely the one that you’ll want to lather yourself in and fall in love with this Summer. 

List Of Ingredients: Water, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Glycerine, Sodium Cocoamphoacetate, Lauryl Betaine, Perfume, Titanium Dioxide, Vanilla Absolute, Clary Sage Oil, Lavender Oil, Benzoin Resinoid, Fresh Strawberry Juice, Fresh Orange Juice, Carrageenan Extract, Calcium Sodium Borosilicate, Tin Oxide, Alpha-Isomethyl lonone, Coumarin, Linalool, Colour 17200. 

I am not sure if you managed to get the references in the little sub title snippet but American Cream is inspired by Grease and America in the 1950’s with their diners and shakes. 

The scent of this gel is very much inspired by 60’s America too. To me, American Cream smells like Strawberry Milkshake with a floral undertone. I think I get a floral undertone from the inclusion of Lavender and Clary Sage. I do love to use this fragrance in the Summer time because well Strawberry as a scent always reminds me of my childhood when Strawberries were cheap and in season so I love how Lush have listened to the Lush Community and released this in the height of Summer. Strawberries and Vanilla are the epitome of British Summer Time to me! 

The texture of this gel is quite luxurious and creamy which I wasn’t expecting. I was thinking that this was going to be on the runnier side of Shower Gels but to my surprise it really isn’t.I think that American Cream Shower Gel has a lovely thick texture to it due to the Glycerine and Carrageenan Extract that is included in this gel. When lathering this shower gel up, I noticed that it did become more of a creamy emulsion than a bubbly lather which may put some people off but I adore Shower Gels that turn into a creamy emulsion as I know that it means that it is going to be super nourishing for my skin! 

I do still have some of the old American Cream Shower Gel from Lush so I decided to find it and compare it to the new Lush X Community American Cream Shower Gel. I wasn’t really expecting a difference because well they are both the same Shower Gel but to my surprise there was quite a difference. Regarding the scent of the old Shower Gel, I noticed that the Vanilla Absolute was the main star of this Shower Gel whilst the other ingredients that make up the scent of American Cream are sort of helping to make the Vanilla Absolute the main star. I think that this may have been the case when this Shower Gel was first released to push the Cream part of American Cream and to show new customers that this truly is inspired by American style Strawberry Shakes. The texture for me is lovely but I did notice that it took a hot minute to get it to lather up into a creamy emulsion whereas the Lush X Community lathers up to a creamy emulsion quite quickly and easily and the main stars of the scent profile of this Shower Gel to my nose are more the Fresh Strawberry Juice and Clary Sage Oils whereas the rest (Lavender,`Vanilla and Benzoin) are in the background to help create the iconic scent that we know as American Cream. The best way I can describe it is that the old version is a little bit more of a Vanilla Milkshake scent with the addition of Strawberries and florals to create a lovely sweet scent whereas the brand new Lush X Community version is a Strawberry Milkshake scent with a creamy and floral undertone.  

Skinny Dip 

It’s time to strip off and coat your nude body in some sensual shower gel this Summer that it truly craves!

List Of Ingredients: Glycerine, Sodium Cocoamphoacetate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Water, Coconut Infusion, Calcium Lactate Gluconate, Fine Sea Salt, Lauryl Betaine, Cold Pressed Murumuru Butter, Lactic Acid, Titanium Dioxide, Cedarwood Oil, Clary Sage Oil, Clove Bud Oil, Palmarosa Oil, Vetivert Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil, Alpha-Isomethyl lonone, *Benzyl Benzoate, *Eugenol, Geraniol, *Linalool, Perfume. 

This shower gel is truly a blast from the past! This shower gel was first released in 1995 I believe and slowly became a classic hit. The Shower Gel back in the day was slightly controversial for some of the Lush Community due to some textural and emulsification issues. In the past few years Lush have re-released Skinny Dip as a Buttercream in their Lush Kitchen Subscription Box. As this is a OG I totally get why a lot of the Lush Community voted for the Shower Gel to come back! (Yes RuPaul’s Bring Back My Girls popped into my head then and I did change the lyrics in my head to ‘Bring Back My Gels’). 

This shower gel is an enigma of a scent to me. A true temptress of the senses. In my opinion, this is a spicy clove forward scent that reminds me of all things warm and smoky with a creamy White Chocolate with a hint of Coconut base. I think I get the Clove instantly and the sort of instant hit of smokiness because I love anything warm and smoky so my nose instantly hunted that out. On first sniff, the Clove and Vetivert made me think of Dear John and to me this gel could be described a bit as the quirky family relative whio doesnt fit in with the rest of the family of Dear John but that’s just me. I did read in previous reviews that this gel smells a bit of Violet which I think is due to the addition of Palmarosa and I do get Violet but not unless I sniff the gel and then really hunt for it. I’d say that Skinny Dip is similar to Magik in the sense of its very smoky with a touch of Violet. I love the creamy base of Skinny Dip as it ties everything together and truly makes me think of a night on holiday. The slight whiff of creamy Coconut which normally comes from Pina Coladas, the smoky fragrances that waft in the air and the slight hit of woodiness from wood burning in the background to create a picturesque atmosphere all in one. Not only will this potentially get you in the mood for a holiday but as this gel truly does smell amazing it may also get you in the mood for other tantalising things like… skinny dipping! 

The texture of this Shower Gel to me is Creamy personified. The epitome of creaminess even. I wasn’t sure what to expect when looking at the description and ingredients of Skinny Dip. I did think that this would have the texture of a Shower Cream from Lush which for me were amazing but did have their flaws. I loved how creamy and rich they were but as someone with dexterity issues sometimes I did find it a little bit hard to squeeze some out of the bottle every now and again. I was a bit surprised to find out that this isn’t the case with Skinny Dip when I opened the bottle and tried some. I also researched the old version of Skinny Dip Shower Gel and noticed that it contained White Chocolate and Cocoa Butter which didn’t merge well together with the rest of the ingredients that make up Skinny Dip and thus caused some emulsification and texture issues when using the Shower Gel. This definitely isn’t the case with the upcoming Lush X Community version. This version of Skinny Dip Shower Gel is rich and creamy without being too thick and balm like.I think that the Murumuru Butter and Coconut work well together to create a rich and creamy base without being too heavy when working it into the skin. I have quite dry skin but obviously due to the hot weather and being a bit under the weather right now I want to use Shower products that will moisturise my skin and leave it soft and supple without being heavy and this definitely fit the bill of what I have been needing lately. If you love anything that is spicy or smoky or are in need of a scent that will make heads turn and someone special to shout ‘you smell divine’ on date night then I do think that this is definitely for you. I know that some men can be very particular with shower scents but I think that Skinny Dip would also be a great one for that man in your life due to the Clove, Vetivert and Cedarwood Oils. 

These Shower Gels will be dropping on the 26th (this Wednesday), they will also be in select stores (Lush Liverpool Spa, Lush Glasgow and Lush Oxford Street) and then will also appear on the Lush Website. The other scents that the Lush Community chose and will make an appearance on the 26th are Guardians Of The Forest for all your forest fiends, Super Milk for anyone who adores the viral Hair product from Lush, Sultana for all you berry loving babes and Let The Good Times Roll for anyone who wants to smell like a popcorn inspired snack! 

Thanks again to the Lush Community Team for sending me these two amazing Shower Gels. They have truly made my week and perked me up whilst I am under the weather! 

Will you be picking up any of the Lush X Community Shower Gels? What scents from Lush would you like to appear as a Shower Gel? Let me know down below and on social media. 

Thanks for reading! 

Jamie x 

Products mentioned in this blog post were sent to me via PR in return of a blog post. All views and opinions are my own. 

Wednesday 19 June 2024

Having Some Posh Good Old Times In The Shower | Lush Gourmand Favourites Limied Edition Range - Posh Chocolate Shower Gel & Let The Good Times Roll Body Lotion

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I thought that I would talk to you all today about the exclusive gourmand products that recently dropped on Lush’s website and in Lush stores for a limited time. 

Posh Chocolate Shower Gel 

Lush have decided to turn their best selling Posh Chocolate Body Wash into a Shower Gel for a limited time for those who prefer a bottled shower gel over a potted body wash. This may be for a plethora of reasons such as just preferring the texture of a gel to accessibility reasons such as it may be easier for them to open a shower gel lid rather than unscrew a potted lid. 

This shower gel contains Glycerine, Water, Cocoa Powder, Hazelnut Milk, Fine Sea Salt, Lactic Acid, Cocoa Absolute, Australian Sandalwood Oil and Vanilla Absolute. 

The texture of this shower gel was quite amazing. Thick but not too thick and moisturising without being heavy on the skin. I think the reason for this sumptuous texture is due to the Glycerine and Hazelnut Milk. Both are known for being quite moisturising to the skin. 

The scent is to die for. If you have smelt Posh Chocolate before from Lush then you will know that it smells of the most divine Chocolate Hazelnut Spread. This shower gel is very similar but to me, the hazelnut is a little bit more subtle in this Shower Gel. Furthermore, the Sandalwood comes out a little bit more when you’ve washed this off your skin. The Sandalwood mixed with the Cocoa Absolute makes for a rich Chocolate scent that lasts on your skin after washing for several hours. 

My skin is known for being quite dry no matter the weather and this shower gel made my skin feel truly soft and supple. If you wanted to pair this with some other products from Lush to create a gift then you could pair the Gel with the following. There’s Butterball to create a truly divine bathing experience. The brand new Magic Bus to create a sort of chocolatey tropical bathing experience. Orange Scrub to create a creative Chocolate Orange scent. Magic Crystals to create a refreshing Chocolate Mint scent and Coco Loco to create a shower experience that may remind you of Bounty Chocolate Bars.

A white hand holding a cylindrical plastic bottle filled with chocolate brown liquid with a black cylindrical lid with a black rectangular label with posh chocolate shower gel lush in white font on a bright background

Let The Good Times Roll Body Lotion 

The fans have asked and Lush has spoken! Lush’s well known and sweet scented facial cleanser Let The Good Times Roll has been transformed into a body lotion for those who want to smell like sweet popcorn all year round! You can now pair the Facial Cleanser, Lotion and Body Spray to truly smell like a snack! 

This body lotion contains Warer, Corn Oil, Polenta Infusion, Organic Jojoba Oil, Glycerine Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter and Organic Illite Butter. 

The texture of this is quite gorgeous. Sumptuous and conditioning but sinks into the skin quite quickly. I wasn’t expecting this as my skin normally takes a fair while to absorb Cocoa Butter due to my skin being on the dry side but my skin drank it up quite quickly. 

The smell is truly one of a kind. A true popcorn scent which I think is due to the Corn Oil and Polenta Infusion that is in this lovely lotion. I mean, its corn, what’s not to love? Personally I do think that the scent of this lotion could be a little bit more corny? I don’t know how to explain it but to my nose the scent reminds me of a mix of lightly toasted popcorn and a Creme Brûlée post it being torched to create that iconic cracking top that we all know and love. I do think for some that the scent of this lotion may be a love or loathe sort of situation. I have been using it for a while and I quite like it due to how it conditions my skin, If you layer it with a Body Spray or Perfume then it does give the fragrance that you spray on top a sort of smoky and creamy undertone which I have been enjoying. I’ve also been pairing it with an old All Good Things Solid Perfume from Lush and they have gone amazingly with each other. 

If you wanted to create a gift for someone with this Lotion then you could obviously pair this with the Facial Cleanser and Body Spray of the same name and create a little Popcorn scented bundle for someone. You could pair Posh Chocolate Shower Gel and this Lotion to create a combo that will leave you smelling like a snack or you could pair it with Honey I Washed Your Kids or even the Popcorn Lip Scrub that’s exclusive to the Retro Wall to create a truly gourmand gift set. 

A white hand holding a clear cylindrical bottle filled with neon yellow body lotion with a black cylindrical lid with a black rectangular label with let the good times roll body lotion lush in white font on a bright background

Have you been able to smell or grab either of these gourmand goodies? What is your perfect scent combo to smell like a true snack? Let me know down below and on social media. 

Thanks for reasing! 

Jamie x

Wednesday 12 June 2024

Treating Father Figures To Some Last Minute Relaxation In The Tub | Lush Fathers Day 2024 Range

Hey everyone! 

I know that Fathers Day is right around the corner so I thought that I would talk to you all about Lush’s Fathers Day range for those looking for a last minute gift. 

A range of beauty products including  rectangular blocks of soap, one in blue and one in grey next to several shaped bath bombs and a cylindrical clear bottle filled with dark green liquid with a black rectangular label with fresh as shower gel lush in white font all on white rectangular planks on a bright background

Bath Bombs: 

Dinosaur In A Crisis 

We all need a relaxing bath when we are in crisis mode. 

This bath bomb is a brand new addition to the Fathers Day range for 2024 and oh boy does it look adorable! This bath bomb contains Coarse Sea Salt, Lavender Oil, Litsea Cubeba Oil, Rose Absolute, Rose Petal Powder and Lavender Powder. To me, the best way to describe the scent of this bath bomb is a mixture of Sleepy and Rose Jam from Lush. I know that the sound of that may be a bit jarring and a bit overwhelming but the two scent families work well to create a sweet floral scent. The Litsea Cubeba helps to cut through some of the sweetness too. I am really iffy with florals but I really enjoyed this bath bomb as it wasn’t too cloying and definitely one to use when you just want something that will help you relax! If you are going to use this dino then maybe take my advice and don’t name them before dropping into the tub like I did! Priced at £3.50. 

A dinosaur shaped green bath bomb with features of a dino etched into the bath bomb on a bright background

Super Dad 

Time to show them that they truly are Super Dad of the Universe! 

This bath bomb contains Violet Leaf Absolute, Pakistani Rose Absolute, Bergamot Oil and Cananga Oil to create a truly superb scent. If you have smelt this and thought I have smelt this scent at Lush before then you are right! This bath bomb shares the same scent as the Daddy-O and Violet Cream Hair Products at Lush. I absolutely adore this scent profile! To me, the scent profile reminds me of well smelling a massive shrub of Violets mixed with the scent of Parma Violet sweets. This bath bomb is also quite a slow fizzer which means that you can enjoy it whilst having a much deserved long soak! If you haven’t given this a sniff then I do urge you before they disappear! Priced at £6. 

A diamond flat shaped bath bomb to represent a trophy in dark and light purple with dad in the middle in red with the a looking like a ribbon bow on a bright background

Out Of This World

This bath bomb is truly out of this world! 

This bath bomb contains Popping Candy, Sweet Wild Orange Oil, Lime Oil, Olibanum Resinoid and Green Tea Powder to create an interstellar scent! To me, the scent reminds me of a summery Banana scent which I know sounds weird but it really works at this time of year! Not only does this bath bomb smell amazing but also looks amazing too due to the astronaut design! This bath bomb would be amazing for those into all things space or for anyone needing a treat this Summer! I also make sure to grab one when they are released for Fathers Day just because of the smell, the cuteness and the wonderful bath art that this bath bomb produces! This bath bomb also shares the same scent as Never Mind The Ballistic and The Wishing Lamp Bath Bomb. Priced at £5. 

A astronaut shaped bath bomb in green with silver glitter coated on top on a bright background

Bubble Bars 


Who doesnt want the seaside right in their own bathroom?! 

This bubble bar is a brand new concept for Lush. Not only does it have a squishier texture compared to `a lot of Lush’s well known bubble bars but you are able to get this bubble bar in multiple sizes! Whether you want a small slice to try out a big block to last you, you can go into store and ask for whatever size takes your fancy! 

This bubble bar contains Hand Harvested Sea Salt, Ho Wood Oil, Petitgrain Oil, Dark Sumatran Patchouli Oil and Ylang Ylang Oil. This to me creates a slightly musky, slightly fresh seaside inspired scent. I absolutely love it. I think that this scent works perfectly as a product for Father’s Day and is a scent that I can see a lot of Father figures enjoying! I also love the concept of different size bubble bars to fit everyone’s needs and I do hope that they bring this concept to other bubble bars in the future. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the squishy texture when I first checked out this bubble bar but I really enjoy it as I find it to be a bit more moisturising and I can see it being an easy way to get children too enjoy baths just like how FUN does. The Seaside Bubble bar also shares the same scent as the Squid Games Shower Jelly. Prices start at £4. 

A zoomed in photo of a circular piece of blue squishy bubble bar with a white interior on a bright background

Shower Gel:

Fresh As 

With Summer around the corner, its best that everyone smells and feel as fresh as possible! 

This shower gel contains Fresh Cucumber Infusion, Fine Sea Salt, Pine Oil, Benzoin Resinoid, Orris Oil, Fir Needle Absolute and Tagetes Oil. To me, this scent is a perfect scent for when its warm or for then you need a refreshing scent for post exercise! If anyone in your life exercises and is in need of a Fathers Day gift then this would be the perfect gel for them. To me, the Cucumber is the main star whilst the Fir Needle and Pine mix to create a quite refreshing aquatic green scent. If you are trying to get your man into Lush then this gel paired with Fresh As perfume may be an amazing gift to get them into Lush! Prices start at £8.

A tall Vulcanian clear bottle filled with dark green shower gel with a black cylindrical lid and a black rectangular label with lush fresh as shower gel in white font  on a bright background


Shower With FUN 

It’s time to get damp and soapy and have some fun in the shower! 

This FUN is a brand new version for Fathers Day 2024. There are four different sections of FUN to serve a unique purpose for the hair and body. Some of the FUN is as normal and some contain scrubby parts to help exfoliate the body in the shower! 

Instead of ingredients, I’m going to focus on the colours and purpose of each section. They are scented in existing scent families at Lush.

Green  - Avobath - can be used on the body such as back and arms. This section of FUN contains ground rice which is a quite light scrub which will exfoliate dead skin. 

Yellow - Refresher - is designed to be used on the hair. This section of FUN also contains Carrageenan which is known for its softening properties. 

Blue - Whoosh - is the normal style of FUN and can be used all over the body. 

Purple - Daddy-O - is destined to be used on areas of the body such as feet and elbows. This section of FUN contains Tagua Nut Powder which is more of an abrasive scrub than ground rice which will help to get rid of dead skin on the tougher parts of the body. 

I love the idea of having different scents and functions for different sections of FUN as I love to use FUN when travelling. I love the concept of introducing the public to a scent family that they may be aware of in a different format! Priced at £10 for a 200g packet of FUN. 

A photo of four pieces of FIN mashed together to create a big circle of FUN. The sections of FUN are green, yellow, blue and purple on a bright background

Soaps :

Blue Moon

This soap was a staple last year and its back better than ever baby! 

This soap contains Rapeseed Oil;Coconut Oil, Glycerine, Bergamot Oil, Grapefruit Oil and Almond Essential Oil. I love this soap. It smells to die for! This soap shares the same scent as the Space Girl scent family at Lush and reminds me of sweet shops in Summer! This soap is also glow in the dark too which I absolutely adore! This soap is definitely worth grabbing before it goes! Priced at £6. 


A photo of a square blue piece of soap with a circular white piece of soap in the middle on a bright background

True Grit 

Even Father figures need to wash the true grit off their hands every now and again! 

This soap contains Rapeseed Oil;Coconut Oil, Rosemary Infusion, Pumice Powder, Glycerine, Orris Root Powder Cedarwood Oil, Elemi Oil, Sewet Wild Orange Oil, Thyme Oil, Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. The Pumice Powder gives a soft scrub to the body whilst the butters ensure that skin is super soft and smooth after use. To me, the Rosemary and Orange are the main scent stars which when combined give a sort of fresh herbal scent to the soap. I quite like the idea of having scrubby ingredients in soap to create a multipurpose product! Definitely worth a sniff if you can sniff it before it goes!! Priced at £7. 

A rectangular gray slice of soap with a watering can in the middle with ground scrubby pieces running throughout on a brighrbabcotround

Have you tired any of these products? What are your favourite products to gift others at Lush? What are your usual last minute Father’s Day gift ideas?  Let me know down below and on social media! 

Thanks for reading! 

Jamie x 

Sunday 26 May 2024

Our Human Rights Matter | Lush Human Rights Showder

Hey everyone!

Welcome to a brand new blog post! 

Lush kindly sent me their new Human Rights Showder so I thought that today I would talk to you all about it especially as this product supports a great cause that is relevant to be UK right now! 

A rectangular detergent style box with human rights showder written in white font with lushbshowder in small black font in a brown square cardboard box surrounded by white scoops on a bright background

Lush have collaborated with EachOther which is a UK charity that focuses on giving a voice to those that are marginalised in society. As some of you may know, Rishi Sunak (the current PM until July 4th hopefully) has stated that he hasn’t ruled out taking the UK out of the European Human Rights Convention thus scrapping the rights that we know and in turn making the UK a dangerous place to live in. As someone who is marginalised in society (disabled and non-binary) I have seen the threat of many rights being scrapped over the past year and honestly todays society is a rough one to live in and I wouldn’t wish for anyones rights to be scrapped. I have for the past two years being writing to various MPs and mayors to try and talk about LGBTQIA+ and disabled peoples rights and now its your time to stand up for your rights! 

EachOther have created a survey to discuss the UK’s thoughts and knowledge on their rights and to discuss the thought of their rights being scrapped from them. Please do take part in the survey and make your voice heard! You can either scan the QR code on the back of the box of showder or click here to take part! 

This product contains Kaolin, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Peopermint Oil, Spearmint Oil and Euxalyptus Oil. 

This almagamation of oils creates a really uplifting scent! Some of you may know this concoction of oils as the scent of Salt Water Soother Salt Cube Bath Bomb. In my opinion, these two products smell the same but I do think that the Showder has a sort of more medicinal scent to it? I normally don’t notice the Eucalyptus that much when it comes to the Bath Bomb but when it comes to the Showder I can smell the Eucalyptus before I’ve even opened the box of Showder. The Mint really works with the Eucalyptus here to create a very Summery scent! I am inhaling the scent right now and it does remind me sort of a mixture of Outback Mate and Magic Crystals from Lush. 

I’ve been using Human Rights Showder for a few days now and honestly the scent has been amazing. My nose has been blocked up due to Hyafever and this has instantly helped! I definitely can see this being amazing to use when it gets warm! I have dry skin so I do like to use something that slgithly on the exfoliating side when I can but I try to not use too coarse of a product when I just want something quick and simple to achieve well soft and supple skin and this definitely does the trick! 

Following on from this, the texture is amazing! Its not too fine where you instantly put it on and it falls off yet its not too chunky where you kind off have to grab a clump and scrub away furiously at your skin to get it to work! 

If you haven’t tried a Showder before then imagine well a powder version of a shower gel! To use Lush’s Showders just grab some from the box, add water and apply to the body! 

Human Rights Showder’s packaging is so cute! The packaging of the showers at Lush take inspiration from iconic British Laundrettes and resemble to me vivid Washing Detergent packaging that’s inspired by the Pop Art era. I do know that a fair few of my readers have stated that the packaging can be a bit of a struggle as it is cardboard. The best way that I ensure that the packaging is easy to use is to decant some into a empty pot from Lush. If you do this then its easy to measure how much you have used or want to use! I also do this so I can take some with me when I travel to a different city without needing to take the whole box in my bag! I do love taking Showder with me when I’m away just because it means I know that there’s a product in my bag for when I need to scrub the grime off my body at the end of the day in a hotel. My final tip to ensure that you don’t struggle with your showder packaging is to ensure that you don’t keep it in the bathroom! Steam and cardboard never go well! 

This product is £14 for a 400g box. I have used the smaller boxes of Showder that were out at Lush for Fathers Day 2023 and they lasted ages so this 400g box will last forever! All the money except for VAT from Human Rights Showder will go towards EachOther. This is definitely a great product and the money goes to an amazing cause! 

Thanks again to the Community Team at Lush for sending me this amazing showder that is in stores for a great cause! 

Do check out Human Rights Showder at your local Lush store! 

Have you tried Human Rights Showder? Have you tried Salt Water Soother? Let me know down below and do take part in EachOther’s survey! 

Thanks for reading! 

Jamie x 

This blog post was in exchange for a product gifted. All views and opinions are my own. 

Friday 17 May 2024

Dearest Reader, It’s Time To Have The Most Decadent Of Baths That You Will Ever Have! - Lush | Bridgerton Range

Hello dearest readers! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post! The wonderful Community Team and Finley at Lush sent me some of the products from the regal brand new range at Lush that is Lush | Bridgerton. 

This range has been created in collaboration with Netflix and Shondaland to celebrate Part One of Season Three of Bridgerton. 

A photo of a light brown square box containing white popcorn pieces on the bottom with a bee engraved yellow oval shaped body balm, a purple and yellow macaron style bath bomb with b engraved on one side and lush engraved on the other, a silver glitter coated diamond shaped bath bomb with a crown engraved on top, a a small clinical plastic clear tub with a clear circular lid with creme anglaise body lotion written in white font on a black label with crowns and diamonds printed onto it with yellow thick body lotion contained in the tub and a tall cylindrical clear tub containing thick jam like red shower slime style body wash with a clear circular lid with a yellow label that has see and be seen in red font  with flowers printed on with lush Bridgerton in black font on top with a purple card behind them that says lush| Bridgerton in white font on a bright background

Colour, Clarity, Carat, Cut Bath Bomb 

Use this bath bomb and you will understand why its The Diamond of the bath bomb world! This bath bomb contains Bergamot Oil, Litsea Cubeba Oil and Benzoin Resinoid to create a truly uplifting citrus scent that screams sitting outside in a wonderful garden during the warm weather to me! Not only does this bath bomb smell gorgeous but it looks it too! This bath bomb has took inspiration from The Diamond reference that runs throughout Bridgerton to ensure that not only does it evoke opulence but that it becomes your favourite bath bomb via its scent, its shimmer and its bath art! Some of you may know the scent of this bath bomb as The Elephant in The Tea Room which was a bath bomb that was a part of Lush’s Mothers Day 2022 Range. I love the design and smell of this bath bomb as you can probably tell and honestly if you want to wow someone with a product from Lush right now I would definitely suggest Colour, Clarity, Carat, Cut! Priced at £7. 

A blue and purple diamond shaped bath bomb coated in silver glitter slowly dissolving into a tub of water on a bright background

Two Families Bath Bomb

Two different scents come together to create one truly magnificent bathing experience! 

This bath bomb contains Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Fair Trade Shea Butter, Lavender Oil, Chamomile Oil, Lavender Absolute, Neroli Oil, Bergamot Oil, Grapefruit Oil, Tonic Absolute, Cocoa Absolute, Yuzu Powder and Lavender Powder, This bath bomb is a brand new design for Lush. If you are familiar with Lush’s Bubbleroons then imagine that but in a bath bomb format. For those that are unfamiliar with the concept then imagine a macaron that is traditionally two meringue cookies sandwiched with an uber rich buttercream or ganache but in beautiful bath bomb form so two bath bombs sandwiched together with skin softening butters. This bath bomb is sandwiched with Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter which are known for making the skin feel soft and supple. Each half of this bath bomb-roon contain a different scent. One half is scented with one of Lush’s retro scents Yuzu And Cocoa which has been described in the past as chocolate orange but I mainly get a mixture of citrus, coconut and cocoa which to me is a scent that reminds me of Summer! The other half is scented with Lush’s Deep Sleep scent that is available in many formats such as a. Epsom Salt rich Salt Cube Bath Bomb or Massage Bar! Deep Sleep contains Lavender and Chamomile to truly help you relax. To me, Deep Sleep reminds me of being in a field of Lavender and Chamomile on a breezy Spring morning! You can use this bath bomb as one truly regal bathing experience that is full of contrasting scents, colours and softening butters or you can separate the bath bomb to create two bathing experiences! The choice is entirely up to you, dear reader. I love the concept of this bath bomb/bath bomb-roon. I do hope that Lush bring more of these out in the future as I love anything that contains a skin softening butter as I know that my dry, dry skin will drink it up! Priced at £5. 

A macaron shaped bath bomb , one side is blue  and purple with a b engraved into it and one side is yellow that has lush engraved into it slowly dissolving into a tub of water on a bright background

Honestly I am very tempted to grab some macarons, use Two Families and bingewatch part one of the new season (now its available to watch) on Netflix! 

See and Be Seen Body Wash 

Is it better to be a wallflower or to see and be seen? Oh dearest reader who will ever the answer to this conundrum? 

This body wash contains Fresh Rose Petal Infusion, Fresh Strawberry Juice, Pakistani Rose Absolute, Rose Oil, Sicilian Lemon Oil and Geranium Oil which to me creates a truly decadent Turkish delight inspired scent. If you have been shopping at Lush for a while then you may know the scent of this Body Wash as Rose Jam which is a perfect representation of the scent itself if I do say so. I think that this body wash is inspired by Strawberry Jam and honestly I’m not mad about it but I do love jam so I am probably bias. When I say Jam, I am primarily discussing the texture of this Body Wash. If you are expecting this Body Wash to be a thick balm like texture like Posh Chocolate or Yummy Custard then you may be disappointed. The texture of this Body Wash reminds me more of a Shower Slime from Lush than say Posh Chocolate Body Wash. Even though the texture may seem a little less nourishing than Posh Chocolate, do not be alarmed dearest reader as this Body Wash really does nourish the skin! I have dry skin and used this the other day and I stepped out of the shower with soft and supple skin! If you want to feel like you’re washing in a beautiful English Rose Garden or love anything Rose then I would definitely give this Body Wash a go! Priced at £18 for a 240g tub of deliciousness. 

A cylindrical clear plastic tub containing thick red raspberry jam like body wash with a yellow and white label with flowers printed on it with see and be seen in red font with lush body wash in black font on a bright background

Creme Anglaise Body Lotion 

Who doesnt want to cover themselves in decadence? 

This body lotion contains Meadowsweet Infusion, Glycerine, Organic Almond Oil, Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Fresh Rose Petal Infusion, Organic Jojoba Oil, Tiger Lily Extract, Organic Avocado Oil, Sacha Inchi Oil, Organic Cold Pressed Evening Primrose Oil, Organic Orange Flower Honey, Brazilian Orange Oil, Myrrh Resinoid and Vanilla Absolute. The smell is an intriguing one. I associate Creme Anglaise as a scent from Lush with Hair Custard as I am sure they shared the same scent so when I smelt this and realised that it was not like Hair Custard I was a little bit perplexed. To me when I take an inhale I do get Vanilla which was the prominent scent note in Hair Custard but then when it settles down I get a mixture of scents. I get floral which will probably be coming from the addition of Tiger Lily and Meadowsweet but I also get a slightly smoky undertone mixed with a big burst of Almond. If you are a big fan of Lush then imagine a mixture of Snowcake, Turmeric Latte and Vanillary with a dash of Death and Decay thrown in for good measure. The texture of this body lotion reminds me slightly of thick yoghurt. I have dry skin so I take lotions, balms and massage bars from Lush seriously and this is quite moisturising. As a dry skin babe, this lotion absorbs into my skin quite beautifully and the scent lasted all day when I applied it first thing in the morning! Priced at £12. 

A small cylindrical clear tub filled with golden thick body lotion with a black and blue label with creme anglaise in white font with body lotion lush in small black font on a bright background

Bee Body Balm 

Time to spread that social buzz about whilst you smell gorgeous! 

This Body Balm contains Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Illite Butter, Fair Trade Organic Mango Butter, Almond Oil, Organic Rose Hip Oil, Brazilian Orange Oil and Bergamot Oil. I know that this is a Bridgerton collaboration range but if the Lush Manchester stores don’t have this beautiful Bee out and proud on the shop floor then I will be very disappointed! This body balm smells of Honey I Washed The Kids which for those dearest readers that don’t know about the scent is a truly divine honey-toffee scent with a slight citrus undertone that just makes the fragrance sing. This body balm is thick but still manages to glide on the skin beautifully. If you haven’t tried a Body Balm from Lush then imagine a slightly richer and thicker version of their Massage Bars. I love anything moisturising, I love Honey I Washed The Kids and I love Bees so this product was definitely made for me! Priced at £10. 

A oval  shaped yellow body balm with a 3D been coming out of it on a bright background

Lush | Bridgerton Perfume 

A perfume truly fit for a Lord or Lady! 

This perfume contains Ylang Ylang Oil,m Rose Oil, Rosemary Oil, Mint Absolute, Jasmine Absolute and Sage Oil. This perfume was created by Emma Vincent, one of Lush’s innovative perfumers, for her own wedding! When I heard about this, this made a lot of sense because to me, the perfume does give off English Garden Wedding vibes! When I sprayed this perfume, the first note that jumped off my skin was a very bright green scent. Grassy almost. If you have smelt Grass from Lush then imagine that but a little bit more delicate. Once this note had died down a bit the next note that I got was a big sort of breezy coconut scent. I know that may sound a bit bizarre to you, dearest readers but do trust me. If you have smelt Furze from Lush then imagine that with a but more of a fresh undertone. Once the breezy scent toned down a bit, the final note that I got was a very big herbal floral scent. Imagine picking a mixture of Jasmine and herbs from a garden. Mixed all together I did quite enjoy this on my skin and it did give off spring wedding vibes.  I can definitely gravitating to this fragrance when it is warm outside! I think that this may be a complex scent that either you will love or loathe. But then again dearest readers, that’s the fun part of smelling scents from Lush. Seeing if they work or don’t on your skin. Priced at £35. 

A tall rectangular glass bottle filled with clear liquid with a black cylindrical lid with a purple rectangular label with a diamond etched on it with lush | Bridgerton written in white font on a bright background

Thank you again to the wonderful Community Team and Finley at Lush for sending me this beautiful box of goodies! 

Have you checked out the Lush | Bridgerton range? Are you watching Season 3 Part 1 of Bridgerton? Who is your favourite character from Bridgerton? Let me know down below and on social media! 

Thanks for reading! 

Jamie x

This post was in return for products sent via PR. All views and opinions are my own! 

Tuesday 7 May 2024

It’s Time To Perform Magik To Your Mind, Body & Soul | Lush Magik CBD, Magnesium & Adaptogenic Ingredients Range.

Hey everyone!

 Welcome to a brand new blog post! I was recently kindly sent the Magik Range from Lush and I thought that today I would talk to you all about  it. 

At the time of writing this blog post, the Magik Range is only available online and on the Lush App and is only available in Europe. I do believe that this range will becoming to European stores/where CBD products are allowed to be sold very soon. 

The Magik Range contains a plethora of amazing goodies. This range contains a high percentage of CBD, Magnesium and adaptogenic ingredients such as Shiitake Mushroom, Panax Ginseng and Ashwagandha  to help to relax the mind, body and soul. 

A picture of an open light brown square box with a green rectangular card that says Jamie do you believe in magik? In green font with a selection of Lush products including glass rectangular perfume bottle containing clear liquid with a black lid with a rectangular green label that says 4:20 pm in light pink font next to a green spherical bath bomb with a lighter green half that has a yellow hue to it with 420 engraved into the top of it, next to a cylinder filled with that green shower gel with a black cylinder coloured the shower gel has a slight purple hue to it with a psychedelic light green triangular label that says Magik shower gel lush in green font on a brighten ground with a pastel green massage bar that says Magik engraved into it next to a black cyldirncual tube filled with waxy temple balm with a green label that says Magik temple balm in white font next to a cube shaped bath bomb that is two different shades of green with lush CBD engraved into it in a bright background

Magik Bath Bomb 

This bath bomb will perform magik and turn your day from being uber bad to super good! 

This bath bomb is one of Lush’s Salt Cubes that are designed to help the body due to the addition of Magnesium rich Epsom Salt. This bath bomb contains 64,000mg of Epsom salts to truly help the body feel amazing and soothed. Talking of feeling soothed, this bath bomb also contains 150mg of CBD. Furthermore, this beautiful bath bomb contains Chamomile Blue Oil, Jasmine Absolute Violet Leaf Absolute and Ylang Ylang Absolute to create a truly grounding scent. To me, the scent reminds me of a mixture of a lighter version of Daddy-O from Lush mixed with when you initially spray Kerbside Violet onto the skin, you know before it settles down into the truly iconic grassy violet scent that it is known for being mixed with a touch of the base notes from 4:20 from Lush. As someone who suffers from Anxiety, is forever constantly in pain a lot and has their fair share of rough days, I use CBD a fair amount to ground myself so a high percentage in a bath bomb is kind of my dream come true. I loved this bath bomb, the scent fills the room beautifully. I mean after I was done with my bath, I could smell it across the upstairs of my house for a couple of days after! When I used this bath bomb I did notice a sort of silky layer on top? I was a bit confused but after watching Victoria’s video on the bath bomb I realised that it was the CBD Oil. As someone with severely dry skin, I loved it as I found it super hydrating for me and I have had baths with bath melts that have produced a similar sort of layer but I can see some people being a little put off by this especially if you suffer from sensory issues. I used this after being out for the day which depending on the stress of public transport or spaces being noisy or people bumping into me (it happens more than you would realise especially when I am shopping in Leeds) I was slightly in pain and drained from being stressed out and having an anxiety attack so I decided to use this bomb and honestly I felt replenished. I don’t want to say reborn because that does sound a touch too pretentious but honestly I felt like the world had gone ‘sorry for today being terrible, here’s a little remedy!’ I also struggle with sleeping and after using this bath bomb I managed to actually sleep without waking up several times during the night! I definitely do recommend grabbing one of these bath bombs! Priced at £11. 

A wide angled phot of a square cube bath bomb filled with grains of epsom salt with lush CBD engraved into the top dissolving and letting out blue colours into a tub of water on a bright background

Magik Shower Gel 

This gel is made for when life just isn’t going your way! 

This shower gel isnt only a godsend to the mind but is one to the nose too! This shower gel contains CBD, Glycerine,Fine Sea Salt, Chamomile Blue Oil, Jasmine Absolute, Violet Leaf Absolute and Ylang Ylang Absolute. To me, when I compare the scent of this gel against the rest of the Magik range, I notice a difference in the scent. Whereas in the rest of the range the scent has a grounding base followed by a mixture of light and strong Violet notes, this gel has a more punchy and upfront Violet scent. One that I think most people will be familiar with! This shower gel does also containing varying amounts of CBD depending on what size you purchase. If you pruchase a 120g bottle then this size will contain 50mg of CBD, a 280g bottle will contain 125mg and a 580g bottle will contain 250mg of CBD. I recently took this with me to Manchester whilst I went to go and spend a couple of days away seeing my partner and some of my friends and this was honestly a saviour for me. I used this before adventuring around the busy city centre and it stopped me from screaming due to the hustle and bustle of the centre and honestly never knowing if a tram was behind me. This gel truly grounded me and kept me from feeling like death by the end of the day. If you are unsure on the Magik range then maybe grab a 120g bottle off this gorgeous gel and give it a go! You never know when you’ll need it after a long hard day of adulting! Priced at £12 for a 120g bottle, £24 for a 280g bottle and £40 for a 580g bottle. 

A photo of a cyldirncual plastic bottle filled with dark green liquid with a black cylindrical lid with a green and purple psychedelic bottle with Magik in thick white bubble font with CBD shower gel lush in white font on a bright background

Magik Massage Bar 

Sometimes all we need is a rub down and a wind down. 

Who doesnt love a massage bar? They are multifunctional, easy to travel with and do amazing things for the skin! This massage bar contains Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Calamine Powder, Fair Trade Shea Butter, Moringa Oil, Ashwagandha Root and Siberian Ginseng Infusion, Organic Illite Butter, Magnesium Chloride, Shiitake Mushroom, Organic Jojoba Oil, CBD, Sacha Inchi Oil, Ginseng Root Powder, Chamomile Blue Oil, Jasmine Absolute, Violet Leaf Absolute, Ylang Ylang Absolute and Seabuckthorn Oil. I love this massage bar but then again I love massage bars in general! I have been using this Magik Massage Bar on a night to calm me down and it has helped me quite a lot. I use the raised point side for when I ache and the smooth side for when I just want a little bit of moisture. I do tend to use them more as a solid moisturiser rather than a sort of massage bar per se but that’s more because I use them a lot for my back and its a pain to try and self massage my own back really. The scent of this massage bar is more like the Magik Bath Bomb rather than the Shower Gel as I get a big smoky undertone when I smell this and then a hit of Violet rather than pure Violet like I do when I inhale the shower gel. As mentioned above, I love the raised design of this Massage Bar. I love the raised edges for when muscles ache, I love the smooth side for when you just want a quick glide of a massage bar for moisture and I love that it has Magik written on the front as it makes it easier when I am rushing and not realising which massage bar I am grabbing to use which has happened more than I would like to admit. When I have used this before bed, I have noticed that it has been easier for me to unwind. Comparing this to Joints Massage Bar, not only is the scent different for me but I do find it a bit easier to relax and unwind with this one but I think that when it comes to Autumn I may change back to Joints just because I think that ill prefer the earthy patchouli scent when its cold and dark especially as the scent of Magik is sort of light, floral and spring like. This massage bar contains 99mg of CBD and 1500mg of Magnesium Chloride. Priced at £14. 

A wide angled photo of someone using  an oval ridged massage bar with magik engraved on the top that’s in purple and green on a bright background

Magik Temple Balm 

Swipe, inhale, relax! 

This temple balm contains Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Candelilla Wax, Organic Castor Oil, CBD, Chamomile Blue Oil, Jasmine Absolute, Violet Leaf Absolute and Ylang Ylang Absolute. This temple balm contains 40mg of CBD to help you truly get out of that fight or flight feeling! I have been using this for a while whilst I am out and about and oh my god have I needed it. I am a forever anxious person as you’ve probably grasped by this part of the blog post but going out and about can be really stressful for me no matter what. I have been applying this whilst on the train, whilst out shopping, before meeting up with friends and it has stopped me from well feeling like a huge hot mess. I used this whilst I was out in Manchester this weekend and it calmed me down when I felt like I was on the verge of having an anxiety attack due to the city centre being absolutely packed. I suffer sometimes from sensory issues and this stopped me from honestly wanting to peel my own face off and scream. I know that sounds drastic but honestly sensory issues can be like that for me sometimes. I would definitely recommend everyone grabbing this and whacking it in your everyday bag. If I hadn’t I don’t know how Manchester would’ve gone for me. I also do want to state that even though it is small, I have also been using it slightly like a solid perfume and I have been able to smell the scent of this temple balm for hours after applying it! Priced at £12. 

A photo of a black cylindrical tube filled with light green balm with a green label that says magik temple balm lush in white font on a bright background

Will you be checking out the Magik Range? Have you tried any of the Magik products already? Let me know down below! 

Again, massive thanks to Lush and the Community Team for sending me the Magik Range! I have truly been loving using them and seeing how they work for my anxious neurodivergent non-binary self. The wonderful team did also send me a couple of the 4:20pm goodies so do let me know if you want me to do a separate post on them! 

Thsnks for reading! 

Jamie x 

This post was in exchange for products sent to me via PR. All views and opinions in this blog post are my own. 


Sunday 7 April 2024

Experiencing All Of The Eras In The Bathroom | Lush Products That Give Taylor Swift Eras Vibes

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post! The new Taylor Swift Eras Tour (Taylor’s Version) will be available to watch on Friday so I thought that I would combine Lush and Taylor to give you some Lush suggestions in case you want to pair them together like I probably will be doing on Friday. 

All of the products suggested in the post will be available to purchase from Lush in store, online or via their App. 

A photo of a spherical green bath bomb slowly dissolving in a big tub of clear water on a bright background

To start off, if you wanted a scrub that just gives off Taylor vibes then I would definitely suggest Cup O’ Coffee. This scrub contains Coffee Infusion, Ground Coffee Beans, Roasted Cocoa Extract, Vetivert Oil, Coriander Seed Oil and Vanilla Absolute. This to me creates a deep earthy coffee and cocoa scented scrub that gives you the pick me top that you and your body need first thing in the morning. I mean everyone knows that Taylor loves a good coffee run and why wouldn’t you want to use Coffee to scrub away that dead skin before you’re glowing for the gods! 

The first one that I thought of when I thought Lush and Taylor Swift was well Dear John… Dear John contains Cedarwood, Coriander Seed, Vetivert and Clove Bud Oils to create a herbal fragrance that will make you sing Dear John all day long. I wish that Lush would bring back the Shower Gel that was available as part of the Fathers Day range in 2019.

A photo of a glass rectangular perfume bottle filled with clear liquid with a cylindrical black lid with a black rectangular label with Dear John perfume lush in white font on a bright background

Karma is a god and it is a must when it comes to Lush scents that would work perfectly for the Eras tour whether that is via digitally or in person. Karma contains Patchouli, Brazilian Orange, Lavandin, Pine, Elemi and Lemongrass Oils to create a rich and complex scent that evokes the vibe of being a free spirit. I love Karma personally so I would go out and use everything that you can grab from a Lush store that has Karma written on it. Shower Gel, Soap, Perfume, Body Lotion. Grab it all, use it all and sing your heart out to the song. (Don’t hate me but I’m not a fan of the Ice Spice version). 

If you’re looking for a bath bomb to use that screams Taylor then I would suggest either of the two that are at Lush. Lakes or Black Rose. If you’re more of a fan of ‘clean’ scents then maybe lean towards Lakes (this bomb contains Labdanum Resinoid, Osmanthus Absolute, Pine Oil and Myrrh Resinoid) and if you’re a fan of scents or bath bombs that exude revenge for tarnishing your reputation then go for Black Rose (this bath bomb contains Pakistani Rose Absolute, Rose Oil, Geranium Oil and Sicilian Lemon Oil). 

A close up photo of a black rose shaped bath bomb bubbling in a tub of clear water shooting multicoloured powder into the water including black and yellow and slowly dissolving into the water on a bright background

A photo of a spherical green bath bomb slowly dissolving in a big tub of clear water on a bright background

 If you’re looking for a perfume that just makes you feel fearless to the world then I would definitely suggest Love. Love Perfume contains Lemongrass Oil, Bergamot Oil, Jasmine Absolute, Rose Absolute, Ylang Ylang Absolute and Ylang Ylang Oil. Those that use it include myself definitely could tell you multiple stories of adventures that have happened whilst wearing this perfume. 

A photo of a large clear glass bottle full of clear perfume with a black cylindrical lid with a black rectangular label with love perfume lush in white font on a bright background

If you’re looking for a body lotion from Lush that isn’t Karma based then I would definitely suggest Dream Cream. Dream Cream contains Oat Milk, Rose Water, Rose Absolute, Chamomile Blue Oil, Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Oil. Not only will this lotion make your skin uber soft but if you’re going to the tour in person then this lotion will help you to have the wildest dreams of your life the night before. Talking about sleep, you can always use the Sleepy range and have a self care night whilst Midnights plays in the background. Sleepy contains Lavender Oil, Benzoin Resinoid, Tonka Absolute and Ylang Ylang Oil. This could include Sleepy Gel, Twilight Bath Bomb and Body Spray and Beauty Sleep Face & Body Mask. 

A photo of a circular splodge of white body lotion  on a bright background

If you’re looking for a Lovers vibe then I would definitely suggest Sex Bomb. Sex Bomb contains Jasmine Absolute, Clary Sage Oil and Ylang Ylang Oil. I mean is there another bomb that exudes Lover vibes? Following on from this, you could pair this with American Cream Shampoo and Perfume to really feel like the true Miss Americana of the world (American Cream contains Vanilla Absolute, Clary Sage Oil, Lavender Oil and Benzoin Resinoid) or if you’re looking for something a little bit different there is always Shade. Shade contains West Timor Sandalwood Oil, Olibanum Oil and Guaiacwood Oil. 

A photo of a pink and white spherical bath bomb with a paper red rose in the middle low in a bowl of water leaking out vibrant pink colour and tinting the water pink on a bright background

If you’re wanting to show off your love for Reputation, you can use Black Rose that has been mentioned already but alongside this, you could use Dark Angels. Dark Angels contains Rhassoul Mud, Organic Avocado Oil, Powdered Charcoal, Black Sugar, Sandalwood Oil and Rosewood Oil. I mean, Taylor during the Rep Era was the ultimate Dark Angel let’s be real here. 

A photo of a large cylindrical black tub filled with dark black charcoal chunky cleanser pieces with a black circular lid with a black circular label that says dark angels face cleanser lush in white font on a bright background

If you’re looking for a perfume that screams Rep but still has notes of being delicate on some then Death And Decay may be for you. Death and Decay contains Ylang Ylang Oil, Tonka Absolute, Rose Oil and Jasmine Absolute. One spray of this and you will have people asking if the old version of yourself is dead! 

A photo of a big rectangular glass bottle of perfume filled with clear liquid with a black circular lid with a black rectangular label that says Death and Decay Perfume Lush in white font on a bright background

If Death & Decay isn’t your thing then New Romantics might be. New Romantics contains Sweet Wild Orange Oil, Davana Oil and Pimento Berry Oil Be quick though as this was released for Valentines Day but is still available to grab at the time of writing this blog post. If it isn’t and you’re looking for something different then maybe give Alina a sniff. Alina contains Bergamot Oil, Patchouli Oil, Clove Bud Oil, Olibanum Resinoid, Jasmine Absoliute, Pink Pepper Oil, Vetivert Oil, Orris Oil and Vanilla Absolute. It still gives off that delicate vibe butt the Pink Pepper in this perfume gives it a sort off warm spicy note compared to the dark floral scent that Death and Decay exudes.  

A photo of a tall rectangular glass bottle containing clear perfume with an orange tint with a black cylindrical lid with a black rectangular label  that says New Romantics Lush in white font on a bright background

If you’re looking for something to nourish the face then Gorgeous from Lush will definitely do that. Gorgeous contains Organic Orange Blossom Honey Water, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Cold Pressed Evening Primrose Oil, Organic Avocado Oil, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Fresh Pineapple Juice, Fresh Orange Juice, Orange Flower Absolute, Neroli Oil and Myrrh Resinoid. You could apply it whilst Gorgeous is playing in the background! 

A photo of a circular black pot containing thick white moisturiser with a black lid with a circular black label that says gorgeous facial moisturiser lush in white font on a bright background

What would you use from Lush to create the ultimate Taylor Swift inspired bathing experience? What’s your favourite Taylor Era? Let me know down below! 

Thanos for reading!

Jamie x

All photos in this blog post are from Lush PR. 

Thursday 21 March 2024

Being A Believer Of All Things Lush | Lush X Shrek First Impressions From The Press Release

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post. I don’t know if you have seen or not but Lush are releasing a Shrek collaboration and I thought that today I would talk to you all about it a little bit. I thought that in todays blog post I would give you all my first impressions on the range just based on the press release that Lush UK put out today and not seeing or smelling them in person. 

This post may be short due to going off the press release notes only. Do not worry though as a longer in-depth post will come when I can get my hands on the range. 

A wide angled photo of some black body spray bottles, green cylindrical tubs, clear shower gel bottles filled with green liquid with a green label that says Fiona shower gel in white font and some donkey and gingerbread men shaped bath and bubble bars on a background of a green lousy swamp on a bright background

Shrek Swamp Bath Bomb (£8)

Don’t be a Farquad! Users can unleash their very own swamp at bath time with this cheeky bath bomb.

Even if this bath bomb may turn your tub into a swamp, it contains a plethora of goodies includin Rhassoul Mud, Oakmoss and Japanese Seaweed which will leave skin feeling  softened and cared for. Furthermore, Shrek Swamp is scented with rich, deep chocolate mixed withrefreshing Peppermint, Pink Pepper and Vanilla to create a minty and spicy top note. I love all things swampy. I love all things Chocolate and I quite like spicy scents so I can see myself enjoying this scent profile and bath bomb quite a bit. I can see it being a bit similar but also quite different to say Guardians Of The Forest or Lord Of Misrule. Comparing it to LOM, they both contain a Pepper even if one contains Black Pepper and one contains Pink Pepper and they both contain Vanilla and I adore LOM so I will probably adore this bomb too. 

A green spherical bath bomb with a big s engraved into the front on a bright background d

Get Outta My Swamp Shower Slime (£9/£18)

Make like Shrek and harness the power of the swamp for a slimy body wash that will leave users feeling  soft and silky. This Shower Slime contains Wheatgrass which is known for being  packed with Vitamin A, E and C. Wheatgrass when in beauty products is known for ensuring that the skin is soothed. This shower slime also contains cornstarch which is used not only to create the texture of this sublime slime but also to ensure that skin is left feeling super soft after using this product. This shower slime also shares the same scent as the Shrek Swamp Bath Bomb so they could definitely be paired together to create a gift perfect for a Shrek film fanatic! Honestly I’m not sure if I’m a big fan of Shower Slimes. I just find them a bit of a pain to use so I only use them when I really want to. I do love the idea of them but as someone with not the best dexterity I do struggle using them from time to time. I am intrigued to see if this Shower Slime is thicker at all and if it is then I can see myself getting on with it a little bit more than say Sparkly Pumpkin Shower Slime especially as the scent profile of this slime sounds superb. 

A big dark green cylindrical tub  with a black rectangular label with a green ogres face on the front with get outta my swamp shower slime in green font with lush x Shrek in green font on a bright background

Fiona Shower Gel (£10/£20/£34)

Be ogre-joyed with this fairytale blend of fresh, fruity fragrance transformed into a beautifully cleansing shower gel. 

This gel contains Fresh Cucumber Juice which is known for its cooling and skin glowing properties. Fiona Shower Gel contains Lime, Pine, Buchu Oil and Mango Leaf Absolute.  I mean I love anything that contains Lime and Mango. I mean I can eat Lime Wedges whole without having any form of reaction so I am sure that I will enjoy the scent of this. I am a bit iffy with Pine sometimes so I do hope that Pine doesnt dominate the scent profile of this gel! I can see this being a great Shower Gel for Summer just going off the scent profile that Lush has provided. 

A cylindrical plastic clear shower gel bottle  filled with green shower gel with a black and green cylindrical lid with a green rectangular label with Fiona shower gel in white font with lush x Shrek in green font on a bright background

Gingy Bubble Bar (£7.50)

Do you know the muffin man? Well, get acquainted with the scent of freshly baked goods in the form of everyone’s favourite gingerbread man! Crumble under running water to release sweetly scented bubbles and swish around for even more suds!

Will I crumble Gingy up whilst reciting the whole scene between them and Lord Farquad? Maybe… I think that I tried Carrot Cake Lip Scrub and I did enjoy it but scents and products have been out since so I honestly don’t remember the scent of Carrot Cake Lip Scrub (which this bubble bar shares the scent of) to say much about it so ill definitely have to give this another sniff if I can. I mean I love Carrot Cake so I can’t see myself not enjoying the scent and this bubble bar in general. 

A dark brown gingerbread man shaped  bubble bar with multicoloured details on a bright background

Donkey Bath Bomb (£6)

Where would a brave knight be without his noble steed? Have Donkey join the party with this sweet ballistic, scented with waffle-y notes of cosy spiced caramel. Drop Donkey into a nice hot bath to release swirls of colour and waffle-sweet fragrance.

This beautifully cute bath bomb is scented in Lush’s iconic Yog Nog scent. If you have been an avid reader of this blog for a while then you will know that I love the Yog Nog scent but I usually wear it in the colder months so I am a bit unsure on Yog Nog being brought out in a bath bomb format at the beginning of Spring. Saying that, I do have a stash of Yog Nog products that I should use so I know that this bomb will go beautifully alongside them.

A grey and blue bath bomb  that’s in a jumping position on a bright background

By Night One Way, By Day Another Body Spray (£35) 

I have always loved this quote from Shrek so I love how they have turned the quote into a Body Spray. This Body Spray contains a blend of Lime. Mango Leaf Absolute, Melon and Green Apple, I love the sound of this fragrance and I am definitely intrigued to try it if I can. Lush also state that this Body Spray changes on the skin throughout the wear which I am even more intrigued by as maybe the Melon and Apple come out later on during the wear. I love anything Lime and Mango so I am sure that alongside the Fiona Gel that I will like it or at least like to try it.

A green and black body spray bottle filled with liquid with a green domed label with a pucture of a light brown haired Princess Fiona from Shrek  with by day one way, by night another in white font with lush x Shrek in green font on a bright background

Mask Of Magnaminty will also be getting a label makeover for this collaboration. For years, customers in Korea and around the world including myself have forever associated this mask with Shrek. In Korea they call the mask Shrek Pack due to the association so Lush have changed the name of MOM to reflect this. 

A photo of a black cylindrical tub with a black circular lid with mask of magnanimity in green font with Shrek pack written over the top in white font with face and body mask lush in white font on a bright background

This collaboration range will drop on the UK Lush App on Friday 22nd March 2024 and then online on Monday 25th March 2024. It will also be a few selected stores in the UK. These stores are Lush Liverpool Spa, Lush Edinburgh, Lush Glasgow City, Lush Beak Street which has been used as a pop up space for previous collaboration ranges such as Lush X Barbie and Lush Oxford Street. Do I wish that it was in more stores so that more people could get to sniff the range before buying it? I think so yes. I am a person who needs to know what something smells like before they buy it as I am severely, severely indecisive when it comes to purchasing well anything really. 

Is Shrek Love and Life for you? What is your favourite Shrek film? Will you be purchasing any of the Shrek Range? Let me know down below. 

Thanks for reading! 

Jamie x