Thursday 8 January 2015

Shoot For The Stars Review

Meow, so this is a blog post about a Lush product that I got for Christmas. January Joy's will resume tomorrow... So, my brother got me some products from Lush for Christmas. I wanted to try one today. I picked a random one from the bag and it was Shoot For The Stars so here's a review on it.

Shoot For The Stars is a Christmas seasonal product from Lush. It was a very big bath bomb. The scent is recognisable and it made you feel very cosy!

So, I shall talk first about the scent. Oh my god, the scent! It is literally Honey, I Washed The Kids soap multiplied by 10 and shoved into a bath bomb. As soon as you smell it, you instantly recognise the honey-toffee scent. Some people love it and some hate it (I think?) I love it! I have showed numerous people the scent and they loved it and they told them that its that good that they would eat it. I could live off this bath bomb for a long while...

The bath bomb itself is amazing. The colour of it is such a good colour. It's a mixture of blue and other colours but there is gold and silver running through it. The blue is the sky and the gold and silver is the stars. It's a pretty big bath bomb and the colour and design of it slightly reminds me of Northern Lights to some extent. 

The bomb itself!

When you drop it into the bath, it fizzes away slowly... It did for me anyways. I loved that but I just felt like I had to wait a few minutes for it to kick in until I wanted to get in the tub.. I like getting in whilst it's still fizzing. (*place innuendos here*) The colour instantly oozed out into the clear water and the gorgeous scent started to waft through the air. Once the bluey-purple colour has splattered into the water, the foam starts to appear and then the lustre twinkles through and it's just so lovely. It makes me feel really cosy and I would love it on a night where I'm being a perfect lonely spinster with maybe some chocolate and nice cup of tea or a drink that I love so I can just sit and soak in the loveliness of the bath. 
Swirling skies and glittering stars

Glittering river of a galaxy influenced sky

I have one criticism. Limited edition. Why? I love it that much and I feel a bit saddened when its gone. I get the fact that we have HIWTK and Honeybee but this one creates so much cosiness. It kind of reminds me of Honeybee crossed with Twilight. Does that make sense? I just love it but I do see why I wouldn't use it as my staple Lush bath bomb favourite as it is very sweet but comforting and sometimes you want invigoration etcetera.

So, I love this product even if it is seasonal and I would give it a 9/10. If I had the option of buying it when I want instead of just cramming it as much as possible during festive times then it would be a 9.8. Unless it has everything crammed into one then it will never reach a full 10. 
Glistening in a jug

So, I saw this at the Bloggers Event and I was loving it and I was waiting to review it but did you have a different experience? What's your opinion on this bath bomb? Comment your responses and don't forget to subscribe to get more posts like this!
I hope to see you next time!

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