Saturday 7 February 2015

The British Tag

Meow, so a few weeks or so ago, I got a twitter notification saying that I had been tagged in The British Tag.  I knew to some extent what it was as I am a fellow YouTuber as well as a blogger. I don't do videos that well like my blog posts but they are still videos nevertheless. Let's crack on with the questions and such... I got tagged by Carl (ABlokesEyeview) Such fun!

Now, for the people that don't know what The British Tag is then I shall explain. The British Tag is a set of questions to do with stereotypical British things and then once you have answered them then you tag people to answer the same questions until everyone's done them, I think?

Q1: How many cups of tea a day do you drink and how many sugars do you have?

A1: Now, I stopped having tea for a long time. My brother started having a thing for tea and this is when I started drinking tea again. Now, as Caffeine sometimes triggers my anxiety, I have started to drink mainly non caffeine/fruit infused tea. I normally have a cup every other day if I am feeling it. I have two teaspoons of white sugar and one teaspoon of brown sugar in my tea. I have a weird thing for putting brown sugar in when I use white sugar. Light by the way. Dark brown sugar is very rich even for cups of British tea.

Q2: Favourite dunking biscuit?

A2: Bourbon... Always a Bourbon.. Even with my lactose intolerance. Most biscuits have some sort of lactose in which is kind of annoying but I don't mind as long as they're a good biscuit then I'll dunk it in some sort of liquid... *insert innuendo here* (I had a phase of dunking bourbons into Orange Coke... Well, half fanta and half coke...)

Q3: Favourite part of a roast?

A3: Does stuffing count? Im a sucker for some good meaty stuffing... *insert innuendo here* If it doesn't then I'm going to say Roast Potatoes.. Especially when they are fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Roast potatoes roasted with some Rosemary is really delicious!
Panettone Stuffing Squares

Q4: Favourite quintessential British past time?

A4: I genuinely don't have any British past times in my repertoire so I am going to say English Cream Tea and hope that counts? I mean it is quintessentially British so I hope that it counts. 

Q5: Favourite word?

A5: So, I have a few favourite words thanks to Miranda Hart so I shall list them. Moist, plunge, cocoon, plinth.

Q6: Cockney rhyming slang

A6: Isn't that something that Londoners and TV stations such as BBC and ITV use to pull in their audiences.. All I need to say is Take Me Out, people...

Q7: Favourite sweet?
A7: I am going to say Cola Bottles/Gummy Bears... I am also a big fan of Chocolate Limes and the sour snakes from the Natural Confectionery Co... I don't know if they're still a thing. I also love popping candy if that counts?

Q8: What would your pub be called?

A8: Easy! The Kinky Tiger or The Meowing Tiger.. Don't judge me.

Q9: Who's your favourite British person?

A9: I'm going to say either Nigella Lawson, Miranda Hart or Mary Berry.
Nigella at a Vogue Photoshoot - 53

Miranda Hart - 42

Mary Berry -79

Q10: Favourite shop/restaurant?

A10: My favourite shop depends on what I'm shopping for.. So this may take a while... My favourite beauty shops are Superdrug and Lush... I like Boots but I feel that it can become a bit of a maze at times whereas Superdrug sometimes doesn't. Fashion wise, Pulp and Burton. I love being alternative. I had blue hair at one point and I now have a facial piercing... Pulp is expensive but I love how friendly the staff are and how cute the clothes/staff are... I love Burton as well as they normally have a sale or an offer on... Their clothing is also great and the staff are normally friendly... My favourite restaurant changes sometimes... In London, there is this restaurant that I cant remember the name of in Chinatown which is amazing. I also love TGI Fridays and Cabana... Don't judge me... I want to try Five Guys for the Coca Cola Freestyle machine and I also want to go to The Fat Duck in Bray as I love Heston Blumenthal's sense of cooking/gastronomy.

Q11: What British song pops into your head?

A11: Wannabe by The Spice Girls. Geri in that dress is all I need to say... (I also know all the words to Wannabe including the rap chorus by Mel B...)

Q12: Marmite?

A12: I HATE IT! I just hate the smell and taste of it. I think if a small amount is used in something that covers it up then I wouldn't mind it but if it's on its own then nope.. It just isn't for me.. Sorry, Marmite but no.

I'm a bit confused on who to tag so I think the best way is if you see this post and you want to do it then do it... I hope you've enjoyed reading this.. I'm not sure if I should do this in a video as the video version of this tag was a long while ago. I hope you've enjoyed reading this post and I hope to see you next time.

Jamie x