Thursday 1 January 2015

Love Aroma Review - Trinity Leeds

Meow, so welcome to another blog post.. I hope that you have had a great Christmas and Happy New Year! So the first post of the year is going to be about a new store within Trinity Leeds. So me and Luke went into Leeds to do a bit of shopping as the sales were happening. Check the last blog post for more info on that.) We went into the new Love Aroma shop within our adventure as it is new, I thought it would be good to do a blog post about the store. I would also like to thank Donna, Bonnie and Bryony who helped me within the store. They deserve recognition especially as they let me take pictures.

So, as we were doing some shopping, we went down the escalators from Trinity Kitchen and found a bright white gleaming store with the words Love Aroma above them so I instantly went, "I've found it!|" We rushed down and instantly oohed at the fact we could instantly see candles from the outside.. I instantly then told Luke not to go over the top purchase wise in the store as I know that he loves Yankee Candles.

We enter the bright clear crystal store then I guide Luke around carefully to the rail on the steps so he can easily go down them without crashing into any products. A staff member instantly came up and asked if I needed any help. I didn't really as Luke knew which ones he was looking for but I asked her if I was allowed to take pictures for this exact blog post as I don't like taking random pictures without telling them. She asked her manager and told me that it was perfectly fine... The staff members at Love Aroma are very friendly and nice which make me have more courage to talk to them which is the same for Lush staff...

So the first candle I am going to talk about is Candy Cane Lane. Now, at the minute, Love Aroma have this candle on for 25% off. This means that instead of being £20 for a large one, it is £15 for it which is pretty good to be honest. The scent of this candle is literally candy canes in a candle. When you open the lid, you get a powerful and pungent kick of peppermint but once that has mellowed, you get a subtle hint of vanilla which slightly reminds me of the Vanilla Lime but Mint and a bit more powerful and festive instead of reminding me of public toilets after they have been cleaned.
Candy Cane Lane in all of it's glory

The next candle I am going to talk about is Red Apple Wreath. This was also 25% off. This candle reminds me of the very well known Glade Spiced Apple candles... The mixture of apple and cinnamon remind me of that but this one is a lot more pungent when you open the lid. I think they are back notes of other spices but that might just be me. It is a great candle to burn on a cold night.
Red Apple Wreath on a shelf
The next candle that I am going to talk about is Black Cherry. Now I have tried this in a little tart version and to be honest it didn't really fill the room with the scent. You literally had to put your nose up to it to smell it which is very saddening. I love the smell of it from the large jar but I don't know if I would purchase it because of the experience with the tart. I love the sharpness of the scent though which you don't get often with cheap candles. I don't think this one was on offer but if you love cherry flavoured things then try a big jar and if you love it then great, if not and you've burnt it once then recycle it to other family members...
You can't twist this one into a knot with your tongue...
The next candle on my list is the last Christmas one which is *drum roll happens* Christmas Eve. The scent of this one is kind of a sweet spicy mulled wine scent. You know when you have mulled wine on the go in a pan simmering and mince pies freshly out of the oven. Mix them two scents and you have Christmas Eve. Thats what I think anyway. If you love spicy scents then you will love this one. This one is 25% off but once the Christmas ones are gone then they are gone!
Christmas Evae.. It's been and gone but the candle is still here!
This is the last candle that I am going to talk about is Fireside Treats. I have heard so many good reviews on this one... Some YouTubers and friends have raved about it so I had high expectations! The scent was really sweet which I kind of loved... It reminded me of Shoot For The Stars from Lush with the toffee scent but it had a back note of vanilla that came through which made it more lovely. I loved it!
The sound of crackling fires whilst the Fireside Treats crack on
So, this is where I'm going to tie up everything. I am going to rate Love Aroma an 8.5/10 as they have amazing staff and a lot of candles but I think they could do with a bigger store and some publicity including this blog post and then would get a 10. Luke got the Red Apple Wreath and Candy Cane Lane which I chose for him as he didn't really like Fireside Treats.

So, I hope that you have liked this blog post. If you go into Leeds then go into Trinity Leeds and find Love Aroma... It's on the Bottom Floor/Lower Ground Floor. Me and Luke shall be going to this store more and more within the future. Comment if you have got any of these candles or your views on them. I hope you have liked this and I hope to see you next time!

Don't forget to check out Love Aroma in store or at and check out all the shops at Trinity Leeds at

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