Tuesday 28 August 2018

Taking Pride In The Clothes We Wear | Outfit Of The Day


How are you?

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I thought that i would show you my Outfit Of The Day from my adventure in Leeds. (If you havent read it then do so.)

As I said, I had an amazing day hanging out with Michelle getting up to a few things such as, shopping, listening to great music. gossiping and doing quirky stuff such as getting filmed for ITV, getting a glass of Whiskey spilled on me, and, talking about inexplicit topics in the middle of a pub next to an old aged couple. Oops.

A person with light brown quiffed hair and round green and brown glasses wearing black leather jacket, blue shirt, black tshirt with a white skull on it, blue chinos and blue vans with little white snoopys all over it looking into the distance sat on multicoloured rainbow steps on a bright background.

We ended up walking back to the train station, and, noticed the rainbow steps that head down to Freedom Quarter. I remembered them from when I went to Leeds Pride a few weeks ago. As Michelle is a professional photographer and a photography student, she thought that it would be a great idea to get some unique and fun shots on the steps.

I love Pride and I love everything that the rainbow flag stands for. I know that Pride has become a bit commercial but. that's for an entirely different post. I thought that it would be great to get some shots in front of something that encompasses equality and the freedom to be yourself. I'm still trying to grasp my confidence and rock the world like the confident kween that I am. Yes, kween, but hey ho.

A lot of the stuff that i am wearing is from Primark, not because I've been sponsored, but mainly because as a student, I like to wander into Primark and then end up getting far too many items of clothes due to them being pretty cheap.

The Jacket that I am wearing is from Primark. It was priced at £16 and is made of a pleather sort of material. I wear it out and about mainly because I want a Leather Jacket, but, I don't want to sacrifice my ethics of being animal friendly. It also adds to the grunge inspired aesthetic that I want to submerge my life in.

The shirt that i am wearing is from Primark. I believe it's from Primark or Boohoo, I can't fully remember. It's a Blue checked thick short sleeve Flannel Shirt, that is slightly thick but as the weather has slightly gotten a bit nippy, so I thought that it would be a good idea to wear it.

Next on the outfit list is the tshirt. A black Misfits T-shirt that has a white skull embedded on the front, with Misfits in white on the back. I originally got this from Pulp a few year ago, but, I got it in the biggest size possible so I can wear it no matter what... Even if I put a couple of pounds on, or off. This also adds to the grunge inspired look.

I then wore light blue chinos. This is rare, as I normally stick to dark stretch skinny jeans, but as England has had a massive heatwave, I've been wearing slightly lighter fabrics. I love anything blue but chinos make everything look a little bit more smarter which I enjoyed. As I was meeting Michelle, I wanted to look nice!

To finish it off the outfit, I decided to wear electric Blue Snoopy Vans. Yes, I love Snoopy. Yes, I know that they're childish. No, I don't care if they look cringy or tacky. I love them! I also think that the blue slightly goes with the Blue Chinos. I also think that Vans are one of the comfiest trainer/sneaker brands ever. I just love them!

A close up of a guy staring outwards with round brown and green glasses with quiffed light brown hair, black leather jacket, blue shirt, black tshirt with a white skull on the front of it and bright blue chinos sat on rainbow coloured steps on a brigth background.

Do you like this outfit?

I hope that you have enjoyed this fashion post. I hope that you come back next time to read another post! 

Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x 

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