Saturday 21 February 2015

Friendly Date With Michelle Walker - Roxy Lanes Leeds

Meow, so I know that this is a little bit of a late post but me and Michelle went on a friends date to Roxy Lanes in Leeds. I am going to explain our little adventure and what happened but check out Roxy Lanes and their deals at the bottom of this post... Their team were amazing and if you live anywhere near Leeds then I urge you to go!

So, I'm going to jump straight into the day because it shall be easier if I do... I met up with Michelle who is my good friend and a great photography student and made our way to a train station. As with most of my blog posts that need photos, I like to ask people that want to develop on their photography skills or friends that want to take some photos to bulk up their portfolio so I can show that I'm being a great friend.

We went to the train station and did the great thing of being socially awkward and attempt to buy a train ticket... I don't do well at this therefore I normally get the tickets from the machine but we thought it would be easier to just do two at the same time and do our good deed for the day via talking to the staff and wishing them good luck with the rest of their day whilst being awkward, stuttering words and awkwardly scampering away.

So edgy because we were at a train platform that has edges...

When we arrived onto the train after we realised that we were going to be fashionably late, we sat down and ranted about our days. The good things, the bad things and definitely the ugly nitty gritty of it all as we were stereotypically tired students.

We arrived in Leeds and walked quickly throughout the maze that is more known as Leeds Train Station.. We found some friends and chatted briefly for a few minutes without realising that we were going to be even more late than scheduled so we rushed past Trinity Leeds and tried to find Roxy Lanes.. Sadly, I had to ring up and ask how to get there... We were two students that didn't know Leeds that well...

When we finally found it via the bright sounds with Roxy labelled on them, we ventured on it... With Michelle's loudness and my craziness, we made fashionably late a term of the past... We then headed to the booth thing... It was like a reception sort of area but for a bowling place therefore more of a lobby sort of thing? We were greeted by such a nice yet slightly cute guy and he asked us what shoe size we were, what our names were and handed us the shoes... This was all after I made an another attempt of talking to random strangers.. This included me stuttering and wanting to randomly meow at the staff member...

Once we had passed the awkwardness of the foyer bit, we wandered on over to the wonderful bowling alley area whilst indie music blared through the whole building. This made the place seem a lot more cooler but gave the atmosphere a sort of calm/cool vibe... We chatted for a bit and took a few pictures and then we were given a menu each containing the whole list of drinks that were on offer by an amazing member of staff. We chatted for a bit more then ordered a cocktail each.

Cocktail menus!

Michelle got a Get Paddled Honey. This contained Evan William's Honey Bourbon, amaretto, raspberry, lemon, apple and a few raspberries to garnish where as it took some time to choose mine.. I was deciding on either A Proper Spanking *place innuendo and giggles here* or a Long Island Iced Tea... If I wasn't socially awkward or anxious when it comes to asking waiters for things then I would have been like hell yeah! I want A Proper Spanking and if you're offering then a real one because you're pretty cute but I refused and ordered a Long Island Iced Tea instead. This contained Absolut Vodka, Beefeater Gin, Havana Rum, Tequila, Cointreau, fresh lemon and topped up with cola. It was very strong but pretty nice. I rarely drink so I was a bit knocked back after I sipped it. I genuinely got it as my brother wanted to know if it tasted like sweet iced tea... It didn't by the way.

Get Paddled Honey (the bright one) - £7

Long Island Iced Tea (the one with coke) £7

We sipped our cocktails and then proceeded to finding a ball that fit our bowling style... Y'know the one that's perfect and isn't too light or too heavy and fits your fingers... *place innuendo here* We then realised that the alley had no bumpers on and that me and Michelle were terrible bowlers... Long story short, we bowled, giggled and sipped some more. Michelle won by 3 points in the end which caused us to take more pictures and giggle... If there was a choice of bumpers or no bumpers then I would score the bowling alley on its own a 10/10. We may have had to ask at the foyer bit but I'm not that sure..

You know you want to!

Me bowling...


I didn't win
My reaction to not winning!

Lets carry on with the story anyways...

We then chatted and was asked by a member of staff to go to a booth in the restaurant area. I wandered over and sat down opposite Michelle in a quiet booth that was in a corner.. Could we be any more indie? (Please notice the Friends reference and sarcasm...) We chatted for a slight bit and giggled until the same lovely waitress came over and gave us two food menus this time and disappeared so we could read and linger over all the options of food that were on offer. In the end we chose onion rings which were classed as a starter/tapas thing as they were on an offer for 3 for £10 so they could be more efficient for a large group. This came with a sour cream and chive dip and a BBQ dip. (I'll put the prices in with the pictures.) We then ordered a Roxy Beast Burger which came with all sorts of things. We ordered and sang more songs to each other which were blaring through the building until the food finally arrived...
Our little secret friends date booth


Just the two of us...

The onion rings came and to be honest I was expecting the generic little onion rings that contain more batter than onion but this was not the case with these onion rings! The batter was light and crispy whilst the onion rings were massive and contained quite a bit of onion. I know I cant make the humble onion ring sound beautiful but they were beautiful! The dip was delicious and went well with the hot crispy rings. Me and Michelle giggled and took pictures of trying the dips as we made innuendos with the sour cream dip which was left over after the onion rings were devoured. The BBQ dip was smoky and went well with the onion rings.
Onion Rings! £4

Licking that white creamy dip...

That face!

That's a big ring!

After we chatted, took photos and scrolled on our phones, two massive plates were placed in front of us... Now, these were the plates that contained the Roxy Beast Burgers... When they said 'Beast' they weren't lying! This burger contained a genuine beef burger which was succulent, a butt rub chicken breast which sounds very peculiar but it just means that the breast was marinaded in a spice rub, pulled pork which was coated in a smokier version of the dip that was served with the onion rings but it was still delicious, bacon and American cheese. It was served with a salad which was cool and refreshing with the burger and also came with smaller versions of the onion rings that we had devoured before and salt and pepper ridged chips which were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Michelle got the same thing so we made a decision to film a little thing on my vlog called Man VS Food: Roxy Lanes Leeds... I was a little bit tipsy yet in the atmosphere of everything and just giggled... Later on, we found out that Michelle failed and she didn't beat the beast... I did on the other hand.
Roxy Beast Burger - £12

We finished and sung more songs... We then decided to get some more pictures including some of the bar. The bartenders were happy for us to take some pictures but when Michelle tried to get one of the bartenders to smile, it wasn't happening. He simply stated that he doesn't smile which made us smile and kept the ambience great. We took some of everything and then decided to go to Tescos to get some drinks for the train. We got on the train and went our separate ways afterwards.
Great staff featuring cute moody guy

Shake it off...

Am I Miley Cyrus yet?

Now its time for the review of the restaurant part. I would give it a 9.75 out of 10 if it had a little bit more lighting then it would be a full 10. The food and the atmosphere were amazing. I loved the point of having it based on a diner. The music was amazing and so were the staff. I would happily come here again just from this one visit!

Thank you for reading this post! It has took me all week to write and to sort out so it means a lot that you're reading it! I hope that you've enjoyed looking at the pictures! Don't forget to check out my YouTube channel as a video for this date thing shall be going up very soon! I can't thank Roxy Lanes Leeds enough for this night! I hope to see you next time and don't forget to have a great week!


Roxy's Website which talks a lot more about the Eat, Drink, Bowl Offer:

Michelle Walker:

My YouTube where the video to this event/date shall be going up:
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Jamie x

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