Thursday 31 March 2016

DOAML: Gorilla Fragrances: Dear John


Welcome to another DOAML post. Yeah, this series is slowly starting up again... If theres anything that you would like me to review from Lush or talk about skin wise then please let me know in the comments section down below!

Today I am going to talk to you guys about Dear John as I bought it a couple of weeks ago and it feels fitting to talk to you guys about the perfumes that are available at Lush as I don't think that they get enough recognition.

Dear John is a perfume that is sold at Lush. All perfumes that are sold at Lush are under the Gorilla Perfume brand. I don't know the exact story behind Gorilla Perfumes but I know that Lush created Gorilla Perfumes as it's own brand to compete with high street perfumes and so that they wouldn't be just sold at Lush stores from what I know. I could be wrong but I'm sure thats somewhat the story. Gorilla Perfumes have their own store within Islington, London and have a full on gallery within the Lush Oxford Street superstore.

The best way to tell you the scents that make up Dear John is to just list all of the scents instead of saying this is the base note as I feel like they change a bit depending on your skin so it's best to just say. Dear John contains Cedarwood, Coffee and Tobacco which gives it a deep smoky scent, Lime to give it a bit of a citrus kick, Pine, Clove, Coriander/Cilantro depending on where you are within the world and Vetivert.

The perfume comes in many forms but I decided to get the body mist as honestly its the best amount for your money as a 150g body mist bottle comes in at £13 which is pretty amazing. There is also a solid version for £7 and other bottles for various prices.

When you spritz this, you instantly get the smokiness of the coffee/cedarwood/tobacco/vetivert but when it settles you get more of a citrusy scent from the Lime. It's such a great scent for all year round but I like it most within either Spring or Autumn due to the smoky-sweetness of the product. You also get a sort of soapy hint when it has settled which I kind of like because I've never had a fragrance that did that before and it just makes you stand out when theres a lot of scents going on in the room. I also love that the scent stays on the skin for quite a while and if needed you could buy the solid just to top up on the go as the bottle is quite clunky when it comes to storing in your bag.

I would give this a 9.5/10. The only problem that I have found with it is that the other bottles are very pricey and if this wasn't the case then I would have every type of this fragrance within the confinements of my beauty drawer! I love the sweet smokiness and I love how the Coffee and Tobacco isn't off putting but adds more to the smokiness instead of being so strong that you can't smell anything else except Coffee and smoke.

Have you smelt this within a Lush store? What do you think? Have you tried any of the Gorilla Fragrances that are on offer within Lush? Let me know in the comments section down below!

Click on Dear John to find out more about the fragrance! I hope that you have enjoyed this DOAML post and I hope that you read the next post that is on my blog! If you want to keep up to date then follow my BlogLovin!

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Wednesday 30 March 2016

Disappearing From The Screen | Why I Stopped YouTube


If you've read the blog for a while or know me personally then you will know that I used to do the whole YouTube/talk to a camera thing. If you're subscribed to my channel then you will have realised that I stopped within October last year and I thought that today I would tell you why I kind of disappeared from YouTube...

So within October, I said on my channel that I would start the whole DOAML (Diary Of A Meowing Lushie) series on my channel as well as my blog and then I just vanished after that. I did have intentions on creating the series onto YouTube but honestly creating posts and creating videos of the same thing just became challenging for myself as I would have to set the camera up and then make sure it would focus and that everything was perfect and then wait for the product to dissolve into water and it just slowly made videomaking and beauty products very boring and tiring for me. (With doing it via my blog I can just take a picture of the product and then enjoy it in my own time and then just talk about the product afterwards.) I just wanted my videos to be something that myself and yourself would enjoy and when I stopped enjoying making them I thought that you wouldn't really enjoy them if I just made them as haphazardly as possible. If you do want to watch amazing Lush based videos then check out Jen and Phil's channels.

In November, I decided that I was going to change the series to where I just and to start redoing vlogs of when I go to events and things like that but college got in the way in the form of me making films for coursework and things like that which took up most of my time which meant that I would be able to film but it probably wouldn't have been edited until a month had passed by and I feel like with certain things it would have felt unnecessary when it was finally on YouTube.

Time passed by and I got more coursework and more things came up and I just thought that it would be best to try and review if I have the time and patience to do videos and if I do then the YouTube thing will become a thing again but until then its best that I stick to my blog as I just feel like its a lot easier to keep up with compared to videos as you don't have to do the whole waiting for everything to export and upload with a blog.

Don't forget to check out Jen and Phil's channels!

I hope that you have enjoyed this sort of rambly post and I hope that you come back to read the next post! I hope that your week is going well!

Jamie x


Tuesday 29 March 2016

DOAML: Telling The Story Of Bubbles | Tales Of Bath Spa Bloggers Event At Lush Leeds Spa


Welcome to another DOAML post. I ended up in Lush once again (even though I'm in there most of the time when I'm in Leeds) for the launch of the Tales Of Bath treatment that is available in all of Lush Spa's within the if you want to have the treatment after reading this post then you can check the Lush website for the nearest spa and get yourself booked in for a wonderful treatment! (Images won't be great but I hope that you don't mind.)

Myself and Luke strolled leisurely to the store and ended up being the first two people there. I would like to say that this surprises me but it seriously doesn't. We waited for a tiny bit and then more and more bloggers waited outside with us. A few moments later, the doors to the store opened and we all made our way into the store. We walked in, got our names checked off on the list, grabbed a drink (there was many choices but I stuck to juice just because it was the night before the deadline for coursework and I didn't want to be drinking until after that deadline) and grabbed an mini apple pie as there were sweet things on offer all throughout the night.

We chatted to Urika who kindly took our things and put them behind the till as I had a massive laptop and two other bags and I didn't think massive bags and picking up products was the best idea. We had a little wander and then was asked to go down to the Spa to find out a little more about the new spa treatment. We went down the wooden spiral stairs and then made our way to one of the treatment rooms where the lovely staff of Lush Leeds Spa told us the story behind the Tales Of Bath treatment. She then went on to tell us about the actual treatment as it contains a shoulder massage, a bath that has epsom salts and other things within and a full body massage which includes a side-lying technique which is amazing for pregnant people or people like me who aren't fully keen on lying face down during massages... Yes, I know that having a bath within a treatment sounds very weird but its Lush and they are very well known for their bath products and their treatments so it's not that surprising that they have entwined them into one via a treatment.  The bath is private so it's not that awkward as you think.

We then went into another room to find out about The Good Hour treatment which includes a full body deep tissue massage which is based on pressure points within your body which I think is pretty amazing. Sea shanties fill the room which makes the experience that bit more relaxing somehow. We then went to check out another treatment and then we were asked if we wanted a demo of The Sound Bath treatment, a Comforter oil massage or a palm reading. Luke chose palm reading and if you want to find out more about that then click here. I chose the Comforter oil massage just as I knew that I would like it as I've had it before and that I could always do with a massage so it felt right to go with that. The oil/serum massage is a part of The Comforter treatment which I want to try at some point as it sounds amazing and I love all things Comforter so... The rose serum is bright pink in colour and is applied to the skin whilst slightly hot so it sinks into the skin quickly. The scent is a slight mixture of rose petals, the comforter and the rose jam scent. You get a bright whiff of rose petals but then if you keep sniffing you get a mixture of cassis from the comforter and a sweet hint of rose jam which blends together for a sweet floral scent.

We then headed back up to the shop floor. We had a little bit of a mooch until one of the lovely member of staff called Beth came up and talked to us. Now, as I end up in Lush every time that I'm in Leeds she knew exactly who I was and asked if there was anything that I haven't tried which was a tricky question for myself to answer. I said that I could do with a tiny bit more knowledge about the face masks and hair care. I explained that I normally stick to two face masks which are Catastrophe Cosmetic and Don't Look At Me which I fell in love with whilst in the Oxford Street superstore. She then explained and demoed Cosmetic Warrior on me. This mask has a mixture of tea tree and garlic to cleanse, green grapes which cool the skin and honey and fresh free range eggs which tighten the skin and moisturise at the same time. I fell in love with this one as I loved the colour of the mask and loved what it did. The smell was different as I was a bit indecisive on if a mix of garlic and honey would be the best scent to smother on your face but it worked really well and was quite mild.

We then went over to the hair care section where Beth told us about the shampoo bars. Now, I tried a shampoo bar at Oxford Street and I felt a bit weird after using it so I haven't tried a shampoo bar since then. I just think that the whole trying to get them to lather and then trying to get them to dry puts me off buying them more regular;y. She explained the New shampoo bar to start off with, this one is heavily spiced with things such as Cinnamon and Cloves which stimulate new hair growth hence the name. She explained that if you want your hair to grow then this one would be the best for you.

 She then went on to Seanik as I explained that I would like moisture with a slight bit of volume as I like to have a slight bit of volume in the back on my hair just so its not all flat/lifeless. This one has seaweed, sea salt and lemon in it to give the hair volume and shine but has a summery scent to it so if you're looking for a shampoo that will make you feel like a marvellous mermaid then this would be the best one for you!

Beth then went on about the Honey I Washed My Hair bar as this one is the best for moisture. It has the scent of Golden Egg/Honey I Washed/It's Raining Men which is a toffee scent but is made up of Orange and Bergamot (I'm not sure how either but I love the scent so I'm not complaining!) Honey is very well known for adding moisture so if you're like me who wants moisture within their hair then this one might be for you! It does have Gold lustre within so if you're not a big fan of lustre then it might not be the best for you? It's up to you really!

We then had another mooch about and then went to make our own Comforter Bubble Bar's. Yes, I was very excited as I love The Comforter and I love making Lush products. We sat ourselves down and was given a chunk of white and pink. We then had to squish them together and start turning them. Mine decided to crumble very quickly which meant that I had to fiddle with it a little. I then started to try and turn it until it resembled a cone and then squished it which resulted in more crumbling but it looked pretty damn pretty. The lovely staff member decided to give us another one as she had made some in advance just as she guessed that mine would crumble as soon as you tried to get it out of the packet. I forgot to get her name but thank you Lush staff member! They will be used with love as I know that they have been made in front of my eyes!

I was deciding if I wanted anything as I felt that it would be best to get stuff then instead of coming back in when the store would probably be busy. I decided that I would not get anything as I already have enough within my lush drawer and that it would be best to replenish nearer the time of when I didn't have so much products to get through! Beth then gave me a sample of Grease Lightning to try as I said that I had heard about Celestial which is a Moisturiser from the wonderful Kellie but as my face is dry and normally in some sort of acne plague so Grease Lightning would be better for myself.

Urika came over for a little bit of a chat. It's always amazing to see Urika. We had a little natter and a selfie and then myself and Luke grabbed our things, got our goodie bags and said bye to all of the staff.

I thought that I would do a little paragraph about the things we got in our goodie bags as I know that you're all nosey people who want to know! We got a Full of Grace facial serum which is basically a massage bar full of Lavender for the face. A Therapy massage bar which contains Lavender, Neroli and Sweet Orange Oil. A Green Bubbleroon which contains Avocado, Lime and Bergamot and Golden Egg Bath Ballistc/Melt as it has the fizz of a ballistic but the melting of oils such as Cocoa Butter and Olive Oil. It smells amazing! To compliment the honey scent, there was also a Honey I Washed My Hair Bar to try in the bag as well!

Have you tried any of the products mentioned in this post? Have you tried out the Tales Of Bath treatment? Let me know in the comments section below!

I would like to thank the wonderful Urika for inviting me to the event! I would also like to thank the Lush Leeds Spa staff for putting on an amazing event! I hope that you have enjoyed this lengthy post and I hope that you read the next post whenever it is up!

Jamie x


Sunday 20 March 2016

Making The British Roses Bloom | The Body Shop British Rose Blogger's Event at Leeds Briggate


I was invited a couple of weeks ago to go to The Body Shop Leeds Briggate store to check out the new British Rose range that they have released! Whenever I am in Leeds, I end up popping in to just have a mooch around and think about if I want anything from the store which has led the staff to know me by face and probably name... 

Luke met up with me after college a bit early as I didn't feel that great... Once I had located Luke, we walked up to the train station and got the train to Leeds like we normally do. We decided to kill some time by getting some food as I thought that I would feel a bit better after I had some food in me, After eating a good footlong from Subway, we mooched about within Trinity Leeds until the time came to go to the event. 

We strolled into the store where we saw a vast amount of bloggers. It was great to see that the store was buzzing with people! Myself and Luke chatted to a few bloggers that we knew and even introduced ourselves to a few new bloggers! We were then all called to gather around whilst the team demonstrated the new British Rose range that the event was showcasing. The best way to describe the scent is via saying that it is a fresh floral sort of scent. It's not too strong but it's not weak at the same time. It is a very Spring time sort of scent and reminds me of floral clothing somehow! If you like your fresh/floral based scents then you will love the smell of the British Rose range! The staff then told us about how the Rose scent is extracted so it can be put into the range which is via putting roses into Welsh water just like some of you might have done in school to create Rosewater!

We were then split up into three groups of ten; one would go to skincare ; body care and makeup. Myself and Luke's group were sent to the skincare section where two members of staff would tell us more about skincare. They wanted a blogger to demonstrate some products on and I thought that I might as well as sit down and be the guinea pig as myself and Luke were the only ones of the group... I was asked by the amazing Anisa what I would describe my skin type as. I described it as very dry as it mainly is due to lactose intolerance. When your skin is either very dry or very oily, it will probably create a lot of spots due to scientific reasons which I won't go into which happens with me quite a lot. Anisa first used Nutriganics Foaming Face Wash and then I think she used Oils Of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil which I was told to dab into my skin instead of massaging into my skin as it sinks in a lot quicker. She then used Vitamin E Cream but there is a few Vitamin E Creams and sadly I can't remember which one was put on my face. There is a fair few so I would have a look and see which one suits you the most. We were then told about the new ranges that were coming out soon which include the Oils Of Light range which is influenced from the Asian culture of lightening creams from what I remember.

We were then told to move about and was directed over to the Makeup section where Laura Beth was demonstrating the new makeup range that is available at The Body Shop. She told us about the new palette that is available which includes a few different shades which are very soft when you touch them. She then told us about the Lip and Cheek stains and then talked a bit about how people sometimes forget that TBS sells makeup! We talked for a little bit longer and was ushered over to the last section...

We went over to the body care section where two of the staff members talked to us about the Spa of the World range and how it can invigorate, relax you or do other great things for your body. This is a great range for when you need a sort of spa day in the space and comfort of your own home which is great for people like me who don't really have the money/time/energy to head to a spa for a treatment. There is several great products in the range such as the Dead Sea Salt Scrub which is the greatest product to exfoliate as the texture of the sea salt crystals are the best thing to use on your body to scrub the dead skin away! Japanese Camellia Cream which has been used by Japanese women for centuries! It has a relaxing scent so could definitely be used as a great way to help you relax before you go to bed or to keep you nourished all the way through the day and the Egyptian Milk and Honey Bath which apparently was a favourite of Cleopatras so you can feel as luxurious as Cleopatra when you use this! It contains Honey, Olive Oil and Milk from Egypt to make this as luxurious as possible. I can't wait to try this as I want see if my body reacts to the milk or not as I have lactose intolerance and mainly because this sounds divine as hell!

We then wandered about and had a look at a few other things such as the Honey & Oat Face Mask which smells kind of like Banana Flapjack and many other things. Luke finally decided to buy the British Rose Shower Gel as he liked the scent or not and I thought that the shower gel would be a good base to work from as if you like the scent when the product lathers up then he can buy more of the range but if he doesn't then he can give it to someone who does like the range and the shower gels are pretty cheap at TBS.

I went up to purchase it and was handed two goodie boxes at the same time which includes some great things including the Hand Cream from the new British Rose range which I am using at the minute to keep my hands feeling and smelling divine! We said our goodbyes and off we went home!

Have you checked out any of the British Rose range? If so then let me know in the comments section below! Did you love it or loathe it?

Thanks to Tom, Laura-Beth, Anisa and the rest of the terrific team at The Body Shop Leeds Briggate store for inviting me and for putting on an excellent event! I would also like to thank them dearly for the gorgeous goodie box! I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post and I hope to see you next time for another post!

If you want to check out any of the products that have been mentioned within this post then go and check out The Body Shop!

Jamie x


Tuesday 15 March 2016

Getting Down & Dirty | Smoke BBQ Leeds Event With Michelle


Welcome to another blog post! I thought today I would talk to you guys about an event that I went to last week with Michelle and Luke. Yes, I bring Michelle along to most things when they allow me to bring a plus one because why not? She creates amazing photography, I get to share them on my blog and she gets to experience an ever amazing event with me so its a win win situation really. Anyways back to the blog post...

So, I was invited by the wonderful guys over at Smoke BBQ Leeds and their PR team for a night that would be unmissable where everyone would be getting dirty as the hashtag for the night was #GetDirty... Initially I thought that it was a spam email due to the subject being 'Jamie, would you like to #GetDirty which sounds a bit weird in my opinion but I am glad that I clicked on it and didn't instantly put into my trash folder.

So flash forward to the day of the event, myself and Luke met up with Michelle as she needed to get some photos developed, we then got onto the train,,, We realised the time and decided to tweet and email Smoke BBQ Leeds to ensure them that they knew that we would be a tiny bit late... We got into Leeds and rushed up to the Merrion Centre where Smoke Leeds is situated. We searched all over the centre and then ended up going into Costa to ask where abouts it was... It was next door, Yeah, you can imagine how stupid I felt once I realised that it was next door,

We walked into the lovely restaurant and looked about at its indulgent interior. A superb staff member came up to us and asked if we were there for the bloggers event. We said yes and then she escorted us to a booth where we plonked ourselves down. The same staff member came back and talked to us about the beers that we were going to be drinking. (Don't judge me but you know what I'm like with names... I remember there being one named something to do with Smoke which is quite fitting.) Luke had a Dandelion and Burdock and he said that it was nice and refreshing...

Michelle took many photos and then the food came round. I think that it is the Smoke Sharers Plate. This contains a lot of meat and when it came to the table I was shocked and pleased at the same time as there was so much meat! The chef came over and nearly brought another one over as there was three of us... Thank goodness that didn't happen in the end!

This consisted of Pulled Pork which was incredible! Smoky but sweet and I would eat a lot of it! Ribs. I love Ribs! I was a bit confused as these were ones that weren't covered in BBQ sauce but there was a bottle of Smoke BBQ Sauce on the table for pouring over and other things. The Ribs were massive, meaty and succulent! I loved them! Barbecue Turkey Legs. I rarely have Turkey unless it's Christmas so it was a nice different thing to have! They were crispy on the top which is why they were called barbecue but quite succulent. At first I was a bit confused at what they were but they were pretty good! Chicken Thighs. Okay so Smoke BBQ Leeds converted me to Chicken Thighs. Yes, they were that good! They were slightly crispy but succulent which was amazing as sometimes Chicken can end up being dry but this literally started falling off the bone as soon as you bit into it. Hot Link Sausages. I was a bit confused about this as I think they were boiled and I'm normally used to the general sausages that aren't boiled as such but they were pretty amazing. I was quite stuffed at this point so I only had a bit of the sausage but I think they would work really well in something like a Pasta Bake or such. Nigella did a Sausage and Halloumi Bake which I think these would work really well in. We also had Cornbread which was different. It was sweet but also had a bit of a kick to. I think that it was meant to go with the Pulled Pork but instead I just ate it on its own which I probably was meant to do but it was really nice! We also had coleslaw which was pretty good. I'm not a big fan of coleslaw but it was pretty good., It was creamy and decadent but had a bit of a bite to it which is what you look for within coleslaw.

We all chatted for a bit and then Luke asked Michelle to have a look at the desserts because why not?! At that very moment, a waiter came over and told us the trio of desserts. Myself and Michelle stopped him at Peanut Butter Cheesecake and went 'What?! Peanut Butter Cheesecake?!' He chuckled and went I'll get you one each so you can enjoy the Peanut Butter Cheesecake as Luke doesn't eat Peanut Butter and rarely eats Cheesecake... I'm not sure why either as them two things are heavenly! The desserts came over and they all were delicious. We had the PB Cheesecake which was sweet but bitter at the same time. It had the sweet base and top but in the middle was a salty but quite glorious bit of peanut butter which just contrasted amazingly and just made everything sing. I would eat it more than once if it was possible! There was also Smores. So I have to put my hands up and say that I have never had Smores before. I know what they are but I just never had them! The ones at Smoke BBQ Leeds were amazing. Nice doughy but delicious cookie with a slightly fluffy but slightly crispy from being blowtorched/grilled with dark yet decadent chocolate sauce. Just absolutely perfect and I now know why everyone loves it! The last dessert that we had was Chocolate Brownie. Now, I have had a fair few chocolate brownies within my time but this one was pretty perfect! It was rich and decadent but the size meant that you could eat it without being too overwhelmed. It was nice and I enjoyed it. It was pretty nice with the Pistachio Ice Cream that was on the side of it. The Pistachio Ice Cream was nice and cooling after all of the meat that we had. It had a bit of a nubbly texture which was good as it meant that there was a bit of texture to the smooth ice cream. It was a great dish to end an amazing night on!

Please don't forget to check out Michelle's photography as her photography is amazing as you can tell via this blog post but she is also a Peanut Butter Cheesecake as she's a little bit nutty and sweet at the same time! Michelle. Michelle. Michelle 

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post and I hope that you have enjoyed reading about all of the delicious food that is on offer at Smoke BBQ Leeds. Have you been? Have you tried any of their food? Let me know down below in the comments section below! I can't thank the guys at Smoke BBQ Leeds and Approach PR for inviting me to the event and for providing so much delicious food and drink! I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post and I hope to see you next time for another blog post!

Check out the #GetDirty hashtag on Twitter to see more pictures and Tweets of what happened on the night!

Jamie x

Sunday 13 March 2016

I Helped Set A World Record With Michelle & Luke


Yes, you read right! I actually did something and was involved within a Guinness World Record. I am taking that to my grave and that will be my legacy. I know that I'm being a bit dramatic but seriously I never thought that I'd be one of those people that would be helping to achieve a Guinness World Record.

(This post is going to be pretty short because I can't remember bits that are important to the event. Not because of the alcohol just more to do with my memory and also I'm a bit under the weather at the minute but I feel bad for not posting for a while so yeah... I'm also listening to Kesha whilst typing this so in the comments leave your opinion about the whole situation with Kesha.)

Myself, Michelle and Luke rushed to the venue on the night as we thought that we were going to be fashionably late like we normally do. We got there and was told that we would have to queue for a bit as the staff were sorting out the interior which is fine as you do have to set things up for a massive world record especially when its to do with largest amount of people drinking at the same time within a number of restaurants/bars up and down the country.

We entered the venue and were given three beans which I will explain in a little later on within the post,. We then walked over the bar which was quite packed but we were told that we were meant to stay here due to the world record T&C's. We were then all brought to a silence via a guy who was going to tell us about the gins. Now, this is where my mind screws up. There was three gins but I think that I can only remember the name of one of them which was Tanqueray No 10 I think. We were given a tray with three shots (one of each shot) but the barman decided to give me two and I'm not completely sure why but when someone gives me something especially gin I'm not going to say no so I ended up downing six shots of gin... Oops...

Once the lovely guy had finished educating us all about gin. I know that may sound a bit boring but honestly the history of gin is quite interesting and once we had drunk our shots once we had been told a bit of the history of each gin! We were then told that we were now able to use the beans. The beans meant that we could try each of the Gin's within a Gin and Tonic which was fun to try. I can't remember which gin it was but there was one that was served with some Pink Grapefruit which was really nice to say that I'm not a big fan of Pink Grapefruit! Myself and Michelle then talked about anything and everything because well thats what best friends do whilst drinking Gin and attempting world records. We also then checked out some guys... (Yes, I know how bad that sounds but I become a bit more relaxed after drinking alcohol... In mine and Michelle's defence, we are both very very single so...)

We decided that after drinking one of each G&T's, we decided to call it a night and head back to the train station where we ended up going for a Subway as we were all sure that we needed some food! There is many different food vendors within the train station but we felt like a good footlong would sort us out...

All of the pictures within this blog post are Michelle's and can be found via her Flickr but to make it easier for all you readers I have linked it up to her name so when you click Michelle's name throughout this post so please go and click to check out her very beautiful and professional photos! Michelle, Michelle, Michelle.

I can't thank the staff at The Botanist enough either for inviting me along to this event as I learnt quite a lot about Gin and got to experience and sample Gin like I have never done before. We also achieved the world record from what I know which is amazing!

Do you have a favourite brand of Gin? Do you hate Gin all together? What are your thoughts about the #freekesha movement? Let me know in the comments below!

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post. I know that it has been a bit different as I normally only ever talk about alcohol within a poat where it involves food and even that alcohol is either cocktails or beer but I hope that this has entertained you somehow. I hope that you read the next post whenever that is posted! Have a great week and don't forget to check Michelle's 
work out!

Jamie x