Sunday 8 March 2015

Mothers Day Gift Guide

sMeow! So I'm back yet again... As Mothers Day is slowly approaching, I thought that it would be best to be early on the present giving so you can get it all done with and not do a Homer Simpson and run out and get a present on the day... If you haven't got a present for your Mother then this may be the thing for you!

So, as like the last gift guide that I did a while ago, I am going to section the guide into fragrances, cosmetics, food and other things... So if you want to find something particular then you can scroll down to the category that its in and find it easily...

So the first category that I am going to talk about is cosmetics and yes the first thing that I am going to talk about is Lush. I thought that it might be best if I get it out of the way. Lush have released a Mothers Day range. This means that if you want to buy your Mum something from there and you don't know what she likes then theres a good chance that something from this range will suffice. If you know that your Mum likes bath bombs then Secret Garden may be the one for her. This fizzer contains Rose Oil and Wild Orange Oil. It also contains an array of petals therefore when you put the ballistic into the water it explodes and an array of petals shoot into the water. Priced at £2.95. The bubble bar of the Mothers Day range have developed and became cuter. For example, Bubblegrub. This is cute as it literally looks like an animated insect. It is a bubble bar and a bath melt therefore it is a bubbleroon. You could also buy some stuff from the Easter range as they are a bit more sweet and caring for women. This includes The Golden Egg. This is sweet as it smells of honey and toffee. It is a bath melt as it contains Cocoa Butter and then it is a bath bomb as it explodes glitter and other things. This is very luxurious which may be great for working women. Priced at £3.75, it will be a soothing luxurious bath which is great for most Mums.

You could also get them some of their favourite make up such as maybe a YSL product or a Dior product or you could get them a cream that suits their skin from such ranges like Clarins or Nivea. If they use a cosmetic product every day then buy them it so they know that you care.

The first ragrance that I am going to talk about is Gucci: Guilty Diamonds. This is a limited edition fragrance but Gucci do Guilty as well which is an all round fragrance. The fragrance is meant to interpret the scent of a woman who likes to express her uniqueness and sexiness. The base notes include amber and patchouli. The heart notes contain peach, lilac and geranium which give the fragrance a sweet yet refreshing scent. The top notes contain mandarin and pink pepper which gives a spicy element which counterbalances with the sweetness of the fragrance. It's priced at £52.50 for 50ml which is steep but you also get a free gift at the minute so it's worth it for that special lady.

The second fragrance that I am going to talk about is J'adore by Dior. You've probably seen the infamous adverts which now include Charlize Theron. I am going to tell you why gold is cold and diamonds are dead. Dior is pretty floral so if you don't like flowers in your perfume then you might want to warm up that gold. It has a base note of bergamot. Heart notes include roses and top notes including jasmine therefore there is quite a few flowers in it. This does make the perfume seductive and sensual though. . The glass bottle with a gold finish makes it become the definition of indulgent. At £68.50, it is quite expensive but it is cheaper than gold or diamonds. It does come with a free gift which may sweeten the deal.

The last one that I am going to talk about is Marc Jacobs: Daisy Sorbet. This is a cute fragrance aesthetically for women as it has little pink daisies on the top of the bottle. Now the base note Violet Wood and cedar wood. The heart notes are include jasmine petals so it makes the fragrance sweet. The top notes are Pink Grapefruit which gives a bit of acidity, pear which adds a mellow hit and Passion Fruit which gives the fragrance a exotic summery feel. It just looks so cute and smells so good. The fragrance is limited edition though so grab whilst you can. There is the original Daisy fragrance if you can't get your hands on this. The price of Daisy Sorbet is £51.50 for 50ml but you get a free gift yet again.

If your Mum has a particular favourite fragrance then purchase them that...

So if you're still a bit stuck on what to buy them for Mothers Day then food may be your answer! Everyone loves food!

So, I'm going to start with savoury things. You could create a little antipasti box and fill it full of Italian meats, breads and olives. You could also create a bento box for them and fill it with four different Japanese dishes for some creative flair.You could even make them a meal if you wanted to go all out. If they are a savoury person then you could also make them a big batch of soup as its easily stored for a long while or buy them some of their favourite seafood for them to have when they want a real treat for themselves.

Now onto the sweet things... You could remind her of her childhood and create an old favourite dessert. You could buy some good quality chocolates. Make some lemon/passion fruit curd. Make something including pastry to show how much dedication you have put in... This could include a tarte tatin or a chocolate tart. You could make her some salted caramel and put it in a cute jar... You could also do this with the curd. You could ask her what her favourite sweet combination is and concoct something via that or buy her some of her favourite childhood sweets.

Other Things:
You could get her a day experience ticket such as a spa day which would give her some ultimate me time. You could jazz up your usual last minute petrol station flowers and get her some of her favourite flowers in her favourite colour if possible. You could just spend the day watching TV or going somewhere with her. You could get her a gift card if they are very picky.

I know that this has been a bit of a lengthy blog post but I hope it has helped you if you haven't got anything for Mothers Day yet. It is also International Womens Day so I hope you have spent today with the fabulous women in your life! I hope you have enjoyed this post. Don't forget to comment what you think of this blog post! I hope you have a wonderful week and I hope to see you next time!

Jamie x

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  1. Nice ideas, I'm thinking of a little hamper and including little things that I know my mam will enjoy and appreciate!

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