Friday 9 January 2015

Lonely Lush Valentines Day Product Release!

Meow, so this is a weird yet interesting post! So, my friends at Lush are releasing some new products for Valentines Day. So, I thought as they are getting released on the 9th which may be when this is released... As I am destined to be a lonely gay spinster from the age of 17, I thought I would show you what new things will be at Lush! Ooh, exciting... I know, right?!

The first category that I am going to talk about is soaps.. I genuinely think these are crack cocaine to me.. They are so good! I genuinely keep one of them in my bag at all times just to make sure that I always look like a good crazy soap induced guy.

The soap is called Cupid's Love. The description of this says, 'Get struck by cupid's arrow with this deliciously fruity soap filled with fresh figs and passion fruit.' Personally, I love figs and I love passion fruit. I ate about 4 punnets of figs in a week the last time that they were in season so I love them and I love passion fruit and passion fruit flavoured things so this instantly sounds like a good soap to me! The soap is heart shaped to ensure you that you are rubbing such lovely goodness onto yourself... I think its the only heart I'll ever get close to... The soap also contains bergamot which gives a great citrusy but earthy kick and contains soy yoghurt which nourishes your skin which is great for fellow lactose intolerant/vegan people! The soy yoghurt makes me think of Yog Nog so I think it's Yog Nog's flirtatious sister. Priced at £4.25 per 100g.
Cupid's Love Soap - £4.25 p 100g
Bubble Bars:

So the first one is going to be very love orientated. This one is called Heart Throb Bubbleroon.
The description is 'All the romance of French patisseries in a passionate red Shea Butter sandwich!'
So as I said red = love so it's expected! This one contains shea butter and other essential oils but it's biggest point is that it turns your bath red.. Now, bare with, but if you've watched AHS: Freakshow, you will know that Dandy bathes in blood.. Are Lush trying to influence from somewhere? If you like Lush's African Paradise Body Conditioner then you will love this as it shares the same price. Just crumble under running water and enjoy the bath that oozes romance! Priced at £3.65
From Heart Throb Bubbleroon - £3.65
 The second one is Lonely Heart bubble bar.
The description says 'Let your heart beat a little faster with this sexy, citrusy bubble bar in a flirtatious shade of red.' Red is associated with passion and apparently makes your heart beat faster so this bar also makes your bath turn red. Shimmering red though. Ooh! This one has lemongrass oils and ylang ylang to name a few which gives it a citrusy kick but makes it soothing at the same time! Golden lustre makes it shimmering which is great but it also has cornflour which will make your bath extra soft! It's inspired by a 2006 song! Priced at £3.50
Lonely Heart Bubble Bar - £3.50
The last bubble bar! *drum roll* UNICORN HORN!
I am so excited with this one.. You have no idea.
So it is literally called Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar.
The description says 'Shimmering pastel coloured bubbles filled with lavender and neroli oils.'
So this one literally looks like a unicorn horn. It looks so pretty with all of the different colours running through. It was released in Japan first to see if there was any demographic for it and everyone went crazy! It has purples, pinks and yellows running through it! It has candy stars and lustre within which make you feel more like a kid when you use this bubble bar! Priced at £3.25.
Unicorn Horn - £3.25
Bath Bombs:
There is 2 but they will be amazing!

The first one is called Floating Flower.
The description says, 'A sensual jasmine bath filled with beautiful colours.'
So the shape of the bomb is stacked on flowers and it looks so intricate but pretty. Imagine a floral version of Golden Wonder and you'll get what I mean. It's multi layered which means different colours will explode out of this cute bomb that are scented of jasmine and ylang ylang. Priced at £3.50.
Blossoming into season
Floating Flower - £3.50
The second one is the recognisable one!
It's Love Locket!
The description says 'Unlock pure luxury and crack it open to reveal hidden hearts.'
So this one is two bath bombs in one. You have to crack open the first one to reveal the second one. The scent of this bomb is neroli, jasmine and vanilla absolute which will give a clean but subtle scent. It has agar hearts in which makes it a lot more cuter to enjoy. It's priced higher than others but it's worth it. Priced at £6.95.
Love Locket - £6.95
Lip Products:

So there are two lip products. We all love our lips and lips are great for kissing and well eating so I shall crack on with these. (No pun intended)

The first product is a lip scrub! Caster sugared beauties!
This one is called The Kiss
The description says 'Buff your lips to pouting perfection this Valentines Day with this bubblegum pink caster sugar scrub.'
So if you like The Kiss lip gloss then you will love this. It has a bubblegum influenced flavour but is red. It also contains red hearts and hundreds and thousands. Scrub on lips and then lick the excess... Mmm...
Priced at £5.50. It lasts a long time!

The second thing that goes along with it is the lip gloss!
The Kiss Lip Gloss is a pinky colour which contains shea butter. It also contains mandarin oils which will give it a citrus kick and almond oils which will give it some sweetness! Priced at £5.95.
Mmm.. Give me lot's of kisses
So the last thing liquid wise is going to the Prince Charming Shower Gel.
The description says 'A shower gel made for princesses and for anyone who needs a Prince Charming in their life.'
So this sweet shower gel contains marshmallow root and vanilla pod which gives a soothing experience but it also contains pomegranate juice and almond oil which gives it some sweetness and sourness... This year Prince Charming has a new scent consisting of sandalwood, geranium oil and grapefruit oils to leave you feeling soft and fruity.
You can be your own Prince Charming, of course! Ranging from £4.95.
Prince Charming in all of his glory
So the last thing is versatile, fun and quirky...
What is it?
It's the Love Birds of Africa Knot-Wrap.
The description says, 'Birds of a feather'
This is Lush's recyclable packaging which you can use to wrap someones gift or even use as a scarf. This one is seasonal as literal Love Birds. It contains 3 breeds of bird. Grey-headed, Fischers and Peach-faced. Only at £4.25
Look at them love birds getting it on!
So, Lush have also done some gift boxes but you may get your loved ones them as surprises and they may read this to tell you what to get them so if you check Lush's website when this has all been released then


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