Thursday 15 January 2015

Garnier Ultimate Blends Review

Meow, so todays blog post is going to be about some beauty products. Well hair products. Me and Luke went in to Leeds for a little bit of shopping. We went into several places but this post focuses on Superdrug. Just to ensure that you all know, this isn't a promoted post. I bought these out of my own money but I urge you to try them out. They're on offer at Superdrug for around £2.

Garnier Ultimate Blends are a line of products that Garnier UK created for when Britain can be tough on your hair but Garnier know that everyone has different hair types so they created 6 different products to cover as many people as possible. Garnier have spent 7 years creating this amazing range with over 25,000 British women therefore they have tried and tested this product to get it to perfection! These products are made with an exquisite blend of naturally sourced ingredients.. The Ultimate Blends range are tailor-made to tackle the hair problems Britain throws your way. All of the range are Paraben free.

Weeknights and late nights out, school runs and all-nighters, downpours and rave-ups, hot days and cool parties. Britain can be tough on your hair.

The First Product:

The first product is called Garnier Ultimate Blends: The Colour Illuminator Shampoo. The whole concept of the shampoo is that the Argan Oil from Morocco and North American Cranberry extracts help lock in colour and leave hair looking sparkling so if your hair is coloured then you will love The Colour Illuminator range. I used to have coloured hair so I bought this to try and mainly test it.
Now you can already tell that this is a shampoo. This shampoo contains Argan Oil and Cranberries. Now Argan Oil is from Morocco which means that is slightly exotic. Argan Oil is great for the hair and skin as it can help anti-ageing and keeps the hair moisturised.

The smell of the product is absolutely amazing. It's slightly fruity from the cranberries but also it smells slightly decadent from the rich Argan Oil. Its so good. It kind of reminds me of a Raspberry Muffin which doesn't really exist without White Chocolate but it smells of Raspberries but also kind of has a rich clean scent with it as well.

The texture of the shampoo is kind of light but luxurious. It's light when applied to the hair but on the first application it lathers up really well. When you lather it up, the smell of the product wafts up throughout the air and scents the bathroom very well. It gets most of the dirt out of the hair when massaged into the scalp. It doesn't weigh down the hair and it feels amazing thanks to the Argan Oil.

Mmm/// Cranberries - £2.79


The Second Product:

The second product is called Garnier Ultimate Blends: The Marvellous Transformer Conditioner. This conditioner contain Moroccan Argan Oil and Japanese Camellia Oil leaves dry locks feeling supple and soft with a gleaming shine. There is another to completely restore your hair (The Nourishing Restorer.) They didn't have this one so I got The Marvellous Transformer. Camellia Oil is great for hair, skin and nails.

The scent of the conditioner is rich but clean at the same time which sounds really weird. The Moroccan Argan Oil makes the scent really rich. It kind of reminds me of gold/chocolate but the Camellia Oil comes through and it smells slightly florally and makes the scent slightly clean compared to the rich decadent Argan Oil.

The texture of it is a little bit thicker than the Shampoo that I mentioned above. This is slightly obvious as conditioners are thicker than shampoos/ The texture is slightly heavier but it still doesn't weigh your hair down. The conditioner is pure white which makes it rich. Its luxurious thanks to the oils but it didn't leave your hair oily. This one scents the room beautifully as well. It is a great product.
Mmm... Bright Packaging! £2.79

Reviewing/Rating Time:

So, the shampoo was lovely and luxurious. The oils made it lovely and scented the hair beautifully. I am going to give it a 8.5. I wasn't expecting it to be as great as it was. It didn't make my hair oily and it was such a great product from a mid ranged/priced brand. I would also say the same for the conditioner and it is a great alternative to the Aussie conditioner that I use so if you want to mix it up then this one is a great choice! You can tell that Garnier have put a lot of effort into this range and it's so lovely and amazing! I wouldn't get it at the normal |£5 price but when on offer I will get this. They kind of sum up Britain and their quintessential values within weather and hair. I would recommend this to people/friends!

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