Saturday 7 March 2015

My First Time In Lush White Rose

Meow. so within the last few weeks, I am going to mainly talk about the new store... It's not new but still... Lush White Rose. As it is quite a travel away from me, this meant that this was the first time that I went. I took quite a lot of pictures therefore this is going to be a quite photogenic post... I hope that you enjoy it and I shall put the links etc to their website if you want to buy any of the products that are shown within this post.

So we went to White Rose and I had heard before that there was a new lush store and as I was in the complex I instantly thought I have to go there right now! 

I went into the store with Luke and was greeted by a lovely member called Rowan. She talked for me for a few minutes and then let me get on with the pictures. She even chose out a few of the Bubblegrub to make sure they were the best for my blog which is very amazing in my eyes... The store was very busy so I did get some weird looks...

So, the first section that we went round to was the bath bombs as they were the closest to the door entrance. As with most Lush stores, they were sectioned out with labels above them in the general black background and white text...  I also had an obstacle of little teenage girls (13-15 year olds) oohing and ahhing as an obstacle which was fun when trying to take pictures and not shouting excuse me or move, you little s**t's... I get angry and anxious when places are overcrowded...

You're my sex bomb!
Avobath. Filled with Avocado goodness

Under The Sea...

Blackberry Bath Bomb... Guess what's in it?

Vanilla Buttery Goodness 

The Valentines Day range.. Farewell till next year!

Mother Superior! Mothers Day range.

The next section that I took pictures of was the soaps. Every soap that I have tried have been amazing and creamy. They have slowly became a staple of my everyday routine. I am even smelling one right now whilst I type... That makes me seem crazy... Ah well... These were at the side of the bath bombs on shelves which made it look compact I suppose but as they were on shelves it made it a little bit tricky especially as people were walking past... (I imagined that the whole I can't get past you because you have a big bottom scenario may happen...) It seemed very cute with the shelves and the soaps./though.
Filled with lemon myrtle oil... So citrusy

So soothing!
We then moved along to the bubble bars and the bubbleroons. The bubble bars at Lush are amazing. I've had a few in my time and they create so many bubbles and smell amazing. They are great for when you just want a soothing bubbly bath as sometimes bath ballistics are filled with amazing things but they create a show and sometimes it can be a bit too much or a bit time consuming for them to dissolve. A great favourite is The Comforter which is filled with blackberry goodness. The difference in a bubble bar and bubbleroon isn't much. A bubbleroon contains 2 halves of a bubble bar with a creamy layer of bath melt sandwiched in between so you get great bubbles whilst having a bath which nourishes your skin. This section was a little bit less hectic so the lovely Rowan got a few of them out for aesthetic reasons which I thought was pretty amazing of her!

A cute bubblegrub!

This comforts anyone!
We then went along to the hair care section which was in a corner. A few lush staff members were around as Lush have brought out some new shampoo bars. The point of a shampoo bar is that there is less packaging therefore better for the environment therefore they arent a part of your liquids when travelling. Thats a win for everyone. The staff members were really nice and I could hear them explaining to people that different bars suit different hair types. It showed that the store were still so friendly even when the store was packed! 

Bright pink and great for the hair!

We then went round to the toners and well skin care. Luke wanted a toner but he hadn't smelt any of the range from Lush and neither had I, The only toner that I had any expeience with was one from a different cosmetics shop so we were excited to smell them. Luckily, there were little TRY ME! bottles so we tried them. There is three in the toner range at Lush. Tea Tree Water, Eau Roma Water and Breath Of Fresh Air. We tried them and they all smell different. The Tea Tree Water smells slightlty lavender-y, the Eau Roma Water reminded me of rose from what I remember and the Breath Of Fresh Air smelt clean with backnotes of sweetness... I think Luke chose Breath of Fresh Air,,, We then checked out the Ocean Salt as Luke likes fresh scents and sea salt and I wanted to check out if it smelt remotely of vodka as the description scripted 'limes steeped in vodka' on the black tub... If you bring five empty black tubs back to a Lush store then you get a free fresh face mask!

Tea tree!

We all need a breath of fresh air sometimes...

Limes steeped in vodka?!

I wandered off whilst Luke was deciding on which toner to get. I noticed that the Charity Pot's were in a little section on their own. They are a body and hand conditioner but the best part about the pots is that the money that you spend on one of them goes straight to a charity which I think is amazing (they only keep the VAT.) You can get a little one for a £1 or a bigger pot for a higher price. You can feel good whilst helping a cause which is great. I get them as often as possible as they do amazing things for your skin.

Lets help a cause and feel good at the same time!
I then went round to find Let The Good Times Roll. I automatically blast out Fall Out Boy in the middle of the store whilst the lush staff members grin. Its a cleanser which when added to water and created into a paste, it makes an amazing toffee scented cleanser that does amazing things. Its quite thick in the pot but one sniff of it and you are in love. Mmmm... I also found a little statement from Lush with fresh fruit in which I thought was pretty great. I love how quirky Lush shops are including Lush White Rose. 

C'mon... Smell it and sing that well known song!

The tropical world within White Rose.
So this is the last paragraph about products then the sort of in-depth review shall happen. The last section that we checked out was the massage bars. I have loved the massage bars for a while but I just haven't had the guts to buy one mainly as the best way to use them is with a partner or as a couple and I am the closest thing to being a crazy cat man so... Also the price of one is the same price as a face mask and I have to think if I would use one enough to make it it financially viable. I had been told to try out the Shades Of Earl Grey by Music & Eyeliner and as Luke is a big fan of tea I thought that it would be good for him to smell it and he didn't mind it and got the earl grey scent. I also smelt and tested a bit of Strawberry Feels Forever which reminded me of marshmallows and Dirty which smelt like mint chocolate... So good! 

Let's get dirty!
So to say that it was a packed store, I had an amazing time. I would give this store a 9.8 out of 10. If it was a little bit bigger and not as packed then it would definitely get a 10! The staff were amazing and so friendly even when it was very packed. They were also so helpful which is great when you need questions answered for blog posts. I couldn't find it straight away but as soon as I detected the smell of a Lush store, I knew exactly whete to go. It's an amazing store for a retail complex such as White Rose... 

I hope you've enjoyed the pictures and my ramblings. I hope to see you next time. Comment down below if you've tried the new Easter range or the last time you were in a Lush store as I love to read your comments! I hope that you have an amazing week!

Jamie x

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