Wednesday 7 January 2015

January Joy 2 - Music & Eyel

Meow, so I am doing another January Joy post. This is going to be about a very amazing blogger called Music & Eyeliner on her website/blog. I hope you check her out as she's an amazing person which such a great blog! Music & Eyeliner is also known as Faith Castle. Don't forget to check out Faith as I shall discuss why below.

So, Faith is an amazing person. She loves her pink hair to start off with. Every shade from bubblegum pink to deep pink. She's a woman of a very amazing age and she loves everything as you will realise on the blog.

The blog is mainly music and makeup... (Duh, well the name of the blog is music and eyeliner.. What do you expect. sunshine and rainbows?) Faith also talks about clothing and beauty... For example, her latest post is about a winter coat which shows that its not all punk music and thick eyeliner... (I'm trying to be funny...)

The first time, I met Faith was technically at Lush as we said hey to each other whilst her bright pink hair glistened in the lighting but as me and Aaron were taking pictures at Cabana, we heard a woman and a few other people gathering around a table then a woman saying, "Can we move these two tables together and someone get some cocktails..." I then later went on to find out that this was Faith.

If you want to read a fun loving, quirky and great blog then go check Faiths out!

I know this has been short but I hope you've liked it... After this series is done with, I will be sticking to a schedule so that should be fine.
I hope to see you next time and I hope you're having a great week!

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