Saturday 21 February 2015

Friendly Date With Michelle Walker - Roxy Lanes Leeds

Meow, so I know that this is a little bit of a late post but me and Michelle went on a friends date to Roxy Lanes in Leeds. I am going to explain our little adventure and what happened but check out Roxy Lanes and their deals at the bottom of this post... Their team were amazing and if you live anywhere near Leeds then I urge you to go!

So, I'm going to jump straight into the day because it shall be easier if I do... I met up with Michelle who is my good friend and a great photography student and made our way to a train station. As with most of my blog posts that need photos, I like to ask people that want to develop on their photography skills or friends that want to take some photos to bulk up their portfolio so I can show that I'm being a great friend.

We went to the train station and did the great thing of being socially awkward and attempt to buy a train ticket... I don't do well at this therefore I normally get the tickets from the machine but we thought it would be easier to just do two at the same time and do our good deed for the day via talking to the staff and wishing them good luck with the rest of their day whilst being awkward, stuttering words and awkwardly scampering away.

So edgy because we were at a train platform that has edges...

When we arrived onto the train after we realised that we were going to be fashionably late, we sat down and ranted about our days. The good things, the bad things and definitely the ugly nitty gritty of it all as we were stereotypically tired students.

We arrived in Leeds and walked quickly throughout the maze that is more known as Leeds Train Station.. We found some friends and chatted briefly for a few minutes without realising that we were going to be even more late than scheduled so we rushed past Trinity Leeds and tried to find Roxy Lanes.. Sadly, I had to ring up and ask how to get there... We were two students that didn't know Leeds that well...

When we finally found it via the bright sounds with Roxy labelled on them, we ventured on it... With Michelle's loudness and my craziness, we made fashionably late a term of the past... We then headed to the booth thing... It was like a reception sort of area but for a bowling place therefore more of a lobby sort of thing? We were greeted by such a nice yet slightly cute guy and he asked us what shoe size we were, what our names were and handed us the shoes... This was all after I made an another attempt of talking to random strangers.. This included me stuttering and wanting to randomly meow at the staff member...

Once we had passed the awkwardness of the foyer bit, we wandered on over to the wonderful bowling alley area whilst indie music blared through the whole building. This made the place seem a lot more cooler but gave the atmosphere a sort of calm/cool vibe... We chatted for a bit and took a few pictures and then we were given a menu each containing the whole list of drinks that were on offer by an amazing member of staff. We chatted for a bit more then ordered a cocktail each.

Cocktail menus!

Michelle got a Get Paddled Honey. This contained Evan William's Honey Bourbon, amaretto, raspberry, lemon, apple and a few raspberries to garnish where as it took some time to choose mine.. I was deciding on either A Proper Spanking *place innuendo and giggles here* or a Long Island Iced Tea... If I wasn't socially awkward or anxious when it comes to asking waiters for things then I would have been like hell yeah! I want A Proper Spanking and if you're offering then a real one because you're pretty cute but I refused and ordered a Long Island Iced Tea instead. This contained Absolut Vodka, Beefeater Gin, Havana Rum, Tequila, Cointreau, fresh lemon and topped up with cola. It was very strong but pretty nice. I rarely drink so I was a bit knocked back after I sipped it. I genuinely got it as my brother wanted to know if it tasted like sweet iced tea... It didn't by the way.

Get Paddled Honey (the bright one) - £7

Long Island Iced Tea (the one with coke) £7

We sipped our cocktails and then proceeded to finding a ball that fit our bowling style... Y'know the one that's perfect and isn't too light or too heavy and fits your fingers... *place innuendo here* We then realised that the alley had no bumpers on and that me and Michelle were terrible bowlers... Long story short, we bowled, giggled and sipped some more. Michelle won by 3 points in the end which caused us to take more pictures and giggle... If there was a choice of bumpers or no bumpers then I would score the bowling alley on its own a 10/10. We may have had to ask at the foyer bit but I'm not that sure..

You know you want to!

Me bowling...


I didn't win
My reaction to not winning!

Lets carry on with the story anyways...

We then chatted and was asked by a member of staff to go to a booth in the restaurant area. I wandered over and sat down opposite Michelle in a quiet booth that was in a corner.. Could we be any more indie? (Please notice the Friends reference and sarcasm...) We chatted for a slight bit and giggled until the same lovely waitress came over and gave us two food menus this time and disappeared so we could read and linger over all the options of food that were on offer. In the end we chose onion rings which were classed as a starter/tapas thing as they were on an offer for 3 for £10 so they could be more efficient for a large group. This came with a sour cream and chive dip and a BBQ dip. (I'll put the prices in with the pictures.) We then ordered a Roxy Beast Burger which came with all sorts of things. We ordered and sang more songs to each other which were blaring through the building until the food finally arrived...
Our little secret friends date booth


Just the two of us...

The onion rings came and to be honest I was expecting the generic little onion rings that contain more batter than onion but this was not the case with these onion rings! The batter was light and crispy whilst the onion rings were massive and contained quite a bit of onion. I know I cant make the humble onion ring sound beautiful but they were beautiful! The dip was delicious and went well with the hot crispy rings. Me and Michelle giggled and took pictures of trying the dips as we made innuendos with the sour cream dip which was left over after the onion rings were devoured. The BBQ dip was smoky and went well with the onion rings.
Onion Rings! £4

Licking that white creamy dip...

That face!

That's a big ring!

After we chatted, took photos and scrolled on our phones, two massive plates were placed in front of us... Now, these were the plates that contained the Roxy Beast Burgers... When they said 'Beast' they weren't lying! This burger contained a genuine beef burger which was succulent, a butt rub chicken breast which sounds very peculiar but it just means that the breast was marinaded in a spice rub, pulled pork which was coated in a smokier version of the dip that was served with the onion rings but it was still delicious, bacon and American cheese. It was served with a salad which was cool and refreshing with the burger and also came with smaller versions of the onion rings that we had devoured before and salt and pepper ridged chips which were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Michelle got the same thing so we made a decision to film a little thing on my vlog called Man VS Food: Roxy Lanes Leeds... I was a little bit tipsy yet in the atmosphere of everything and just giggled... Later on, we found out that Michelle failed and she didn't beat the beast... I did on the other hand.
Roxy Beast Burger - £12

We finished and sung more songs... We then decided to get some more pictures including some of the bar. The bartenders were happy for us to take some pictures but when Michelle tried to get one of the bartenders to smile, it wasn't happening. He simply stated that he doesn't smile which made us smile and kept the ambience great. We took some of everything and then decided to go to Tescos to get some drinks for the train. We got on the train and went our separate ways afterwards.
Great staff featuring cute moody guy

Shake it off...

Am I Miley Cyrus yet?

Now its time for the review of the restaurant part. I would give it a 9.75 out of 10 if it had a little bit more lighting then it would be a full 10. The food and the atmosphere were amazing. I loved the point of having it based on a diner. The music was amazing and so were the staff. I would happily come here again just from this one visit!

Thank you for reading this post! It has took me all week to write and to sort out so it means a lot that you're reading it! I hope that you've enjoyed looking at the pictures! Don't forget to check out my YouTube channel as a video for this date thing shall be going up very soon! I can't thank Roxy Lanes Leeds enough for this night! I hope to see you next time and don't forget to have a great week!


Roxy's Website which talks a lot more about the Eat, Drink, Bowl Offer:

Michelle Walker:

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Friday 20 February 2015

Garnier Ultimate Blends: The Sleek Restorer Oil Review

Meow, so this blog post is going to be a little review about a Garnier product.. I have been using a few products from Garnier before but I haven't been sponsored or anything like that. I hope you like this post and comment down below if you've used any Ultimate Blends product as I have no life so I love to see what everyone comments.

So a while back, I wrote a blog post about an Ultimate Blends shampoo and conditioner.. (I shall put the link to that post at the bottom of this post.) Whilst I was typing the blog post, I was researching via Garnier's website to find out the purpose behind the new range and found out that I could fill out a form to try out the new oil that went along with The Sleek Restorer range. I instantly thought hell yes and filled out the form via the website.

Fast forward to Wednesday of this week where I came downstairs to a package/envelope with my details and Garnier and their logo printed on the top. I had forgotten that I had filled out the form and wondered what it was until I realised that it was the sample of the oil. I did some errands and then came back home and opened the envelope.

This oil contains Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil which has been proved to be amazing for the hair. The whole point of this oil is to resist frizz and to keep hair smooth and sleek for up to 72 hours. If you apply it before styling then it can protect your hair from heat up to 230 degrees. (Celsius.) I tried this which I will talk about in the paragraphs below but it also states that it can be used as a finish touch to hair to keep flyaways at bay and that it can also be used anytime to keep hair smelling great!

The full version - £6 at Boots

Inside the envelope, there was a little description about the oil with the sachet inside. I have wrote in my own words what the description said. The next day, I thought that I would use it so I tried to rip into the sachet but the sachet was too tough for me so I used scissors to get into it then mumbled, "I always win!"

As I had left the rest of my Ultimate Blends purchases at my Dad's, I thought that it would be best to use it in the other ways that I could beginning with anytime. The description states that you can use the oil anytime to keep hair smelling great. Now, this is so correct! The oil contains coconut oil which gives the hair a nutty scent which makes the hair smell incredible! I loved the smell but I know that some people hate the smell of coconut especially in my family so be slightly careful...I did go up to some family members persisting to smell my hair because it smelt that good!

I waited until the next day which is today and used it as a heat protector. Now, as my hair has been bleached and dyed and what not in the past, I have used a lot of heat protectors in my young life. This means that I was reluctant to see what an oil would do to protect my hair. I applied a bit of oil to my hair and then proceeded to blow dry. My hair felt protected and I felt that I was using a normal heat protector but with the added bonus of coconut but it was the straightening part of when I fell in love with it. I then went on to straighten my hair as it is naturally wavy and medium/long for a guy therefore I feel the need to straighten it sometimes. As soon as I applied the straighteners, my hair was sleek and straight with half of the time that it would normally take and the waft of coconut echoed the room and oh it was so good.

I would rate this product a 9.5/10. The things that it could improve on is the general texture as I wasn't that keen on it being just oil but otherwise it was amazing. It did everything that it said that it would including keeping flyaways at bay and the coconut scent was amazing. If they did more of a cream based product then I would buy it 24/7 but I was a bit scared at the fact that it was oil at first and that it would make my hair greasy but as soon as you get over that and the fact it doesn't make it that greasy then I think that it is amazing.

Sadly, the form to request a sample of this has closed but if you decide to buy a full bottle of this then comment down below and tell me what you think! I hope you've enjoyed this beauty blog post and I hope to see you next time. Don't forget to have a great weekend!

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Jamie x

Friday 13 February 2015

Lose The Love!: What To Do On Valentines Day

Meow, so this is another Lose The Love! post. This post will focus more on what to do on Valentines Day. Now, I know that VD is tomorrow but I am still going to continue with this mini series so I shall tell you what to do on Valentines Day if you're single... This is going to go well with my Valentines Day video which is going to be late but ah well...

Dine In With M&S for One:

Get an Dine In For... Valentines Day special from Marks and Spencers and just imagine the person who you like but it is on a date with someone else, get a fork and imagine the dish is them and then stab the living daylights out of it. That will show them for not asking you out on a date..

Let Bridget Jones Influence You: 

Within the film adapted from the novel Bridget Jones Diary, there is a line which goes along the lines of screw you, I'm not going to let a man and his American stick insect girlfriend ruin me so instead I chose Vodka and Chaka Khan. Do what she does and go out and drink vodka and listen to okay music in a club or whatever or be alone and socially awkward and stay in and listen to Chaka Khan/awesome music and drink vodka! Win:win.

Imaginary Date: 

So, this one sounds weird but bare with... Make a fabulous dinner and get someone that you wish you were dating or it could be someone you hate (eg an ex...) Print a picture of their face out and put it on a chair on the other side of the room... Eat the dinner and then to let all the anger of being alone out, just scream and rip the piece of paper into shreds. Simple.

Comfort Food: 

So, this is going to be the last tip but it is the one that I will be doing this Valentines Day. Just get your favourite film on, get your covers, grab some junk food and ice cream and order take out. Turn all social media sites off, only use your phone if someone rings you/ringing the take out place and just forget about the world and watch the film. You will slowly forget what Valentines even means and remember why you love the film.

So, comment down below if you're lonely and tell me what you're doing this VD. I hope to see you next time and I hope that you've enjoyed this post! Don't forget to check out my social media sites!

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Thursday 12 February 2015

Lose The Love!: Valentines Day Opinions

Meow, so this is the start of a week long mini series sort of thing. Lose The Love is basically a moaning series around Valentines Day... *place the innuendo here* Basically, I'm not a big fan of VD therefore this series is going to explain why with gift guides on how to be lonely on VD but still have fun!

So, Valentines Day is a day where people show/declare their love for one another via giving them cards. chocolate, flowers and what not. Sometimes, people take others on dates to show them how much love they have.

I think it's shit. Excuse the language but it is a commercialised day for naïve people to show their love to others. I think that supermarkets and restaurants advertise it way too much. I don't need to know that certain flowers are on offer. The only reason I enjoy Valentines Day is because of the amount of Chocolate and Ice cream that is on offer. I can sob in my bed and eat a lot of lactose and get away with it. I have a Valentines date with Ben and Jerry if that counts?...

I only think that Valentines Day is a day for sex with a reward at the end of it. If you think about it then it is kinda true. Sex is love for some people but its just a lowered down version... Don't judge me. Many shows have kinda showed this and it's true. The only reason that Valentines Day should be a thing is because of chocolate and new Lush products.

In short, I hate Valentines Day and I am a lonely person but I'm sorry that this is slightly short and sweet.

I hope you've enjoyed these little ramblings and I hope to see you next time for another Lose The Love!

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Sunday 8 February 2015

Trinity Kitchen Pay As You Feel Day - Trinity Leeds

Meow, so this post is going to be a bit of a different one. If you're already hungry then you may want to look away as this post contains pictures of food... Thank you to the wonderful Drew Sheldon for taking some great photos. I shall put the links for his social media at the end if you want to check him out.

So, Trinity Leeds have always had a section of their shopping mall called Trinity Kitchen. Trinity Kitchen has consisted of selected permanent restaurants and vendors/vans that stay within Trinity Kitchen for a month. The vans are unknown restaurants trying to get more publicity and more customers so they can get their name out. This has worked with several vans such as Rola Wala and MEATLiquor which have now became permanent restaurants within Leeds.

Within January, Trinity Kitchen had brought in Nelly's Barn, Mama's Jerk Station, Busan BBQ, You Doughnuts and The Real Junk Food Project. The Real Junk Food Project use leftover food from restaurants and create new dishes out of it. Any profit goes to food banks. Their reason for being at Trinity Kitchen was to promote their pay as you feel café and to show Leeds that you can enjoy delicious leftover food as England waste a lot of food. Trinity Leeds let them in with opened arms and in return Trinity did one day of Pay As You Feel with all the vendors where the money went to charity.

So on Saturday, (7th February) I went to Leeds as I knew about the PAYF day. I found some friends and then after saying hey and what not, I went up to Trinity Leeds with Drew. I had told him about what was happening and I think cheap food enticed him. We walked up to Trinity and weaved in and out of the many people that were shopping/wandering. We eventually arrived at Trinity Kitchen. The queues were pretty long! We noticed one vendor that was dead... I was slightly confused but ah well. This vendor was called You Doughnuts.

You Doughnuts was created by two women. Betsy and Jo. The concept of You Doughnuts is very simple. Doughnuts that are customised for you. You Doughnuts do serve doughnut bites so they were smallish but worth it. Now, as it was PAYF, they offered either white sugar or cinnamon sugar and then butterscotch sauce to drizzle if desired. I chose cinnamon sugar as I was slightly intrigued on what cinnamon sugar would be like. Drew had white sugar but they were nice and fluffy and worth a donation. I just don't feel that they can be charged expensively unless you get more or the customisation was a lot more better but I think that was because of the donation concept so I slightly understand. I give You Doughnuts an 8.75/10.

The second place that we went to was Busan BBQ. Busan BBQ. They are an American Korean fusion restaurant that primarily serves red meat food and BBQ infused food. We went up to the booth after a five minute queue and ordered two burgers after the smokiness from the atmosphere had faded a bit. It did take a while for it to be made but I feel that this shows that they wanted to ensure that every product was the best that it could be. The Busan Burger contains 28 day rare breed British Beef, a soy bulgogi sauce and mustard pickled onions. It was pretty nice and the mustard cut through the slight sweetness of soy. I am going to give Busan BBQ a 8.75/10 again as the burger was quite small so it could be classed as a burger and the smokiness off put me a bit at the beginning but I would like to try more of their stuff so I think that it was nice. 

The actual vendor
The Busan Burgers

What's in the burger?

I don't look great here but yeah the eating part was fun
The next vendor that I am going to talk about is The Real Junk Food Project. Now, without them, none of this would have happened. I felt like they were doing such a good thing for such a good cause. The Real Junk Food Project started giving out free crisps and free bars of chocolate and I think that was pretty awesome.

Ambulances helping food banks throughout England

Chocolate is always sexy.
The last place that I am going to talk about is Mama's Jerk Station. This had the longest queue ever but when it's cheap Jerk Chicken, you have to get some. We waited a good 20 minutes but we chatted about things. When we got there, it was full of smoke and pots. On the counter, there was just a tortilla wrap so we asked for a Jerk Chicken Wrap each. This wrap contained strips of Jerk Chicken, salad and Pineapple Mayo. These were literally delicious Caribbean burritos! The smokiness of the chicken combined with the sweetness of the Pineapple Mayo was amazing. I rate this at a bang on 9/10 as there is always room for improvement.

A look into cooking for everyone...

Let's play... How many people were in Trinity Kitchen yesterday?

I hope that Trinity Leeds do these more often. I hope you've enjoyed this blog post and I'm sorry if it's made you very hungry. I hope to see you next time and have a great week! Thanks to all of the vendors and Trinity Leeds for putting this on.. Comment if you would like to see more food blog posts!

Thanks to him for taking some great pictures and for spending an awesome day with him!

Jamie x

Lush: Hot Toddy Shower Gel Review

Meow, so I know that we are now in January but I really needed to declare my love for this awesome limited edition product from Lush. Also, my brother did a post on the same thing but I did photos for his blog so I feel like I should link his blog at the end if you wanna take a look at that...

So, this product is called Hot Toddy. It is a shower gel and it is from Lush. Y'know what me and Lush are like... If you don't then you don't know me that well or you don't read this often... Anyways Hot Toddy is a limited edition Christmas Shower Gel. It used to be a bubble bar and then was revamped into a viscous shower gel. As it is a Christmas limited edition product then this means that you can't buy this anymore.. I shall explain in the blog why it has took me so long to do this post.

The shower gel smells kind of mulled wine. To sum it up, it contains Cinnamon, Clove and Orange oils which give it a spicy but sweet scent. The spices give it the spicy note within Mulled Wine whereas the Orange gives it a sweet kick. It is such a wintery/festive scent. It just warms you up for any day of the year even if it isn't Christmas time. The slogan/cute little description says, 'This Christmas spiced, deep red shower gel will warm your cockles abd will prepare you for winter fun. This sums up the shower gel up so much. It is just the shower gel in three lines.

 The reason why I have left this post till very late is for mainly one long reason. In December, my brother got me a little bottle of Hot Toddy as I had smelt it at the Bloggers event and loved it straight away. I felt Rose Jam was a little bit too florally/like the liquid centres of a Fry's Chocolate Turkish Delight which I'm not a big fan of and Snow Fairy was very sweet. it smelt of a mixture of pear drops and candy floss which made it a bit fake? I know lots of people love it but I can only cope with it in small doses. When the Lush Boxing Day Sale was on, I went into the Leeds City Centre branch and bought a bit bottle of it as it was on the sale. Now, the little bottle lasts quite a long time. A little goes a long way. It is now February and I haven't still used up all of the small bottle and I have been using it constantly since I got it in December and then I have got a massive bottle to get through so I thought that now was a good time to do a little review on it.

Compare the size between the two...

So, when you squeeze the product out of the bottle, it comes out in a very thick consistency which isn't like any other commercial shower gel that I know/use. The thick texture was a bit weird but as it was my first time using a Lush Shower Gel then I'm not sure if other shower gels from Lush are like this. The shower gel smelt a bit fruitier when out of the packaging. When applied to hot water, it lathered up very well. Now, as you have probably noticed, this shower gel has lustre in, it didn't make you look or even feel like Edward Cullen which for some customers is a great feeling but if Lush are dispersing glitter then I expect to become a glittery vampire but its kinda good that it doesn't stick to you but I think this as Lush have slowly been using a PET lustre which in normal terms means that an ingredient makes it just wash straight down the plug hole. When using on hair, it made it feel very soft but a bit slimly? It made my hair feel great but I still felt a bit unwashed but I still loved the scent of my hair afterwards. I feel like it's best used the day when you feel unwell/hungover. I give this shower gel a 9.3. It would instantly be a 9.5+ if it didn't make my hair feel a bit disgusting but otherwise it is a great shower gel around the Christmas period when it's available.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post. The next one of these will be the more recent Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar. Don't forget to comment with what Lush product you would love me to review. I shall also be writing a post about the new Mothers Day range soon as well so watch out for them! Have a great week!

Jamie x

Saturday 7 February 2015

The British Tag

Meow, so a few weeks or so ago, I got a twitter notification saying that I had been tagged in The British Tag.  I knew to some extent what it was as I am a fellow YouTuber as well as a blogger. I don't do videos that well like my blog posts but they are still videos nevertheless. Let's crack on with the questions and such... I got tagged by Carl (ABlokesEyeview) Such fun!

Now, for the people that don't know what The British Tag is then I shall explain. The British Tag is a set of questions to do with stereotypical British things and then once you have answered them then you tag people to answer the same questions until everyone's done them, I think?

Q1: How many cups of tea a day do you drink and how many sugars do you have?

A1: Now, I stopped having tea for a long time. My brother started having a thing for tea and this is when I started drinking tea again. Now, as Caffeine sometimes triggers my anxiety, I have started to drink mainly non caffeine/fruit infused tea. I normally have a cup every other day if I am feeling it. I have two teaspoons of white sugar and one teaspoon of brown sugar in my tea. I have a weird thing for putting brown sugar in when I use white sugar. Light by the way. Dark brown sugar is very rich even for cups of British tea.

Q2: Favourite dunking biscuit?

A2: Bourbon... Always a Bourbon.. Even with my lactose intolerance. Most biscuits have some sort of lactose in which is kind of annoying but I don't mind as long as they're a good biscuit then I'll dunk it in some sort of liquid... *insert innuendo here* (I had a phase of dunking bourbons into Orange Coke... Well, half fanta and half coke...)

Q3: Favourite part of a roast?

A3: Does stuffing count? Im a sucker for some good meaty stuffing... *insert innuendo here* If it doesn't then I'm going to say Roast Potatoes.. Especially when they are fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Roast potatoes roasted with some Rosemary is really delicious!
Panettone Stuffing Squares

Q4: Favourite quintessential British past time?

A4: I genuinely don't have any British past times in my repertoire so I am going to say English Cream Tea and hope that counts? I mean it is quintessentially British so I hope that it counts. 

Q5: Favourite word?

A5: So, I have a few favourite words thanks to Miranda Hart so I shall list them. Moist, plunge, cocoon, plinth.

Q6: Cockney rhyming slang

A6: Isn't that something that Londoners and TV stations such as BBC and ITV use to pull in their audiences.. All I need to say is Take Me Out, people...

Q7: Favourite sweet?
A7: I am going to say Cola Bottles/Gummy Bears... I am also a big fan of Chocolate Limes and the sour snakes from the Natural Confectionery Co... I don't know if they're still a thing. I also love popping candy if that counts?

Q8: What would your pub be called?

A8: Easy! The Kinky Tiger or The Meowing Tiger.. Don't judge me.

Q9: Who's your favourite British person?

A9: I'm going to say either Nigella Lawson, Miranda Hart or Mary Berry.
Nigella at a Vogue Photoshoot - 53

Miranda Hart - 42

Mary Berry -79

Q10: Favourite shop/restaurant?

A10: My favourite shop depends on what I'm shopping for.. So this may take a while... My favourite beauty shops are Superdrug and Lush... I like Boots but I feel that it can become a bit of a maze at times whereas Superdrug sometimes doesn't. Fashion wise, Pulp and Burton. I love being alternative. I had blue hair at one point and I now have a facial piercing... Pulp is expensive but I love how friendly the staff are and how cute the clothes/staff are... I love Burton as well as they normally have a sale or an offer on... Their clothing is also great and the staff are normally friendly... My favourite restaurant changes sometimes... In London, there is this restaurant that I cant remember the name of in Chinatown which is amazing. I also love TGI Fridays and Cabana... Don't judge me... I want to try Five Guys for the Coca Cola Freestyle machine and I also want to go to The Fat Duck in Bray as I love Heston Blumenthal's sense of cooking/gastronomy.

Q11: What British song pops into your head?

A11: Wannabe by The Spice Girls. Geri in that dress is all I need to say... (I also know all the words to Wannabe including the rap chorus by Mel B...)

Q12: Marmite?

A12: I HATE IT! I just hate the smell and taste of it. I think if a small amount is used in something that covers it up then I wouldn't mind it but if it's on its own then nope.. It just isn't for me.. Sorry, Marmite but no.

I'm a bit confused on who to tag so I think the best way is if you see this post and you want to do it then do it... I hope you've enjoyed reading this.. I'm not sure if I should do this in a video as the video version of this tag was a long while ago. I hope you've enjoyed reading this post and I hope to see you next time.

Jamie x