Wednesday 4 July 2018

Posting Onto The Internet | Digital Drop In With Google Digital Garage & Post Office

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Welcome to a brand new blog post! Today, I thought that I would talk to you in depth about the digital confidence event that I went to with Leeds Central Library, Post Office, and,. Google Digital Garage.

A group of people sat around a oval white table, some wearing normal clothes and others wearing bright blue tshirts with FGoogle in rainbow font on a bright background.

I started off the day by rushing to get ready. For all you fashion headed people out there, I thought that I would take a slight bit of inspiration from Queer Eye, and, attempt a sort of french shirt, jean combo where the shirt is french tucked (the front of the shirt is tucked, but the back isn't) with the Jeans. I grabbed my DSLR and headed to Leeds Central Library. I used Google Maps to get there, because, like most independent students, I hate awkwardly asking a stranger for directions to a probably obvious location. After finally finding the beautiful building, I made my way to the workshop.

When arriving at the workshop, I met the wonderful Lucy from Lucy At Home, and, Sophie from, Mama Mei. It's always great to meet some fellow Yorkshire Bloggers! I took a few snaps and then got to talk to a couple fo the people from Google about all things technological, such as Google Home, and how they've helped people with disabilities, and, how Hey, Google, has helped cut time for busy people such as students.

A pile of different rectangular A4 posters with different colours on each next to two bright white rectangular iPads on a bright white oval table on a bright background.

A man in a blue tshirt with Google in rainbow font sat on a bright white oval table with a man in a blue shirt with a dark rectangular laptop on a bright background.

The main reason why I wanted to come along and improve my digital confidence, was because, even though I'm pretty young, technology is improving at a alarming amount. Ten years ago, I would never think that I'd be able to get so many opportunities with great brands via just typing my opinion and thoughts down on a laptop. I never thought that we'd be able to use our phones for things such as Just Eat, Uber, and the likes. So, I want to stay on top of technology and ensure that I have the best skills possible so I can make sure things such as my blog are in good form, and, that I'm improving just like technology. I also wanted to make sure I knew my stuff for when certain members of my family ask the inevitable, 'how do I do this?' because it's best that I know the easiest way to do things like that.

At the workshop, I got to help out a couple of people with their technological problems, including, a wonderful woman who wanted to know more about Social Media and how to promote the things that she wanted to, via social media. I also helped out some of the team from Post Office with camera and photography tips. Trust me, I'm definitely not a professional photographer, but, it was nice to actually spread on information that I had learnt from others who are amazing with photography!

A shot of a woman in a bright red dress with dark brown hair helping an older blond haired woman on a bright big white rectangular iPad on a white rectangular table on a bright background.

The workshop also talked about how broadband can affect your digital confidence. i mean, if your broadband has a constand bad signal, then it means that it takes longer to do anything, thus, making you want to give up on doing something digitally quickly, because let's be honest, we don't always have the patience to wait for something to finally do it's thing! If your broadband isn't that great, then it might be a good idea to check out Post Office's Broadband which is £18 per month.

After the workshop, we got to have an amazing tour of the library. That might sound a bit boring down on words, but honestly, Leeds Central Library is beautiful. You could shoot a sort of period or high class (think like Dynasty) sort of film, and no one would know that, it's 2018 Leeds! i adored the rooms, the history, and even the tapestry behind the library! Theres even a sort of Art Studio that's connected to the Art Gallery, a digital based room for 16-29 year olds, and even a space to talk about starting your own business!

A tall flight of dark brown stairs with light brown bannisters with a bright white wall behind it with black detailng on a bright background.

A long corridor with a bright light above with white walls covered in colourful tapestry on a bright background.

A bright room with strips of dark brown wooden rectangular bookcases filled with old books on a bright background

A bright room with wooden features, wooden arched roof, square glass windows overlooking a grey squared floor on a brigth background.

Carrying on with the day, we all then went for my favourite thing in the world. Food! We went to banyan in Leeds which is actually located in the old Post Office. When entering the restaurant, you're met with grand chandeliers, cool modern accessories and cute chairs. I decided to go for a Steak Sandwich with Bearnaise Sauce and Fries. I first had Bearnaise Sauce when I was in Paris a good few years ago, and, I've loved it ever since! The Steak were succulent and juicy, the sauce added a cremy yet herbal punch, and, the bread had a bit of crunch against it which went well against the Steak. Banyan definitely seems like somewhere perfect for a date or a special occasion,

I then chatted to the guys from the Google Digital Garage, about everything, from SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), to trying to cater a blog more towards it's audience. We even talked about things such as the 3 second rule when it comes to food, to, the world being taken over by cyborgs, and, literally everything in between. I loved talking to them, and, honestly I learnt quite a lot from them!

During all of this amazing talk, dessert happened. Dessert is always a good thing, and, as I had already had lactose, I thought that I would treat myself and enjoy something. I decided to go for a Chocolate Delice, mainly because, the blogger in me wanted to see what it was. This was a sort of cross between a Cake and a Torte. It was delicious but very rich. The dessert came with a Lime Sorbet which was to die for, especially in the weather that we've been having recently!

A white circular plate containing a rectangular slice of brown chocolate dessert with a darker brown cake base with golden pieces of honeycomb on the top with a scoop of bright green Lime Sorbet at the side on a dark brown wooden table on a bright background.

We chatted some more and the wonderful guys from Google showed me how to make a GIF on my Phone, and, gave me a Cardboard VR, which I'm still very grateful for! If you want to see me do a separate post on that, then, let me know down below!

Click here to check out Google Digital Garage.

Click here to check out Post Office Broadband.

Click here to find out more about Leeds Libraries.

I hope that you have enjoyed this student/lifestyle/food/technology based post. I hope that you come back next time for another post!

Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x 

This post was in collaboration with Google & Post Office. All views, opinions and ramblings are my own. 

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