Wednesday 15 April 2015

Give Them Some Meowing Love: U For Urika

Meow! Welcome to another GTSML post.Todays post is going to be about the wonderful Urika! Her blog is called U For Urika hence the title. Urika is an amazing person with an amazing blog and I hope that you check her blog out!

Urika is 21 and she currently lives in London. The reason that she actually started blogging is because she works for a brand within their PR... The brand is Lush Cosmetics! She instantly thought that it would be stupid not to have a blog! Urika likes to talk about fashion, food, music, lifestyle and much more!

So, a while back Urika emailed me to invite me to a Lush Christmas event which  I did a massive post on and then slowly after I thought that it would be good to follow her on Twitter... She emailed me back the day after asking how I had got Ansel Elgort (known for his roles in The Fault In Our Stars and the Divergent series.) I told her about a twitter following spree that Ansel did and how I got lucky and instantly after that we became pretty good friends! We then started talking on twitter and now you can find us both tweeting each other about a celebrity once every so often...

Urika then asked me for my address a few week ago and said that she was going to stalk me in a comical way and then later revealed that she was going to send me something... After a week of arguing with Royal Mail, I finally got the package and found out that she had sent me something to enjoy from Lush which I thought was so wonderful and lovely to receive... She also sent a hand written note and I just thought that it was so kind and amazing to do something like that!

Urika is also trekking the Great Wall of China for Coppafeel... She is doing such an amazing thing for such an amazing charity and if you can donate then that would mean a lot! I shall put the link to where you can donate within the links section below.

Urika is an amazing person with such a great blog and you should check it out! It contains some great pieces including a review of the new Cinderella Exhibition that was released for the Cinderella premiere... I hope that you give her some meowing love and I hope that you have a great day and I hope to see you next time!

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Jamie x

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