Friday 13 February 2015

Lose The Love!: What To Do On Valentines Day

Meow, so this is another Lose The Love! post. This post will focus more on what to do on Valentines Day. Now, I know that VD is tomorrow but I am still going to continue with this mini series so I shall tell you what to do on Valentines Day if you're single... This is going to go well with my Valentines Day video which is going to be late but ah well...

Dine In With M&S for One:

Get an Dine In For... Valentines Day special from Marks and Spencers and just imagine the person who you like but it is on a date with someone else, get a fork and imagine the dish is them and then stab the living daylights out of it. That will show them for not asking you out on a date..

Let Bridget Jones Influence You: 

Within the film adapted from the novel Bridget Jones Diary, there is a line which goes along the lines of screw you, I'm not going to let a man and his American stick insect girlfriend ruin me so instead I chose Vodka and Chaka Khan. Do what she does and go out and drink vodka and listen to okay music in a club or whatever or be alone and socially awkward and stay in and listen to Chaka Khan/awesome music and drink vodka! Win:win.

Imaginary Date: 

So, this one sounds weird but bare with... Make a fabulous dinner and get someone that you wish you were dating or it could be someone you hate (eg an ex...) Print a picture of their face out and put it on a chair on the other side of the room... Eat the dinner and then to let all the anger of being alone out, just scream and rip the piece of paper into shreds. Simple.

Comfort Food: 

So, this is going to be the last tip but it is the one that I will be doing this Valentines Day. Just get your favourite film on, get your covers, grab some junk food and ice cream and order take out. Turn all social media sites off, only use your phone if someone rings you/ringing the take out place and just forget about the world and watch the film. You will slowly forget what Valentines even means and remember why you love the film.

So, comment down below if you're lonely and tell me what you're doing this VD. I hope to see you next time and I hope that you've enjoyed this post! Don't forget to check out my social media sites!

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