Monday 3 September 2018

Packing It Up & Putting it Down | What To Take To Your First Uni Accommodation


How are you?

Welcome to a brand new post all about student essentials. I thought that I would talk to you about this, I'm sure that a lot of you reading this are worried and anxious about what to take/buy for your first University Accommodation/Year.

I think that this post might be best, if I split it up into sections such as, Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen and other (including laundry stuff, cleaning, and what not.

(Oh, also don't be a snob. Get the cheapest stuff you can, as long as they do the thing they are meant to do. It'll mean you have more money to do other things, eg drinking.) 

A picture zoomed in on two pale hands on a black rectangular keyboard below a large swuare black and glass computer monitor with a white mouse at the side of it on a rectangular white table on a bright background.

Bedroom/Gemeral Flat Area: 

Covers for above
Duvet Sheet
Clothes for all seasons including loungewear, pjs, dressing gown, hoodies, whatnot.)
Mattress Protector (some flats/accommodation will provide one. Check before you get your keys.)
Coat Hangers
Ear Plugs
Cheap Fan for when its warm
Laptop and Case if you own one
 Printer and Ink (some accommodations have a printer)
Bluetooth Speaker
Chargers for all things Electrical
TV (if you're bringing one. Remember to check about TV licenses.)
Extemsion Lead
Game Console and games (honestly if you have more than one, take one and then you can always bring another when youre back home at Christmas/Reading Week.)
USB TV Stick if you're taking a TV.
Decorative Things for the room (y'know pictures, fairy lights, teddies, cacti. Stuff like that.)

Cutlery Set. (Honestly I'd stick to the 16 sets you can find.)
General Sharp Knife. (You can get a big Chefs Knife if you want, but even a lot of Supermarkets sell a medium sized one that's good for a lot of stuff.)
Kitchen Scissors (For Sachets and cutting things up.)
Crockery (Plates, Bowls, Mugs, Glasses. Honestly, I'd stick to two to three of each, You won't have loads of room due to sharing a kitchen.)
Tupperware (Great for when you bulk cook, or for lunches at Uni.)
Bottle Opener (I'd keep this in your room.)
Chopping Boards
Fryinh pan
Saucepan that has a lid with it
Measuring Jugs
Can Openers (keep one in your room)
Baking Trays (Get a couple of flat ones if you can, and, one roasting style tray.)
Oven Gloves (Some accommodations have one already.)
Tea Towels
Washing Up Liquid
Washing Up Sponges
Bin Bags
Kitchen Spray
Air Freshener (for in the Kitchen and Bedroom.)


Bath Towels
Hand Towels
Soap (It might also be wise to get a soap tray too.)
Sponges/Flannel Cloths
Shower Gel
Flip Flops for Communal Bathrooms
Toilet Roll\
Hair Tools (brushes, dryer etc.)
Body Scrubs
Shower Moisturisers
Face Care (Cleansers, Toner, Moisturiser, Face Scrubs, Face Masks, etc.)
Deodorant/Body Sprays
Dry Shampoo
Makeup (if you use it
Razors and Shaving Products.
Hair Products (eg, mousse, pomade, bairspray etc.)
Painkillers for Freshers Flu/Hangovers.
Bathroom Spray
Toilet Freshener


Passport/Driving License/Citizencard/Birth Certificate (ID)
Any Papers needed to enrol into Uni with
Some Cash
Loyalty Cards (which will help you save money.)
Washing Basket
Flask/Water Bottle (if you use your water bottle in certain places, they will let you refill it for free. Some Coffee Shops also give you a discount for using said Bottle/Flask.)
Budgeting App
Musical Instruments
Key Loop (so you know where your keys are.)
A4 Pads

All of the above are what i think are my suggestions. Let me know down below if you have any other suggestions. Don't forget to check out things such as Student Discounts, Fresher Fairs, and, Student Nights for more offers and savings.

Are you going a Fresher this year? Comment down below with what uni you will be attending. 

I hope that you have enjoyed this post, and, that you come back next time for another post.

Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x 

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