Sunday 19 April 2015

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Hand Massage - Leeds Briggate

Meow, so this post is going to be about the green tea experience/hand massage that I received at The Body Shop Leeds Briggate store. I know that I've talked about the Fuji Green Tea range at The Body Shop quite a bit but this shall be the last for the minute. I hope that you enjoy this post and you should go into your local TBS and try the range out as soon as you can. I'm going to warn you about the photos not being that great as the focus was being a bit weird...

So me and Luke entered the store as we had been sent an email from the manager of the store confirming that we were coming in at 12. We entered the store and was instantly greeted which I find lovely at stores. I felt slightly awkward as I normally do and slowly brought my camera out. This is the moment when the member of staff noticed and ask if we were bloggers... We said yes and then the experience kicked in...

A member of staff called Rosie walked up to us and greeted us. We shook hands and then Rosie started talking about what Green Tea can do for your skin. We were handed some freshly brewed green tea and then Rosie started to massage my hand.
Steaming cup of green tea

She started off with the exfoliating soap which contains exfoliating beads on the top which means when you scrub the soap on your skin, the beads do their magic and start to exfoliate the skin. She next put the Fuji Green Tea body scrub on my arms which like the soap gets the dead skin off your body. The texture is slightly weird at the beginning but the scrub has particles in which when you massage into your body they get rid of all of the dirt so the new skin can come through. She then put a slight bit of the sorbet on my body which has a light texture which means its great for warm weather/when you want a product that is cool, refreshing and light but smells like Spring... Rosie then applied some body butter onto my arms which just melts on your skin and leaves such a great smell lingering on your skin. Finally, she spritzed some of the Fuji Green Tea EDT onto my wrists which enhanced the smell of Green Tea.

Trying to get a picture of your own hand with a DSLR in the other hand is quite tricky...

My friend Theresa got her hands massaged at the White Rose event but Ii wanted to see what it would be like and it was amazing. The massage/pampering left me smelling my body constantly around Leeds city centre and if a member of staff asks if you would like a hand massage you should definitely say yes. It is so relaxing! It relaxed me instantly as I felt slightly awkward and anxious at first but the shop was dead and there wasn't many people watching me so I felt comfortable.

If you have smelt any of the Fuji Green Tea range then don't forget to comment what you thought and if you had a favourite product of the range... I would like to thank the staff at The Body Shop Briggate for letting me take pictures within their store. I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post and I hope to see you next time!

The Body Shop's Website:
Where to buy the Fuji Green Tea range:

Jamie x

Thursday 16 April 2015

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Event - White Rose Centre

Meow, so I was invited to The Body Shop Green Tea Event as The Body Shop have just released their Fuji Green Tea so I thought that I would tell you about it. You should all go check out the Fuji Green Tea range at The Body Shop as it's amazing! I can't thank the staff enough for inviting me to the event! (I would also like to mention that the photos won't be great as I realised that the focus settings had been changed at the end of the event...)

A sneak peek of the Fuji Green Tea range

We travelled to the White Rose Centre and tried to make our way to the store as I think that the complex is a bit of a maze but after a good few minutes we had arrived at the store. We walked in and slowly wandered around looking at all of the products that were on display to try.
One minute later, a lovely member of staff with a clipboard wandered up to us and asked if we were Jamie and Luke which we were and then asked us to go over to a table which displayed lots of colourful products. We walked over to there whilst a lovely young woman came over and talked to us. Her name was Theresa. She is a fellow blogger and asked us some questions as this was her bloggers event and wasn't sure what to expect. After a few minutes of talking, another blogger Kellie (I mentioned her in the Nouveau Lashes post) arrived with her daughter, we greeted and smiled as it was great to see her again... This is when the event started!

A tall bearded man (personally he looked pretty handsome) joined us. He introduced himself to us all and within a split second we had found out that his name was Tom and that he would be hosting the event. I also found out that he has a blog on Tumblr. A woman also walked over and introduced herself as Shannon. We also found out that she would be co-hosting the event with  Tom and that she is the skincare expert for the store at White Rose. 
I know the picture is meh but here's the host!

They started off by talking about what the event was for. They explained that the whole purpose of the event was to highlight and promote the Fuji Green Tea range which I was pretty excited about because I always love new beauty products. After they explained this, Shannon asked who would like a hand massage which made the room go slightly silent until Theresa gladly volunteered. (Check out her blog to see how that went...)

We were handed green tea to go along eith the green tea experience as we were trying to hit all of the five senses. The green tea was donated to the event from the wonderful people at Costa Coffee in the White Rose Centre The green tea was fairtrade therefore I left it to cool whilst Tom told us how the green tea is picked from Fuji to be made into the Fuji Green Tea products at The Body Shop. He also told us how beneficial Green Tea is for us and how it detoxes us when we drink it so why haven't we all used it on our skins before?

Tom also then went on about the products and told us about the three stages within the Fuji Green Tea range. The first stage is called cleanse and detox then the second stage is called replenish and then the third is called replenish and it tells you what to do to your body in an order with the Fuji Green Tea products to ensure you get amazing results! Tom then showed us demonstrations such as the bath tea...  Yes, bath tea... Tom showed us that it is grounded up green tea...  I know this all sounds weird for a bath but stay with me because oh my god it is so good! (*sings stay with me*...) You basically put a good amount of the bath tea in the strainer that you can get from The Body Shop and then you put the hook that is attached to the strainer and let your tap run through it... You get the strong scent of green tea and the colour of green tea without the grittiness of the leaves... Basically you're making green tea for your bath... He also demoed the body butter, body scrub, body sorbet, soap and the other products that are in the Fuji Green Tea range.

Tom then told us about some of the new ranges that are coming to The Body Shop within the year and oh my god I was so excited to find out what The Body Shop has in store for us for the year! Tom introduced the Virgin Mojito range and told us a little bit about it and then demonstrated some of the range on us... He was explaining to me that he thought that it was really interesting as the gift sets for the Virgin Mojito range were designed so creatively. One of the gift sets contain an actual cocktail shaker and another one contains an ice bucket! (Is it only me who can see myself buying the set with the cocktail shaker and having a pamper night where we create cocktails or having a James Bond themed night and using it then...) The Virgin Mojito range is literally summer in a bottle and everyone at the event was talking about how much of the range they are going to buy when it comes out... That's all I'm going to say on the Virgin Mojito range but it comes out at the back end of May so go to your local Body Shop when its released and try it out!

All of the new Virgin Mojito range! (Out In Summer!)

Splash some Summer onto your body!

Tom then went on about the also upcoming make up... The beautiful Kellie said that most people don't think of makeup when they think of The Body Shop which I agree with on many levels but Tom agreed and added that 2016 will be the year of the makeup for The Body Shop so you should go and check out their makeup when you next pop in! I am wanting some foundation/nail polishes for when I feel and look a bit ugh so I shall be definitely getting them from The Body Shop!

New Eyeliners!


One of the products that I loved that was talked about within the event was the All In One Instablur Eye. I am a student who needs something to make him look alert as I stay up till the middle of the night doing essays or procrastinating. I am also one of those people who wakes up every other hour when sleeping so when I wake up I normally look pretty tired... The All In One Instablur Eye instantly perfects the appearance of the eye area. Tom demoed a slight bit of the product and I fell in love with the purpose of the product. It smooths and conceals imperfections which includes dark circles and it contains caffeine so it will give my eyes the perfect alert look without drinkoing gallons of caffeine... This is a perfect product in my eyes... It's priced at £10 but utterly worth it as less is more!

We were given a goodie bag at the end of the event which was amazing... I am leaving that for another post though! I had such a lovely time learning about the process of the Green Tea, learning about the new products and trying out all of the products. I had such a lovely time meeting Theresa and seeing the wonderful Kellie! It was just a wonderful event!

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post.. Sorry if it has been a bit lengthy but a lot of information needs to be shared as it was just so interesting! I would like to thank the staff from The Body Shop White Rose Centre for inviting me to this event! Have you tried any of the new Fuji Green Tea Range? If you have then comment down below on what you thought of it!


Kellie/Big Fashionista:

Theresa/Pink Peeptoe:

Jamie x

Wednesday 15 April 2015

Give Them Some Meowing Love: U For Urika

Meow! Welcome to another GTSML post.Todays post is going to be about the wonderful Urika! Her blog is called U For Urika hence the title. Urika is an amazing person with an amazing blog and I hope that you check her blog out!

Urika is 21 and she currently lives in London. The reason that she actually started blogging is because she works for a brand within their PR... The brand is Lush Cosmetics! She instantly thought that it would be stupid not to have a blog! Urika likes to talk about fashion, food, music, lifestyle and much more!

So, a while back Urika emailed me to invite me to a Lush Christmas event which  I did a massive post on and then slowly after I thought that it would be good to follow her on Twitter... She emailed me back the day after asking how I had got Ansel Elgort (known for his roles in The Fault In Our Stars and the Divergent series.) I told her about a twitter following spree that Ansel did and how I got lucky and instantly after that we became pretty good friends! We then started talking on twitter and now you can find us both tweeting each other about a celebrity once every so often...

Urika then asked me for my address a few week ago and said that she was going to stalk me in a comical way and then later revealed that she was going to send me something... After a week of arguing with Royal Mail, I finally got the package and found out that she had sent me something to enjoy from Lush which I thought was so wonderful and lovely to receive... She also sent a hand written note and I just thought that it was so kind and amazing to do something like that!

Urika is also trekking the Great Wall of China for Coppafeel... She is doing such an amazing thing for such an amazing charity and if you can donate then that would mean a lot! I shall put the link to where you can donate within the links section below.

Urika is an amazing person with such a great blog and you should check it out! It contains some great pieces including a review of the new Cinderella Exhibition that was released for the Cinderella premiere... I hope that you give her some meowing love and I hope that you have a great day and I hope to see you next time!

Donate Here:

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Monday 13 April 2015

Give Them Some Meowing Love: Dungarees & Donuts

Meow, so this is going to be the first GTSML or Give Them Some Meowing Love. The point of these posts are to give some bloggers some love and hearty meow along the way. I know this sounds weird but I hope that you enjoy this sort of post. This post is going to be about Dungarees & Donuts or Olivia as shes personally known as. You should definitely read her blog and I'm going to tell you why!

Olivia is a 20 year old student who is a vegetarian. She is from the West Midlands. She blogs about lifestyle. food, fitness and beauty! This kind of sums up why her blog is called Dungarees and Donuts as she loves both and loves fashion and food quite a bit!

I have known Olivia for a bit and she is such an amazing yet fabulous person. We haven't really met up but we are planning something which will blogged about when it happens. I cant wait to meet Olivia as she is such a wonderful person!

She recently did a post about living with mental health and I want to hug her so much for it. The posts that she has done about mental health include living with it and having a boyfriend who helps her when things aren't great.  I couldn't relate more as I have depression and anxiety but I want you to read the post and comment something wonderful on the post to show your love!

I know that this has been a bit of a random rambly post but you need to go check out her blog as it is amazing. I can't wait to meet her and I cant wait to read more of her posts as they are always so great.
I hope that you have liked this post and I'll see you next time where I'll be sharing some more meowing love!

Links For Olivia!:

Jamie x

Tuesday 7 April 2015

Nouveau Lashes Event at Malmaison Hotel - #LashesLive

Meow, so I went to another event this week. This event was hosted by Nouveau Lashes. I had an amazing time and I thought that I would explain and talk to you all about it. I can't thank Nouveau Lashes enough for inviting me to the event!

So, the wonderful Claire Anderson emailed me one day inviting me to a beauty event like no other... It was a lashes event... I don't wear fake lashes but I felt that the event would be more educational for me therefore I RSVP'd saying that I will be coming to the event.

The day arrived and me and Luke set off to Leeds. We went to various places such as The Body Shop and Hotel Chocolat as we had arrived in Leeds a little bit earlier than the invite said... A little bit earlier may be an understatement.

The clock on our phones struck 5:15pm so we decided that it was a good idea to set off to the Malmaison hotel where the event was being held. I knew where abouts it was as I had passed it before. I also knew it was near The Cockpit which has sadly been shut down since September of last year.

Outside the hotel, we found Toni and Kellie. (I shall put their blog links at the end of the post!) We said hi and talked briefly about a lot of things including candles and our choice of clothing... We let them enjoy their cigarette and went inside the grand building. After a short round of ask the stranger(this is where I make Luke talk to new people as I have no clue where to go), we eventually found where we were meant to be and met Claire and then we were escorted to a lounge sort of area...

We then sat down on two soft chairs and was asked if we would like a drink... We said yes as we had been shopping and walking in the rain so we were pretty thirsty... We both chose Appletiser as we were offered a variety of soft drinks but I didn't want to drink caffeine as it sometimes triggers my anxiety and I didn't want that to happen!

After around 5 minutes and some more bloggers arriving, we were then offered a variety of canapes. These included crispy King Prawns with a Thai sweet Chilli sauce and a crispy potato cake things with a mixture of soured cream, cream cheese and chives and a desser of sponge sandwiched together with soft fluffy coconut marshmallows. These were delicious but surprising at the same time


We all then went into the conference room which had stations prepared and seats prepared. We sat down on a seat and took pictures whilst the presentation was setting up... We watched and learnt how Nouveau Lashes came to be and the fact that they use real hair within their lashes... We were also shown a demo on putting on certain lashes with a blogger...

We were then grouped and put to a station where we were given a tutorial on putting on lashes and then we got to do it for ourselves... This already became a difficult task for me... I had never put on fake lashes before and I tried to understand and put them on but it failed and I gave up after a while... There's a first for everything I suppose...

Whilst this was all going on, the wonderful Kellie (Big Fashionista) was getting LVL lashes put onto her which is a new thing to some... If you want to learn more about LVL lashes then go to Nouveaus website (I'll link it!) At the end of the event, Kellie looked magnificent!i shall put some pictures in of during her treatment and the end of her treatment!


We talked to Kellie a bit more as she is an amazing woman and then headed off. We were given a goodie bag with products from Nouveau Lashes and then headed home.

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post! Have you ever worn fake lashes before? Comment if you have. I hope to see you next time! 


Nouveau Lashes:



Thursday 2 April 2015

New Chocomania Range at Krispy Kreme!

Meow, so today's blog post is going to be a different kind... There will be food photos and it may make you hungry but I hope that you enjoy this blog post...

Krispy Kreme have released a new Chocomania range for Easter. The point of the Chocomania range is that it can be with or instead of an Easter egg... Krispy Kreme released some last year but these ones are different and are in the UK for a limited time only... All of chocomania doughnuts are chocolate based. 

The first new doughnut that Krispy Kreme have released is Chocolate Hazelnut Kreme doughnut. This doughnut is filled with a smooth hazelnut cream (hence the name) topped with a crunchy caramelised nut sprinkle and glazed with chocolate hazelnut... You could say that this doughnut pays homage to Nutella as Krispy Kreme did just have a Reeses influenced doughnut which will be back at some point... 

The second doughnut is a Krispy Kreme Triple Chocolate Cake doughnut. This one isn't for the faint hearted! It's coated in decadent creamy white chocolate and hand decorated with a delicious dark chocolate drizzle and chocolate sprinkles. As I said, this one is very chocolaty which means that if you don't have much of a sweet tooth or don't like white chocolate then you might want to choose a different doughnut. 

The next one is a Chocolate and Honeycomb doughnut. This delicious product is filled with a indulgent chocolate truffle cream topped with white chocolate and golden honeycomb. Doesn't that sound delicious? Crunchy honeycomb contrasted with soft dough... Mmm... 

The last one sounds like your plain Jane doughnut but it's not! Chocolate Krispy is a delicious doughnut! It's glazed and dipped in chocolate icing and topped with chocolate crisp pearls... Doesn't it sound amazing especially for a gossip date with your best friends? 
I know that some of you are coeliacs and if you are then I'm sorry for the spam of gluten based products but I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post and comment if you have tried any of the new doughnuts! 

Check out Krispy Kremes website for more details:
These Doug it's are around till the end of May so grab them whilst you can! 

Jamie x