Monday 21 May 2018

Taking The Dynasty Just Like Fallon Carrington | My Friend Does My Makeup

Hey everyone!

Welcome to a brand new post. A while ago, after the Trinity Leeds event, I thought that I would let Abbey paint my face, so I thought that I would tell you all how we achieved this look which is shown below.

A person wearing gold eyeshadow, a dark lip, great brown contour, black mascara, a black snapback and black leather jacket

Before I get into the details of the look, I wanted to say that, if you've read my Gender post then, you will know about how I feel as a person and with my look, therefore, I'm slowly wanting to get into more of the femme side of my aesthetic. I'm slowly experimenting a bit with both my mas and femme aesthetics, and honestly, I'm slowly loving getting to grips with makeup and realising that it can portray whatever you want. This look is inspired by Fallon Carrington (Elizabeth Gilllies) in the CW Dynasty, mainly, because I relate to Fallon's character in many ways including, storming into a room and shooting a room up because she's annoyed.

Products used for this look include:

Cleanser: Lush Dark Angels

Toner: Simple Kind to Skin Facial Toner Soothing

Moisturiser: The Body Shop Vitamin E Gel Moisture Cream

Primer: Benefit Porefessional

Foundation: NYX Stay Matte but Not Flat (Alabaster) & Lightening Fluid: NYX Pro Foundation Mixer (White) (Primark beauty sponge)

Setting Powder: Rimmel London Clear Complexion/Teint Radieux (Transparent) (Powder Brush)

Eyebrows: George, Asda. The Tamer (Brunette) (Morphe Brush MB29)

Contour: Rimmel London, Kate Moss Collection (Coral Glow) (sculpting brush)

Blush: Rimmel London (Pink Rose) (blush brush)

Highlight: Jeffree Star (Ice Cold) (Morphe Brush B8)

Eyelook: Morphe 24G Grand Glam Palette.including Creamer, Baked and Crystal

Eyeliner: NYX Matt Liquid Liner (Black)

Mascara: L’ORÉAL Paris Lash Paradise (Black)

Lips: Jeffree Star Lip Scrub Spearmint
 Jeffree Star Liquid Lip (Unicorn Blood)

Setting Spray: e.l.f Mist & Set

How To Get The Look

Step 1: Prep the face via using your usual cleanser, toner, and, moisturiser. Makeup will go on and stay on longer on a prepped face.

2: Apply a generous amount of primer. The best way to do this is via your hands just because you can get into the crooks of your skin easier than some brushes. Applying a primer with your fingers makesit easier to ensure that it goes to the pores, as, some primers just kind of sit on the skin.

A long white rectangular box with Benefit in small cursive black font with Pore Fessional in massive bubble white font on a bright background

 3: Apply foundation to the primed face. We used a whitening drops product with the foundation, just because, I'm quite pale and applying whitening drops to a foundation shade makes it easier to get a perfect match and eliminates a bit of the yellow tone. I used a Matte based foundation, just because, I know that Matte looks better when it comes to pictures, but experiment and figure out which formula works for you.

A thick wide black triangular clear bottle with a yellow-white liquid inside with NYX on the outside in big bold font with stay matte not flat on the front in smaller font next to a thin tall black plastic triangluar bottle with a circular black lid that says NYX in large white font with Foundation Mixer in smaller font on a bright background.

4: Set the foundation in with translucent powder via using a powder brush of your choice and letting the powder bake on the face for five to ten minutes. (If you don't know what baking means then it's a term that has been used by many in the beauty industry and drag community, to describe, that the warmth of your face bakes the powder, which then, helps to set the base makeup on your face.

A circular pot filled with a beige clear translucent powder with a clear plastic lid which says Rimmel Clear Compexion on the top on a bright background.

5: Brush the eyebrow hairs in the same direction as each other and then fill in with the product and then blend with your natural brow hairs.

A large rectangular box with a bright lid that has streaks of different shades of brown on it with Tamer in bold thick white font with eyebrow kit in smaller white font underneath on a bright background.

6: Contour where you need to define. For me, its my forehead, chin and cheeks, but for you, it might be different. A sculpting brush will be your best friend when it comes to contouring.

A rectangular palette filled with a light brown contour in one small rectangle, a darker brown in another rectangle and a bright highlight in another in a clear lid with kate moss written in pink cursive font with rimmel in bold font above it in the same size on a bright background.

7: Blush time. Apply this with a blush brush. We used a light Rose  colour with Peachy undertones as it works best with the shade of my skin. The best way to apply brush, in my opinion, is to smile, find the apples of your cheeks and apply and blend.

A square pot filled with a bright pink blush with a clear plastic lid with Rimmel on the front of it on a bright background.

8: Time to shine for the gods. Now obviously, highlight isn't just for blinding, its also to enhance a soft look, but I'm gay as hell, and I wanted to be seen from outerspace so we packed it on. We used Skin Frost, which has been made infamous, via it's creator, Jeffree Star. I was hesitant about using it but I loved it, not only because it shined bright, but also because it had a creamy formula to it as I've found some highlighters to be really drying on my already dry skin.

9: Eyeshadow time! Now, me and Abbey spent ages deciding on what look to go for... As I wanted to give a little nod to Fallon and her luxurious lifestyle, I wanted to go for light look with a metallic statement to it We started off with a transition shade (Creamer), then blended Baked in with a Morphe brush. Side note: Morphe brushes are the best brushes. No, that's not an ad. I've never really understood why they get the love they do, but now, I definitely do. After blending, we applied Crystal on top with a finger due to it being a different texture to the other two.

A black rectangular box with MORPHE in capitals in bold white font in the upper left corner with a picture of a gold eagle with 24G in bold gold font below it on a bright background.

A black rectangular box containing circles of different colours on a bright background

Three circles, one white, one silver and one brown on a black rectangfula box on a bright background.

10: Carrying on with the eyes, it was time for liquid eyeliner... Yup, you heard me right, and yes, I did gulp when I saw the liquid liner. My eyes were being a little watery, so we thought it would be best to stick to just the top lashes but I absolutely love the colour of the NYX Liquid Liner.

A black elongated cylindrical tube with NYX in bright white bold font with  eyeliner and black in bold smaller font on a bright background

11: Same goes for mascara, we tried to coat the bottom a bit without screwing up the whole look. The top ones were coated easily. Weirdly, I have quite long eyelashes already so one coat was enough.

A long elongated cylindrical gold tube with Paradise engraved into the tube on a bright background

12: Painting the lips! Now, I tried out Jeffree Star Lip Scrub and a Liquid Lip (which I loved the colour of by the way), but I had an allergic reaction to my lips the day after. I'm not sure whether it was the scrub or liquid lip, or my piercing not agreeing to one of them, but it was a massive shame because I loved this colour, to the point where I'd be fine with it being on my lips till the end of time. We then overdrew the lips a bit, because well I want to have equal sized lips instead of a thin as hell top lip and a plump and pierced bottom lip.

A cylindrical glass bottle containing a dark red liquid with a pink handle next to a pink rectangle box with jeffree star in silver font on a bright background.

13: FInal step. If you're reading or trying this look out, then, give yourself a round of applause. We applied setting spray, got a beauty blender and tapped down the water marks and well, took pictures and gossiped before Abbey went home.

A large rectangular black bottle with elf in bold big white font with liquid inside on a bright background.

Thanks for reading this beauty post. Let me know down below if I should do more makeup posts. Go and play with makeup, and, go and watch Dynasty via Netflix.

Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x

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