Wednesday 30 March 2016

Disappearing From The Screen | Why I Stopped YouTube


If you've read the blog for a while or know me personally then you will know that I used to do the whole YouTube/talk to a camera thing. If you're subscribed to my channel then you will have realised that I stopped within October last year and I thought that today I would tell you why I kind of disappeared from YouTube...

So within October, I said on my channel that I would start the whole DOAML (Diary Of A Meowing Lushie) series on my channel as well as my blog and then I just vanished after that. I did have intentions on creating the series onto YouTube but honestly creating posts and creating videos of the same thing just became challenging for myself as I would have to set the camera up and then make sure it would focus and that everything was perfect and then wait for the product to dissolve into water and it just slowly made videomaking and beauty products very boring and tiring for me. (With doing it via my blog I can just take a picture of the product and then enjoy it in my own time and then just talk about the product afterwards.) I just wanted my videos to be something that myself and yourself would enjoy and when I stopped enjoying making them I thought that you wouldn't really enjoy them if I just made them as haphazardly as possible. If you do want to watch amazing Lush based videos then check out Jen and Phil's channels.

In November, I decided that I was going to change the series to where I just and to start redoing vlogs of when I go to events and things like that but college got in the way in the form of me making films for coursework and things like that which took up most of my time which meant that I would be able to film but it probably wouldn't have been edited until a month had passed by and I feel like with certain things it would have felt unnecessary when it was finally on YouTube.

Time passed by and I got more coursework and more things came up and I just thought that it would be best to try and review if I have the time and patience to do videos and if I do then the YouTube thing will become a thing again but until then its best that I stick to my blog as I just feel like its a lot easier to keep up with compared to videos as you don't have to do the whole waiting for everything to export and upload with a blog.

Don't forget to check out Jen and Phil's channels!

I hope that you have enjoyed this sort of rambly post and I hope that you come back to read the next post! I hope that your week is going well!

Jamie x


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