Friday 30 April 2021

Lush New Bubble Bars 2021 First Impressions

 Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I recently popped into Lush White Rose with Luke to try out their new bubble bars. We did also pop into Lush Leeds Spa due to White Rose not having all of them. I thought that today, I would talk to you all about the brand new bubble bars. 

A semi circular arched shaped bubble bar with all of the colours of the rainbow in arched stripes on it on a bright background

Apple Crumble 

Take a bite, dearie. Who doesn't love an Apple? They keep the doctor away! I love the design of this bar as it looks like an Apple but in bubble bar form. This bar contains, Fresh Apple Pulp, Myrrh Resinoid, Orange Flower Absolute and Cinnamon Leaf Oil. This creates a sort of refreshing crisp yet light Red Apple scent with a touch of spice. I love anything spice and I adore Apple Crumbles so this one drew me instantly in. This bar is actually a Bubbleroon as this product contain Shea and Cocoa Butters in the middle which make a luxurious bath which helps to soften and nourish your skin. I did wish that this bar did have a tiny bit more of an Apple scent to it but overall I love the design and the smell of this one. 

A bright red oval shaped bubble bar which looks like an apple with a oval green accessory on the top of it filled with some white butter on a background of brown rectangular shelves filled with different shaped and coloured bath bombs on a bright background

Castle In The Clouds

Surfing like a castle in the cloud! Who doesn't want to bathe in something that is as light as a cloud? This bar contains, Geranium Oil, Jasmine Absolute and Benzoin Resinoid. This to me created a light sweet floral scent. I love floral scents but sadly, I don't think that this one is for me. I got a weird mixture of floral, faint berry and sort of a cream based note. Maybe I need to sniff this one again but honestly, its not my favourite. 

A spiralled sort of castle shaped bubble bar with blue white and pastel pink features on a bright background

Frozen Reusable 

 Let it go into the tub! Summer is slowly approaching and who doesn't love something that will chill you right down? This bar contains, Spearmint Oil and Fine Sea Salt. I believe this is the same scent as the Cream Egg Bubble Bar but I could be wrong. I love the addition of Salt (but then again I am quite salty in life) but I do also understand that flakes of salt can create a bit of a mess. I love the Mint scent due to it being refreshing and cooling but I do have a couple of Polar Bear Plunge Bubble Bars which are a similar scent so it may take me a while to get around to this bubble bar. If you love anything Mint then I do suggest that you try this Bubble Bar. 

A white pale hand holding a light blue star shaped bubble bar with blue-silver lustre and crystals of sea salt on a bright background

Lemon Crumble 

Fancy a slice? I love Lemons. Anyone close to me will know that I have a weird talent of being able to eat slices of Lemon whole without any reaction. This product definitely enhanced my love for Lemons when I first saw it. I adore how it looks exactly like a fresh luscious Lemon. This product contains, Sicilian Lemon Oil and Fresh Lemon which creates an intense zingy yet fresh Lemon scent. This bar is also a Bubbleroon due to the Shea and Cocoa Butters in the middle of it which create a moisturising bath so when you get out of the bath, everyone will be fancying a slice of you!

A light white pale hand holding a bright yellow glittery lemon shaped bubble bar filled with pale yellow butter in the middle on a bright background

Matcha Roll 

Who doesn't love a Matcha Latte? Before I get into the scent of this Roll, I have to admit, I was drawn in by the swirls of vibrant green mixed with the start white which makes up the rest of the bubble bar. This product looked so mesmerising in the store. This roll contains, Cardamom, Persian Lime and Almond Essential Oils, Tonka and Sesame Seed Absolutes and Green Tea Powder. This all combines to create a sort of creamy Coconut and earthy but slightly spicy fragrance which I absolutely adore. Its a match for me and Matcha Roll. 

A oval shaped green and white swirled bubble bar held by a white pale hand over a white oval bath tub on a bright background

Mrs Whippy 

Whip it real good! Who doesn't want to bathe in what is essentially ice cream goodness? Mrs Whippy doesn't just look the part, but smells the part too! This bar contains, Buchu and Almond Essential Oil, Tonka Absolutes and Fine Sea Salt. If you have smelt Candy Rain then imagine the same exact scent in a bubble bar! I think that for me this one will grow on me as I love using Candy Rain but only in small doses as for me the sort of Vanilla Milkshake-esque scent is something I have to be in a particular mood for. 

A oval whipped up shaped white bubble bar on a bright background

Puppy Love 

And they call it Puppy Love! Who doesn't love a cute little Puppy? This cute little friend looks so mood enhancing and so is the scent! This delightful doggo contains, Sicilian Red Mandarin and Almond Essential Oils which create a very sherbet-y sort of sharp Raspberry scent. The best sort of way I could describe it is a sort of like Pink Lemonade but in the sense that there's more Pink than Lemonade. I absolutely adore this scent. I wasn't sure on how I would feel about it but when I smelt it I fell in love with it... Its just so sharp and fruity and I think it would be amazing to use on a fresh Spring morning. 

A yellow pug shaped bubble bar with red heart shaped eyes held by a pale white hand on a bright background


When you use this Bubble Bar, you definitely know that you're not in Kansas anymore! Who doesn't love a good Rainbow. When I first saw this online, I honestly thought it was a reincarnation of the old favourite, Dorothy. Therefore, when I saw that it wasn't. I was a little bit disappointed. Again, as someone who is very very queer, I love that Lush has created a Rainbow based Bubble Bar. This beautiful bar contains, Sicilian Lemon and Lemon Myrtle Oils and Benzoin Resinoid. This creates a sort of muted fruity Lemon scent. It's not as strong as Lemon Crumble but I think it would be a great bar to use when you need something to perk you up in the morning! 

A semi circular arched shaped bubble bar with all of the colours of the rainbow in arched stripes on it on a bright background

Raspberry Blower 

Go on, give it a blow! Who doesn't love a multi-purpose product? Not only can you create bubbles but you can also create hours of fun just by simply blowing into the hole. This product contains Bergamot, Grapefruit and Almond Essential Oils which creates a slightly sweet, slightly floral sherbet scent. If you have had anything that is Space Girl scented then you will love this bar as it shares the scent! As you may know, I adore the Space Girl scent so I adored this bar when I first sniffed it and loved how you could do more than one thing with it. 

A large pink raspberry shaped bubble bar with a hole in the middle attached to a light brown wooden stick on a bright background

Support Bubble 

Not only do we need Support Bubbles during these troubling times, but we also need bubbles to support us during these troubling times too. This product contains, Grapefruit and Petitgrain Oils which create a sort of fruity slightly herbal scent. Sadly, I think its one that I have to be really in the mood for so I'm still a bit unsure on how I feel about it. I think that this one again may grow on me the more I sniff it. 

A light silver pink bubble shaped bubble bar on a bright background


Let the sun go down whilst you dip into the calming waters that surround you. This bar looks amazing. I love how it actually looks like the sun is going down. It's fabulous! This scent contains, Lavender and Ylang Ylang Oils, Tonka Absolute, Benzoin Resinoid and Lavender Powder. This all creates a sweet lavender scent. If you have enjoyed any Twilight based product like the Spray or Bath Bomb then you will adore this. I quite like this for when I need a little relaxing, saying that, I think there is another relaxing Bubble Bar in this range that I prefer. 

A light rounded squared purple yellow and slightly red bubble bar with some embedded lavender seeds in it on a bright background

The Great Wave 

Woah, you're going on a ride of your life! This bar is massive. Not only does it look like the great wave but it feels it in the palm of your hand. This bar contains Jasmine Absolute, Ylang Ylang Oil, Fine and Coarse Sea Salts. I think that his bar would be amazing to use throughout Spring or when you want something that is light and floral. I like this but I sadly don't think its my favourite out of the range. 

A light blue and white wave shaped bubble bar on a bright background


Be careful otherwise it will spit all over you! Since I was little, I was always fascinated with Mount Vesuvius thus having one that I can use in my bath enlightens me from within. This bar contains, Almond Essential, Cinnamon Leaf and Brazilian Orange Oils which create a lovely slightly citrus spicy Almond scent. I normally don't like Almond scents but the spice cuts through the sweetness which is what intrigues me to use it and see what it is like. If you liked Cinders then you will like this. 

A red-brown volcano shaped bubble bar with a ring of orange-yellow at the top on a bright background

Worry Monster* 

This Little Monster will never make you worry again! As someone who suffers from an Anxiety disorder and has constant worries every moment of every day, I was intrigued to see how this bar would smell like. Not only is this bar cute as hell like most little human monsters but also smells divine. As I mentioned earlier I thought there was more of a relaxing bar than Twilight, and this is that bar! This bar contains, Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Fennel Oils and Cocoa Butter which creates a soothing yet slightly herbal nourishing bath which I adore. It is an amazing scent to relax with! 

A rectangular dark purple bubble bar with a big white eye and a small white eye and mouth on a bright background

Have you tried any of these? Let me know down below! 

Thanks to the wonderful staff at Lush White Rose that were amazing to Luke and myself via helping us with all the new products that have dropped at Lush recently and have always brightened my day every time I’ve popped in, whether that be with my brother Luke, on my own, or with friends such as Alex. 

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Thanks for reading! 

Jamie x

Products mentioned with a * have been gifted in return for a blog post. All mentions, ramblings and opinions are my own. 

Tuesday 20 April 2021

Put The Lime In The Coconut | Lush Lime Bounty Body Butter Review

 Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post. I thought that today, I would talk to you all about a brand new product from Lush that I have been loving at the moment. 

Before shops were allowed to re-open, Lush released the Lime Bounty Body Butter. Sadly, I wasn't able to get it during those times, but now that shops have re-opened, I headed to the lovely Lush White Rose store and finally got my hands on it. 

List Of Ingredients: 

Water (Aqua), Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Extract, Fair Trade Shea Butter, Fair Trade Cocoa Butter, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Murumuru Butter, Propylene Glycol, Perfume, Stearic Acid, Cupuaçu Butter, Triethanolamine, Persian Lime Oil, Grapefruit Oil, Lemon Myrtle Oil, Cetearyl Alcohol, *Citral, *Geraniol, *Limonene, *Linalool, Colour 45350, Colour 42090.

A photo of a large cylindrical black pot with lime bounty in large white font with lush in small white font with a white small circular white bowl filled with oval shaped green limes on a bright background

The scent of this product is sensational. The astringent Lime hits you right in the face when you open the tub which just makes you feel awake and ready to get on with your day. The Grapefruit and Lemon Oils blend together to help uplift the Lime Oil and round out the scent making it zingy and uplifting to the nose. Once the Lime has lovingly hit you in the face, the Coconut slowly comes through. This Coconut isn't an overpowering artificial scent, which sometimes appears in cosmetic products, but instead is, a well rounded slightly sweet Coconut which contrasts amazing with the luscious lime scent that is awaiting to have a party on your body. 

The texture of this Body Butter is quite intriguing. To start off with, when you open the lid, you are met with what looks like Coconut Shavings, or, Desiccated Coconut, however, it is actually moisturising chunks of Shea Butter which have been made to look like strands of Coconut. When you scoop a bit of this beautiful Butter out of the tub, it is quite thick. Thick to the point that I decided to tip the tub upside down onto the lid, and nothing came out. Due to this, I expected the butter to be quite thick and although nourishing to the skin, a product that would take a long while to soak into the skin. However, this was not the case. The texture is slightly thick when scooped out of the tub, but as soon as it is applied to the skin, it becomes a ultra hydrating, instant sinking into the skin Body Butter. I absolutely adore that. I have dry skin, but sometimes waiting forever for a product to sink in just isn't for me, so, having the best of both worlds is the best thing ever for me. This Butter left my skin feeling soft, supple and hydrated all day long without any of the greasy feeling that some body products have which again is amazing for me as that residue sort of feeling can leave me feeling a bit off when I need to use my hands and such. 

Would I buy this again? Definitely! This is a 9.5/10 for me. Why a 9.5? For me, I kind of wish the chunks at the top were kind of more mixed through... Having all of the shreds on top makes me not want to use it as it looks so pretty. If the chunks were more mixed through then I could enjoy the product and the chunks that little bit more. This product is priced at £7, which is affordable for a Body Butter as some other cosmetic companies charge doubler to triple for a Body Butter. Saying that, if you aren't a fan of Lime, or are allergic to Lime, like my friend Abbey is, then this product sadly isn't for you. 

Have you checked out Lime Bounty? Have you tried any new and exciting cosmetic products? Let me know down below! 

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Thanks for reading! 

Jamie x

Sunday 11 April 2021

Lush Space Girl Body Spray Review

 Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I thought that today, I would talk to you all about the new #LushLabs limited edition Body Sprays that dropped on Lush UK's website the other day, and in particular the Space Girl Body Spray. 

A black spray bottle with a red catcher lever at the bottom of the spray part with a black domed label on the front that says Space Girl in large white font with Body Spray in smaller white font with #LushLabs in smaller white font on a large rectangular light brown tape with a light grey rectangular sofa in the background and a light cream rectangular shaped door on a bright background

Late 2020, Lush decided to release a little range of Body Sprays that were on their website for a limited time only. The sprays included, Winter Garden, Ectoplasm, Sparkling Pumpkin, Mamma Mia, and, Space Girl. I decided to grab Space Girl due to the bath bomb that used to be at Lush that shared the same name and scent was one of the first bath bombs that I purchased at Lush many years ago. 

List Of Ingredients: 

DRF Alcohol, Perfume, *Limonene, Grapefruit Oil, Bergamot Oil, Almond Essential Oil, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, *Citral, *Geraniol, *Linalool.

As I have mentioned, this scent was one of the first few that I was introduced to when getting into Lush a fair amount of years ago. The Space Girl Bath Bomb used to spurt out so many vibrant colours and fizz around the bath so amazingly. However, my favourite part of Space Girl Bath Bomb was it's scent and thankfully this Body Spray contains the very same sensational scent! The Grapefruit and Bergamot Oils create a wonderfully bright and zingy sherbet scent whereas the Almond Oil adds a bit of roundness and sweetness to the product to ensure that it isn't too sour. The best way to sort of explain this scent is as a sort of tangy yet sweet sherbet scent that appeals to the child within us all. 

I sprayed it various times when I grabbed it to ensure that I got a consistent response to seeing how long the fragrance lasted on the skin. This wonderful scent lasts on the skin for such a long time and is so powerful. I remember one time using this, whilst getting ready to go to University (whilst being on campus was allowed for a short time) and by the time I was home many hours later, due to studying, doing some essential shopping and grabbing something to eat, I could smell it vibrantly on my skin. The sherbet note had calmed down a bit but the almond came out a bit more and gave a almost biscuit note to the scent. 

Would I buy this again? I definitely would. Sadly, this has now been removed from the Lush site due to it being a limited edition product but I would definitely get this again. I adore the uplifting yet slightly sweet scent and I adore the Body Sprays due to getting 200ml of fragrance for an affordable price. 

Have you tried any fragrances that you are loving at the moment? Let me know down below! 

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Thanks for reading! 

Jamie x

Saturday 10 April 2021

Let's Talk About Something That Happened To Me During The Pandemic

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post. I thought that today, I would talk to you all about something quite serious. 

A photo of some light brown square shops with a square pyramid based silver glass and metal store with m in white font in a red circle with a grey road with white stripes down the street on a bright background

When society was in the midst of attempting to come back to a sense of 'normality' in the beginning of September, I decided that I would participate in doing a Masters Degree at University. At the same time, Leeds City Centre was having some major redevelopment work going on which meant that the public transport to and from Bradford was a bit of a nightmare...

For the first few wonderful weeks of being back at Leeds Beckett University, the buses moved to a completely different part of the city centre. Sadly, I had zero idea that this was happening so I got off the bus that day at the Starbucks in Leeds City Centre, near The Light Shopping Centre, due to being familiar with the Shopping Centre, but when I had finished University that day, everything became an adventure that I never want to relive...

I arrived at the location of where the bus stop had been for several months to find out that it had completely moved with no notification except a visual map that resembled a flowchart via having symbols and numbers all over it. Sadly, it was night-time. The disability that I have (Retinitis Pigmentosa/RP) affects me mainly within the aspects of depth perception, night blindness and tunnel vision, this meant that I was unable to see the 'notice' due to it being dark. I tried to use my phones torch and Google Maps on my phone, but I had no luck. 

I decided to travel to the location of where the bus used to be before the re-development work started to see whether it had moved back there or not. When I arrived there whilst using the cane that I sometimes use when I really need to use it, I tried to then again use my phone torch to attempt to see the board with the timetable and buses available on it. Now, due to the metal reflecting, I can sometimes see this due to it being contrasting with the darkness of the outside world. Whilst having my phone in my hand with my cane folded and wrapped around my wrist, I met by someone who decided to start to shout to me about socially distance. I did mention that I had a folded cane and that I had a visual impairment. She decided to carry on shouting at me about socially distancing which just made me more and more anxious even though I had explained that a: I can't see in the dark, b: I had a cane (when mentioning or showing the cane to strangers they normally understand that you have a disability due to associating a visual aid to a disability which is problematic to this day) and c: that not being able to see affects knowing how far 2m is and that I didn't realise she was there due to the darkness. She snipped that the bus I wanted wasn't at the stop and kept stating about socially distancing even though I had said what I had said. 

I decided to travel to the Bus Station at the bottom of Leeds City Centre whilst using my cane to hopefully get the bus home safely and without being shouted at. Whilst I was walking away, I was still met with ableist slurs, swearing. Whilst I started to walk away, she had decided to follow me which honestly, not only made me more anxious but slightly scared for my life especially with only being able to walk at a certain speed with a cane in the dark. 

I thankfully made it to the Bus Station as quickly as I possibly could go and found out that my bus was at a stand. Thank goodness. I got on and was on my way home safely and soundly. 

Why am I deciding to write about this now? With the restrictions lifting quite a bit, whether this be socially meeting up outside or non-essential retail opening, I feel that I need to reiterate that some people may not be able to partake in some of the requirements of being social and honestly just living during a time where a worldwide pandemic is going on and that we all need to realise this and be kind to all. Disabilities come in many forms and are on a mass spectrum and we don't know what people are going through so instantly screaming and following them is something that we shouldn't do just because they can't do something that the government is urging everyone to do. I also think that the ways that society and the government have put in place to cope with COVID are quite ableist and even though that's probably for another time, I think that we should all just take things into perspective. 

I did also contact Metro during the time of this happening, but I never got a response but if Metro do see this, you really need to ensure that customers are kind to others right now and that you have accessible to all features at your bus stops and shelters. 

Have you had any bad experience during the pandemic? Let me know down below. 

Thanks for reading! 

Jamie x

Monday 5 April 2021

Panda Sweets Pick & Mix Box Review

 Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post. I was kindly sent one of the wonderful Pick & Mix boxes from Panda Sweets and I thought that today, I thought I would talk to you all about it. 

A large light brown rectangular box filled with a variety of different shaped and coloured sweets on a bright background

'Our Pick N Mix Boxes are huge, they contain a massive 1,000g (1kg) or sweets. The Pick N Mix Boxes are perfect for movie nights, family gatherings parties or any other occasion, they are absolutely stuffed to the brim with a huge range of sweets, such as jelly sweets, chewy sweets, fizzy sweets, chocolate and marshmallows. The Pick N Mix Sweet Box has been photographed to show you the products contained in the box; the box will come with all of the sweets hygienically packaged in an airtight bags. In rare cases items may differ from those listed but would be replaced with a similar item of equal or higher value.'
- Panda Sweets. 

Now due to the lovely and decadent amount of sweets that are in this box, I think it might be a bit better to pick some sweets out and tell you what I think instead of talking about every type of sweet that is in this beautiful and marvellous box. 

White Chocolate Jazzies: 

I used to love these as a child. Whenever I used to go to the shops with the rest of my family I used to get these all of the time. Creamy smooth chocolate against crunchy little hundreds and thousands. Absolute perfection. Sadly, as I grew up, I fell slightly out of love with these, not out of choice but just due to growing up as a human and slightly forgetting that they existed. So imagine my surprise, when I opened the box to find a few of these whimsical white gems glaring at me. I was amazed. I instiantly felt like I was transported back to my childhood. I absolutely loved them. If you like anything that has white chocolate in them or is bright and colourful then I urge you to try them.

Fizzy Cola Bottles: 

Who doesn't love something that is coated in Sugar? These bottles to me are amazingg. I love the sort of sweet interior which tastes like an classic favourite flavour of Cola mixed with the sort of seriously sour exterior that just makes your whole face pucker. If anyone knows me, then you will know that I love sour things so these are always a great favourite for me. 

Fried Eggs: 

Eggs, Eggs, Eggs, all I want is Eggs! Who doesn't love Eggs? Again, these little fabulous Fried Eggs have been a staple favourite for me. The sweet yet slightly tart flavour of these eggs just are devious! I could eat these all night long. 

Gummy Worms: 

Do the worm! These worms are wonderful! These sweet and sour sweets are the great afternoon snack. You never know what you're going to get when you take a bite. These just remind me of my teenage years when I used to grab packets of organic Gummy Worms and spend all day out on adventures and just soaking up the atmosphere. I just adore these. 

Cherry Lips: 

These are amazing. To me, these will always remind me of my brother Luke, as these were his favourite sweet to get whilst growing up. Not only are they a great sweet to eat due to its punchy flavour but just fun to buy due to the shape of these sweets. I always loved as a kid to put these up to my face and pretend to have red plump lips. I just think that these are great sweets to bring a little bit of fun to anyone during these dark times. 

Would I get these for someone as a gift? Definitely! This box contains so many goodies for anyone that you love or want to give a bit of fun to. The variety of the sweets that are included are off the chart and the price for this box is less than £10 which for a kilo of sweets is amazing to me. 

If you want to save 15% then use my code JAMIE. This offer can be used against everything on the Panda Sweets website. This offer is available until the 31st May 2021. 

Have you tried Panda Sweets? What is your favourite childhood sweet? Let me know down below. 

Check out Panda Sweets. 

Check out the Pick & Mix Box. 

Thanks for reading! 

Jamie x 

This blog post was in return for a product. All views, ramblings and opinions are my own.