Friday 20 February 2015

Garnier Ultimate Blends: The Sleek Restorer Oil Review

Meow, so this blog post is going to be a little review about a Garnier product.. I have been using a few products from Garnier before but I haven't been sponsored or anything like that. I hope you like this post and comment down below if you've used any Ultimate Blends product as I have no life so I love to see what everyone comments.

So a while back, I wrote a blog post about an Ultimate Blends shampoo and conditioner.. (I shall put the link to that post at the bottom of this post.) Whilst I was typing the blog post, I was researching via Garnier's website to find out the purpose behind the new range and found out that I could fill out a form to try out the new oil that went along with The Sleek Restorer range. I instantly thought hell yes and filled out the form via the website.

Fast forward to Wednesday of this week where I came downstairs to a package/envelope with my details and Garnier and their logo printed on the top. I had forgotten that I had filled out the form and wondered what it was until I realised that it was the sample of the oil. I did some errands and then came back home and opened the envelope.

This oil contains Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil which has been proved to be amazing for the hair. The whole point of this oil is to resist frizz and to keep hair smooth and sleek for up to 72 hours. If you apply it before styling then it can protect your hair from heat up to 230 degrees. (Celsius.) I tried this which I will talk about in the paragraphs below but it also states that it can be used as a finish touch to hair to keep flyaways at bay and that it can also be used anytime to keep hair smelling great!

The full version - £6 at Boots

Inside the envelope, there was a little description about the oil with the sachet inside. I have wrote in my own words what the description said. The next day, I thought that I would use it so I tried to rip into the sachet but the sachet was too tough for me so I used scissors to get into it then mumbled, "I always win!"

As I had left the rest of my Ultimate Blends purchases at my Dad's, I thought that it would be best to use it in the other ways that I could beginning with anytime. The description states that you can use the oil anytime to keep hair smelling great. Now, this is so correct! The oil contains coconut oil which gives the hair a nutty scent which makes the hair smell incredible! I loved the smell but I know that some people hate the smell of coconut especially in my family so be slightly careful...I did go up to some family members persisting to smell my hair because it smelt that good!

I waited until the next day which is today and used it as a heat protector. Now, as my hair has been bleached and dyed and what not in the past, I have used a lot of heat protectors in my young life. This means that I was reluctant to see what an oil would do to protect my hair. I applied a bit of oil to my hair and then proceeded to blow dry. My hair felt protected and I felt that I was using a normal heat protector but with the added bonus of coconut but it was the straightening part of when I fell in love with it. I then went on to straighten my hair as it is naturally wavy and medium/long for a guy therefore I feel the need to straighten it sometimes. As soon as I applied the straighteners, my hair was sleek and straight with half of the time that it would normally take and the waft of coconut echoed the room and oh it was so good.

I would rate this product a 9.5/10. The things that it could improve on is the general texture as I wasn't that keen on it being just oil but otherwise it was amazing. It did everything that it said that it would including keeping flyaways at bay and the coconut scent was amazing. If they did more of a cream based product then I would buy it 24/7 but I was a bit scared at the fact that it was oil at first and that it would make my hair greasy but as soon as you get over that and the fact it doesn't make it that greasy then I think that it is amazing.

Sadly, the form to request a sample of this has closed but if you decide to buy a full bottle of this then comment down below and tell me what you think! I hope you've enjoyed this beauty blog post and I hope to see you next time. Don't forget to have a great weekend!

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