Tuesday 24 July 2018

My Favourite 5 Eyeshadow Palettes Of The Summer

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Welcome to a brand new post! As you can tell by the title, this post is going to be all about my top five Eyeshadows of the Summer, so if you want to find out more, then keep reading.

The beauty and makeup world is thriving at the minute, whether it's brands coming out with items that are completely changing the game, or influencers creating palettes with brands. Everyone loves to wear makeup within the Summer, but, with things such as heatwaves, pools, and refreshingly cold cocktails, a lot of us don't want to be putting a lot onto our skin, or even, when we do, we want it to be bright and reflective of the hot glistening Summers that we all know and love. That's why i thought today, I would tell you five of my favourite eyeshadow palettes for the Summer. Some are bright, some are a bit muted, but all, are amazing and beautiful to wear no matter the weather. i know that a lot of the public, including myself, wear glasses and this may put us off wanting to wear bold and bright eyeshadow, but I say, screw it. If it makes you happy, even if only you can see it then do it! Enough rambling, let's get on with the palettes!

DISCLAIMER: i have only swatched these palettes so my thoughts are going off that and the research of reviews from both small, and, big YouTubers and reviews from the sites that these products are from. I have also included looks when i can to help anyone out when needed. This post is not sponsored, or, paid for in any way, shape or form. I just thought it would be a fun post to create.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics - Thirsty 

I mean this has become the epitome of Summer Palette 2018. I'm pretty sure if you google the words 'Summer Palette 2018' then this will be your top search. The Thirsty Palette's outer bright packaging instantly makes you want to be laid on a beach with a cocktail just from it being so bright and aqua based. With all of Jeffree's products, they're Vegan and Cruelty Free. Some of the shades that I love include, Kumquat (orange matte), Biiiitch (salmon matte), Quench (yellow matte), Submerge (light blue matte) and Splash (teal blue matte). I think these on their own combined would make such a Summery look. The Blues could be used on their own with maybe a sort of Blue-Silver shimmer on top to give off a full Water look? There's also a good few transition colours such as Parched and Taste buds. Last but not least, there is a full row of Metallics for those sparkly moments. If you want to find out more then check out Beauty Bay within the UK, or Jeffree Star Cosmetics for Worldwide including USA.

\A side view picture of a bright orange plastic opened case with water droplets on top of the design with a rectangular glass mirror on the top bit, with zquare pans of different coloured eyeshadow including yellow, blue and orange with a star engraved in them all on a bright background.

Morphe 35B 35 Color Burst Palette

Morphe 35B 35 Color Burst Palette (a bit of a mouthful) delivers a glamorous selection of 35 different shades that will transport anyone into eyeshadow heaven instantly. Anyone that knows of Morphe knows that every one of their eyeshadows blend beautifully no matter what. This palette contains a mix of colours to give you plenty of looks. I can already see a look for a day out shopping, a party look, a date look, and a bright crazy look just from looking at the colours. I'm sure you can think of many more looks than what I've just suggested. There's a mixture of Shimmers and Mattes so if you wanted to do things like a shimmery Summery Cut Crease, then this Palette has you covered. Some of the shades that I like include, Apple Cider (you could create a look just with Moss Boss, Apple Cider and Ziggy), Ink (which might go well with Lavender Sky and Purplish). I also think that Frosty would be good to use to add a bit of Shimmer to any eye look as it's super pigmented. Check out Morphe to find out more about their amazing makeup and brushes.

A black rectangular thick plastic case containing circular pans of different coloured eyeshadows including blue, pink, orange and green on a bright background

Revolution Re-Loaded Palette Velvet Rose

Velvet Rose is a new addition to the Re-Loaded family. A truly compelling mixture of 15 smooth and rich shades, featuring essential beiges and browns, multi-functional shimmery golds and more. I love Revolution's Palettes. they're affordable but great to use. I haven't tried them yet but i love the look of the new Extra Spice palette from Soph via Revolution too as it looks beautiful. I also haven't tried their Conceal and Define mainly because of the shade that I would use has always been out of stock. (If there's anything that you want me to try from Revolution, sound off in the comments below). The shades look super pigmented, and, I love how this Palette isn't as bright as the others but, this entire palette would be fabulous for a Summer evening with drinks. I think that the sort of more Peachy colours against the one of the Gold Shimmers, maybe the Gold Leaf one would look amazing, and the Black with Gold would add a deep accent to any eye look. Rose Gold is so in at the moment! This Palette is only £4. Check out Revolution or your local Superdrug for more of their amazing products

A black rectangular plastic case containing square pans of different colour shimmer and matte shadows including pink, peach, black and gold on a bright background.

Too Faced Life Is A Festival 

So, in regards to the disclaimer at the top, I've only swatched a couple of these when I was in the store. I mainly went for the Unicorn Tears Highlighter. When you think of Summer, some of us will think of festivals. Just in England alone, theres Download, Latitude, Leeds and Reading and a whole host of festivals that happen within the Summertime. Too Faced have clicked onto that and created a duo-chromatic palette, because, who doesn't love a shiny moment when they're at a festival enjoying great music? It makes you stand out and you'll know that you look great against all the mud. I only tried Sunseat Dream and Dusk Teal Dawn, and honestly, the pigment from the swatch was intense, which is great for those times at festivals, events, days out where you want to make sure that your eye look is amazing and blinding. I also love quite a few of these shades as a few are screaming Summers Eve especially with the names too. The Highlighter is blinding and has a slight creamy formula from what i remember. Who doesn't look a good highlighter though? The Palette is Gluten and Paraben free and has Rose Quartz in the mix to add a touch of love to the perfect palette. Check out Too Faced to find out more.

A white semi circular plastic case containing circular pans of different coloured shimmer shadows including blue, pink and orange on a bright background.

CYO Rainbow Warrior

I'm not sure which exact one I went for when swatching, as there are three with Rainbow Warrior. Y'know what it's like when you're swatching everythng and trying to check everything out. Stuff becomes a blur after a while. Well, it does for me... This Palette isn't so much Summer for the brightness, but a few of the shades instantly drew me in when researching for this post, because, they had a sort of sand vibe going on. Let's be honest, if we're not on holiday in the Summer season, then we are definitely dreaming about it and this palette helps that dream a bit. You get a Primer and Highlighter included in the Palette which I think is amazing. I had just finished swatching the new Fenty stuff when I made my way over to Boots to check out CYO (I'll tell you all my thoughts on that later in the week), I remember that the shades that I swatched instnatly were blending on my hand. If anyone has seen me swatch stuff, Abbey can probably vouch for this, I have a tendency to swatch and then blend it a bit on my hand, There is a mix of Cream and Powder shadows which would be great for transitioning and cut creasing. The Powder ones were really fine so they were easy to blend out and didn't feel too chunky, whereas, the creams one were buttery and easily to glide. I'm a bit iffy on cream ones sometimes as oils and wearing glasses can sometimes... Well end badly. This Palette is £7.99 at Boots, I think, which isn't bad at all for a 10 pan palette. Check out CYO or Boots here to find out more.

A black rectangular case containing circular pans of sand, blue and white shadows on a bright background.

What's your favourite Summer Palette. Do you have any suggestions for me to try out? Let me know down below!

I hope that you have enjoyed this makeup based post. Let me know if I should do more posts like this wirthin the future. 

THanks for reading! 
Jamie x

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