Friday 20 July 2018

Is This £132 Cream Worth It? | Sisley Paris Youth Cream

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Welcome to a brand new blog post. As the title suggests, I thought that I would talk to you all today about a Youth Cream that I tried out from the infamous Sisley Paris.

Sisley Youth Cream is the first anti-aging beauty treatment,  to be used from the age of 25. It defends the skin's youth potential via Pea extract, which is rich in peptides. It combats the first signs of aging. Soy extract helps to reduce wrinkles that may be starting to appear on the skin,  and improves the tone of the skin. A powerful cocktail of active ingredients including Kiwi, Ginseng and Buckwheat Seed minimises the harmful effects of stress and fatigue on the skin. Essential oils with stimulating properties help to moisturise the skin intensely. A fresh and deliciously silky emulsion with a velvety matte finish. From the first application, skin is intensively hydrated and visibly energized. The complexion is fresher and brighter. After 4 weeks, the first wrinkles and signs of fatigue fade away. The skin is radiant, toned and full of vitality.

A tall glass cylindrical clear bottle with a blue Sisley log with white liquid inside with a black circular black lid on a white background

I got a sample sachet from a Sisley Paris counter, when I was looking around Harvey Nichols. The main reason that I was in Harvey Nicks, was for Fenty Beauty, but when Jamie's surrounded by beauty and makeup, then Jamie has to have a look at more than one counter! I talked to the Sisley staff member about using the Sisley Primer before, as everyone in the beauty world knows about the Primer. She told me that good skin care is  an investment, and I kind of agree with that, if, and it's a big if, if it can sort my lactose intolerant, dry, acne riddled skin out.

This beauty cream is priced at £132 on the website.

The Cream also contains Shea Butter which helps to give this product a creamy texture when applying it to the skin. Lavender to help balance the oils within the skin, Vitamin E to hydrate skin and Vitamin B5 to soothe the skin. This product is also meant for people from 25 onwards, but, as I got recommended this I wanted to see what it was really like, as I wanted to see whether a anti-wrinkle cream for the young really worked.

The Shea Butter helped to ensure that my skin was completely moisturised which is hard to do, due to my skin being so so dry, but the fact that the texture changes after a few minutes from wet to matte, kind of confused me for the first week of trying it. Once I got used to it, I found it fine. It did keep my skin completely moisturised for the entire day even in the temperatures that England have been experiencing at the moment. It's rare to find a beauty product that keeps my face moisturised for long.

Let's talk about scent. Even though this product contains Pea, Ginseng and Kiwi Extracts, you get none of them in the scent. I honestly expected the cream to smell either uplifting and fresh from the extracts. What I got from smell was Lavender. Nothing else, just Lavender. This was a bit of a shame, because well, even though Lavender is great for balancing oils in the skin, I don't want to be smelling like it from a mile away, first thing in the morning... Mainly because it will make me want to go back to bed. At night, its a completely different story, but, at £132 per bottle, I want to be using it and getting the results from this as often as possible.

Now on the best part, the results. On the website, under the results tab, it says that after the first use, skin will be intensely moisturised and visibly energised. Intensely moisturised. Check. Visibly energised? I'd say that I looked perkier but not fully energised, but then again, the weather was so warm that five seconds of it made me want to go hibernate for a couple of hours... With a few cocktails maybe? I only used the product for two weeks like I do with most beauty reviews, but i did feel like everything was a bit firmer. The Cream does do wonders for the skin, but honestly, I'd say to stick away from this if you're not keen on Lavender. I'd also say to stick something a bit more energizing on top, especially in the heat at the minute, such as a spray, because the Lavender hits hard. Is this worth £132? I mean kinda, but not completely? It's worth it for the moisturisation and the slight firming but honestly I think that it would be better as a Firming Moisturiser instead of a Moisturising Youth Anti Wrinkle because the Moisturising acts more than the firming in my opinion, or maybe a Night Cream? I'd definitely suggest that everyone asks to try it at least to see if its something for them though!

Click here to have a look at Sisley Paris.

Have you tried anything from Sisley Paris products before? Let me know down below! 

I hope that you have enjoyed this beauty based blog post. I hope that you come back soon for another blog post.

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