Thursday 12 February 2015

Lose The Love!: Valentines Day Opinions

Meow, so this is the start of a week long mini series sort of thing. Lose The Love is basically a moaning series around Valentines Day... *place the innuendo here* Basically, I'm not a big fan of VD therefore this series is going to explain why with gift guides on how to be lonely on VD but still have fun!

So, Valentines Day is a day where people show/declare their love for one another via giving them cards. chocolate, flowers and what not. Sometimes, people take others on dates to show them how much love they have.

I think it's shit. Excuse the language but it is a commercialised day for naïve people to show their love to others. I think that supermarkets and restaurants advertise it way too much. I don't need to know that certain flowers are on offer. The only reason I enjoy Valentines Day is because of the amount of Chocolate and Ice cream that is on offer. I can sob in my bed and eat a lot of lactose and get away with it. I have a Valentines date with Ben and Jerry if that counts?...

I only think that Valentines Day is a day for sex with a reward at the end of it. If you think about it then it is kinda true. Sex is love for some people but its just a lowered down version... Don't judge me. Many shows have kinda showed this and it's true. The only reason that Valentines Day should be a thing is because of chocolate and new Lush products.

In short, I hate Valentines Day and I am a lonely person but I'm sorry that this is slightly short and sweet.

I hope you've enjoyed these little ramblings and I hope to see you next time for another Lose The Love!

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