Sunday 19 April 2015

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Hand Massage - Leeds Briggate

Meow, so this post is going to be about the green tea experience/hand massage that I received at The Body Shop Leeds Briggate store. I know that I've talked about the Fuji Green Tea range at The Body Shop quite a bit but this shall be the last for the minute. I hope that you enjoy this post and you should go into your local TBS and try the range out as soon as you can. I'm going to warn you about the photos not being that great as the focus was being a bit weird...

So me and Luke entered the store as we had been sent an email from the manager of the store confirming that we were coming in at 12. We entered the store and was instantly greeted which I find lovely at stores. I felt slightly awkward as I normally do and slowly brought my camera out. This is the moment when the member of staff noticed and ask if we were bloggers... We said yes and then the experience kicked in...

A member of staff called Rosie walked up to us and greeted us. We shook hands and then Rosie started talking about what Green Tea can do for your skin. We were handed some freshly brewed green tea and then Rosie started to massage my hand.
Steaming cup of green tea

She started off with the exfoliating soap which contains exfoliating beads on the top which means when you scrub the soap on your skin, the beads do their magic and start to exfoliate the skin. She next put the Fuji Green Tea body scrub on my arms which like the soap gets the dead skin off your body. The texture is slightly weird at the beginning but the scrub has particles in which when you massage into your body they get rid of all of the dirt so the new skin can come through. She then put a slight bit of the sorbet on my body which has a light texture which means its great for warm weather/when you want a product that is cool, refreshing and light but smells like Spring... Rosie then applied some body butter onto my arms which just melts on your skin and leaves such a great smell lingering on your skin. Finally, she spritzed some of the Fuji Green Tea EDT onto my wrists which enhanced the smell of Green Tea.

Trying to get a picture of your own hand with a DSLR in the other hand is quite tricky...

My friend Theresa got her hands massaged at the White Rose event but Ii wanted to see what it would be like and it was amazing. The massage/pampering left me smelling my body constantly around Leeds city centre and if a member of staff asks if you would like a hand massage you should definitely say yes. It is so relaxing! It relaxed me instantly as I felt slightly awkward and anxious at first but the shop was dead and there wasn't many people watching me so I felt comfortable.

If you have smelt any of the Fuji Green Tea range then don't forget to comment what you thought and if you had a favourite product of the range... I would like to thank the staff at The Body Shop Briggate for letting me take pictures within their store. I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post and I hope to see you next time!

The Body Shop's Website:
Where to buy the Fuji Green Tea range:

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