Monday 22 August 2022

Garnier Body Superfood Cocoa & Ceramide Body Cream Review

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Welcome to a brand new blog post! I recently saw that Garnier had a new product out and that it was on offer at Boots so I went down to my local Boots and grabbed some. I thought that today I’d talk to you all about my thoughts on it. 

A long shot of an open white and blue cylindrical tub with garner skin food cocoa and ceramics in white with an circular lid of the same colours next to it on a bright background

‘Garnier Body Superfood Cocoa & Ceramide contains ingredients of 97% natural origin. This fast absorbing butter hydrates up to 10 layers deep and provides an up to 48h repairing effect. For very dry skin types. 

Garnier Body Superfood Cocoa & Ceramide is formulated for normal skin and enriched with two powerful key ingredients! Cocoa is known for its extra nourishing properties & Ceramide is a powerful skin supplement known for its repairing properties.

This powerful body butter leaves the skin feeling instantly hydrated, up to 10 layers deep*, for results you can feel and provides up to 48 hour hydrating repair. With ingredients of 97% Natural Origin - this product is a vegan formula. All Garnier products globally are officially approved by Cruelty Free International under the Leaping Bunny Programme, the leading organisation working to end animal testing worldwide, and the recognised Cruelty Free Gold Standard.’ - Garnier UK. 

List of ingredients: 


The scent of this product is quite clean and creamy. As the product states, this product consists of mainly Cocoa Butter and Ceramides. Due to this, the scent is pretty much just Cocoa Butter which I adore. Cocoa Butter to me always reminds me of cold Winter days and baking. I'm not sure why but it just does so the scent of this cream to me is very nostalgic and soothing which if I am applying this product at nighttime then I am more than fine with that. In the morning, this scent is a great creamy base for me to jump from in regards to the perfume that I want to wear that particular day. 

The texture of this product is quite an unusual one to me. When I scooped it out of the tub, it was quite thick which I expected due to it being for very dry skin which is definitely my skin type. (I am pretty sure I was a lizard in a past life with the dry skin that I have). When I massaged it into my skin, it stayed the same texture and took a while to sink in which again I expected due to the creams and oils and how my skin is. However, when it sank into my skin, I realised that it had set into a slightly matte finish which I wasn't expecting but I really liked it as it meant that I didn't have to be worried about the cream sticking to clothes or anything like that which I have definitely had before with other body creams. 

When I have left it on during the night, I have noticed a severe amount of difference in my skin! I think with how much you get in the tub as well, you can use this on a regular basis to ensure that your skin stays hydrated. I mean that is definitely what I have been doing and I have been loving it as I can tell how great my skin feels. I think that one of the reasons that my skin has felt so good when I have used this product is due to the addition of Ceramides as these help the skin massively and have done whether it be body or face when I have used a product that contains Ceramides. 

Will I buy this again? Oh definitely! A massive tub of creamy goodness that makes my skin feel gorgeous? Who would decide to skip on that? I am intrigued to try one of the other versions of this product once I am done with the Cocoa and Ceramides one just to see what they are like These are definitely worth a try to anyone who is a bit unsure on purchasing one. I even got mine on offer in Boots whilst I was just in to have a look at some other products. 9/10. 

Have you tried this product? Let me know down below. 

Thanks for reading! 

Jamie x 

Photos provided by Garnier UK. All views are my own. 

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