Tuesday 24 July 2018

Is This Chocolate Spread Worth The Hype? | Lindt Hazelnut Cream

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Welcome to a brand new blog post! Today, I thought that I would talk to you all about the new Lindt Chocolate Spread that has coating itself all over the internet lately.

The use of real Lindt chocolate, combined with hazelnut enables you to, create a delightful dessert or snack with a full and intense flavour. The preparation method that has been fine-tuned by the Lindt MaÎtres Chocolatiers to give rise a perfectly smooth mixture which retains the full chocolate aroma.

A glass cylindrical jar containing dark brown chocolate spread with bits of gold hazelnut with a gold label with Lindt in gold cursive font with a circular gold plastic lid on a bright background.

If you haven't heard about the Lindt Hazelnut Cream, then where have you been living for the past month? Under a rock? Lindt are known most for their decadent Lindor Truffles, and, infamous Gold Characters, such as the Reindeer and Bunny. Lindt have now decided to step up the Chocolate game by bringing out its own Spread/Cream. This luxurious cream has been making its own waves on Social Media over the past month, as, everywhere has been oohing and ahhing over the idea of a Lindt Hazelnut Spread. If you love Nutella, or, Chocolate Spread in general, then you will probably love this.

I picked up a tub of this dark beauty when I went to York Designer Outlet earlier in the week with Luke. Even though myself and Lactose don't get along well, I do love a good bit of Lindt Chocolate from time to time, and I used to have Nutella by the bucket load when I got along with Lactose, so I knew that i had to try it as soon as possible.

The weight of the product is 200g, and, the price of the product is £5.99, which is a bit expensive, but you're purchasing it for the fact that it's from Lindt and that it's quality over quantity. The ingredient list consists of: Piedmont hazelnuts (40%), sugar, low-fat cocoa, skimmed milk powder, cocoa butter, emulsifier (soya lecithin), Bourbon vanilla natural extract. As you can see, there isn't a lot of ingredients so you're definitely paying for the quality. There's also Cocoa Powder and Cocoa Butter in there, therefore, you know that it will taste very Chocolatey. It also contains Bourbon Vanilla which isn't the cheapest of ingredients, thus, showing where a good bit of your money when purchasing it is going.

Lets get on to the best bit, the taste! When you open the jar, you instantly get the taste of that infamous Lindt Milk Chocolate taste that is known via the Milk (Red) Lindt Lindor's. The spread is thick but smooth and creamy. You cant really tell that there is splintered pieces of Hazelnut within the product until you get some in your teeth, but, you do get the nutty taste of Hazelnuts straight after the Milk Chocolate taste. I didn't really get a massive hit of Vanilla from the Spread/Cream but I think that, personally, the Vanilla helped to take a bit of bitterness away from the Nuts. It is pretty sweet though, so a little goes a very very long way. (This is coming from me, who loves to eat sweet things, so you know it's pretty rich.) One thing about the texture that I would probably tell you all, is to ensure to keep it in the cupboard, as a very cold temperature aka the fridge, kind of hardens the whole jar up quite a bit.

A birds eye shot of brown chocolate spread in a cylindrical glass jar on a bright background.

Is the Lindt Hazelnut Cream worth hunting down? Yes, definitely! Even if you're not wanting to use it as a Breakfast Spread, I'd get it for those moments where you really want to treat yourself. Is it worth the price? I think it is. A little goes a long way and you're paying for the taste not the amount. Is it better than Nutella? It kind of is, but i think that Nutella is a sort of weekday person whereas Lindt is a 'spending the Weekend in a luxurious bar drinking some Prosecco' kind of person.

I'm very tempted to try and put the spread into some recipes, so, if you've got any suggestions. Let me know down below!

Check out Lindt here to find out more.

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