Thursday 21 March 2024

Being A Believer Of All Things Lush | Lush X Shrek First Impressions From The Press Release

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post. I don’t know if you have seen or not but Lush are releasing a Shrek collaboration and I thought that today I would talk to you all about it a little bit. I thought that in todays blog post I would give you all my first impressions on the range just based on the press release that Lush UK put out today and not seeing or smelling them in person. 

This post may be short due to going off the press release notes only. Do not worry though as a longer in-depth post will come when I can get my hands on the range. 

A wide angled photo of some black body spray bottles, green cylindrical tubs, clear shower gel bottles filled with green liquid with a green label that says Fiona shower gel in white font and some donkey and gingerbread men shaped bath and bubble bars on a background of a green lousy swamp on a bright background

Shrek Swamp Bath Bomb (£8)

Don’t be a Farquad! Users can unleash their very own swamp at bath time with this cheeky bath bomb.

Even if this bath bomb may turn your tub into a swamp, it contains a plethora of goodies includin Rhassoul Mud, Oakmoss and Japanese Seaweed which will leave skin feeling  softened and cared for. Furthermore, Shrek Swamp is scented with rich, deep chocolate mixed withrefreshing Peppermint, Pink Pepper and Vanilla to create a minty and spicy top note. I love all things swampy. I love all things Chocolate and I quite like spicy scents so I can see myself enjoying this scent profile and bath bomb quite a bit. I can see it being a bit similar but also quite different to say Guardians Of The Forest or Lord Of Misrule. Comparing it to LOM, they both contain a Pepper even if one contains Black Pepper and one contains Pink Pepper and they both contain Vanilla and I adore LOM so I will probably adore this bomb too. 

A green spherical bath bomb with a big s engraved into the front on a bright background d

Get Outta My Swamp Shower Slime (£9/£18)

Make like Shrek and harness the power of the swamp for a slimy body wash that will leave users feeling  soft and silky. This Shower Slime contains Wheatgrass which is known for being  packed with Vitamin A, E and C. Wheatgrass when in beauty products is known for ensuring that the skin is soothed. This shower slime also contains cornstarch which is used not only to create the texture of this sublime slime but also to ensure that skin is left feeling super soft after using this product. This shower slime also shares the same scent as the Shrek Swamp Bath Bomb so they could definitely be paired together to create a gift perfect for a Shrek film fanatic! Honestly I’m not sure if I’m a big fan of Shower Slimes. I just find them a bit of a pain to use so I only use them when I really want to. I do love the idea of them but as someone with not the best dexterity I do struggle using them from time to time. I am intrigued to see if this Shower Slime is thicker at all and if it is then I can see myself getting on with it a little bit more than say Sparkly Pumpkin Shower Slime especially as the scent profile of this slime sounds superb. 

A big dark green cylindrical tub  with a black rectangular label with a green ogres face on the front with get outta my swamp shower slime in green font with lush x Shrek in green font on a bright background

Fiona Shower Gel (£10/£20/£34)

Be ogre-joyed with this fairytale blend of fresh, fruity fragrance transformed into a beautifully cleansing shower gel. 

This gel contains Fresh Cucumber Juice which is known for its cooling and skin glowing properties. Fiona Shower Gel contains Lime, Pine, Buchu Oil and Mango Leaf Absolute.  I mean I love anything that contains Lime and Mango. I mean I can eat Lime Wedges whole without having any form of reaction so I am sure that I will enjoy the scent of this. I am a bit iffy with Pine sometimes so I do hope that Pine doesnt dominate the scent profile of this gel! I can see this being a great Shower Gel for Summer just going off the scent profile that Lush has provided. 

A cylindrical plastic clear shower gel bottle  filled with green shower gel with a black and green cylindrical lid with a green rectangular label with Fiona shower gel in white font with lush x Shrek in green font on a bright background

Gingy Bubble Bar (£7.50)

Do you know the muffin man? Well, get acquainted with the scent of freshly baked goods in the form of everyone’s favourite gingerbread man! Crumble under running water to release sweetly scented bubbles and swish around for even more suds!

Will I crumble Gingy up whilst reciting the whole scene between them and Lord Farquad? Maybe… I think that I tried Carrot Cake Lip Scrub and I did enjoy it but scents and products have been out since so I honestly don’t remember the scent of Carrot Cake Lip Scrub (which this bubble bar shares the scent of) to say much about it so ill definitely have to give this another sniff if I can. I mean I love Carrot Cake so I can’t see myself not enjoying the scent and this bubble bar in general. 

A dark brown gingerbread man shaped  bubble bar with multicoloured details on a bright background

Donkey Bath Bomb (£6)

Where would a brave knight be without his noble steed? Have Donkey join the party with this sweet ballistic, scented with waffle-y notes of cosy spiced caramel. Drop Donkey into a nice hot bath to release swirls of colour and waffle-sweet fragrance.

This beautifully cute bath bomb is scented in Lush’s iconic Yog Nog scent. If you have been an avid reader of this blog for a while then you will know that I love the Yog Nog scent but I usually wear it in the colder months so I am a bit unsure on Yog Nog being brought out in a bath bomb format at the beginning of Spring. Saying that, I do have a stash of Yog Nog products that I should use so I know that this bomb will go beautifully alongside them.

A grey and blue bath bomb  that’s in a jumping position on a bright background

By Night One Way, By Day Another Body Spray (£35) 

I have always loved this quote from Shrek so I love how they have turned the quote into a Body Spray. This Body Spray contains a blend of Lime. Mango Leaf Absolute, Melon and Green Apple, I love the sound of this fragrance and I am definitely intrigued to try it if I can. Lush also state that this Body Spray changes on the skin throughout the wear which I am even more intrigued by as maybe the Melon and Apple come out later on during the wear. I love anything Lime and Mango so I am sure that alongside the Fiona Gel that I will like it or at least like to try it.

A green and black body spray bottle filled with liquid with a green domed label with a pucture of a light brown haired Princess Fiona from Shrek  with by day one way, by night another in white font with lush x Shrek in green font on a bright background

Mask Of Magnaminty will also be getting a label makeover for this collaboration. For years, customers in Korea and around the world including myself have forever associated this mask with Shrek. In Korea they call the mask Shrek Pack due to the association so Lush have changed the name of MOM to reflect this. 

A photo of a black cylindrical tub with a black circular lid with mask of magnanimity in green font with Shrek pack written over the top in white font with face and body mask lush in white font on a bright background

This collaboration range will drop on the UK Lush App on Friday 22nd March 2024 and then online on Monday 25th March 2024. It will also be a few selected stores in the UK. These stores are Lush Liverpool Spa, Lush Edinburgh, Lush Glasgow City, Lush Beak Street which has been used as a pop up space for previous collaboration ranges such as Lush X Barbie and Lush Oxford Street. Do I wish that it was in more stores so that more people could get to sniff the range before buying it? I think so yes. I am a person who needs to know what something smells like before they buy it as I am severely, severely indecisive when it comes to purchasing well anything really. 

Is Shrek Love and Life for you? What is your favourite Shrek film? Will you be purchasing any of the Shrek Range? Let me know down below. 

Thanks for reading! 

Jamie x