Thursday 7 June 2018

Joining Forces With Shoes & Superheroes | Marvel X Vans Collection First Impressions

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Welcome to a brand new blog post! I hope that you're doing well! Today, I thought that I would talk to you all about the new Marvel X Vans Collection that is about to drop on June 8th. I thought that it would be fun to create this post, as, I love Vans, and own a lot of Vans including glitter ones, colourful ones, and ones from collections such as the Disney and Peanut collections.

Just before I get into the post, the internet is a free and wide open space, I know that certain blogs and blog posts can be for certain people, so, if you don't like the content that I am putting out in this post or my blog, then, simply click off and read something else.

Two wide white rectangles next to each other with a thin red border, with one saying marvel in bold white font with a red outline, with Vans in a bold black font on a white background.

A group birds eye shot of two pairs of slip on Vans (one in a bright red with white detailing and another in a checkerboard design with a green foot bursting out of it) and a light blue and silver pair of laced Vans on a white background.

A group birds eye view of two pairs of Hi-Sk8 Vans (one (one in a red with black detailing to match Deadpools suit and a pair of Black to match Black Panther) and a pair of white slip-ons with small animated pictures of Avengers printed all over them on a white background.

Sharing a rich heritage rooted in creative expression and empowerment (which can be shown via other collections such as Vans x Disney & Vans X Peanuts), Vans and Marvel join forces once again to launch their largest collaboration to date. Celebrating the “Off The Wall” Super Heroes of the Marvel Universe, Vans introduces an extensive range of co-branded footwear, apparel and accessories featuring an all-star roster of iconic personas including The Avengers, Black Panther, Deadpool, Iron Man, Hulk and more! The Vans x Marvel collection is an epic collaboration for the ages, assembling a massive line-up of 70-plus styles for fans of all ages.

The Vans x Marvel collection kicks off with a selection of footwear inspired by The Avengers. Representing the Super Hero squad, a custom Old Skool has been outfitted with a unique colour story to symbolise key members; a vivid blue toe-box and shield graphic heel counter are a nod to Captain America while the shoe tongue has been reimagined to mimic a piece of Iron Man’s high-tech suit of armor. Finishing details include a silver leather wing Sidestripe that takes styling cues from the all-mighty Thor and a brightly coloured outsole that don Hulk’s signature green and purple tones. The Authentic presents a subtler aesthetic, showcasing additional Marvel Super Heroes such as Black Panther, Black Widow and Spider-Man in an allover print that also matches back to a selection of men’s t-shirts, hat, sandal and sock options as well as a special checkered apparel pack just for women.

I think that the first two are amazing for those who can't make their minds up and want a little bit of everything, I love the mixture of Marvel characters within both, but, as Vans instantly show there is something for everyone even just from the above two. One for the bold, and, one for the subtle, as personally, I think the smaller printer is a bit more subtle.

Black Panther, Hulk and Spider-Man are seen once again in the collection with their own dedicated capsules. Stylized with heavy-duty ripstop, claw-like hardware and embossed embellishments, the Black Panther Sk8-Hi references King T’Challa’s vibranium suit. Black Panther makes another appearance on the Vans x Marvel short sleeve tee and Torrey jacket, combining classic comic book artwork with vintage Vans graphics. The Classic Slip-On showcases Hulk’s amazing strength as his feet burst through the checkerboard pattern of Vans’ cherished lace-free sneaker. Hulk fans can rejoice in building an incredible head-to-toe look, as he has his own hat, t-shirt and sock styles while She Hulk makes her debut on the Vans x Marvel Pull Over Hoodie and short sleeve tee. Spider-Man’s superhuman abilities are on full display across the Classic Slip-On sneaker and Slide-On sandal while his spider web motifs and core colours influence the design of additional men’s, women’s and kid’s apparel and accessory pieces. Like a true arch nemesis, Venom counters Spider-Man’s vivid colors with a small-yet-sinister apparel offering that features the symbiotic Super Villain’s menacing grin. Deadpool makes a surprise cameo in the Vans x Marvel collection with a special colorway of the Sk8-Hi. Detailed in durable red and black leather, Vans’ coveted high-top is inspired by Deadpool’s suit, with weapons such as the katana and ninja stars embedded in its build for added protection against foes.

Let's give it up for She-Hulk, I think that if you want a shoe that is versatile but still screams Marvel then Black Panther is your best bet. If you love Spidey in any form/actor (especially the latest Homecoming/Tom Holland era) then the Spiderman ones are for you. I think that the Red and Black accents draw towards the foot but not too much to the point where anything else bright would clash. If you love a good pair of Vans then you will love the Hulk ones, you could always pair the Hulk Vans with She-Hulk hoodie for a smashing Marvel based outfit. I always love a good Vans hat, so Marvel Vans Hats excite me a lot.

A birds eye group shot of a red and black hi-sk8 shoes, a red, black and checkered backpack, a white top with a red, white and blue circles with a silver star in the middle, a pair of regular laced vans with several colours including red blue and silver, and a black trucker hat with a logo consisting of red, white and blue circles with a silver star on a white background.

The women of Marvel present their own ensembles within the Vans x Marvel collection, showcasing upgraded materials, rare patterns and signature colors across the assortment of women’s apparel, accessories and footwear. The Classic Slip-On pays homage to Black Widow with sleek nylon uppers and a beveled outsole in an all-black colorway like her bodysuit. A rubberised Black Widow logo is outlined in red for a subtle contrast and ballistic canvas quarter panels put the finishing touches on this stealthy style. Captain Marvel’s heroic hues empower the Sk8-Hi with red suede and blue canvas uppers while gold covers the Sidestripe and accents the back-heel counter with a cut-out eight-point star, Captain Marvel’s cherished emblem. Captain Marvel makes her apparel debut on a pullover, ringer tee and crew tee in her own “Off The Wall” logo pose; her suit’s colors and iconography inspire brand new backpack and crew sock accessories. The women of Marvel team up for a special, graphic-focused capsule that includes the Authentic, Slide-On sandal and an assortment of women’s apparel and accessories. The action-packed allover print features memorable heroines such as Medusa, Scarlet Witch, Storm and more!

Again, if you want a great Marvel black pair of Vans that will go with everything that you wear, then, the Black Widow ones will be great for you. The slight hint of red makes the black somehow look more powerful and stylish. I love the Captain Marvel ones, I think that if you love Captain Marvel or want to show off that you love the MCU then these are definitely for you (and you can pair it with the Captain Marvel apparel). I love the Women of Marvel Slide-Ons as they give a strong edge to a casual Slide-On.

A birds eye group shot of several pairs of Vans including classic red and white Vans, red and black vans, red vans with small white detailing, silver and light blue Vans and white slip-ons with animated detailing of Avengers on a white background.

Kids and toddlers can get in on the action with their own apparel and footwear styles from the Vans x Marvel collection. Highlights from the assortment includes kids-only footwear styles including the Sk8-Hi Zip featuring Spider-Man, Authentic featuring the women of Marvel pattern in full colour and the Classic Slip-On showcasing Baby Groot across Vans’ iconic checkerboard motif.

First of all, can I buy the Baby Groot ones just to look at, or, would that be super weird? I love how Vans are ensuring that the kids and adults can both get fully submerged into the MCU in all ways (shoes, clothing and accessories) no matter what.

The Vans x Marvel collection will be available to shop at Vans retail stores, such as Schuh, and select locations globally beginning June 8. Sign up now and get early access online and in store.

All photos were supplied via the PR for Vans.

Are you like me who owns a lot of Vans? If so, what's your favourite pair/collection? Let me know down below! 

I hope that you've enjoyed this fashion post and I hope that everything is going well. I hope that you come back and read the next post!

Thanks for reading! 
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