Sunday 8 February 2015

Lush: Hot Toddy Shower Gel Review

Meow, so I know that we are now in January but I really needed to declare my love for this awesome limited edition product from Lush. Also, my brother did a post on the same thing but I did photos for his blog so I feel like I should link his blog at the end if you wanna take a look at that...

So, this product is called Hot Toddy. It is a shower gel and it is from Lush. Y'know what me and Lush are like... If you don't then you don't know me that well or you don't read this often... Anyways Hot Toddy is a limited edition Christmas Shower Gel. It used to be a bubble bar and then was revamped into a viscous shower gel. As it is a Christmas limited edition product then this means that you can't buy this anymore.. I shall explain in the blog why it has took me so long to do this post.

The shower gel smells kind of mulled wine. To sum it up, it contains Cinnamon, Clove and Orange oils which give it a spicy but sweet scent. The spices give it the spicy note within Mulled Wine whereas the Orange gives it a sweet kick. It is such a wintery/festive scent. It just warms you up for any day of the year even if it isn't Christmas time. The slogan/cute little description says, 'This Christmas spiced, deep red shower gel will warm your cockles abd will prepare you for winter fun. This sums up the shower gel up so much. It is just the shower gel in three lines.

 The reason why I have left this post till very late is for mainly one long reason. In December, my brother got me a little bottle of Hot Toddy as I had smelt it at the Bloggers event and loved it straight away. I felt Rose Jam was a little bit too florally/like the liquid centres of a Fry's Chocolate Turkish Delight which I'm not a big fan of and Snow Fairy was very sweet. it smelt of a mixture of pear drops and candy floss which made it a bit fake? I know lots of people love it but I can only cope with it in small doses. When the Lush Boxing Day Sale was on, I went into the Leeds City Centre branch and bought a bit bottle of it as it was on the sale. Now, the little bottle lasts quite a long time. A little goes a long way. It is now February and I haven't still used up all of the small bottle and I have been using it constantly since I got it in December and then I have got a massive bottle to get through so I thought that now was a good time to do a little review on it.

Compare the size between the two...

So, when you squeeze the product out of the bottle, it comes out in a very thick consistency which isn't like any other commercial shower gel that I know/use. The thick texture was a bit weird but as it was my first time using a Lush Shower Gel then I'm not sure if other shower gels from Lush are like this. The shower gel smelt a bit fruitier when out of the packaging. When applied to hot water, it lathered up very well. Now, as you have probably noticed, this shower gel has lustre in, it didn't make you look or even feel like Edward Cullen which for some customers is a great feeling but if Lush are dispersing glitter then I expect to become a glittery vampire but its kinda good that it doesn't stick to you but I think this as Lush have slowly been using a PET lustre which in normal terms means that an ingredient makes it just wash straight down the plug hole. When using on hair, it made it feel very soft but a bit slimly? It made my hair feel great but I still felt a bit unwashed but I still loved the scent of my hair afterwards. I feel like it's best used the day when you feel unwell/hungover. I give this shower gel a 9.3. It would instantly be a 9.5+ if it didn't make my hair feel a bit disgusting but otherwise it is a great shower gel around the Christmas period when it's available.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post. The next one of these will be the more recent Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar. Don't forget to comment with what Lush product you would love me to review. I shall also be writing a post about the new Mothers Day range soon as well so watch out for them! Have a great week!

Jamie x

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