Thursday 26 March 2015

Beauty Matters Relaunch/Bloggers Event - Leeds

Meow so a week or so ago, I was invited to the Beauty Matters Relaunch Event thanks to the lovely Fran at Faith PR. I thought that it would be great if I did a blog post to tell all of you about it. I hope that you enjoy the blog post.. Don't forget to comment and tell me what you think of the blog post!

So a few weeks ago, I received an email from the lovely Fran at Faith PR inviting me to the Beauty Matters re-launch event within the outskirts of Leeds. I instantly thought why not as I love beauty and the fact that it was a re-launch event meant that it would be fun! I also asked if I could bring along Luke as it would be easier for me and they instantly emailed him.

Let's flash forward to the event to skip the awkward *2 weeks later* sort of vibe...

I met Luke up after being at college which was somewhat weird yet fun as I had created my own fundraising within a group... We walked up to the train station and got the train to Leeds which is always fun as Leeds Train Station is slightly like a maze... We then frantically figured out the train to the event and got there once we had nearly got lost and awkwardly asking a stranger where to go...

We arrived at the brightly lighted building and walked in. We were welcomed by some amazing staff including the owner of Beauty Matters and Fran. We were asked for our name on the guestlist which shows how funky the event is going to be. We were then handed a glass of champagne and then a goody bag which I shall talk about later. We then talked to Fran for a couple of minutes and was escorted upstairs to the various treatment rooms.

We were invited into a treatment room which had various chairs and equipment with a lovely member of staff who talked to us about the treatments that are on offer. We then went into the Environ room which had a machine which could detect how your skin is. It could detect how oily or dry your skin is. I tried out the machine which took a picture of your face and the went into more detail about the skin cells. I found out that my skin is normal except for the spots and scars that I get from having lactose intolerance. I was told by the dermatologist that if I used more products with Lactic Acid and Vitamin A then my skin would be okay. I thought that this was such a great thing and now I know what to do to make my skin perfect. I have slowly started using Vitamin A enriched products and I can already feel the difference... I haven't found any products with Lactic Acid in to see the effects of that yet... (Comment with recommendations of face beauty products with Lactic Acid in...)

The next room was slightly different... When we walked in, we were greeted by a lovely woman. Honestly, I wanted her hair which made her look like a mermaid.. That sounds slightly bad but ah well... I talked to her for a bit about the camera that Luke owns and honestly I just wanted her hair... Oops... I was told politely that the room that we had entered was Semi Permanent Makeup... That sounds slightly weird but its a thing... Its kind of like a tattoo but it fades so you have to get it touched up every so often... You can get your eyebrows done or your lips done so it does save time but I think its slightly a personal opinion on whether you would want it or not... The lovely lady then said that she was doing a demo on someone later if we wanted to see what it would be like...  We then said thanks and said bye to her and kinda wandered off...

The next room that we went into was the aromatherapy room... Aromatherapy? Yes, Beauty Matters has an aromatherapy room... This is where certain treatments happen. The room is very soothing and relaxing as the lights change. Solitude and calmness reign the room... This room is where the salon turns into a mini spa... Its such an adorable room... I would love to sit in there one day and let my thoughts drift away.

We then left the rooms and chatted with some staff.. We slowly went downstairs back into the main reception area where manicures were going on and food was set out. So much food! The email said canapes and canapes were there! They included chicken I think, sushi, and some other things. The best part of the food was the handmade chocolate pots. You could tell that the chocolate was handmade because they were naturally that good! You could tell the richness of chocolate just from the pots. The pots included sea salt to add that slight subtle hint and popping candy to make it that bit more luxurious.

We then heard some offers by the lovely owner of Beauty Matters which were a one night only deal then a member of the Macmillan Cancer charity. We heard a speech about what good the raffle that was happening that night would do for the charity. We then said bye to Fran and headed off.

So I'm going to leave it there but I hope that you've enjoyed this blog post. I can't thank Fran enough for inviting me as I learnt quite a bit.... Don't forget to check them out. I hope that you enjoyed this blog post and I hope to see you next time... Don't forget to leave comments! The video for this is going up after the blog post so don't forget to check my YouTube later where the video form of this shall be up!

Beauty Matters:

Jamie x

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